Unlimited [Graphic Novels Book] ✓ Savage Wolverine, Volume 1: Kill Island - by Frank Cho ✓

  • Title: Savage Wolverine, Volume 1: Kill Island
  • Author: Frank Cho
  • ISBN: 9780785168409
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Wolverine awakes to find himself transported to the Savage Land and labeled public enemy number one With no memory of how he got there, and Shanna the She Devil his only ally, Logan must unravel the mystery that slumbers at the heart of the Savage Land before it finds a way to kill him first In search of answers, Wolverine and Shanna venture into the depths of the ForbidWolverine awakes to find himself transported to the Savage Land and labeled public enemy number one With no memory of how he got there, and Shanna the She Devil his only ally, Logan must unravel the mystery that slumbers at the heart of the Savage Land before it finds a way to kill him first In search of answers, Wolverine and Shanna venture into the depths of the Forbidden Islandbut what will get them first, the island s inhabitants or their tempers Meanwhile, another hero crash lands on the islandbut is he friend or foe NOW , under the detailed pen of Frank Cho, Wolverine is all brawls, babes, and brachiosaursd you ll never see the end or the future of the Marvel Universe coming Collecting Savage Wolverine 1 5
    Frank Cho
    The second of three children, Frank Cho was born in Seoul, Korea in 1971, but moved to the United States at the age of six and was raised in Beltsville, Maryland.Cho received no formal training as an artist He got his start writing and drawing a cartoon strip called University2 for The Diamondback, the student newspaper at the University of Maryland, College Park After graduation, Cho adapted elements of this work for use in a professionally syndicated strip, Liberty Meadows.


    “BABES!! BRAWLS!!! BRACHIOSAURUSES!!!”Special Guest Star: The Incredible Hulk! Shallow reader squee!!Spectacular! Fantastic! Beyond belief!See: Wolverine go berserk and slice and dice his way through the Savage Land natives.Thrill: As Hulk pounds giant gorillas into jellyMarvel: At how many times Wolverine gets his butt handed to him by dinosaurs. Kids, it’s a good thing he has a healing factor!Swoon: At Sheena, the She-Devil and pages of scantily clad native womenLaugh: At Amadeus Cho, as [...]

    Sam Quixote
    Cripes, this one was a stinker! Why the hell is it damn near impossible to find a decent Wolverine book these days?! How about this for pointless: Wolverine shows up for no reason on an island in the Savage Land along with Shanna the She-Devil, they fight a bunch of dinosaurs and some apes, Hulk shows up for no reason at the end, and a giant alien blasts off into space, the end. Cripes, what rubbish! The story is practically irrelevant as this book is basically a showcase for Frank Cho’s art. [...]

    Apparently people aren't too fond of Savage Wolverine -- at least around these parts -- but I am not one of them. I am a definite fan, and here's why: • Wolverine -- The angry Canadian killing machine isn't my favoritist character, he might not even be in my top five, but I do like him a lot, bordering on love (okay I love him), and anytime he can cut loose with those claws of his, I am on board for the cleaving. Cho makes great use of the Savage Land as a place for Wolvie to unleash the beas [...]

    Nicolo Yu
    Frank Cho's five-issue arc which launched the Savage Wolverine title is kind of a mixed bag. It's been trashed by fanboys and pseudo-critics but I actually enjoyed this book.True, it served more of a showcase for Cho's beautiful art. The story isn't this story's strongest suit. There's barely a plot, the molasses plotting and the ending that isn't an ending. But the Cho's really tried to give it a pulp flavor and it shows, especially in the covers letters page design.Really though, this is more [...]

    Drown Hollum
    What are Wolverine, Shanna, Amadeus Cho, and The Hulk doing in the Savage Land with a Cthulu alien? I don't know, and neither will you after finishing this book! This one is as goofy as they come, and the plot makes no sense, but it was actually kind of fun. Cho's art is incredible, and there are some funny moments worked into the other-wise center of the road script. There are some rad dinosaur fights, lots of almost tasteful cheesecake, and fun cameos all tossing around in what is otherwise a [...]

    Jesse A
    Not bad. Kinda fun in a turn your brain off kind of way.

    Gianfranco Mancini
    Storia: 3Disegni: 5+++++Dopo la bella (e censurata) miniserie di Shanna del 2005, Frank Cho torna a scrivere e disegnare il personaggio in questa divertente miniserie del mutante artigliato.La storia sembra quasi improvvisata pagina per pagina, Hulk e Amadeus Cho (omonimo alter ego dell'autore) sembrano messi quasi a caso nella trama, un mero pretesto per disegnare nel suo stile dettagliato tutti quegli elementi fumettistici a lui tanto cari: dinosauri, pin-up e gorilla (non a caso il blog dell' [...]

    Peter Derk
    1. If you don't like scantily-clad women in your comics, do not read this. You won't like it, I'm telling you now, just don't do it because it will only make you mad. I'm really not in the mood to defend or condemn this practice right now, so if you hate that shit, just don't even bother opening the cover on this one. If mostly feel unphased by it, you'll be fine. If you *gasp* like it, then you should probably go read HuffPo or something but not really and we should totally hang out.2. I kinda [...]

    Quentin Wallace
    This one was hard to rate for me. Overall I've been disappointed with most Wolverine stories from the past few years. The art was great Frank Cho as always, and his Shanna the She Devil never gets boring. (Me-ow!) But the story wasout there.We start off with Shanna and SHIELD on this island, okay. The island has dinos, cavemen, and a dampening field that stops technology. Between that the monsters its inescapable But then Wolverine, Amadeus Cho, and the Hulk all show up and we aren't really told [...]

    This gets three stars for being socially insensitive in some ways that should be so glaring I refuse to put energy into explaining, but I did enjoy it at a five star level. While some of Wolverine's narration felt choppy to read, the rest of the writing and dialogue flowed decently at a pace that was quick but not so rushed it felt confusing.Amadeus is one of my favorite Marvel characters and I was glad he had a fairly big part in these five issues, even though it is a Wolverine series. I usuall [...]

    Perry Gough
    Absolute mess, scantily clad characters little storyline and just plain bad.

    C. Hall
    This first volume of Savage Wolverine is like a sugary dessert: it’s delightful, but as a “meal,” it’s completely insubstantial. That said, if it’s dessert you want, it doesn’t get any more decadently self-indulgent than Savage Wolverine.This book gives writer/artist Frank Cho the perfect venue in which to write and draw all the things Frank Cho enjoys writing and drawing. You’ll see dinosaurs; giant gorillas; double-page spreads of Wolverine killing dozens of savage ape men; and t [...]

    This is undoubtedly one of Cho's most lackluster arcs. I must admit that for the first couple of issues I was pretty intrigued, but then it just got terrible. The cameos from other SHIELD agents were just meh, especially Hulk's. The last issue of the 5 was nothing short of laughable, and I have since dropped the title altogether.In my eyes the only redeeming quality in this release is Cho's art, which is, truthfully, pretty astonishing in places. I particularly like the way he draws Shanna.I wou [...]

    This was a fun story. Some nice "Wolverine-in-the-Savage-Land" enjoyment. Shanna made for a nice guest star, and she was well-written, coming across as strong and competent. The appearance of Amadeus Cho was great, and he was charming and cool. The art was very good. Cho does have a bit of a trend towards cheesecake, and his women are certainly buxom - I'm not sure how Shanna doesn't have back problems - but he actually also manages to make them look strong and well-muscled, and he generally put [...]

    Good: Art is good and the story itself is a little entertaining, mostly for Shanna the She-Devil being a badass.Bad: Humor at the expense of the native tribesman vs more advanced Westerners. Plus, while the men are generally average/ugly looking, the women are all tall, gorgeous, and pretty much there to be tits and ass in barely-there animal skin bikinis. The majority of the women-other-than-Shanna that are present are used for a brief gag where they are "gifts" for Amadeus' sexual gratificatio [...]

    This was a pretty fun read. I really liked the artwork, it was detailed but not too detailed, it had a lot of room to breathe. The story was alright. I wasn't a fan of the Amadeus Cho character; I don't know him from anywhere else so it didn't even make any sense to me. The book ends on a very strange note, and Cho didn't continue this series past this, so I don't know if volume two picks up on that cliffhanger.

    Frank Cho's a great artist, but a writer he is not. Who gave this nonsense the greenlight? Some sexy drawings of Shanna the She-Devil fighting dinosaurs alongside Wolverine in the Savage Land? That's really all there is to this, other than some really stupid, fifth-grade level slapstick humor. Sheesh

    Jota Houses
    Vale el argumento es inexistente. De hecho es un pretexto para poder dibujar dinosaurios, simios gigantes y macizas en biquini. Pero sale Lobezno y se pega con Hulk, y hay monos y criaturas de oscuras dimensiones mas allá de las estrellas que no estan muertas sino dormidas, y aborígenes, y Shanna the She-devil. ¿he dicho ya lo de los dinosaurios? ¿peleando con lobezno?¿Y que lo dibuja Frank Cho?

    On one hand, Wolverine punching dinosaurs is objectively awesome! On the other hand, wait what was even happening here??

    A very fun read! I was expecting it to be much darker and serious, but was very pleased and found myself laughing out loud numerous times. Artwork was the normal and good art. Story was good, with a fun cast of characters. Definitely would recommend.

    Beautifully drawn and a decent story but Wolverine felt flat. Not very Wolverine like. I'm on the fence but curious to see what happens next.

    waiting to see where they are going. Ok story. Fun people.

    action-packed and fun but the story is something I've seen many times. I did like the addition of cthulhu-like monster, though.

    Simon Chadwick
    If you’re a fan of cartoons you may already know Frank Cho as the creator of the strip Liberty Meadows. He’s one of those terribly talented blokes who can write and draw, and when he draws nothing appears to be beyond his talent. He has a particular knack for drawing beautiful women, giant apes and dinosaurs, so this project for Marvel, set in the Savage Land, is the utterly perfect setting to showcase his skills.Stupid title aside, it’s a lot of fun. Wolverine’s been transported, agains [...]

    Fun, salacious, and really well drawn. I guess I could understand why Shannah the She-Devil wears a bikini in the jungle. Sort of. But why does she wear it when doing research with a bunch of Shield agents? I guess the reader is not expected to ask this question

    Parece que la intención de esta serie es la de ir publicando arcos argumentales independientes y sin duración fija, realizados por diferentes autores y el encargado de abrir ha sido Frank Cho con esta historia donde lleva a Lobezno a la tierra salvaje a echar una mano a Shanna la Diablesa y unas garras a quien haga falta.Este tomo me lo he tenido que comprar en inglés y en tapa dura por puro fetichismo para acompañar al tomo de Shanna de Frank Cho y es que si algo sabe dibujar este tipo es, [...]

    (com fotos em osrascunhos/2016/12/14/wo)Este Ilha da Morte tem como palco a Terra Selvagem, um local onde vários super-heróis vão sendo despejados, e tentam sobreviver, a custo, entre dinossauros, gorilas gigantes, deuses alienígenas, tribos selvagens e vários monstros indescritíveis.Neste pequeno volume onde se sucedem lutas mirabolantes, saídas de uma imaginação selvagem que não concebe limites, os elementos vão sendo adicionados a um ritmo que não permite paragens – excepto quan [...]

    Neil McCrea
    Big, dumb, pulpy nonsense.Frank Cho is an excellent illustrator, and he has a thing for apes, dinosaurs, and cheesecake. So Wolverine goes to the Savage Land and we get apes, dinosaurs, and a healthy Shanna the She Devil. The plot is ridiculous, and will punish you for thinking about it at any length. Cameos from the Hulk, Amadeus Cho, and the Man-Thing (sorta) exist in service of hackneyed comedy bits rather than the story.Shanna the She-Devil is the primary reason to read this volume. Sure, sh [...]

    Wolverine. Too popular for his own good. In way too many comic book titles every month. For a character with so very many pages in print, it's surprising there are not more decent stories with him. He sure has been more than his share of dogs. Often under his own title. Frank Cho's artwork certainly buoys this collection above most featuring Logan. Plus bonus points as a Savage Land location. Big bonus points for having guest star, Amadeus Cho. I adore Cho. He's one of the best new Marvel charac [...]

    Alex Sarll
    Wolverine is stuck on an island in the prehistoric-style Savage Land, where he gorily kills lots of local tribesmen even though it's clear from early on that they're not bad guys. There's no comeback on that; when he finally fucks up enough to release the monster they're guarding, rather than contrition, we get a conclusion which sets up a deeply generic cosmic devourer story I suspect will never appear. Amadeus Cho turns up, nothing like any version of the character I've seen before, because th [...]

    • Unlimited [Graphic Novels Book] ✓ Savage Wolverine, Volume 1: Kill Island - by Frank Cho ✓
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