[PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ A Vampire Carol : by Tara Maya Õ

  • Title: A Vampire Carol
  • Author: Tara Maya
  • ISBN: 9781301306534
  • Page: 230
  • Format: ebook

  • The last thing Alex wanted was to become a vampire for Christmas or to feed on his best friend s brother His friend will do anything for revenge Even become a werewolf.Can there be such a thing as forgiveness for monsters This is an urban fantasy novelette, with some romance,some fighting, some Christianity and three Christmases.
    Tara Maya
    Tara Maya has lived in Africa, Europe and Asia She s pounded sorghum with mortar and pestle in a little clay village where the jungle meets the desert, meditated in a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas and sailed the Volga river to a secret city that was once the heart of the Soviet space program This first hand experience, as well as research into the strange and piquant histories of lost civilizations, inspires her writing Her terrible housekeeping, however, is entirely the fault of pixies.

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    for a short story it was pretty good. alex was "recruited" by the vampire ruby clan. when he wakes up he doesnt realize hes a vamire & goes to his friends house & accidentially kills his best friends brother. a year goes by and alex adjusts to being a vampire & meets the onyx vampire clan & discovers the werewolves are mad at him & he doesnt know whyt.will the spirit of christmas save them in the end?

    Charli ღ Denae
    Original tale of a man turned into a vampire at his company Christmas party. Waking up alone in a dumpster, he turns to his best friend for help, not realizing he's a vampire, and kills his friend's brother. Seeking revenge, the best friend asks to be turned into a werewolf, a vampire's only, true enemy.

    Short storyVery short story for a paranormal Christmas. the only complaint I have is it's pretty choppy. it doesn't have as nice flow to the story line.

    This had lots of small stories in it. I enjoyed it. The main selection was really good. The ending was a surprise.

    Interesting, somewhat odd, collection of short stories.

    Laura Wolf
    not much of a story.

    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ A Vampire Carol : by Tara Maya Õ
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