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  • Title: Paying the Rent
  • Author: Dylan Cross
  • ISBN: 9781301884674
  • Page: 464
  • Format: ebook

  • Kristine, Wendy and Stacy have a landlord who keeps raising the rent till it s impossible for them to pay Mr Johnson has made it known that he might be open to alternative arrangements but it just might be than these young women can bear
    Dylan Cross
    Dylan Cross Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Paying the Rent book, this is one of the most wanted Dylan Cross author readers around the world.


    I have had goldfish that I won at fairs last longer than it took to download, read and write this review. Yes, it is a short read. How short is this book you ask? Well usually when something happens this fast, it is quickly followed by the guy saying: "I'm sorry this has never happened to me beforewhere do you keep the Kleenex?" It was free on so there is that. Some of Dylan's longer books sound REALLY interesting in a sex-fest sort of way so I will give them a try. So it wasn't a panty-dropper [...]

    Biggest load of crap wasting space on my kindle - this was not a book just a few hundred word of absolute rubbish

    Laurie Beemer
    This was a very fast erotica. This could lead to an amazingly dark full page book. The idea behind the book was dark and very possible. The characters in this book are very interesting especially at the end. Thank you for allowing me to read this and write a honest review.

    Short but sweet and leaving you wanting more.

    Patricia Phillips-Cordovez
    Short readThree roommates agree that one of them will do what needs to be done to pay the rent. Wish the story was longer

    Gina Burkart / Wojahn
    Wow what amazing short erotica read that will have you wanting more of the steamy sex and story that will have you coming alive.

    Nola Arganbright
    What?Just a few pages long and not a story just an introduction. This could lead to a frightening dark erotica.

    Black Book Erotica
    Laconic Licentiousness  Dylan Cross sets a scene, sets the characters around the table and then….  Well short and sweet doesn't even cover this one, this is more like micro-fiction with one of those lovely little twists at the end and I quite liked it—although, I will admit… I wanted more! In ‘Paying the Rent’ Kristine and Stacy find a great apartment deal with a miserable lease arrangement and a landlord with an agenda of his own. When things go badly, these two desperate girls de [...]

    Katrina Turner
    Do not waste your time on this rape fetish tripe. Unless that is your thing. In which case, seek therapy.The best thing about this short story is that it is extremely short.I had to take a day before writing the review as I was so disgusted by the ending.Basically it is this; some girls rent a flat and after a few months the rent gets put up, and then spurious fees are added by the pervert landlord. They girls get a third in and after a few more months they are forced to sleep with the landlord [...]

    Two girls in the big city cannot believe their luck when they find the right apartment at an unbeleivable price. ^ months in the rent is reviewed and they find they cannot afford the rent. They appeal to the landlord and he explains there are other ways to pay the rent. They walk out in disgust, find a third girl to share the rent. The rent is increased again until they can no longer aford it and have to look to other ways. The landlord wants their bodies and to treat them rough. Four months dow [...]

    Kim BookJunkie
    I thought this was quite impressive for a book that is less than 8 pages! Most, "short stories" are truly just samples of an author's work, ending with cliffhangers that leave us wanting more. However, this book does have a beginning, middle and an end plus there are surprises and twists too! The author makes it clear in the synopsis that this is no contemporary romance novel but clearly is taboo erotica. I think it is extremely unfortunate and unfair that people would give this book a low ratin [...]

    Robin Peacock
    The premise that the rent was going up so regularly and by such huge amounts because the landlord was hard up just didn't seem believable. When they finally tell him they can't pay he readily suggests they sell sex to pay the rent? We go from someone answering the door to a nipple bashing scene in one line! We move into a sort of bird's eye view of some sex going on in another room. I found the whole thing very disjointed and off putting. The sex was poorly written with too many fragments and li [...]

    Suzy Ayers
    I did love it, but I think it would be such a great "story". I wanted so much more. I am actually confused by some of the negative reviews. There were no actual scenes, just the telling of what happened. And um.m I liked the excerpt at the end for another bookI mean weak? No these are typical young girls and the strong one protected the others and knew what she wanted.Although, she was afraid to admit it to the othersd perhaps to herself.

    Angel **Book Junkie**
    So yes the story was a little nontraditional. Someone said in an earlier review that it was rape. The thing is instead of finding another roommate the girls could have moved Come on $500 to $1500 to $2600. I would be damned if I stayed in the place.But I get it! It is part of the story so take the time to read it and see what you think!

    Brian Bigelow
    I would have liked a little longer story and I will state it's not exactly a romantic story though I didn't really expect one with a title like this one has. The one thing that didn't entirely make sense to me was the amount the rent was raised but similar things have actually happened. I've heard of them over the years so all in all it's a reasonable premise.

    SB Morales
    This is the second time I've read work from Cross and once again I'm left stunned. I thought I knew where this short story was going, but it went in a direction I didn't expect. Well done once again. If you love erotica don't miss Paying the Rent or any of the other works by Cross.

    A little weird how short it was Like 7 pages maybe, didnt realize how extremely short it was, I think it could be something. after it ends it just drops off right when the "landlord" knocks for one girl to pay up. And out of all 3 she seemed excited to "pay up". Should be a longer book.

    Three pages? Why? There is no background, there is no story. It is just not long enough to do anything except describe a situation. I have read longer letters submitted to Playboy than this "story".

    It was okayThis was just okay It was not really long enjoyed for me to fully enjoy it. But to each his own.

    What a surprise ending! I liked it although it was a little shorter than I expected.

    Reviewed on Smashwords awhile ago- I'd love to see more done with these characters

    Its only 7 pages and the story ends when things might actually get good. It's just a telling of events that led to the moment, and then dropped us off there. We don't get to experience the moment.

    Barbtrent Sohn
    Wow I wasn't expecting that one of the girls really did enjoy what the landlord was doing to them how erotic

    Mindy Bown lunt
    loved it

    Kelcey Gonnerman-rienhardt
    It was good but way short, would like to see more from the story but can't wait to try out another book of Dylan's

    Rossana Peña Rivera
    No lo lean

    Stacy Wollett
    Good short read with an unexected ending.

    Would love to see this turned into a sequel or even just novella Love to see where the characters are!

    Thank god it was free because it just stopped before the real story could happened. My exact words were, "what the fuck." It was WTF in what the hell kindergarten story was that

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