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  • Title: Netherby Halls
  • Author: Claudette Williams Claudy Conn
  • ISBN: 9781301943999
  • Page: 103
  • Format: ebook

  • Sassy Winthrop has just turned twenty one But instead of being a time of fun, parties, and courting, it has been a time of loss, grief, and transitions With the death of her beloved father, a kindly country vicar, Sassy is left not only without immediate family, but she must also leave the only home she has ever known to make room for the new vicar And if that weren t eSassy Winthrop has just turned twenty one But instead of being a time of fun, parties, and courting, it has been a time of loss, grief, and transitions With the death of her beloved father, a kindly country vicar, Sassy is left not only without immediate family, but she must also leave the only home she has ever known to make room for the new vicar And if that weren t enough, she is also going through transition as her powers of light magic are completed When a friend of her late mother arranges for Sassy to become a tutor at Netherby Halls, a boarding school for genteel orphaned girls, it seems the perfect solution But as she makes the journey to Netherby she meets the man who has been making love to her in her dreams the irresistible Marquis of Dartmour And that is only the beginning.For finds things at Netherby are not what they seem, and neither is the handsome marquis Unsure whom to trust, Sassy has to find her way through a maze of evil and magic note this is an updated version of an earlier novel written as Claudette Williams The updated versions of Claudy s Claudette Williams titles are sexually explicit than the original versions.
    Claudette Williams Claudy Conn
    Author now writes and has re issued some of her older books as Claudy Conn.


    Netherby Halls by Claudy ConnIn 1815 we find Sassy Winthrop in Sutton Village. The small English village where she has grown up as the vicar's daughter. She has lost all she loves in the past few years and must now depend on a family friend for help. There is more to Sassy than her heart stopping beauty and she must always control her hidden secrets. There is also much more to Sassy’s new home at Netherby Hall, much more than just a home for the orphan daughters of the Gentry.The Eighth Marqui [...]

    T.M. Payne
    Book: Netherby HallsAuthor: Claudy ConnPublication Date: 2/1/2013Reviewed by: Tammy - booknooknuts/My Rating: 5 StarsREVIEW We are in Sutton Village, England and its the year of 1815.Enter Sassy Winthrop a 21 yr old who is a white witch just coming into her powers. The only persons who know this are her mother who passed away 2 years ago and her now ailing/dying father The Vicar. Sassy keeps having vivid dreams of a man with hair as dark as the night sky and eyes so blue. She doesn't know who th [...]

    Dawn Sullivan
    This enchanting tale has it all. Claudy never stops amazing me with her wonderful tales. Claudy's books always deliver and fulfill.It doesn't matter what genre you prefer she has a way of combining genres that make you wow in amazement.Especially this book. I love historical romance but when there is a paranormal twist to it, it makes it even better for me. Its one of my favorite genres for sure, the best of both worlds.This tale has love, lust, passion, magic, suspense, mystery, mayhem and murd [...]

    I love Claudy's paranormal series and I love her historicals, so when I saw that she had released a book that was a historical romance with paranormal elements, I knew I had to read it! Once again, she did not disappoint. This book has mystery, romance, suspense, and magic. I love Sassy. She is a strong and independent woman. Life may not have dealt her the cards when would have wanted, but she makes the best of them and ends up finding herself at Netherby Hall where, because of her magical abil [...]

    I LOVED this book and I would give it 7 stars if I could. I fell in love with this story, from the moment it started. How can you go wrong with a historical romance with a paranormal twist I adored Sassy and absolutely fell in love with the "dreamy" Marquis. This story pulled me in from the beginning and I loved the twists and turns that made this an incredible story. Thanks Claudy for another amazing book. :)

    Yup, smutty romance at its best!

    Laura Young
    Again Claudy Conn gives us a tale you can’t not fall in love with. Sassy Winthrop is our main women; of course, she’s lost everything in the last couple years; her mother and father. From there she heads the Netherby Hall after stopping at the location her father wished her to go. We have the Marquis (how fun a word for me to say) who appears to have visions of our dear Sassy. He brings the… amusement to the novel. That’s exactly what was needed.With magic and hallucinations we see a mer [...]

    while i loved the idea, this book is ridiculous and does not make the most of what could of been an outstanding storyline\series. the story is very straightforward i feel like i could of told you exactly what was going to happen nearly from the start, and on top of that i believe the author read a Victorian dictionary and decided to throw in weird diction of the times voraciously and without thought. then there is the repetitive dream sequence which gets more irritating every time its re written [...]

    Thom Swennes
    “This is an imperfect world, love, and justice is rarely distributed equally.”Twenty-one-year-old Sassandra Winthrop is faced with a conundrum. In less than two years, both her parents die, leaving her alone and soon homeless. Her father was the local vicar of Sutton Village and a new vicar is due to arrive any day and lay claim to the parsonage she had always called home. Sassy is offered shelter at Tanderlay Place, and the protection of Lady Margate. Unfortunately, Sassy soon finds herself [...]

    Arec Rain
    This one threw me. I wasn’t expecting magic in a historical romance novel. As someone who loves fantasy, it was a lovely surprise. There wasn’t an explanation for it, however. There was no background information for why magic existed or why those who had magic had it. While it wasn’t necessary to enjoy the story, I would have enjoyed the explanation. The only issue I did have with it is that I felt that the author used it to further the plot instead of relying on other devices. I liked the [...]

    Well that was an unexpectedly good read. I thought it was just another historical romance, but was very pleasantly surprised by the addition of the paranormal aspect. And there was also a gothic overtone as well. Nicely done!

    Virginia Tican
    It is an OKAY read but then I seldom like paranormal though I have read quite a few (and quite liked them in fact). Maybe it is something else, I can not pinpoint exactly. Words and phraseology matter specially in periods of this genre.

    Viviana Izzo
    This was an interesting read. A historical with PNR elements. Or is it a PNR set in historical times? Either way, I enjoyed it. I liked the interaction between Justin, Marquis of Dartmour and Sassy. Their banter was entertaining and added to the tension that was obvious between them. Some interesting things come to light regarding Justin as the story plays out. Sassy is naive and though it seems like she knows what's going on with her, at the same times, she doesn't really know. This is a tad bi [...]

    Steph atStarry Night Book Reviews
    Netherby Halls is a wonderfully written romantic story with a paranormal twist, something you rarely find in a Historical Romance. Claudy takes you back to 1815 and the more you read the more you fall in love with the story. Sassy Winthrop just turned 21 years old, but instead of celebrating she is grieving over the loss of her father. She has lost everything she holds dear her mother and now her father, she must also move away from the only home she’s known and move in with her mother’s bes [...]

    A PLACE AS SINISTER AS FULL OF MAGIC, June 7, 2013 Verified PurchaseThis review is from: Netherby Halls (Kindle Edition)When Sassy and Justin, Marquis of Dartmour met for the very first time, it was magic. Both were struck with an overpowering connection, they each knew they've met and have made love, and they have in each others dreams.When Sassy's father passed away she had no choice but to seek an employment and found a post as a teacher at Netherly Halls. At first everything seemed to be nor [...]

    Melanie Tikalsky
    Sassy is a young woman who has lost both of her parents just as she comes in to her white witch powers. Her mother's family has disowned her and her father was the local Vicar. Upon his passing she is forced to give up the only home she has ever known to live with a well to do friend of the family. While the move looks good, her guardian's son is a pervert who has his eyes set on Sassy meanwhile, Sassy is plagued with dreams of a handsome man who makes her feel more than she has ever felt before [...]

    This book is a paranormal regency story. Sassy is a young woman now on her own. Her father was the church vicar and her mother a white witch from a wealthy family. Now on her own she is too beautiful for a governess and as a last resort goes to Netherby Halls to teach. On her way there she finally meets the man from her dreams, the Marquis. He's a known womanizer and rake, but they have a connection that is so strong she doesn't understand what is happening. They have a pull to each other and af [...]

    Sandy Grissett
    Lol. Loved the endingA great read by Claudy Conn. About a girl named Sassy who lost her mother and 2 years later her dad passes away Her dad warned her about using her powers. Once her dad died she had to leave the only home she knew since a new valor would be moving in. She went to her Aunts yet because of certain situations she was unable to stay. She was sent to be a tutor for young girls. Along the way to the school the carriage lost a wheel and another carriage came along , inside the carri [...]

    Rating5 out of 5 HeartsI really enjoy Claudy Conn's books, be they e-book, paper, or audio. This just happens to be an audio book. Sassy is a white witch of just twenty-one years old, whose powers are still developing, when her world changed forever. Her mother passed on two years ago, now her father, the Vicar of Sussex, has also passed on leaving her without a place to live, as the new Vicar will need the parsonage. Needing to find stable employment , her mother's friend sends her to Netherby [...]

    Sassy Winthrop, daughter of the local Vicar of Sutton, has now lost both parents and must leave her home for the new Vicar. A friend of her mothers has agreed to take her in. She was left a small legacy from her mother who came from an Aristocratic family but disowned her mother because she married a vicar. Sassy knows there is something different about her-she happens to be a white witch (which runs in her mother's family) and will come into her full power when she turns 21. While she is at Lad [...]

    Kim Power
    Regency MagicThis is quite an original premise, combining Regency romance with magic. The heroine, Sassy, is appealing, smart and clever, and the hero, Justin, is a good looking, Regency stereotype. The context throws light on the lot of less privileged women, and all in all had a great deal of potential. The author even found a way to include graphic sexual content while keeping her heroine a virgin who follow Regency morality: have her dream it! Sadly, I don't particularly enjoy graphic, soft [...]

    Debbie Saraceni
    Very enjoyable storyWhat a treat of a story. Sassy and Justin were so easy to enjoy. I loved the times of the story and the innocence of Sassy. She is put in a difficult situation after the death of her parents and finds herself dreaming of a handsome man. Without fully understanding the dreams she finds she comes across the man of her dreams. Justin sees the woman of his dreams and tries to reach her but she escapes him. Time and circumstance will bring them together and they are both faced wit [...]

    After a little bit of waffling I decided to give it a three v. a four. Sassy is a vicar's daughter and has magic powers. She keeps visualizing herself naked with a man, who we later learn to be the marquis Justin. From the moment they meet there's a strong connection between them that has magical components.It gets a little wacky bordering on unbelievable in a few places (and yes, it's a book about magic so I know it won't be "believable" but I never got totally sold into the story line"). There [...]

    Good idea, poor execution. It doesn't make the most of the premise, in fact massive details are ignored or glossed over, which is a shame as it could have made a good series. The repetitive dream sequence gets more irritating every time, the sex scene (I use the term loosely) at the end uses the phrase "Sweet sugar box" which made me simultaneously laugh, cringe and throw up a bit.Old fashioned, the language and style of writing hasn't stood the test of time, unfortunately.That being said the he [...]

    I really enjoyed this book. Loved the plot. Netherby Halls is a school for orphaned aristocrat girls, but terrible things going on there. Sassy is an orphaned white witch that goes there to work as a teacher there. Justin and his friend Percy are investigating the school. Justin happens to be a warlock who's soul cries out for Sassy. The attraction is hot and steamy. They must learn to love one another so their souls can merge as one. Another wonderful book by Claudye always writes clever and st [...]

    Wendy Tavenner
    Loved the book!! Claudy Conn writes Good, fun loving books!! Sassy whose father a vicar has just passed away!! He has always kept her safe as she is a white witch!! She becomes a tutor at Netherby Halls and realizes things are as they seem. Justin, the Marquis of Dartmour happens to be a wearlocke!! Sassy has has visions of him and her naked together. She believes he is her true mate!! Justin is trying to find out what is going on btwn them and also the mystery at the school!! Another great read [...]

    Dawn Anderson
    A good mix of historical romance and paranormal magic. Sassy the daughter of a town Vicar lost her mother 2 yrs ago and has now lost her father. She is alone and needs to to find a position in life. She ends up at Netherby halls as a teacher. Sassy is a white witch and realizes something isn't right at Netherby. Sassy has been having dreams about a dark haired man and sees him across the street in her village. Justin ends up in the same village as Netherby. They both know that bad things are hap [...]

    White Witch!I found the storyline very interesting. This story is about a young lady who does not pretend not to see a wrong being done around her. She does something about it. Even though her circumstances are not the best she allows no one to walk over her regardless of their supposed station. I do like that Sassy is not a pushover, the girl has some gumption and a backbone. It was a hot read before they ever consummated their lovead it you'll see why, lol. I enjoyed this read while I listened [...]

    Dated ideas I believe I read one other Claudy Conn book before I read this one. I can't remember the name or why I did not like it but after reading this book I remember her books are old fashioned. They should probably mark her books as old fashioned, tame or suggestive sex cause the main characters do not get their act together until the end of the book (epilogue) when they are married. This is probably why ebooks do not display the original publishing date on their site as it would give read [...]

    Sharon Obelenus Holland
    A little bit of everything!!Great read!! A historical with witches and also a mystery. Sassy is coming into her powers, but when her father dies, she goes to live with a person who can offer her protection, that from all but her son. So when her benefactor gets her a job teaching at a private school for orphaned girls, she jumps at the chance. But before she gets there she sees a man that haunts her dreams. Her powers push her towards him. But when things start happening around the school, Sassy [...]

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