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  • Title: All Souls
  • Author: Javier Marías
  • ISBN: 9780002711401
  • Page: 180
  • Format: None

  • Todas las almas cuenta la historia de los dos brumosos y singulares a os que el narrador pas en la Universidad de Oxford, una ciudad fuera del mundo y del tiempo.Y fuera de ambos viven los cautivadores personajes de esta novela la amante casada del narrador, Clare Bayes, una mujer condicionada por algo a lo que asisti pero que no recuerda el amigo Cromer Blake, homosexTodas las almas cuenta la historia de los dos brumosos y singulares a os que el narrador pas en la Universidad de Oxford, una ciudad fuera del mundo y del tiempo.Y fuera de ambos viven los cautivadores personajes de esta novela la amante casada del narrador, Clare Bayes, una mujer condicionada por algo a lo que asisti pero que no recuerda el amigo Cromer Blake, homosexual ir nico que vive fabricando experiencias intensas para una vejez que prev solitaria el ya retirado y sagaz profesor Toby Rylands el merodeador Alan Marriott, con su perro de tres patas y su conocimientos sobre la pareja espantosa que todos tenemos y mucho otros, algunos extraordinariamente divertidos, hasta llegar al personaje que viene de otro tiempo, el enigm tico escritor John Gawsworth.En un mundo de secretos e intrigas, de ritos ceremoniosos y cenas disparatadas, de pasados ocultos y enfermizos presentes, el narrador va tejiendo su propia perturbaci n y su propia historia con la de los habitantes de la ciudad conservada en alm bar , hasta descubrir que elementos tan dispares como un puente ferroviario sobre un r o en la India, unos amantes desdichados, una carrera de esp a o la diminuta isla de Redonda, pasar n a formar parte de su vida, marcada ya para siempre por esas relaciones inesperadas de amor y amistad entre todas las almas.
    Javier Marías
    Javier Mar as was born in Madrid His father was the philosopher Juli n Mar as, who was briefly imprisoned and then banned from teaching for opposing Franco Parts of his childhood were spent in the United States, where his father taught at various institutions, including Yale University and Wellesley College His mother died when Javier was 26 years old He was educated at the Colegio Estudio in Madrid.Mar as began writing in earnest at an early age The Life and Death of Marcelino Iturriaga , one of the short stories in While the Women are Sleeping 2010 , was written when he was just 14 He wrote his first novel, Los dominios del lobo The Dominions of the Wolf , at age 17, after running away to Paris Mar as operates a small publishing house under the name of Reino de Redonda He also writes a weekly column in El Pa s An English version of his column La Zona Fantasma is published in the monthly magazine The Believer.


    Jeffrey Keeten
    ”I’ve been slowly wearing away at my ignorance and, as I said, I’ve always kept on learning. But that ignorance is still so vast that even today, at seventy, leading this quiet life, I still cherish the hope of being able to embrace everything and experience everything, the unknown and the known, yes, even those things I’ve known before. There’s an intense longing for the known as there is for the unknown because one just can’t accept that certain things won’t repeat themselves.” [...]

    The Uses of AbsurdityAll Souls College is a real place. At least I think it's a real place. It might be a film set. Like most Oxford people I have never been inside it. I know it has no students, only fellows. And I know that Hillaire Belloc was refused such a fellowship, probably because of his fetishistic Catholicism. Oh, and it has a library, The Codrington, which is particularly known for is history collection. And that's it.In fact, Marias's All Souls has relatively little to do with All So [...]

    Ian "Marvin" Graye
    A Spaniard in the WorksI suppose you could say that not a lot happens in “All Souls”, but that would only be true if you don’t count looking, thinking, loving, remembering, even being:"Oxford is a city in syrup, where simply being is far more important than doing or even acting."Marias uses first person narration to tell his story, and for 210 pages I was firmly ensconced in the mind of this ostensibly charming man and lover, referred to (only once) as "the Spaniard".The closest analogies [...]

    Mike Puma
    Sometimes you know from the very first words in a novel: I’m gonna’ like where this takes me. Now, as I start All Souls (and this review), I’ve read over 1600 pages penned by Marías, and he never fails to catch me up immediately and run with me. In this novel’s case, by the narrator’s distancing of himself from the character he was at the time of the events he’s yet to reveal. An unnamed Spanish professor at Oxford teaching contemporary Spanish literature and translation (during the [...]

    Ben Winch
    Strangely, I'm not exactly sure what I thought of this one. I mean, I liked it. I didn't love it though, except in places: the opening (the ancient porter who, memory ravaged, imagines himself in a different decade every morning); the hilarious 'High Table' dinner scene (in which I could almost imagine a half a boiled egg shooting from the throats of one of the Dons and lodging itself in the prominent cleavage of Claire Bayes (which I couldn't help reading as Claire Danes)); even, perhaps, the e [...]

    K.D. Absolutely
    Beautifully written. The plot is thin but Marias' prose managed to make this very engaging. I particularly liked the way he interjected the thoughts going on inside his characters' minds. I've seen this technique in many other great works the last being Hilary Mantel's Bring Up the Bodies (5 stars). However, that book has a thick and historical plot so that is its advantage. This book, All Souls has only an illicit affair on Oxford (yes, that famous school for the rich and brainy kids) hallowed [...]

    Narrative voice and structure for the win. Loved the opening with the Oxford doorman suggestive of the transmigration of souls -- it introduces an almost magical hefty levity and looseness to the proceedings, which move along unexpectedly, smoothly, Sebaldianly, sort of, with language infused by Nabokov and even a sniff of the Shakespearean stylings of some Philip Roth ("in exile from the infinite" etc). Margaret Jull Costa's translation conveys all this wonderfully and I'm sure matches or maybe [...]

    MJ Nicholls
    I like to take recommendations from friends, read their favourite authors, then prove them illiterate schlemiels by showing how much better Gilbert Sorrentino and Lucy Ellmann are at writing things. Then I laugh at them. Hahahaha, I go. You FOOLS! Hahahahaha. OK, no I don’t. On this occasion, Mike’s recommendation was valorous and astute.He was absolutely right in saying Marías is the middle point between Bolaño and Sebald (or words to that effect). Combining the long unspooling sentences [...]

    Periodically I am asked if I've been to Oxford. I glibly reply, yes, I've been to both. Perhaps my first sentence is an overstatement, but i have offered my response a few times in my life and mean it. I don't consider Square Books and Rowan Oak to be tantamount to the learned city on the Isis, but the southern locale is a cultural hub. My wife and i last went to Oxford, on the Thames, a few winters ago. It was a delightful cold and wet day. Our minds were occupied with Inspector Lewis and secon [...]

    Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly
    The plot is sparse: the narrator is a visiting Spanish lecturer in Oxford, a bachelor (good looks hinted), he mingles with the people there, those quirky dons, and--for a Spaniard like him-- experiences those strange English mannerisms and customs. He starts an affair with a pretty, but married (to a fellow professor) tutor. But this is no withering, whimpering love story. The two occasionally meet some place basically just to fuck. And mostly talk. So this is no porn. It's not in the fucking or [...]

    António Lobo Antunes, admirador convicto de Javier Marías, escreveu o prefácio deste livro e nele enumerou todas as qualidades da escrita deste autor.Não vos maço com a minha opinião, até porque não há mais nada a dizer e, certamente, não faria melhor.Quanto à história do livro…não há grande história. Escrito em forma de relato autobiográfico, revela-nos um pouco da vida de um professor de Espanhol colocado em Oxford por um breve período de tempo. As personagens não são muit [...]

    M. Sarki
    Reading All Souls was like an easy stroll through Central Park, in no hurry, and mindful of all my surroundings. It was a sleepy tale for me and one that took longer than anticipated as I cared little for it to end and had no stake in if it continued. However, the relaxed pace of the writing of Javier Marías and the sophistication he brings to the page is quite delightful. It is similar to sitting in a professor's comfortable library listening to a respected teacher tell a story. It is difficul [...]

    Stephen P
    Welcome to the journey.Marias spins us through time and isolation written in aquiline precise prose. The master of black comedy, his humor throughout much of the novel is tinged with a palpable sadness.The novel opens with the narrator telling us that while at Oxford two of his colleagues died but that he is no longer the same person who taught there for two years. Entering his building each morning he passes the ninety year old porter, Will, who due to some unnamed form of dementia lives in dif [...]

    the first of the soon eventually-to-be-crowned nobel laureate's works to be translated into english (being his sixth novel overall), all souls (todas las almas) is the tale of an unnamed professor tapped to teach spanish lit at oxford university for a two-year assignment (where marías himself assumed a post of similar duration). the lecturer/narrator soon finds himself entangled in an affair with a married colleague, for whom he pines and reservedly distracts himself from during her imposed abs [...]

    Guillermo Jiménez
    Me he propuesto escribir sobre lo que leo, porque de alguna manera es una forma en la que me obligo a escribir. Es algo que hago, pero al mismo tiempo no. Según yo, tampoco me muevo mucho, ni viajo, y de un tiempo para acá siento que no he dejado de moverme. Y, cuando lo he hecho, he decidido que sea Marías quien me acompañe y me guíe y me de algo de paz y sosiego en el mar turbulento que siento que se me ha vuelto el mundo hoy en día.Viajé a Bogotá con Corazón tan blanco, y elegí Toda [...]

    Having spent three years in Oxford, I've been eagerly looking forward to reading All Souls since I picked it up in a second hand about a year ago. Heralded as a great Oxford novel, and witty to boot, it sounded pretty enticing.What a disappointment it was. For Oxford, all the cliched bases are covered, but to be honest, the City really seems like a bystander. There's none of the inspiration, none of the light. Just drunk wardens, pompous gay tutors, and cheap girls in the local clubs where acade [...]

    Justin Evans
    There's a small group of authors whose works should be read in chronological order (e.g Pynchon), and I'm now certain that Marias is one of them. Many of the characters in this book show up again in Your Face Tomorrow; more importantly, I think you'll appreciate this book more if you read it without thinking to yourself "well now, this is different, Marias doing Beckettian farce," or "ah, this is the start of his wonderful style" or "a lot more happens in this book than in his later works, but I [...]

    Literary tricks galore, and I fear I have noticed little of the allusions, clever internal referentiality and most especially the play between characters, especially that of the narrator, with a most pointed context of actuality. The narrator, by the way, is not a pleasant person so fits in perfectly with all the others. The humour is belly-stretching and gives concord to the crude lusts depicted within the pages, leaving a tense indigestion. Incessant talking, loveless sex, gluttony, competitio [...]

    أكسفورد"المدينة الجامدة والمحفوظة في الماء والسكر"هي مدار حديث "مارياس"حيث روح المدن وأرواح ساكنيهاونظرة الغرباء إليهاالراوي "جامع الكتب النادرة" والمدرس الجامعييحكي تفاصيل حياته لسنتين في المدينة الجامعيةحيث كان مدرسا للترجمةويصف برتابة وحيادية أخلاقية حياته هناك وعلاق [...]

    Superb, probably one of the best books I have read this year. In a deliciously gossipy manner Maria's draws the reader into the ludicrously eliteist world of Oxford and the Dons. The narrator like Maras himself was a visiting lecturer at Oxford for two years and as such ruthlessly dissects the rather esoteric codes and customs of the much revered place. His description of the protocol of High Table is particularly memorable. This is an emotional novel full of fluctuating passions both hilariousl [...]

    Javier Marias manipulates wit and the first-person to proffer a thesis about how times and people organize themselves chronologically. His account of high table lunch at an Oxford college is so fine and funny I couldn't put it down once, not even while preparing a hot café crème with homemade bittersweet chocolate sauce.More than just a wry, bittersweet story, "All Souls" is phenomenological. Each character evoked in the book inhabits a lineage, closely bookended by their own predecessors and [...]

    Disappointing, disjointed, banal. I didn't care about or understand the characters. Marias has no talent for slapstick, despite several attempts (including an excrutiating and neverending "ironic" dinner scene which is physically and temporally impossible) and despite the fact that a degree of successful slapstick is the hallmark of an Oxford novel. Unfortunately, Marias's tragic climax, in which a character recalls a loved one's death, is similarly slowed and strangely paced. Maybe it's the tra [...]

    Fin. Både på insidan och utsidan.

    Můj první Marías a příjemné překvapení. Vlastně jsem nevěděla, co od knihy čekat, a o to víc mi pak padla do noty. Byť stylově je Marías jiný než Irving, tak jak jsem to četla bezprostředně po Modlitba za Owena Meanyho, tak mi to náladou přišlo docela podobné. Autor v knize zachycuje dva roky života hlavního hrdiny - Španěla, hostujícího profesora španělské literatury na Oxfordu. Jak říká hrdina - mimochodem se nikde nedozvíte jeho jméno - jsou to jeho dva [...]

    عبدالله ناصر
    كانت لي تجربة أكثر من رائعة مع دار نوفل و التي تقوم بترجمة كتب أجنبية بطريقة أكثر من جيدة و كانت المرة الأولى مع " شتاء في لشبونة " و قد كانت تجربة هائلة خصوصاً على صعيد اللغة و بما أني فكرت أن الجرّة قد تسلم كل مرة قمت بابتياع هذا الكتاب بعد أن قررت أن أحسم أمر اقتنائي من عدمه من [...]

    I feel a very curious mix of frustration and love and admiration for this book. It took me a month to read, and I very nearly gave up on it, and I'm grateful I didn't. I'm glad I read it slowly, too -- it needed a lot of time. Marias writes with a very strange magic in that sometimes this book was tedious and boring and offensive, but it was all necessary somehow. The ending is vivid and beautiful beyond belief. It's going to be a while before I find a book this good again.

    Seguramente sería mejor haber leído este libro antes de la trilogía Tu rostro mañana, no sólo porque ése sea el orden correcto sino porque podría cometerse el error de juzgar a Todas las almas como una obra menor en comparación con los otros tres. Supongo que es inevitable que habiendo leído ya la mencionada trilogía este libro pueda saber a poco, pero considerando que fue escrito más de 10 años antes uno se hace una idea del gran escritor que es Javier Marías.

    Aliaa Mohamed
    رواية مملة للغاية ، لم أتمكن من اتمامها ، حاولت كثيراً ولكن بلا جدوي ، مليئة بحشو زائد دون داع له لدرجة جعلتني اتخطى عدة صفحات دون أن أجد شيئاً جديداً على الإطلاق كما أن عنوان الرواية المترجم سيئ للغاية !

    The contemporary Spanish novelist Javier Maríes published Todas las lamas in 1989. His protagonist and first person narrator is a Madrid professor who teaches at Oxford University in England for two years, the novel’s title (translated in its English edition as All Souls) referring not only to All Soul’s College at Oxford but also to all the people the narrator encounters there, both living and dead.The narrator lives a somewhat isolated existence during those two years, an existence as an [...]

    Ve Rena
    Wann habe ich zuletzt so lange für ein Buch gebraucht wie für diese 280-Seiten-Büchlein? Trotz oder gerade, weil es so unglaublich dicht ist, dass ich immer wieder eine Pause einlegen musste, um die kunstvolle Sprache und die leise Ironie dahinter sacken zu lassen. Und weil ich ständig damit beschäftigt war, mir wunderbare, wahre, volle Sätze rauszuschreiben.Eine Liebesgeschichte, die eigentlich keine ist ("Einer dieser Männer, die mit genügend Ernst und genügend Ironie Briefe und Gedic [...]

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