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  • Title: Forsaken
  • Author: Bec Botefuhr
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Ryder and Maya s story continues in Forsaken where Maya confronts the demons of her past and discovers even sexual pressure under Ryder s instruction.updated You followed the journey with Maya, Ryder Nate in Witness Protection Now they are back, and hotter than ever.Come along as Maya find out the truth about her parent s, struggles with her feelings for RyderRyder and Maya s story continues in Forsaken where Maya confronts the demons of her past and discovers even sexual pressure under Ryder s instruction.updated You followed the journey with Maya, Ryder Nate in Witness Protection Now they are back, and hotter than ever.Come along as Maya find out the truth about her parent s, struggles with her feelings for Ryder and Nate, and learns a new side to herself.Fall in love all over again with the two beautiful men, and the one brave woman, as their story concludes.
    Bec Botefuhr
    COME AND CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK PAGE Author Bec Botefuhr FOR INFO ON NEW RELEASES AND ALREADY RELEASED BOOKS.G day, I m Bec Botefuhr and I m a 25 year old Aussie girl I love writing, I love horses, I love the outback I am Australian born and bred and proud I came up with my books from dreams and I love each and every one of them, I know my characters and I live them each day My belief is that all Authors are great, no matter what they write True blue, is it me and you Is it mum and dad Is it a cockatoo Is it standing by your mate, when she s in a fight Or just Vegemite True blue.


    "Thick and thin hardly covers what we have been through, but I can safely say we have been tested with everything a couple can be tested with. I find myself loving you more each time you flash that beautiful smile at me, and no matter what has happened, it only gets better."I literally jumped right into this as soon as closed the first book and I devoured it as if it was the air I need to breath. It still had that cute, easy love like the first book except with this book I didn't have a third to [...]

    Rachel Swords
    Gah this book was SO GOOD. I loved every minute of it! It was so much better than the first one and I thought the first one was great! I love Ryder and Maya! No spoilers so I can't say a lot but this one shows what life is like after the first book. I'm in love! 5 stars! Favorite part of book(view spoiler)[ I loved the scene when Ryder proposes to Maya. I also love the one where Mark and Maya finally have their first real talk:)(hide spoiler)]Favorite quotes:"Thick and thin hardly cover what we [...]

    Spoiler AlertI just thought the relationship between the three of them was very odd. And Maya wanting to have sex with Nate and being upset not getting it. And why didn't it upset Ryder??? I swear I was waiting for a threesome the whole time!! And seriously, I don't think there apartment is a good place to take in battered women. Seriously! Loved when Maya took charge and became the Madame, loved that!!! I wonder if Ryder is a switch???The whole being kidnapped, finding parents, being a twin was [...]

    I was VERY happy with this book, the follow up to the 1st in the series, Witness Protection. It continues on with Ryder, Maya, and NateI just love all 3 so much. I love the depth and dynamic of their friendship. And for all the troubles and suspense that the 1st book held, this one was more about the relationships, life, death, real everyday issues that can come upd how you can make it to the other side. There were a few twists and turns I didn't anticipate and I loved it! And the endoh, how awe [...]

    Kimberly Rinaldi
    "I don't think I'll ever understand the friendship between you three, but its beautiful. I have never seen three people work so well with each other before. You have two men in your life that will be there til the end."Perfect quote for Maya, Ryder & Nate! You will fall in love with these 3 all over again in this book."I would go to the ends of the ear for you Maya, that much you know.""I'll make you come so many times your body will hate me."LOVED THIS SERIES!!

    I was disapointed with this book. I would of liked to seen more. I would like to seen a weddng. Everything was going good and then she just stopped the book.

    Christie Long
    Liked the 1st better. This one went by fast. Storyline is a span of a couple years.

    This book is book two in the witness series. I have read this book a handful of times and never grow bored of it. I did write a review for this book in the past but it seems to have disappeared. The love between Maya and Ryder is stronger than ever in this book. I liked that the friendship with Nate was still as close as it was in the first book, if not closer. My favourite part of this book is the scene between Maya and her long lost father and family. That scene gets me every single time. The [...]

    I ♥ Bookie Nookie (bookienookiereviews.blogspot.com)
    I was super excited about reading FORSAKEN to get the skinny on super hot relationship dynamics between Maya, Ryder and Nate and it started off with a bang!I was very pleased with how the dynamics between the trio morphed, but I won’t say how ;-) Relax, no ménage, but just as fulfilling! I couldn’t help but feel that the second half of the book was like a race to the finish – with too much happening and all the conflicts resolving at warp speed… It really diminished my initial feelings [...]

    ***4 1/2 GOLDEN STARS***This book was just so damn cute! Ryder and Nate, Nate and Ryder, they are just so goddamn beautiful! I love how different they are in looks and personality but they compliment each other so well which is why they make great best friends! From the beginning of this series I loved Maya, I loved how she was so strong-willed and defiantly not a little sandwich (sub!). 'Forsaken' was the final instalment in this series and boy, oh, boy it was just perfect! The book wrapped eve [...]

    Dyantha Bogerd
    I have read this book I believe around 2 years ago, and sometimes I just look at my read list and think why the hell not lets read this book again So this time it was Forsaken. I liked the first book better, Maya still is in my opinion to Clingy sometimes to immature and whiney, but I learned to live with it in book 1 and decided that it is just her personality. I do love the relationship between Ryder Maya and Nate. I love that friendship and closeness I also believe that it has a lot to do wit [...]

    April Brookshire
    So, the book starts off a year after the first one ended and in one year our heroine, Maya, has gone from 19 years old to 23 years old. Um, dog years?And, I'm pretty sure all the characters lived in Manhattan (NY?) but Manhattan has magically transformed to being LA for the purposes of this book. Um, okay?There is a city called Manhattan Beach just south of LA, but it's never called just Manhattan.Anyways, I was entertained. Even if Maya is a big spoiled brat who instigates a bunch of problems b [...]

    Julie Healey
    As the story continued for Ryder and Maya, things heated up even more and few curve balls were thrown in as well. I have to say I had high expectation for this one, following the first. However, I found a lot of grammar errors and the editing was horrible. I recommend another round. I story was great and I hope there will be another to the series but if there isn't I can truly say I am happy with the ending. Maya, Ryder's and Nate's connection only grew stronger and the love between them all bou [...]

    I love Bec and I loved her first novel too. This one was great, right up until the ending, then I found it to be way too fast. I think it could of easily been another two novels cause of the rushing at the end. However I did think it was pretty great I would most definitely read all of Bec's novels. She's awesomesauce.

    Again Ryder just gets hotter and hotter! And I fell even more in love with Nate!! When I thought he was gonna die I was ready to stop reading it cuz I just couldn't deal with that! But he pulled through and all 3 of their relationship was stronger than ever! I have to say the twists and turns in this book threw me for a loop but I'm so glad it ended with a HEA!

    Tara Marie
    I wanted so much to hear the rest of their story it was sad that it was rushed Though some parts didn't feel like it the last 1/2 of the book did I know she rushed to finish because readers wanted it and she wasn't feeling it Al in all still a good story

    Twists and turns in the story very good read as are all of Bec's books I've read them all as they have released I'm not that good with writing reviews as I would end up giving something away so it's just easier to say read the bookss they are so well written action packed right through.

    Forsaken continues on from where Witness Protection finishes. Just as good as the first one. I loved this book as much as the first one. Maya, Ryder and Nate relationship is rocky the whole way through this book but that just makes it better. I love this book and would recommend it.

    Laura's Book Addiction
    Sooo I loved it BUT I was still holding out hope that Maya,Ryder and Nate would end up in a ménage together all that being said it rocked and is great 2nd book!!! I would love Bec to write a dream scene with Ryder and Nate together with Maya watching them!!!!

    3.5 stars. Good hot,steamy,sexy read. I think the storyline could have been developed better if it was a longer book. I do love a nice long smutty read.

    Sue Silver
    Loved this series's ,loved the happy ending

    this was a perfecting ending to a great storyI'm absolutely in love with Nate and Ryder :)

    Great followup and enjoyed it very much!

    Leigh Parrish
    Should be live on by morning, 2/19/13

    Sharon Pointon
    Loved it Loved it Loved it . I want a Ryder and Nate.

    Joanna R
    A great sequel. I would love to hear more from Nate and even Sandy or Mark pov or books of there own.

    I love this author!!!

    I really enjoyed this more than the first!BUT I was really hoping that Nate was gonna join in on the party Like come on That would of made it a 5 star read for me! Hahahha

    Family found, family died, baby conceived, engagement, weird dreams, friendships and relationships.I still commend Maya for being so strong. I love Ryder even more in this book.

    Jamie ~ Bad Boy Inspector
    4.5/5 Loved it!!

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