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  • Title: His Uptown Girl
  • Author: Liz Talley
  • ISBN: 9780373718542
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback

  • After enduring the destruction of her antique store and a sex scandal involving her late husband, Eleanor Theriot has spent years licking her wounds and raising her daughter, ignoring the woman beneath the cashmere sweater set in favor of playing it safe Knowing she must reclaim herself and step out of her comfort zone, Eleanor doesn t expect the first guy she flirts withAfter enduring the destruction of her antique store and a sex scandal involving her late husband, Eleanor Theriot has spent years licking her wounds and raising her daughter, ignoring the woman beneath the cashmere sweater set in favor of playing it safe Knowing she must reclaim herself and step out of her comfort zone, Eleanor doesn t expect the first guy she flirts with in twenty years to make her knees weak.But he so does Jazz pianist Dez Batiste is back in New Orleans ready to face his past and reclaim the future he d left behind in the flood waters of Katrina Opening an Uptown jazz club soothes the loss of his former dream, and when Eleanor steps into his path, igniting a different passion within him, he knows coming home was the best thing he s done in years Too bad Eleanor and her merchants association is intent on keeping his new club out of the historic building on Magazine Street.But when desire sizzles and Dez proves himself to be a good neighbor in times of trouble, Eleanor must rethink everything about her benign life and dare to claim passion with a younger man And when Eleanor s daughter comes home from college and casts her eye on Dez and her prejudiced mother in law plays hardball with the family, Eleanor has to put on her big girl panties and fight for her happiness Add in a nineteen year old street kid with a secret and a viral music video and you have the makings of tumultuous journey to love.
    Liz Talley
    I unashamedly read, write and love romance books I adore the weight of a book in hand and the anticipation of a happy ending I love the journey, the word play and the magic of story Nothing s better than reading a good bookexcept writing one You can learn about me and my award winning romances at liztalleybooks


    People may laugh when I give 1 star reviews to legendary books that people know and love, and then give 5 stars to mass produced Harlequin fluff like Liz Talley's "Uptown Girl". And yes, her writing may not rank alongside Charles Dickens, F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Jane Austen, but she has woven a beautiful tale that I found compelled with. And to me, being someone who reads for leisure, she did her job and entertaining me, and therefore earns herself a whooping 5 stars! (ENTER APPLAUSE HERE)Eleano [...]

    Originally posted at Romance Around the Corner3.5 StarsAfter reading Wendy's review, the first thing I did was buy the book. The way she described both the story and her reaction to it, made it impossible for me to resist reading it. The novel turned out to be as good as she said, and although there were some things I didn’t love, I’m glad I read it.Eleanor is a 39-year-old widow struggling to put her life back together. Her cheating husband was murdered by his mistress (who then committed s [...]

    Very good book. There have been a bunch of "younger man" stories lately, not usually my favorite reads, but I really liked this one. Dez has finally returned to New Orleans after Katrina, following his dream to open a jazz club. Across the street is Eleanor who is one of the locals who isn't sure that she wants a nightclub in their neighborhood. Dez is determined to change her mind, and soon finds that there is unexpected passion between them. I really liked Dez. Before Katrina he had been a ris [...]

    Hsiau Wei
    This book tell the story of Eleanor, a widow who seems to be attracted to a bar owner Dez Batiste. She owned an antique shop and is a member of the business committee in the town. She have a reservation on the purpose of having a jazz pub in the middle of the town as she have the opinion that it bring more negative issue to the town rather than the positive. It clearly can be seen that her opinion was based on the past where her husband was killed by his mis tress. All that changed when she met [...]

    His Uptown Girl really breaks the pattern on romance novels. The heroine is the mother of a college student, the hero is a mixed-race bar owner who is significantly younger than her. She owns an antiques store and he plays the blues. It’s set in New Orleans and memories of Katrina play a large part in the story. There’s a young kid struggling to support his brother and niece who gets his own story line, and the mother- daughter relationship gets some play as well, as well as what happens whe [...]

    Kate Vale
    The musician who's more than a street performer, the antiques store owner whose problems include a bitchy mother-in-law who blames Eleanor for her late husband's death at the hands of a lover. Will these two star-crossed lovers get together? Of course they will. But how they get there is what kept me reading. No real surprises here, but a nice treatment without falling into the abyss of racism when considering how the snooty mother-in-law (and others) think of Dez--because of his mixed heritage. [...]

    I really loved this story. Widowed heroine with bitchy in-laws and a college-age daughter who is turning into a vapid shrew finds her groove thang with a hunky musician 9 years her junior. Great New Orleans setting, and a wide array of interesting secondary players.wendythesuperlibrarianspo

    When I found out it was a Harlequin Super Romance I was like okay, a fast read, cheesy romance but boy was I wrong. I stopped reading Harlequin books years ago because they were all the same. I’m glad I got the chance to read this one.From the first chapter , I got hooked just by the dialogic being used and as I went along it just kept getting better and better. There were three stories going on in the book and each was so totally different and yet the author was able to connect them. The auth [...]

    Liz Talley gives readers a look at post-Katrina New Orleans and the cultural mix of that colorful city. In addition to the complicated and sizzling romance between Eleanor and Dez, secondary threads point to the sharp contrast between the city’s privileged young whose greatest concern is owning another designer bag and the kids who grow up amid poverty and violence struggling to survive and dreaming of escape. The issues are large ones, perhaps too large for a romance with a word limit, but it [...]

    I TRULY want to applaud the author on doing something far too many authors shy away from: Adding diversity as a central point to the storyline without beating the reader over the head with the severity of social issues. At the same time, this wasn't simply inserting a BFF or employee of a different ethnicity. Instead, the book portrayed the lives of a diverse cast of characters with obvious differences, yet striking similarities--very much a reflection of the world we live in. Every character ha [...]

    Dani Harper
    I don't usually read contemporary romance (Hey, I'm a paranormal kinda gal), and picked this up purely by accident. But even without a single vamp, were or dragon in sight, I was drawn in immediately. I LOVED this book. It's going on my Keeper Shelf because I definitely want to reread this one. The story is rich, and the New Orleans setting is practically a character by itself. I could hear the music!

    Harlequin Books
    "Sexy characters and an interesting plotline make Tally's tale a must read. Dez is sexy and just troubled enough to be compelling, and Ellie is a strong, likable female character." RT Book Reviews, rated 4 1/2 stars

    Penny Hunter
    A sweet book let down unfortunately by the insecurity of the female character. A little bit cliched with all the sentimentality and the stiff upper lip in laws. A good easy read made easier by the scrummy male lead. Good overall.

    Interesting setting, I liked the idea better than the actual book. Eleanor and Dez weren't very realistic to me, or too far removed from what I can imagine. Their issues were glossed over in the end, and Tre's story was either way too important or not enough. Still, a nice read

    Diana H.

    Very good story.

    This is one hot and sexy book. I found myself laughing but my heartstrings were tugged several times. Especially with Tre but also with Eleanor. Being from Louisiana, this one hit home.

    • Free Read [Manga Book] ✓ His Uptown Girl - by Liz Talley ✓
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