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  • Title: The Girl from the Tar Paper School: Barbara Rose Johns and the Advent of the Civil Rights Movement
  • Author: Teri Kanefield
  • ISBN: 9781419707964
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Before the Little Rock Nine, before Rosa Parks, before Martin Luther King Jr and his March on Washington, there was Barbara Rose Johns, a teenager who used nonviolent civil disobedience to draw attention to her cause In 1951, witnessing the unfair conditions in her racially segregated high school, Barbara Johns led a walkout the first public protest of its kind demandin Before the Little Rock Nine, before Rosa Parks, before Martin Luther King Jr and his March on Washington, there was Barbara Rose Johns, a teenager who used nonviolent civil disobedience to draw attention to her cause In 1951, witnessing the unfair conditions in her racially segregated high school, Barbara Johns led a walkout the first public protest of its kind demanding racial equality in the U.S jumpstarting the American civil rights movement Ridiculed by the white superintendent and school board, local newspapers, and others, and even after a cross was burned on the school grounds, Barbara and her classmates held firm and did not give up Her school s case went all the way to the Supreme Court and helped end segregation as part of Brown v Board of Education.Barbara Johns grew up to become a librarian in the Philadelphia school system The Girl from the Tar Paper School mixes biography with social history and is illustrated with family photos, images of the school and town, and archival documents from classmates and local and national news media The book includes a civil rights timeline, bibliography, and index.Praise for The Girl from the Tar Paper School An important glimpse into the early civil rights movement Kirkus Reviews Based largely on interviews, memoirs, and other primary source material, and liberally illustrated with photographs, this well researched slice of civil rights history will reward readers who relish true stories of unsung heroes The Bulletin of The Center for Children s Books
    Teri Kanefield
    Teri writes novels, short stories, essays, stories for children, nonfiction for both children and adults, and lots of appellate briefs.Her stories and essays have appeared in publications as diverse as Education Week, Scope Magazine, The Iowa Review, Cricket Magazine, and The American Literary Review Teri s books have received the following honors and distinctions The Girl From The Tar Paper School Jane Addams Book Award Carter G Woodson Middle Level Book Award, 2015 California Reading Association Eureka Silver Honor Book Award Included on the 2015 list of Notable Social Studies Trade Books for young readers compiled by the National Council for Social Studies Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children National Association of Teachers of English , Recommended Book Included in the New York Public Library s list of 100 children s books to read in 2014 A Junior Library Guild selectionPraise for The Girl From The Tar Paper School Beautifully and clearly written School Library Journal, starred review Worthy of the highest recommendation Midwest Book Review Rivka s Way Sidney Taylor Book Awards, Notable book of 2001 Lilith Magazine s 5th Annual Selection of Books for Young Readers Included in Great Books for Girls, by Kathleen Odean Included in Best Jewish Books for Children and Teens, by Linda R SilverPraise for Rivka s Way A rewarding read for the romantically inclined School Library Journal A simple but daring adventure Voice of Youth Advocates Guilty Crime, Punishment, and the Changing Face of Justice Junior Library Guild selectionTeri s law practice is limited to representing indigents on appeal from adverse rulings.She lives in California near the beach


    This short children's biography tells the important story of a young black teenage girl named Barbara Rose Johns, who decided that it was manifestly unfair for black children to be schooled in shacks while the whites were schooled in brick buildings in Prince Edward County in the middle of Virginia. Advised by a teacher to do something herself, Barbara organized a walkout and protest for her classmates in 1951, contacted the NAACP, and was one of the cases consolidated into the landmark Supreme [...]

    Edward Sullivan
    An excellent look at an important but largely overlooked part of the early Civil Rights Movement. An inspiring story of young people organizing and taking action against injustice.

    1) Tuck, P. (2013). As fast as words could fly. New York: Lee & Low Books.2) This fictional story of a young African American boy winning a typing contest is a perfect companion for my intermediate book choice, “The Girl from the Tar Paper School” because both books tell of a story in the Civil Right era in American history. While “As Fast as Words Could Fly” is a fictional story, it also depicts the inequality of the school system and struggle for equal rights in the 1950’s and 19 [...]

    Sandra Stiles
    I received a copy from the author for my classroom. I am always looking for quality books for my middle school classroom. This is a book I am proud to put on my shelves. This is the story of Barbara Rose Johns. She was a courage, young black girl, growing up in segregated America. She chose to make a difference. She didn't listen when people said no, or you can't do anything. So why had I not heard of her before? Barbara chose not to stay in the limelight once she set things in motion. There is [...]

    Booklist Recommends - Grades 5th through 8th2015 List of Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young ReadersJunior Library Guild SelectionCalifornia Reading Association Silver Honor BookNew York Public Library's List of 100 Children's Books to Read in 2014Text to Text:Although this book is an intermediate and We March is a young primary picture book, I find that I am connecting them in many ways. I think it would be very reflective to have intermediate-level students read this book and then fol [...]

    Jasmine Lambert
    Author Teri Kanefield gives readers a look into the life and amazing works of a woman who came before Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr, a woman who decided to stand up for what was right at the age of fifteen. Barbara Rose Johns was a high school student in Farmville, Virginia who one day grew tired of the horrible quality of their high school, Robert R. Moton High. Moton High had arranged temporary classrooms built to accommodate an overflow of students but became not so temporary, the stu [...]

    I really enjoyed this non-fiction, quick read about a high school student advocating for civil rights in 1951. I liked this book for several, distinct reasons. First, it has a beautiful layout--glossy, multi-colored pages with lots of draw-me-in photos. Second, it tells a story of civil rights advocacy simply, in a way that children can understand. Their school was cold and dysfunctional and the students wanted a school equal to those kids on the other side of town. How difficult is that to unde [...]

    Tayler Pomeroy
    “The Girl from the Tar and Paper School” is about Barbara’s efforts in getting the school her town promised. Her case made it to the Supreme Court, helping in the decision of Brown vs. Board of Education. It is a trade book with great vocabulary and many personal accounts. It was a very interesting book because it showed the trials leading up to Brown vs. Board of Education from a child’s eyes. The book had lots of photos and quotes from personal accounts. In addition, the design of the [...]

    This short (56 pages) non-fiction narrative tells the story of Barbara Rose Johns who organized a peaceful protest to try and end the segregation that forced her and her fellow students to attend a school with very limited funding including a building with a tar paper roof. This happened in 1951 which made it one of the first events in the Civil Rights movement, and one that was unknown to me until I read this book!

    Destiny Leskovac
    The Girl from the Tar Paper School is an encouraging story that shows how one young girl worked hard to fight for equality and a better school. This book is based on the life of Barbara Johns, an African American teenager that lived during the time when segregation and inequality were common practice. Barbara lived in Virginia and attended a separate, unequal school from whites. This school was made out of tar and heavy paper. The roofs leaked, there was little heat, and children often got sick. [...]

    Barbara Johnsother mighty girl!! She organized fellow students to demand equal school facilities in Prince Edward County, Virginia in the 1950s, the beginnings of the civil rights movement. Her story helps me further understand the topic addressed in Kristen Green's book Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County: a family, a Virginia town, a civil rights battle.

    Allison Weiler
    Title: The Girl from the Tar Paper School: Barbara Rose Johns and the Advent of the Civil Rights MovementAuthor: Teri KanefieldGenre: Biography: Grades 3-5Theme(s): Civil Rights Movement, EducationOpening line/sentence: “The Tar Paper Snack Problem. The year was 1950. Barbara Rose Johns was a fifteen-year-old high school junior with a problem to solve. Barbara and her sister, Joan, attended the Robert R. Moton High School for black students, located in the nearest town, Farmville, Virginia, fi [...]

    Richie Partington
    Richie's Picks: THE GIRL FROM THE TAR PAPER SCHOOL: BARBARA ROSE JOHNS AND THE ADVENT OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT by Teri Kanefield, Abrams, January 2014, 56p ISBN: 978-1-4197-0796-4 "You should see what a lovely, lovely world this'd beEveryone learns to live together"-- The Rascals "People Got To Be Free" (According to , after releasing this song in 1968, the Rascals refused to perform at concerts that didn't also feature an African American band.)Once upon a time, there was a town in Virginia [...]

    Very interesting account of how one person, in this case a diffident high school student, can make a huge difference in both her own and the wider world.In rural Virginia in 1951, Barbara Rose Johns, high school senior, was tired of the "separate but equal" standard applied to her school. The white kids attended a modern high school with modern heating. The black kids attended school in drafty, leaky, tar papered temporary buildings heated only by wood stoves which didn't heat an entire room. Ki [...]

    While the history of civil rights is filled with laws and movements and famous men and women, it is also the story of individuals who fought in their own ways for change. This inspiring story of a high school student who organized a peaceful boycott to bring attention the inequities between the educational facilities of Moton High School, which black students attended, and Farmville High School, which whites attended. Barbara Rose Johns, the niece of Vernon Johns, himself active in the civil rig [...]

    In 1951, Barbara Rose Johns was challenged by a teacher to "do something" about the unequal facilities she hated. At 15 years old, she recruited school leaders and from all grades, to protest these unequal conditions. Despite her youth and unfavorable rural location, she managed to bring NAACP support to the cause, which eventually included filing for desegregation in a case that would be presented under the umbrella of Brown v the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas before the Supreme Court.Al [...]

    Ashlee Christians
    1. All Different Now: Juneteenth, The First Day of Freedom by Angela Johnson, 20132. This story is about Texas slaves finally being told about the Emancipation Proclamation and that they were now a free people. The story is about a young girl and her family working on a cotton field who hears wonderful news of freedom and the celebrations that occurred shortly after the news has traveled to them. This story gives children the opportunity to see into another child's perspective during such a huge [...]

    Denice Hein
    Intermediate selection.1. We March by Shane W. Evans, 20122. The Girl from the Tar Paper School is an intermediate (5th to 7th on Titlewave) nonfiction book that is very text rich and tells the before-the-story story of the civil rights movement. We March is a very light children’s book (K-3 on Titlewave). I also think the intermediate kids could appreciate the simplicity of the children’s picture book after taking in all the information of Barbara Rose. The extension of the history of Barba [...]

    Brenda Lopez
    Brief Summary: This book is about a young teenager named Barbara Rose Johns who leads a group of people on a strike. Barbara comes from a poor segregated school for black students. The structures of the school were made with a wood covered with a heavy paper coated with tar. She realized it was time to do something about the inequalities that surrounded her school. Barbara along with other student leaders from her school formed a group to carry out the plans of a strike. This strike was a non-vi [...]

    Excellent book about the high school junior who in 1951 led her fellow students on a strike to get the school board to move on finally constructing a new school for black students. Due to the "separate but equal" laws of the time in Virginia, black students had to attend school in a tar paper shack building that had horrible heat/lack of heat and a leaky roof and old school books and was in general deplorably unequal compared to the white school. Barbara came up with the radical idea of students [...]

    Chelsea Keopraseurt
    The Girl from the Tar Paper School: Barbara Rose Johns and the Advent of the Civil Rights Movement by Teri Kanefield is a children’s biography that addresses the overlooked story of Barbara Jones, an African American teenager that led a walkout—the first protest of its kind in the United States—to protest unfair conditions in schools. Kanefield introduces readers to the early years of the civil rights movement, when segregation and racial injustice was prevalent and civil disobedience was [...]

    The Girl From the Tar Paper School: Barbara Rose Johns and the Advent of the Civil Rights Movement is a quick nonfiction read for young(er) readers. Set in 1950-1951 in Farmville, Virginia, the book tells the story of Barbara Rose Johns and the student strike she inspires, perhaps one of the first of its kind. The heroine, Barbara Rose Johns, is tired of the inequality between the white school and the black school. The conditions of the black school are truly pathetic and shocking. Instead of be [...]

    Jeralynn Moser
    1. Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson (2014)2. Taking place roughly 10 years after Barbara Rose Johns first has the idea to strike, Woodson's memoir tells her story of life as the Jim Crow era is starting to dismantle. They make a great twin text because they give two different experiences of the Civil Right's movement - while being similar in showing how a young girl copes with her race and equality. 3. This book is set up chronologically - starting with background information, the strik [...]

    Jason Roop
    Kanefield, Teri. (2014). The Girl from the Tar Paper School: Barbara Rose Johns and the Advent of the Civil Rights Movement. New York: Abrams Books for Young Readers.Informational/ Junior library Guild Selection & California Reading Association Award Winner/ historical nonfictionThis book follows the story of a high school student named Barbara Johns who organized one of the earliest peaceful protests in the civil rights movement. In 1950, Barbara and her classmates at Robert R. Moton High S [...]

    What's best is that Barbara Rose Johns became a librarian. I love that. But the entire story is just a simple reminder of all of the people that came before the larger Civil Rights Movement. There were those who stood for something in all corners of the south, doing what they knew was right. For Barbara it was fighting for a new school EQUAL to that of the whites because segregation in schools was legal. What it became was something larger, the desegregation of schools showing that everyone is c [...]

    Joan Marie
    I had never heard of Barbara Rose Johns, an African American teen who helped start the movement for better school buildings for black students back in the 1950s. While education was supposedly separate but equal, education and school buildings were anything but. The walls were actually made of tar paper; hardly any comfort in harsh conditions. "Are we going to just accept these conditions? Or are we going to do something about it?" she asked her fellow students. At an assembly she called to orde [...]

    Another one of those amazing stories that you find yourself wondering how you could live through this time period and know nothing about these events. Barbara Rose Johns is a high school age black girl living in the south. She has listened for years to promises to replace flimsy school buildings with ones that will not leak and retain heat. She thinks and prays for many days and feels that she has been given an answer. She will gather her fellow students together and they will strike against the [...]

    This informational book for older elementary and middle school readers is about the early stages of the civil rights movement. The subject of the book is Barbara Rose Johns and her plight to get her African American classmates out of the tarpaper shack school and into a new building in heavily segregated 1950's Virginia. This autobiographical account of Barbara Rose Johns is a great read for preteen girls delving into the past and looking to find a true account of a young lady who made a big dif [...]

    Miko Lee
    A award winning photo book geared toward Grades 5th through 8th focused on the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. A mix of bio, photos, archival images and and social history. Visually it looks like a cross between a yearbook and a textbook. This book tells the story of an African American high school students who organized her fellow classmates into a strike to demand more then just the tar paper shacks for their schools. Though ridiculed by all - the white school board and media and local [...]

    Great book, but even better what I learned at the end of the book. First, Barbara Rose Johns was one of the most courageous people I've encountered in my reading. In many ways she was the beginning of non-violent civil rights protests and everything she did, she did as a high school student. She was creative and bold. The icing on the cake was at the end of the book when I read that she finished her college degree at Drexel University graduating with a library science degree. She was a school li [...]

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