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  • Title: Pigs Don't Fly
  • Author: Mary Brown
  • ISBN: 9780671876012
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback

  • Left an orphan with a small dowry and a magic ring, all Summer wanted was to find a husband But first, a raggle tail assortment of creatures needed her help particularly the flying pig and the handsome amnesiac blind knight.
    Mary Brown
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    Melissa McShane
    So why am I reading a 20-year-old book when there are so many new ones to read? Re-reading, no less? Because I finally got the sequel and decided I needed to refresh my memory. In this medieval/early Renaissance fantasy, Summer is the daughter of the village whore and a mysterious traveler who died before she was born. Her only gift from her father, aside from a dowry of foreign coins, is a ring from a unicorn's horn that allows her to communicate with animals (something she learns only as she s [...]

    This book was enjoyable and entertaining. It has a lot of classic elements of fantasy - magic, maidens, talking animals, adventure, narrow escapes, epic journeys, knights, castles, and even a few fantastic creatures. At the same time, it's a bit more tounge-in-cheek than a lot of fantasy I've read, almost like it doesn't take itself too seriously. With an opening line reading, "My mother was the village whore, and I loved her very much," it's clear that this isn't typical fantasy right from the [...]

    Mary Ann
    As an adult fairy tale this is a nice bit of escapism. The vocabulary stretches my own, and I especially enjoy the heroine's relationship with her animal companions.

    Summer leads a cushioned existence until she is suddenly thrust into a life on the road and on the lam. She is accompanied by an odd assortment of animals (with whom she can talk) and a really hot blind guy with amnesia.The setting is some sort of medieval world where magic is real, and it's a wonderful mix of absurd and realistic. Summer is educated and liberated and usually outsmarts the people around her. However, that doesn't mean that she doesn't still have a lot to learn, and she struggles [...]

    Melanie Page
    Content Warnings: harsh fat shamingMary Brown’s fantasy novel Pigs Don’t Fly (1994, Baen Books) is part of a trilogy or quartet, depending on how you look at it. The first book, The Unlikely Ones, is completely separate from this book — by hundreds of years, setting-wise — except there is a ring made from a unicorn horn created in The Unlikely Ones that comes back in Pigs Don’t Fly. All you need to know is that it warns the wearer of danger by tingling and allows them to think-speak to [...]

    Quite enjoyed this story. It felt like a very 'old fashioned' type of high fantasy novel, so I was surprised to see the copyright date of 1994. I do feel like the ending is a little rushed. Part 1 is four chapters, Part 2 is pretty much the rest of the book, and Part 3 is the last 4 pages. Makes the whole thing feel pretty unbalanced.My biggest complaint is that the cover's tagline: "But dragons do" is a huge spoiler! I had a sinking feeling the whole book as we got closer and closer to the end, [...]

    Fun read. Nice to see the young character develop over time, and her band of merry companions keep adding interesting plot elements, with a unifying theme towards the end. I like this book better than the sequel. Caveat Emptor: I enjoy a witty, irreverent tone in my stories.

    Kathy Davie
    Second in the Pigs Don’t Fly fantasy series with the focus on the naïve and newly orphaned Somerdai.My TakeIt's a life’s journey undertaken as Summer finds herself, blossoming from the waddling duckling to the graceful swan in her year of travel and adventures.For the most part, it’s a lively, adventurous, and fun tale as Summer learns more about herself and begins to take charge of her own happiness. My one niggle is how stupid she keeps being, never seeming to learn from her mishaps wit [...]

    How could I not want to read this book? There's a horse, a winged pig riding said horse, a dog, a blindfolded man clutching the horse's tail, and a woman with a staff. Plus, the horse isn't wearing a bridle, which suggests some sort of mystical force at work- or a gross oversight. Either way, it's fun, right?!Pigs Don't Fly begins auspiciously: "My mother was the village whore, and I loved her very much," states Summer, the novel's protagonist. After her mother dies, Summer isn't keen to pick up [...]

    More of a 2.5okay so read this years ago, probably about 12 or so, and had fallen. in love with everything about it. Not enough to add it to my annual reread list, but well enough to keep it for possible reread in the near future.I quite forget what I loved about this, though I can speculate based on what I do know of 20something Lexie's preferences.It was a quest, with magic and folklore and a girl who had troubles with her mother but always found the right answer to save the day. Exceptat's no [...]

    Quite an enjoyable "old-school" fantasy novel that I picked up on a whim. Not a perfect book by a long shot -- the half-examined fatphobia and sexism was a bit much in places -- but if the bastard child of Mercedes Lackey and David Eddings sounds like a good time to you, you might enjoy it nonetheless.

    Wilson E. Stevens Sr.
    This is the second time in reading this book, so I must have found it of some interest. An 18 year old girl’s mother dies, leaving her alone in the world. The local village won’t accept her as she has no way to support herself. She is also very fat. Leaving behind her mother and house burning in a funeral pyre. Life on the road soon becomes more and more complex. She finds that the ring she puts on from her father lets her communicate with animals. As she gathers up a group of them, along wi [...]

    I enjoyed the book; despite that I came to the conclusion Summer is not the brightest penny in the fountain. Her silliness was maddening and it did remove some of the enjoyment from the read. An example was her continuing to believe she was still fat when she no longer was. Um, er, Summer's clothes became loose on her and she still thought she was fat. Like, I don't think so. This was not the only example of her dull-headedness. These things made it harder to relate to the character.Another comm [...]

    it was a GREAT concept, but the ending was a bit flat. i enjoyed that for once there was a main character who was overweight (at least for most of the book). although it was corny at the end (where she was beautiful because she lost weight). i also only recommend certain versions of this book where the END is NOT WRITTEN ON THE COVER. seriously, what POSESSES these people to do dumb shit like that? anyway, worth a read (if you like stories that are basically about traveling). i'm probably prejud [...]

    I picked up Mary Brown's "Dragonne's Eg" over a dozen years ago and fell in love with it. I picked this book up after spotting it in a bookstore, having forgotten about the previous book. I was instantly reminded why I became so smitten with her writing. Pigs Don't Fly was absolutely a delightful read with an easy and progressive flow. The characters were simple, yet likeable, and the adventure had twists and turns in every direction. As per usual with Brown's writings, I found the ending to com [...]

    This books is set in the same world as "the Unlikely Ones" but is in no way a sequel. Like, "the Unlikely Ones", it's a coming of age story set in a Medieval-ish world where magic is real and the heroine can communicate with animals. I found the characters really engaging and the adventures fun. It isn't as predictable as you think it's going to be when you start it, which is always a good thing. I'm eager to read the follow up book and see how these characters end up. If you liked Jacqueline Ca [...]

    The main character was almost unbearably silly at times, but this book I liked as a kid really held up. It's a whimsical fantasy novel, set sometime in midieval Europe, complete with knights, talking animal companions, and a ring made from a unicorn horn along side more realistic settings involving prostitutes, fleas, shit-covered streets in poor villages, and tyrannical lords and ladies.I didn't realize it's actually the second in a series but apparently the first isn't that relevant and I'm fe [...]

    One of the best fantasy books I've read in a long, long time.This book breaks all the tropes and cliches.A strong female protagonist who doesn't act like a man. Refreshing!While this is, apparently, the second of a trilogy, it is the only book I've read of the series and it stands alone quite well.She has a linear series of adventures, collecting animals needing help along the way, and in the end, she learns some life lessons, and not a single sword fight between the covers of the novel.I recomm [...]

    did enjoy reading this book. the plot was great. (i havent read the unlikely ones yet) I found the story engaging, as well as the characters. However, I felt that at some point near the end of the story, the author must have lost interest or ran out of ideas. I felt that the story took a turn for the worse, and once I finished the book, I was left unsatisfied, and empty and felt that Mary just wanted to finish the story and be done with it.

    Karlie Nyte
    I did enjoy reading this book. I found the story engaging, as well as the characters. However, I felt that at some point near the end of the story, the author must have hit a wall, and was floundering for ideas. I felt that the story took a turn for the worse, and once I finished the book, I was left unsatisfied, and feeling cheated, that perhaps she just wanted to finish the story and be done with it.

    This is one of those "strike against fairy tale stereotypes" books. The heroine is the extremely overweight daughter of the only prostitute in a small village. I can't tell you why she ends up doing the Heroes' Journey thing without giving a lot away, but I remember the storytelling was funny and fairly insightful, although I read it quite a while ago. There's a sequel that I remember being, frankly, horrible, but the first one was worth the read.

    'my mother was the villiage whore.' it's been a really long time since i read this book, but that opening sentence has always stuck with me. i loved this book. great magic, halrious dog, and stupid knights. loved the rest in the series and was disappointed the author died before finishing the series.

    Not horrible, but not horribly entertaining. The style is a little wordy for me - long descriptive paragraphs with interminable lists are not that interesting. I've always been a fan of fantasy novels with talking animals (Narnia, Atlanton Earth, Spellsinger, etc.) but, in this case, it wasn't enough to make me want to continue to read this series.

    Katy Dickinson
    An interesting version of the hero's journey featuring a variety of animal companions, frank sex talk (the heroine is the daughter of the village whore, after all), a little magic, and a growing charm. It takes time to get into the story but I enjoyed it.

    My copy of this book is beaten up and dog-eared from so much reading. I loved the adventure and world-building. I loved that it was a little bit naughty. It has a great female main character who had to fight against a lot of realistic barriers even if she was surrounded by talking animals.

    This book is an amazing mix of magic and finding ones self. Didn't quite end the way you would hope it wouldbut still very much worth reading. Mary Brown is an amazing auther.

    I got tired of it after a while and skimmed the rest. OK, but not my style of humor.

    ok a little repetitive

    Jeff Youngstrom
    my review

    Melissa S
    This was a good book, i found it a little difficult to read because of all of the terms.

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