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  • Title: Heavenly Temptation
  • Author: Becca Fisher
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  • Allison always felt like she was second best So when a handsome Englisher comes to Lancaster and falls for her, she is pleasantly surprised But for an Amish woman like Allison, the prospect of love with an outsider sends her family life into turmoil, forcing her to make the hardest decision she s ever had to make.
    Becca Fisher
    Becca Fisher Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Heavenly Temptation book, this is one of the most wanted Becca Fisher author readers around the world.

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    Leaves you waiting for moreI read the book and was waiting to see if he actually joined the church, ect. But there was nothing. I am disappointed. Maybe a series here or at least a second book.

    The second book of the "series" and sadly no better. The female character, Allison is totally different than in book 1 where she was haughty & holier-than-thou. Allison ad NO sympathy for her Abigail in book 1. Now we are suddenly supposed to believe she does. And that she feels second best to Abigail. Book 1 would have had us believe she would have felt SUPERIOR to Abigail.[SPOILER ALERT] In book 1 Abigail falls in love and marries an Englisher. One that was even willing to convert to Amish [...]

    Lisa C.
    Just because the word Amish is on something doesn't necessarily make it so. This story is a good example. Anyone who is familiar with the Amish and their way of life will realize it within the first 2-3 pages. The most glaring problem I saw was the vernacular was all wrong.Although I didn't see the numerous misspellings another reviewer mentioned, the short, choppy sentences were awful. I didn't know it was possible to describe how the sister ruined everything that many times in that short of sp [...]

    Cindy B. Murphy
    Excellent short read.It's refreshing to be able to pick up a book in this day and time and it not be filled with profanity, sex, blood and guts and every kind of debauchery. As a Christian , I really appreciate what the Amish lifestyle is all about. Would that more people put their faith in God and family our country would be in much better shape than it is at present. I gave this book a five star rating for all the above mentioned reasons and because it was a quick read. I will definitely be re [...]

    Heavenly Temptation is an Amish romance between an Amish woman, Allison and Lucas, an Englisher. They meet secretly so her family will not find out she is seeing a man that is not Amish; it is a good healthy love story of two unlikely people that come together for a plain and simple life together. The ending was sweet but rather abrupt and could use a little fixing.

    #1 what Amish girls have a "pity-party"?#2 Allison was the "spark-plug" that stimulated family conversationr/engine/not Amish#3 Lucus pulled out a small box from his pocketwhat Amish wear engagement rings?

    Eileen Carter
    Amish life can be a blessing to some while others turn their backs on their faith in the Amish belief. this story is about a young woman who is trying to make the right decision for herself while knowing the devastation that can come from rejecting the Amish faith.

    Roxy Flanders
    Lame at bestI have read several Amish novels and usually enjoy them the last three four I have purchased have not been worth the money. They are to short to get you involved in the story line

    Abigail falls for an Englisher does he turn Amish or does she turn Yankee???

    Julia Woltz
    it was an ok simple read

    Margaret Klein
    Average AmishI found this story to be, let's me say, bland,a little bit boring. It's redundant,in the fact, that all lovers of the Amish,knows that the "English" are forbidden.

    Marcie Miller
    Very short Amish story. No surprises, just a happy ending.

    Lauren Weller
    Good bookVery good wish there was more. Overall good book this is a good book better than fifty shades of grey

    A little too short and predictable.

    Skeeter Jorgensen
    A nice short story, with a happy happy ending. I like this kind of book, leaves me with a happy feeling.

    Joyce Himmel
    Very predictable.

    Nothing to exciting, same old story.

    DIane Stout
    Good read for a short story. Upbeat and light. good read easy read. light story line. young love gave me a warm feeling at heart. recommended for anyone who enjoys Amish reads.

    Reva Watson
    short but sweet

    Another very nice story in a series by Becca Fisher.

    cute short story but not much of a plot

    Melissa Acor
    Loved itI love reading books about the amish way of lifeybe we all should live the life as amish and this,world would be a better place.

    Gina Boyd
    Too shortit was like a short story. I guess I felt the story could have been developed more. But I will look for more in this vein.

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