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  • Title: iFeel
  • Author: Marissa Carmel
  • ISBN: 9781477600795
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback

  • Lust Anger Hate Desire Love Happiness Joy iFeel What happens when an unknowing empath meets a pixie who wears leather, a snitch who is repulsive and a fiery angel who can literally set your soul on fire A whole lot of emotional turmoil and one love story ignited Liv Christianni is isolated, alone, tortured and withdrawn, saddled with the torrential downpour of thLust Anger Hate Desire Love Happiness Joy iFeel What happens when an unknowing empath meets a pixie who wears leather, a snitch who is repulsive and a fiery angel who can literally set your soul on fire A whole lot of emotional turmoil and one love story ignited Liv Christianni is isolated, alone, tortured and withdrawn, saddled with the torrential downpour of the world s emotions Accepting of her providence Liv has lost all hope, until one day fate steps in and spins the course of her life like a spiraling top Hunted by a Spirit Stalker, Liv is forced to gain control of herself and her surroundings, threatened by the touch of her immortal love she must find a way to survive both physically and emotionally Can she find the courage to accept her true self Can she love unconditionally cognizant of the condemning consequences Can she rise from the ashes to become the person she was always meant to be Funny, witty, real, and poignant, iFeel rips into your soul, and sets your emotions on fire.
    Marissa Carmel
    Marissa Carmel has loved writing ever since a young age She has a duel degree in History and Political Science, but took as many creative writing classes in college as she could She spent most of her twenties bartending which is where she met her husband and a multitude of interesting people When she s not reading or writing, she s hanging out with her family, experimenting in her kitchen or doing yoga on the living room floor.

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    Camelia Skiba
    The more I read the more sophisticated my taste in books becomes. Personally it’s not the story, or the plot, but what really propels a book from average to great is the author’s voice. Spice that with witty, charming characters—I’m hooked.Mrs. Marissa Carmel had me at hello. From the first page of iFeel, her debut novel, I was impressed with her voice and exquisite style. What allowed through the “look inside” feature wasn’t enough for me; I had to have the book. Let me just say [...]

    originally appeared on:Bookshelf ConfessionsFirst, I’d like to give applause to the cover of iFeel. It easily piqued my interest and it truly resembles what the book is all about. Great cover!Unlike the other reviewers, I received my copy with little or no error almost, so I have nothing against the grammar thing.Ifeel is a rather fast-read I think, I didn’t realize I was at the end of the book, until I felt that there’s only 5 or more pages leftlol- finished this in one sitting… Ms. Car [...]

    Angela Fristoe
    So I have to say, I've never actually read or watched any of the works iFeel is compared to in the synopsis, so I'm not really sure how it compares, but I can say that it is an enjoyable read. Carmel starts off really strong, and throws the reader right into some action. The book is fairly fast paced, and I didn't feel like I was having to wade through a bunch of extra stuff just to get to the plot.The main character Liv is nicely developed and I thought Carmel did a good job of creating a chara [...]

    Carly Anne
    I truly enjoyed this book, I want to give the author props for keeping the story upbeat and fast paced. Meaning that not one moment was I bored or uninterested with the story. Liv is a fun and free spirited character, who unfortunately thinks she's on the verge of a mental crack. Her witticisms and erratic emotional breakdowns keep the POV fun and on edge, always waiting for the next twist to come along. Living a normal life with "special" gifts is complicated enough but then throw in Justice, a [...]

    Bèbè ✦ RANT✦
    Liv has spent her whole life in hiding, feeding herself with isolation and pills. She always thought that she was insane and did not like going out so much and seeing anyone. Her best friend and even her own hair stylist tried to get her out of the house. Everything changes when she finally agrees to go over to the most popular club in Jersey and gets in some trouble. One thing she didn't expect is to wake in her apartment with no memory (or her jeans on), staring into a hottie's eyes that knows [...]

    Tammy Owens
    This book is indeed a different kind of writing. I enjoyed the story very much. Extreme beings combust with contact. One that hides from all public life simply to keep from feeling every emotion from every one around her. Destined to spend her life in lock up inside her own apartment. The other one an angel sent to protect all that is good and to keep evil from harming this "feeler". Seraphs and empaths ignite and paint the town in flames in this story. Characters that will open your heart,can m [...]

    Kathy Brady
    I love the paranormal genre and I especially love how Marissa has taken it in her own direction with iFeel. It's not your typical vampire romance or werewolf family. It takes paranormal in a whole new direction. Liv is an amazing character that you can't help but feel for the entire novel. It's almost eerie how much I can relate to this fictional character with supernatural powers. This novel held me captive from beginning to end and I can't wait for the next book in the series.

    I cannot wait to read the rest of this series. This book is not like any books I have ever read. You will love this book, an will not be able to put it down.

    Lori Romancing the Dark Side
    Review originally posted on Romancing the Dark Side:A fun and romantic debut with a paranormal twist!Liv Christianni is a young woman who's lived a somewhat lonely and isolated life due to her empathic abilities which she's always seen as a mental illness. When she crosses paths with a Spirit Stalker who's trying to steal her soul, Liv is rescued by the handsome Justice and learns she comes from a rare line of supernatural royalty which must be protected. With a Spirit Stalker hot on her trail, [...]

    Tiana Dalichov
    My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars!What a great start to the Vis Vires Trilogy! Marissa Carmel has created a new world filled with Spirit Stalkers, Seraphs, and the mystical Vis Vires that has you turning every page in suspense! With a new spin on the reality that we live in, Carmel has taken the ordinary and turned it into the extraordinary!My favorite part about this novel has got to be its rich characters. From the main character, Liv, to the Seraphs, and even to the supporting characters that onl [...]

    Daniel Ottalini
    Alivyanna Christianni is one of those people with too much emotion and too little control. As she slides between one near-breakdown to the next, fate throws a new wrench into her otherwise isolated and lonely life. As though she needs a new problem. Liv is being hunted by a spirit walker, a big-old-nasty thing that enjoys sucking souls out of people for food and fun. After a terrifyingly near-death attack, she meets her savior and protector, Justinian, or Justice. As Justice tries to get Liv to [...]

    Susanna Mahoney
    It is about an earthly woman who is about to face her destiny and meet her soul-mate. Except this soul-mate is not a human, he is a supernatural creature, a cross between an angel and a devil. He was sent to her earthly realm to protect her against foes who are hunting for her, she too is not just human, she is an emipath. A very powerful one with a purple aura and is in serious trouble.Before meeting the love of her life in a coffee shop she was afraid that she was suffering from a mental imbal [...]

    This book is like nothing I have ever read before. It brings you to a word filled with Spirit Stalkers, Seraphs and Vis Vires. It makes you feel like when you get the chills or think you see something out of the corner of your eye it may not just be nothing.Marissa Carmel drew me into this book from the prologue. And the bit of suspense it holds grabbed my attention. I loved the way the characters were introduced and how they developed through the story. The prologue and the first chapter were a [...]

    gillian (Tattooed Book Review)
    See this review and more at tattooedbookreview!This is unique and intriguing paranormal romance, about a couple with a connection so heated, it “burns” the pages It is a story about love, redemption, and second chances.Liv is trapped, debilitated by what she believes to be a crippling mental illness. What she doesn’t realize is that she is actually a powerful empath, one of a long line of supernatural royalty thought to be extinct… until now. Enter the incredibly sexy Justice, who must p [...]

    iFeelHave you ever had the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up, or out of the corner of your eye you think you see something but nothings there, or you cross your arms and rub them because you had a chill and yet you’re not cold? What do you do, dismiss it? Don’t.There are spirits around us all the time; some make us feel good others will suck the soul out of you. Liv Christianni is an ordinary girl living in an ordinary town except she isolates herself from the outside world beca [...]

    Watermelon Daisy
    Honestly, the writing is five-star. I love the suspenseful way Ms Carmel has managed to draw me in with. The prologue and the first chapter were amazing, but then it started to go downhill. The dialogue seemed forced and the plot seemed to be going on forever. I liked the ending; it was adorable, but it doesn't really suit the dark-ish theme of the book. But then again, who WOULDN'T want to be Liv when all those wonderful things are said to her? (I'm not going to reveal the name of the person sh [...]

    ★iFeel by Marissa Carmel (Vis Vires Trilogy # 1) I won this book through a LibraryThing Members Giveaway in exchange for my honest review. Huh?What is this author talking about?*deep end of the Caribbean- Defiantly the deep end, surely not the shallow end of the sea.*Eunique grunts as he parts my hair.-If your hairstylists grunts at you, you might want to find a new one.*Justice grunts disgusted-There's a lot of grunting going on here.*he drifts comonlly to the front door-Really? He drifts how [...]

    This book was gifted to me by the author for an honest review. Thank You!Alivyanna, “Liv” has purple eyes and is an empath. She witnesses a death and is told by her friend that there have been a lot of unexplainable deaths of girls. She tries to stay inside and away from people so as to keep her sanity. But friends from the salon where she is getting her hair done, insist she go out on her 21st birthday. Liv meets Justice who saves her from a Spirit Stalker. Justice tries to convince Liv tha [...]

    I have been working with Marissa on and off for a while now, through tours and such, however working with her directly I knew it was about time I read her book. Yes I am kicking myself for missing out on this gem for such a long time.iLove iFeel. The way Marissa pulled me right in from day one exploring the fact that Liv feels she has a mental disorder and doesn’t know her true identity is a brilliant way to start this New Adult Paranormal romance. I loved the development of Liv right through [...]

    My cover didn't look like this mine had typewritten emotions all over the cover which related well to the story, but I like the cover with the female on it better. I started the book and literally couldn't put it down.It was well written,yes it had a few mistakes but those things don't bother me as long as I can still get the gist of it and as for grammar-well I am bad at it all-so those weren't problematic for me at all.I don't really know how to do these reviews that strike a balance of being [...]

    Jane Barron
    ****EROTICA BOOK CLUB REVIEW**** iFEEL (The Vis Vires Trilogy)By Marissa CarmelAlivyanna Chhristianni (Liv) has always felt like and outcast and would isolate herself from everyone. She meets Justice in a club when he saves her life and she discovers that she is in fact an empath which means she can read peoples emotions. Empaths are rare so Justice protects her, they also have an connection but they can't physically be together.I loved this story it pulled me in right from the start with great [...]

    L.P. Dover
    I have to say that this book is definitely one of my favorites. The cover is absolutely beautiful!!! It's what first drew me in. I absolutely love the author's writing style. The story line was creative and intriguing and had me sucked in from the beginning to end. I love the way the author depicts the different supernaturals. It's different from the norm of books you see out there right now. The characters were very descriptive and well-developed. Once I got started on this book it was hard to [...]

    Claire Taylor
    Marissa CarmeliFeel Vis Vires Trilogy #1This book was addictive, I really didn’t want to put it down and read it on and off throughout a day until I finished it. Liv feels like she’s going mad, and has spent her life taking countless pills and seeing psychiatrists. Being able to feel everyone’s emotions is too much, and she has shut herself away in order to survive. When Justice catches her one day when she is overcome, her life takes a turn and will never be the same. Incredibly well writ [...]

    Maegan Morin
    I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun fast paced read that kept me interested the whole way through. I thought that the chapter titles were clever, and I definitely enjoyed the authors sense of humor. I even laughed out loud a few times and I wasn't expecting that. There was only one really minor thing that I didn't like about this book and that was some of the names of her characters. Some of the male names like Justinian and Kerri sounded overly feminine when in fact they are males. That bu [...]

    It's a good thing that the story is so good and that you get sucked in quickly otherwise I would have never finished this ebook. This could have been a 5 star book if it weren't for the spelling errors and ebook set up, the two combined make this book atrocious to try and read. Reading the ebook version is like reading a really long poem, every paragraph is only 3 lines long and most of them split in middle of sentences. Every word that should have a double L in it is missing the second L as wel [...]

    Redheaded Bookworm
    Liv is bombarded daily with the emotions of everyone around her. She thinks she is crazy and has isolated herself from the outside world, except from her BFF Nikee. Soon, she finds out she's not crazy, but magical and that she is being hunted by an extreme evil being.I really enjoyed this book. The characters are easy to like. There are magical beings of all kinds in this book. Some of which, I'm not sure what they are. This book will keep you turning the pages. And it ends with a great cliff ha [...]

    I enjoyed this book, but I'm giving it 4 stars because it had such a massive amount of grammatical and spelling errors sometimes it was difficult to pay attention to the story. Normally I'm not a fan of series books because I hate waiting for the next one to come out once I've finished one; but this book ended nicely enough for me not to be antsy for the next book, but on the flip side I'm not sure if I'm terribly interested in reading another one if it's going to have as many errors as this one [...]

    I just received this book from GMTA publishing.I am a fan of paranormal fantasy I love to read to get myself out of the real world. I didn't know what the story was about and haven't ever read a book by the author Marissa Carmel. Let me say, this book was like one of those suspense movies that you had to keep your attention on or you would miss something very important. This book was very well written in my opinion, it gave both enough and just enough details to keep you reading. I couldn't put [...]

    Emily Walker
    I really enjoyed iFeel. Some parts of it were a little confusing, and I would have liked to have been able to picture what the Stalker looked like better. This being said, I gave the book five stars, because the plot was creative, and there were many times when she used her words so beautifully to describe pain that I was very impressed. I look forward to seeing what else Marissa Carmel can come up with in the rest of the trilogy. I connected with the characters which I always like to do, and th [...]

    I don't know how to describe this book, the beginning made you not want to stop reading, but then after awhile, nothing really happens. I thought there could have been a bit more action with the powers they had, but the whole book was just mainly about the romance between Justinian and Liv. The end at least had some action to it =]. I definitely enjoyed reading this though. Although, this book would have been better with some more editing =P

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