[PDF] Download ↠ The Venture of Islam, Vol 1: The Classical Age of Islam | by Ë Marshall G.S. Hodgson

  • Title: The Venture of Islam, Vol 1: The Classical Age of Islam
  • Author: Marshall G.S. Hodgson
  • ISBN: 9780226346830
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Venture of Islam has been honored as a magisterial work of the mind since its publication in early 1975 In this three volume study, illustrated with charts and maps, Hodgson traces and interprets the historical development of Islamic civilization from before the birth of Muhammad to the middle of the twentieth century This work grew out of the famous course on IslamiThe Venture of Islam has been honored as a magisterial work of the mind since its publication in early 1975 In this three volume study, illustrated with charts and maps, Hodgson traces and interprets the historical development of Islamic civilization from before the birth of Muhammad to the middle of the twentieth century This work grew out of the famous course on Islamic civilization that Hodgson created and taught for many years at the University of Chicago This is a nonpareil work, not only because of its command of its subject but also because it demonstrates how, ideally, history should be written The New Yorker Volume 1, The Classical Age of Islam, analyzes the world before Islam, Muhammad s challenge, and the early Muslim state between 625 and 692 Hodgson then discusses the classical civilization of the High Caliphate The volume also contains a general introduction to the complete work and a foreword by Reuben Smith, who, as Hodgson s colleague and friend, finished the Venture of Islam after the author s death and saw it through to publication.
    Marshall G.S. Hodgson
    Marshall Goodwin Simms Hodgson was an Islamic studies academic and a world historian at the University of Chicago He was chairman of the interdisciplinary Committee on Social Thought in Chicago.

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    Aasem Bakhshi
    A reviewer's remark of 'Poorly Written' actually provoked me to write this review. Venture of Islam is a remarkable book from any perspective, i.e religious writing, literary style or simple lucidity of expression. The first 69 pages are my all time favorite as far as an introduction to sociology of religion in general and Islamic vocabulary in particular. I have just finished the first volume having read many parts for the second time. Hodgson's take on the political history of early Muslim per [...]

    We are reading two of the three Hodgson volumes for a “History of the Middle East” class that, I feel, our professor has appropriately made a “History of Islamicate Civilization”. My professor is a Muslim from Pakistan, so to hear him give credence to Hodgson, a Westerner, when it comes to Islamic history, gave me some confidence as to Hodgson’s accuracy. From my own research on Hodgson, it appears that he is THE authority in the West when it comes to scholarly accounts of Islam. There [...]

    Tariq Mahmood
    The purpose of Islam was to create a special tribe, 'Ummah' built on the allegiance of the divine as opposed to the non-divine societies based on individual demands. Marshall from this modest beginnings builds an evolutionary portrait of Islam as a global phenomenon. And I think the main reason why Islam was able to dominate its so many other adversaries was that of its mercantile roots. After all, the religion originated from a mercantile town of Mecca. The Meccan culture before Islam resembled [...]

    Hodgson, more than anyone else, set the course for the study of Islamic and Islamicate history and society over the last half-century. The university I attended dropped Hodgson from the undergraduate curriculum just before I began my studies because he was "too difficult" for most students. I've wanted to dig into these three volumes ever since and now, more than twenty year later am finally doing so. I regret putting it off for so long. "The Venture of Islam" certainly isn't light or easy readi [...]

    Aya Hatem
    awesome book I have ever read in Islamic history, discuss all the period from the beginning of Muhammed profit, classical Islam to the high caliphate. in a book include +500 pages a brief knowledge of that classical age. as writer talk about all is important, happened and levels that Muslims took-lived-did is a muste events which divided Islam to thus Sunnah and Shi'ah, all events of Fitnnah, definitions of Imamate-Caliphate-Mazhab and its Ulama' - Fiqh-Shi'r-i.e's difficult to write a review fo [...]

    Chuck Kollars
    This volume is the first of three. Although now a third of a century old, still by far the best description of Islam I've ever seen. The coverage is so much deeper than anything else I've ever seen that it becomes qualitatively different. The author warns in his Introduction that because of the type of material that's survived into the hands of historians, it's very easy for Islamic history to become long and boring timelines of names and dates. Despite his strenuous efforts, I _still_ got tired [...]

    This took some time to get into--the first 100 pages or so consists of a rather drab introduction to Islamic Studies and Arabic. This might be interesting to a newbie in Islamic Studies or Middle Eastern history, but the approach to the topic isn't interesting if you're not interested in an area studies approach to knowledge. Also, the Arabic stuff was pretty much old hat. Also, he spends about 50 pages after that "situating" the new religion of Islam in the world of 600 (or so) AD. For some rea [...]

    Zachary Moore
    A marvelous work that anyone seriously interested in Islamic history should read and retain for reference purposes. It's a bit of a daunting work and the 70-page intro in which the author attempts to completely reshape the English terminology for the field is a bit pedantic. The tone of the work can also get to one at times--Hodgson is out to remake the entire historiography of Islam in the West and makes no bones about this fact. Still, the book remains one of the most enlightening you can find [...]

    Joseph Hellion
    This book sets before itself the monumental task of capturing the complexity of the Islamicate civilization. The foundation is built upon which to stare at the remote past,with fresh eyes untainted by the prevalent "westernizing " of history, with caution and understanding of the limits and the misconceptions in approaching civilization studies in general. This is in short an amazing example of how history should be written.

    Jackson Cyril
    Magisterial, exhaustively erudite and a bit dull (especially when he covers Islamic theology and jurisprudence). The introduction, in which MS discusses the challenges of covering so broad a subject without any Orientalist bias, is very informative.

    The Venture of Islam series is simply the best history of the the Islamic (and Islamicate!) world as a whole. Hodgson was such a visionary thinker, it is a shame he passed away so young!

    Sarah Furger
    Hodgson is the go-to scholar for Islamic History, and his book clearly defines and outlines the rise of Islam in a scholarly yet readable way. If anyone is thinking about it, please, read it!

    Stephen Simpson
    The first book in this series was very confounding for me. The quality of Hodgson's scholarship is first-rate, and in many ways he does a good job of writing history in an interesting, accessible fashion. This is not "light reading" or an easily-digested version for people with only a casual interest in the subject. This is meant as a serious and comprehensive study and I love that. On the other hand the author can be pedantic and tedious to a degree that I've rarely experienced in my life. Th [...]

    Noor Alam
    I really enjoyed reading this book, written by a Quaker who clearly has an insatiable curiosity about history. Hodgson's project to tell the story of world history was unfortunately cut short by his untimely death, but luckily his colleague helped this book, one of three in a series, come to fruition. So much of what I understood to be the essence of what it means to be muslim was debunked in this book, from the five daily prayers to ramadan to even the idea that muslims believe that the prophet [...]

    One of the most complete books written on Islamic History. Even tough it was written in 1959, and reedited twice (last edit was in 1974 I think) this book still provides incredibly comprehensive information that is infused with philosophical terminologies that fill in the gap with an incredible imagination. Sadly many contemporary books we see published nowadays cannot even hope to provide such detailed and comprehensive information on Middle East and Islamic teachings. Overall, I'd say that any [...]

    An excellent introduction to the history of the Islamic world--- not just the Middle East and North Africa, but the Turkic, Indian, and East Indian Islamic areas as well. Hodgson was one of the first English-language historians to take a "global" approach to history, and the three volumes of "The Venture of Islam" try to look at the Islamic world in terms of not just Arabia, but of a complex of cultures and economies. There's a long intro chapter on language and Islam itself that can stand alone [...]

    I won't rate this book, since I didn't actually read it. I started to read it with great interest, since it was recommended to my by my Arabic professor. It was entirely insufferable. It is written in the way that Western, non-Christian scholars write about Christianity - as if it's an interesting specimen. The small amount I read was so filled with academic jargon that I couldn't bear to read it.

    Gordon Houtman
    Excellent.I have read Will and Ariel Durant's "The History of Civilization," which covers this time period, but provides very little detail of this books range of interest.I consider myself well-educated, but was largely ignorant of the history of this important culture, time frame and geographical location.Now I know how little I know about "the classical age of Islam," and an outline to fill in. Starting volume two!

    While it's never a very good idea to look to a single work (or in this case, set of works) for an analysis of a huge portion of time, Hodgson does well in his dated attempt to provide a singular narrative overview of the development of Islam over the centuries and into modern period. His earlier volumes are more useful as an introduction than the third, which focuses on the "gunpowder empires and modern times."

    Matthew Trevithick
    To quote the New Yorker: 'This is a nonpareil work, not only because of its command of its subject but also because it demonstrates how, ideally, history should be written.'It's incomparable to the overwhelming majority of books I've read, so the 1-5 star system seems a bit silly here.

    For specialists only.

    Caught up in its own erudition but informative.

    is there an arabic copy

    Definitive account in English on the emergence of the Islamic empire and the evolution of religious doctrine. A classic.

    Δx Δp ≥ ½ ħ
    nyaris sempurna bagi mereka yg awam dan ingin mengenal sejarah Islam

    Tony Byrd
    By far the best world historical analysis of the rise and development of Islamicate civilization. A classic in the field and a must for any serious reader of history.

    It was very well written! However, one does have to have prior knowledge of Islam and the different pieties from beforehand, or else it may be difficult to grasp his arugments.

    • [PDF] Download ↠ The Venture of Islam, Vol 1: The Classical Age of Islam | by Ë Marshall G.S. Hodgson
      263 Marshall G.S. Hodgson
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