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  • Title: Fifty Bales of Hay
  • Author: Rachael Treasure
  • ISBN: 9780732297657
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback

  • Come have a roll in the hay with one of Australia s leading rural fiction authors, Rachael Treasure, in her romping, rollicking first ever collection of romantic stories, celebrating the sexy side of rural life Guaranteed to get your tractor revving, FIFTY BALES OF HAY is an honest and imaginative exploration of everyday men and women getting down and dirty on the land.FrCome have a roll in the hay with one of Australia s leading rural fiction authors, Rachael Treasure, in her romping, rollicking first ever collection of romantic stories, celebrating the sexy side of rural life Guaranteed to get your tractor revving, FIFTY BALES OF HAY is an honest and imaginative exploration of everyday men and women getting down and dirty on the land.From the dairy shed to the Royal Agricultural Show pavilion, Treasure s cheeky satirical humour and wicked imagination offers up a dozen fun filled, and sometimes poignant, tales of dust and lust This collection will have you clamoring for a stock whip, a saddle and a jackaroo.
    Rachael Treasure
    Rachael Treasure lives in southern rural Tasmania with her two young children She is passionate about encouraging non readers to read, inspiring farmers to consider regenerative agricultural practices and animal handlers to better understand their dogs and livestock She is a graduate of Orange Agricultural College and has a Bachelor of Arts Communication from Charles Sturt University, Bathurst She has worked as a jillaroo, rural journalist, ABC radio broadcaster, professional woolclasser, part time vet nurse, family farm manager, drover and stock camp cook She has written 4 novels and a short story collection, all bestsellers.Follow her on facebook facebook racheasure


    Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    Rachael Treasure is a well known Australian author of rural fiction and Fifty Bales of Hay is an entertaining collection of 12 sexy short stories between consenting adults on the land. 'Lust in the dust' says the blurb, and in Droving Done and Milking Time the dust is certainly stirred. In The Crutching and Cattle Crush familiar farming equipment is re purposed in inventive ways.What I particularly loved about this collection is that the women and men featured range widely in age from new adult [...]

    I still haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey. I know I should be put in stocks and have rotten food thrown at me. But when I saw that one of my favorite Aussie authors, Rachael Treasure was publishing an anthology of "farm porn", I knew I had to read it. I've read all of Ms.Treasure's previously published books, and while there were some that had some sex and steam, there weren't any that were dedicated exclusively to it, so I was a little hesitant I wouldn't like it.Guess what? I totally loved it. [...]

    Fifty Bales of Hay is a collection of twelve erotic short stories with a farming flavour, written by Australian journalist, sheep dog breeder and trainer and author, Rachael Treasure. This collection has appealing characters, realistic dialogue and varied plots that are more than just a vehicle for sex. There is plenty of humour, and Treasure has her characters getting up close and personal: under the harvest moon; on horseback; in the cattle crush; under the gaze of a voyeuristic stallion; in t [...]

    Anna Renzenbrink
    Best thing was the variety of strong Aussie country women featuring in these short stories. Rarely do I read erotica and certainly never about 40- 50 year old women but then again I have never read a short story about women being turned on by watching cows, dogs and sheep doing it like they do on the discovery channel. This is meant to be a tribute/piss take of Fifty Shades of Grey but more engaging than the sex were the descriptions of cattle stations, wool classing and rodeo clowns!

    Cate Ellink
    Fun and clever. Rachael Treasure has a great wit and lovely characterisation.

    Sam Still Reading
    If you’re thinking that the title sounds familiar to the ‘other’ Fifty-type book that blazed through 2012, you’re right – nearly. This is a steamy book, but the only ropes you’ll find will be on the back of a farm ute or down the shed. Welcome to the world of agricultural erotica – i.e. getting down and dirty in the Australian bush. This book is a collection of 12 short stories all by rural romance author, Rachael Treasure.Below you stop reading, thinking that you’ve read everyth [...]

    Well I'm still getting the occasional giggle and working in the stockyards has never had the opportunity to get so kinky! ! I read this after the original 50 book, needing something believable and lesswell.it. Since erotica is not my thing, I read this out of sheer bloody mindedness after also reading 50 shames of Earl Grey, the terrible and kinky My Inner Goddess and various other parodies, needing to take the mickey out of the book these all spun out from.I expected a good laugh and a mindless [...]

    Wanted to give this 3.5! A tongue-in-cheek take on the whole 50 shades wave but much more fun and much better writing. This is a great introduction to Australian rural fiction with a twist of the erotic - 12 short stories with titles like Truck Wash and The Crutching. A hoot. Great to see all kinds of lovers featured too, not just the young and beautiful.

    Majella Martin
    I found this a much more enjoyable read than that other '50 shades' book (that this one parodies). The more famous and supposedly erotic '50 shades' book didn't turn me on in any way, but this one certainly got my 'cox ride-on' motor revving! A funny, light-hearted and sexy collection of down-on-the-farm fantasies that left me wanting to track down an eager, lusty country boy of my own!

    Really wasn't my type of book. Just felt like a rip off of the 'Fifty Shades' books. Only read this book because Rachael Treasure is one of my favourite authors. Oh well, each to their own I guess.

    I just made it through the first story. Possibly the worst book I have ever attempted to read. Won't be able to finish. Agricultural romance is clearly not for me.

    Enjoyable read.

    Well, what’s to say, this was a whole lot of fun to read. Fifty Bales of Hay is a collection of short stories set in rural Australia. I haven’t read any of Rachael Treasure’s books before this one, but I must say I will definitely be picking some up now. Her writing style is fabulous, easy to read and funny. This is classed as erotica, but I mean you just take it all like a grain of salt, so funny. There were quite a few digs at the Fifty Shades of Gray books, but that too was in humour.Th [...]

    Any Length
    Not only was this book extremely funny, it sure can hold it's head proud as a member of the erotica genre. Rachel Treasure has done a fantastic job combining outback australian stories (ficiton of course) with so much steamy sex one might just need a shower.But that's not all, she was able to somehow reference another book in the erotica genre, not by naming it, but by hinting at it, at least 50 times, in all sorts of grey shades, if you get my drift. Extremely well done, a great book. I highly [...]

    HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!! for Erotica fictionis author I was so excited to read as she has been given rave reviews on her other stories.e said she was inspired to try her hand at Erotica.but if her definition of Erotica is using slang terms for body parts then she needs to go back to her general fiction storiesSeveral stories set in Austrailia and largely based on ideas from friends of the farming worldis book could've been way hotter if each story actually had a plott just walking into sex & t [...]

    Absolutely loved this book! Yes it is a bit cheeky and R rated, it is hilarious and had me laughing all the way through. All the characters within each short story were likeable larrikans and had the feel of real people, which made it more relateable.a fantastic novel of short stories, that everyone should read!! Hilarious and honest, Great work as always from Rachael Treasure!!

    Not the sort of thing I usually read, but very entertaining nonetheless. I get that it's meant to be a piss take of 50 Shades of Grey, but I'm not sure I was meant to laugh as much as I did while reading. Some of the situations were downright hilarious - and perhaps a bit uncomfortable/impossible! The writing itself was quite good - just not my cup of tea.

    Cute, funny and clever. Loved all the strong female characters. Also thought it was fantastic how all ages, looks and sizes were portrayed, reinforcing the idea that sex and desire isn't confined to pretty, young, skinny girls.

    Hilarious rollicking good read

    Really not my cup of tea. I still haven't read the "other" fifty books either as I just don't like that type of read. Steer clear of Mills and Boon too. Maybe I'm just a bit strange.

    Great read. Life very busy but still able to find time to read a short story. The stories where easy reading. A cheeky plot for each.

    Far better than that other book I wont mention. In typical Rachael Treasure style it was good for a laugh! Some of the stories I'm sure she could have worked into a novel!

    Emily Olive
    Hahahaha such a good book you'll have to read it :')))

    Paula Clark
    Not my cup of tea - I prefer longer stories with more character development rather than "wham bam thankyou mam" type short, sexy/erotic stories.

    I didn't realise this was a bunch of short stories, needless to say I really enjoyed every one of them

    A good easy read! A book for the cowgirl in all of us that want a bit of extra fun on the side! ;P

    I loved this book!!!! 12 short stories. Being a counrty girl, i could really relate!!I had a great laugh Who would have thought so mant places!!!

    Bec Whyte
    A pretty awesome mix of rural and erotic, with some tongue in cheek jabs at 50 shades. Get into it for a lighthearted, funny and a little bit kinky rural read

    Kristyn Wood
    Fun to read but has nothing on the real Fifty!!

    Very stimulating, and much more exciting than 50 shades of grey, (which gets a few mentions in this book)

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