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  • Title: Le Crabe aux pinces d'or
  • Author: Hergé
  • ISBN: 9782203001084
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Tintin rencontre les d tectives Dupont et Dupond, qui sont sur une affaire de fausses pi ces de 20 francs Alors qu ils montrent Tintin quelques indices recueillis sur le corps d un noy , celui ci remarque une tiquette de bo te de crabe sur laquelle est inscrit le mot KaraboudjanTintin t t fait de d couvrir que le Karaboudjan est un navire actuellement amarr au poTintin rencontre les d tectives Dupont et Dupond, qui sont sur une affaire de fausses pi ces de 20 francs Alors qu ils montrent Tintin quelques indices recueillis sur le corps d un noy , celui ci remarque une tiquette de bo te de crabe sur laquelle est inscrit le mot KaraboudjanTintin t t fait de d couvrir que le Karaboudjan est un navire actuellement amarr au port Entr clandestinement dans les cales du navire, Tintin d couvre que certains caisses contiennent de l opium Mais il est pris sur le fait par des membres de l quipage, et enferm fond de cale Contre toute attente, il parvient se lib rer, et se r fugie dans la cabine du capitaine du b teau, un alcoolique nomm Haddock.
    Georges Prosper Remi 22 May 1907 3 March 1983 , better known by the pen name Herg , was a Belgian comics writer and artist.His best known and most substantial work is The Adventures of Tintin comic book series, which he wrote and illustrated from 1929 until his death in 1983, leaving the twenty fourth Tintin adventure Tintin and Alph Art unfinished His work remains a strong influence on comics, particularly in Europe He was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2003.Series on The Adventures of Tintin Quick Flupke The adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko


    Many years ago, every day at the same time, televisions up and down the country would boom out “Hergé’s Adventures of TIN-TIN”. English children everywhere would drop whatever they were doing, and for the next five minutes would be glued to the family television set. Because five minutes was all there would be each day, of this action-packed continuing animated film.The first story to be adapted was The Crab with the Golden Claws in 1956, although a favourite of mine, much repeated all th [...]

    My first Comic book that I've "read"! Of course I didn't understand a word of it, I was 4-5 years old and could not read yet.Oh, don't ask logic to my little-self. If I read it as and adult, I think Tintin is one lucky bastard lives in a nice universe where the criminals are mostly polite (except when they lost temper), and ordinary people are kind-hearted. Except Captain Haddock, he is a prodigy in Tintin universe. And this comic is the first appearance of Haddock.

    تان تان أخيرا :) لـ تان تان معي ذكريات طفولة لا تنسى تتعلق جميعها بكون تلك القصص كانت دائما كالسراب كان لنا جار يكبرني بعام وله أخت في عمر أختي الكبرى وأخ في عمر أختي الوسطى أو ربما يكبرها بعام كان جاري وزميلي في المدرسة كان يشتري الكتب والمجلات ولأنه ولد ولأنه الطفل الثالث و [...]

    Brendon Schrodinger
    This is really becoming a Tintin countdown to Christmas for me. Usually I've been reading these outside in a banana lounge at twilight. That's the perks of the Southern Hemisphere all of you jerks up there. 'The Crab With the Golden Claws' is, I think, one of the most famous Tintin adventures. It introduces Captain Haddock, the salty sailor with unique swearing abilities that is rather fond of alcohol. This time Tintin stables, as he always does, never to find a lead in the conventional manner, [...]

    A series of clues, including a mysterious tin of crab, and the possessions of a drowned sailor leads Tintin to a Ship called Karaboudjan.He has stumbled on gang led by the villainous First Mate of the ship, Allan, and soon makes first acquaintance with Captain Haddock, presented here a pathetic and wretched drunk, very different from the robust and redoubtable Captain Haddock we come to know in the subsequent volumes.Escaping from the clutches of Allan and his gang, Tintin and the Captain take a [...]

    Ahmad Sharabiani
    The Crab With the Golden Claws (Tintin, #9) , Hergéعنوان: خرچنگ پنجه طلایی جلد 9؛ نویسنده: هرژه، مترجم: اسمردیس؛ تهران، ونوس، 1357، در 62 ص؛

    Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    Another great Tintin adventure! Very timely as far as the different ways drugs are transported around the world.

    I think Tintin was the coolest person to ever exist.

    Heidi (KosminenK)
    Viinasieppo kapteeni Haddockin ensiesiintyminen Pohjois-Afrikkaan sijoittuvassa rikosseikkailussa. Mukana myös slapstic(?)-henkiset Dupond ja Dupont. Hauskaa häslinkiä ja sujuvaa toimintaseikkailua.

    Ashley Capes
    Another of my favs - probably because it's here that we first meet Haddock AND get treated to some of his fantastic strings of curses!People familiar with the recent CGI film will see a lot of plot elements and scenes taken from the Crab, like the way Tintin meets Haddock and the use of the Karaboudjan, the sea plane escape and shootout, the crash and hallucinations in the desert etcThere's also a fantastic little sequence where Haddock is screaming for revenge and the snap-zooms and rage on his [...]

    Maria Carmo
    So, finally in this adventure, Tin-tin meets for the first time Le Capitaine Haddock!!!!! And what a state he is in, during this first adventure together! As Captain of a cargo ship, he has been tricked by his immediate to drink too much and stay away from managing what is going on in his ship - while the Lieutenant is trafficking Opium! Of course Tin-tin and Milu come to the rescueFunny and adventurous, as all of Hergé's books.Maria Carmo,Lisbon 9 January 2015.

    Michael Gerald
    This is one of the books on which the latest Tintin film is based. Again, Tintin is up against the problem of drug trafficking. This book is also memorable for it is where Captain Haddock makes his first appearance, as the ship captain with an alcohol addiction who is saved and eventually helped reformed by Tintin.

    Kellyn Roth
    This is one of the better mysteries of the Tintin series. Really enjoyed it. :)

    the names captain haddock spouts!

    David Sarkies
    Captain Haddock makes his first appearance6 February 2012 Okay, not only is this one of my favourite albums, it is also the album in which we have one of the major characters, Captain Haddock, first appears. At this stage we now have the two police officers (the Thompson twins), the opera singer (Bianca Castafiore), some reoccurring villains (Rastapopolous and Mr Alan Mate), and now Tintin's travelling companion, the drunk ship captain Captain Haddock. It is funny that some have noted that none [...]

    The Tintin stories for anyone who has read them and understands their history can't be viewed as anything other than groundbreaking. The beginnings of these stories have been around as long as the Lord of the Rings, the illustration and environments in the Tintin books are accurate and extremely detailed. Anyone who has spent even a little time exploring Herge (Georges Remi) can see the painstaking research and adversity he worked through to compose the world around Tintin. His ideas were ahead [...]

    Hurray for Haddock!!The Captain finally makes his drunken appearance in a liver-bursting whirlwind of whisky-quaffing, profanity, loutishness, maudlin self-pity and violent assault! The perfect foil for Tintin's often beige-bland earnestness.While certainly played for laughs, Captain Haddock's alcoholism is also clearly shown as being a bad thing - he frequently endangers Tintin's life and several times almost scuppers the investigation - and so we can take a moral lesson from that.Other reviewe [...]

    Admito que as 4 estrelas são, principalmente, pela intervenção do Capitão e dos seus ataques quando estava sob o efeito de álcool, mas foi sobretudo a sua reação a beber um copo de água que teve mais piada.A história é interessante é segue a linha habitual das aventuras de Tintin, valendo sempre a pena dar mais uma vista de olhos por uma das suas aventuras.

    Ich habe nur diesen Tim und Struppi Fall gelesen, weil mir noch ein Adventure Buch für die 52biay challenge fehlte und ich gerade im Urlaub in Marrakesch verbringe (und der Fall handelt zum Teil im Lande Marokko).Schon viel Zufälle verhelfen Tim beim Krabben Fall und auch wenn natürlich das erste Treffen mit Handdock schon Klassikermaterial ist, hat mir sonst der Comic nicht so gefallen.

    Michael Martin
    First appearance of Captain Haddock!

    Herzlich willkommen, Capitaine!In diesem Band passiert etwas, was Auswirkungen auf alle nachfolgenden Tintin-Geschichten hat: Kapitän Haddock betritt die Bühne! Eine wertvolle Ergänzung für die Tintin-Comics. Milou tritt immer mehr in den Hintergrund als Ansprechpartner für Tintin und wird mehr zum echten Hund (auch wenn er noch ab und an denkt), und die Dialoge entstehen mehr zwischen Haddock und Tintin.Auch hier, wie in den meisten Tintin-Bänden, wird spaßige, intelligente und spannende [...]

    Ahmed Salem
    اللقاء الاول بالكابتن هادوك

    This time Tintin gets in trouble while walking with Snowy on the street. Snowy stuck his head in a can and Tintin helps him out. Some minutes after Tintin runs in the street with the duet Thomson and Thompson following him, in the search of the garbage for the particular can! We meet first time the captain Haddock and his bad hobbit of drinking a little to much! Tintin go around half the world seeking cans of crab meat that turn out to be a cover for drug sales, opium!In this novel Captain, Tint [...]

    Augusto Bernardi
    A true Tintin classic and an important volume of the series for this is the first volume where Captain Haddock appears and becomes Tintin's sidekick besides Snowy (as a side note I would like to add that I've noticed that Snowy has much less dialogue and virtually no exchanges of dialogue with Tintin which was just comical in the earlier editions). Captain Haddock was the new character the series I think was needing. He gives a balance to Tintin's personality with his contrasting more brutish wa [...]

    My review, as posted in Tintin BooksUnfortunately, due to the circumstances of Nazi-occupied Belgium, constraints forced "The Crab with the Golden Claws" to fall back a bit, after the heights reached by King Ottokar’s Sceptre. (As someone who stayed in Belgium after the start of World War II (at the call of the Belgian King Leopold's call for people to return), Herge was setting himself up for controversy. He never sympathised with Nazis, but "Le Soir" itself was staffed by collaborators and i [...]

    Christopher Sinclair
    One of my favorites, like many this was the first one I read as a boy. The artwork is superb especially in terms of bringing Captain Haddock to life. Would highly recommend this as the first Tintin to give to your child. They will love the pictures and it's got all the staple characters in place.

    C'est une des moins intéressantes aventures de Tintin. Je l'ai trouvée un peu ennuyante et l'histoire d'opium caché est redondante car on l'a déjà vue dans deux autres aventures. J'ai bien aimé par exemple l'apparition pour la première fois du Capitaine Haddock qui n'est dans cette BD qu'un ivrogne. C'est le début d'une grande amitié entre lui et Tintin. Le gros problème est que l'histoire est un peu trop vide à mon goût.

    Sidharth Vardhan
    How come no one ever talks about the large number of coincidences that are always saving Tintin. He finds help when lost in middle of sea, in middle of deserts, bullets just miss him, he just happens to be looking in the right direction to be able to dodge heavy weights supposed to crush him and so on. I mean just want to see him dead once!

    Rami Samaha
    In this book It has suspense about like what is innards happen next what are we gonna do and they even be in a desert where other people help them and give them camels to travel and the weird thing about this book is the tins of the crab because some f them have normal crab but some don't

    Nabila Tabassum Chowdhury
    এটা মাস্টার পিস। ছবিগুলো সো ফার বেস্ট। সম্পূর্ন পাতা জুড়ে চারটা বড় বড় খুব সুন্দর ছবি আছে। স্টোরিতে কোথাও একটুও ল্যাগ নাই। আর সিগনেচার গালাগালি সহ ক্যাপ্টেন হ্যাডক তো আছেনই, ওনার প্রথম উপস্ [...]

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