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  • Title: The Raven's Seal
  • Author: Andrei Baltakmens
  • ISBN: 9780985278762
  • Page: 232
  • Format: ebook

  • A Murder A Fall from Grace A Mysterious Symbol That Could Be the Key to One Man s Salvation When the body of Thaddeus Grainger s rival turns up stabbed to death in an alley just hours after their inconclusive duel, only one suspect comes to mind Charged with murder, Grainger s fate is sealed before his trial even begins.A young gentleman of means but of meaningless pursA Murder A Fall from Grace A Mysterious Symbol That Could Be the Key to One Man s Salvation When the body of Thaddeus Grainger s rival turns up stabbed to death in an alley just hours after their inconclusive duel, only one suspect comes to mind Charged with murder, Grainger s fate is sealed before his trial even begins.A young gentleman of means but of meaningless pursuits, Grainger is cast into the notorious Bellstrom Gaol, where he must quickly learn to survive in the filthy, ramshackle prison The Bells where debtors, gaolers, whores, thieves, and murderers all mix freely and where every privilege comes at a price will be the young man s home for the rest of his life unless he can prove his innocence.Despite his downfall, his friends the journalist William Quillby and Cassie Redruth, the poor young girl who owes Grainger a debt of gratitude refuse to abandon him But before they can win his freedom, they must contend with forces both inside and outside the prison determined to keep Grainger behind bars and, at the same time, decode the meaning behind the crude wax seal that inspires terror in those who know its portent.Set against the urban backdrop of late 18th century England, The Raven s Seal unravels a tale of corruption, betrayal, murder, and ultimately redemption and love.
    Andrei Baltakmens
    Andrei Baltakmens was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, of Latvian descent He has a Ph.D in English literature, focused on Charles Dickens and Victorian urban mysteries.His first novel, The Battleship Regal, was published in New Zealand in 1996 His short fiction has appeared in various literary journals, and his first historical mystery, The Raven s Seal, was published in 2012.Since 2004, he has lived in the Ithaca, New York and Brisbane, Australia, where he recently completed a doctorate in Creative Writing at The University of Queensland He now lives in Palo Alto, California, with his wife and son, and works for Stanford University as an instructional designer.


    This book came from Netgalley for review (a long time ago – sorry about that) – thank you to NG and the publisher.I seem to say this a lot lately: this was not what I expected. It's a Dickensian, Dumas-esque, dark mystery with fantastic elements I think that covers most of it. That The Count of Monte Cristo is in the book's genealogy is without doubt.It all begins with a tussle in a tavern, as Thaddeus Grainger defends the honor of a young working-class woman against someone who sees her as [...]

    Judith Starkston
    Baltakmens has created an imaginary, Dickensian city with a dark prison looming on a hill at the top of this grim, fairy tale-like world. He sets his allegorical novel in this intensely constructed realm, more compact and symbolic than any real setting could be. Evil and corruption thrive. The bored gentleman we meet at the beginning is no match for the serpentine contrivances hidden away in shadow and actively arrayed against him. The code of honor of the 18th century upper classes comes under [...]

    Annette Gisby
    It's been a while since I've read a Historical novel that I've enjoyed so much. The prose is lyrical, descriptive and so evocative that you are easily drawn to the fictional town of Airenchester and the characters inhabiting it. From the genteel salons of the gentry to the squalor of the tenements in The Steps, every location is brought vividly to life.Grainger is unjustly imprisoned on a murder charge and sequestered in Bellstrom Gaol and it was interesting to note how his incarceration differe [...]

    This was an early reviewers copy via LibraryThing.The author is an expert on Charles Dickens and this book has strong influences from that quarter. I'm not a Dickens fan so I approached this book with a bit of wariness but thankfully, for me, it's much easier to read and take in than CD. In fact the prose and language used are really wonderfully descriptive and it's a pleasure to read just for that. At one point, about a third of the way in, I felt the story was dragging on a bit where not much [...]

    Within the first few pages of The Raven's Seal, my thought was, this author is a fan of Dickens. Turns out, he has a PhD in English Literature with a special emphasis on that illustrious Victorian writer. Don't get me wrong - I love Dickens and I appreciated this homage to him.Author Baltakmens does a more than admirable job of evoking Dicken's marvelous descriptive prose without turning it into caricature. Much of the story takes place inside a fictional prison, Bellstrom Gaol at the end of the [...]

    Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone
    Historical fiction is a difficult style of writing. The author has to be authentic, modern, archaic, and updated all at the same time. It must "feel" right, but it can't go overboard into the historical details and forget the narrative. The Raven's Seal Andrei Baltakmens is a great example of how it should be done.The story is set in the fictional 18th-century city of Airenchester, England. The mystery begins when the body of Thaddeus Grainger's rival turns up stabbed to death in an alley just h [...]

    I started reading this by using the Kindle's text to speech option. It is a testament to this book that I remained interested enough to continue reading once I turned that feature off. That voice to speech is so awful, it could kill any interest you may have had in your Own biography! I enjoyed the style, yes it was reminiscent of Dickens, but somehow more modern. I enjoyed the formal speech patterns and loved the twists and turns of the plot. The line regarding sobriety had me laughing out loud [...]

    Great example of style winning out of substance. The Raven's Seal had great descriptions of 18th Century England, as well as wonderful scenes in the prisons of the times. But not a very well laid out plot. The actually scheme itself under investigation was pedestrian at best, and the pacing was just terrible. Valiant start, but needs to improve for his next novel.

    Eric D.
    I loved this book, took a chapter to get into it, but when it came to the final 100 pages I became obsessed to finish it. I can see some of the influence from Dickens, if you are going to emulate a writer, Dickens is a great choice.

    I enjoyed this Dickensian stylish novel with its prison setting

    Excellent read, truly evocative writing and the mystery holds until the ending. Highly recommended.

    Entertaining read and a great achievement. Enjoyed by others in my book club too

    Joyce McKune
    Good plot, but difficult to read because of all the Old English Slang. Still, recommend if you like historical fiction.

    I'm an avid reader, I read around 80 books a year, the majority of books I read are historical fiction. In general like filth and grit, rats and lice and a little dose of plague in my fiction. I've read a number of books featuring Newgate Prison and the Tower of London and even though Bellstrom Gaol is a fictional prison, this novel sounded like it was destined to become a favorite of mine.I did enjoy the setting and the details of the period, the story begins in 1775, with rival gentlemen engag [...]

    I received this book through LibraryThing Early Reviewers.In the press release that accompanied the book, there is a lot of emphasis on this book's similarity to Charles Dickens' books. There is certainly comparison points with Dickens' work: the time period, the darkness of the setting, the juxtaposition of wealthy and poor, criminal activity and honesty. The weaving plot is also like a Dickens plot. Which all makes sense, given that the author has studied Dickens intently. The actual writing s [...]

    Andrei Baltakmens’ The Raven’s Seal is an amazing work of historical mystery set in fictional city of Airenchester, England in 1776. Baltakmens has an incredible gift for writing in period English without bogging it down with either unnecessary Dickensian bluster or anachronisms. Even if the plot weren’t great (which it is), it would be a treat to read this book just for the language Baltakmens usesRead the rest of my review at A Bookish Type.

    Bill Armstrong
    As I was reading this book, I kept thinking, "Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens." Turns out that the author is a Dickens fanatic. Dickens is definitely much better. I found the book melodramatic with enough red skies and rain to satisfy any meteorology fanatic. There were unnecessary characters (why do we need Captain Grimsborough other than to provide a daughter for the hero's friend?)Forget this book and read Little Dorritt if you want English prisons.

    Enjoyed the period, but not the languageI enjoy historical fiction. I prefer it written in contemporary English. For example, I prefer "jail" to "gaol". I also prefer real places over fictitious ones. I don't think anyone would be offended by setting the book in a place which could be viewed on Google maps. There are many English towns with historical neighborhoods, and setting the story in one of those would make it easier to follow.

    A Dickensian murder mystery, the mystery itself has enough shady characters and red herrings to be interesting. However, it’s written at a distance and hard to connect with the hero, Grainger, and his heroine, Cassie. The story takes its time setting up but the last half of the book moves pretty quick. Received free copy for review.


    Donald Houston
    Mystery & moreWell written but at times tedious! Excellent characters, solid storyline & an excellent research base for the plot. Good read!

    Reads like Bram Stoker - reader is drawn deep into the details of each setting and character and the mystery sneaks in like fog

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    Terry Theresa
    Good story but ponderous

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