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  • Title: Tintin et le lac aux requins
  • Author: Hergé Michel Regnier
  • ISBN: 9782203001220
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Le 10 janvier 1929, un jeune reporter fait son apparition dans Le Petit Vingti me, le suppl ment pour enfants du quotidien belge Le XXe si cle Son nom Tintin Accompagn de Milou, un jeune chien blanc, il part pour la Russie sovi tique Son cr ateur, un certain Georges Remi, signe Herg , pseudonyme inspir par ses initiales Apr s ce premier voyage en Russie, qui donnLe 10 janvier 1929, un jeune reporter fait son apparition dans Le Petit Vingti me, le suppl ment pour enfants du quotidien belge Le XXe si cle Son nom Tintin Accompagn de Milou, un jeune chien blanc, il part pour la Russie sovi tique Son cr ateur, un certain Georges Remi, signe Herg , pseudonyme inspir par ses initiales Apr s ce premier voyage en Russie, qui donne naissance l album Tintin chez les Soviets, le jeune reporter s envole pour l Afrique Tintin au Congo , puis pour l Am rique Mais c est Le Lotus bleu, publi dans Le Petit Vingti me d s ao t 1934, qui marque un tournant important dans l uvre d Herg Celui ci, apr s avoir rencontr Tchang Tchong Jen, jeune tudiant chinois qui lui a ouvert les yeux sur l Asie, va d sormais se soucier de rigueur documentaire Il va aussi s efforcer de faire passer dans ses histoires un message d humanisme et de tol rance Le succ s de son reporter la houppe ne va cesser de grandir Herg lui fait parcourir le monde Il teinte ses aventures d onirisme L toile myst rieuse , flirte avec le surnaturel Les Sept Boules de cristal , l exp die m me sur la lune.Il donne Tintin des compagnons d aventure qui vont prendre une place essentielle les Dupont d Les Cigares du pharaon , le capitaine Haddock Le Crabe aux pinces d or , le professeur Tournesol Le Secret de la Licorne ou Bianca Castafiore Le Sceptre d Ottokar Herg n h site pas jouer avec ses personnages Les Bijoux de la Castafiore montrent un Tintin d pass par les v nements, loin de son image traditionnelle Jusqu l uvre ultime, laiss e inachev e par la mort d Herg en mars 1983 Tintin et l alph art, dont la derni re case montre le h ros en bien f cheuse postureTintin a su s duire les jeunes comme les adultes Gr ce la lisibilit de la narration et du dessin, la justesse des dialogues, le sens du rebondissement et de l intrigue Mais aussi le souffle de l aventure, de l amiti et de la g n rosit Et, en plus, ce quelque chose d ind finissable qu Herg lui m me ne savait expliquer Une bande dessin e universelle Gilbert Jacques
    Hergé Michel Regnier
    Georges Prosper Remi 22 May 1907 3 March 1983 , better known by the pen name Herg , was a Belgian comics writer and artist.His best known and most substantial work is The Adventures of Tintin comic book series, which he wrote and illustrated from 1929 until his death in 1983, leaving the twenty fourth Tintin adventure Tintin and Alph Art unfinished His work remains a strong influence on comics, particularly in Europe He was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2003.Series on The Adventures of Tintin Quick Flupke The adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko


    Ahmad Sharabiani
    Tintin and the Lake of Sharks (The Adventures of Tintin), Hergéتاریخ نخستین خوانش: هفدهم ماه آگوست سال 2001 میلادیعنوان: تن تن و دریاچه کوسه ها؛ نوشته: هرژه؛ ترجمه: اسمردیس (حاجتی)؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، زرین، 1380 در 44 ص مصور رنگی؛ فروست: سری ماجراهای تن تن و میلو، شابک: 9644072561؛ موضوع: داستانهای فکاهی مصور بلژیکن [...]

    Originally known as Tintin et le Lac aux Requins, based on the Tintin animated film, directed by Raymond LeBlanc (1972).The world's biggest pearl is stolen from the Museum of Oceanography.Meanwhile Tintin and Captain Haddock arrive at Klow airport in Syldavia , on a visit to see Professor Calculus at Villa Sprog on the mysterious Lake Pollishoff.Tintin makes friends with two Syldavian children , Niko and Nushka who rescue Tintin and the Captain from a plane crash. The Professor has invented a ma [...]

    The book was fun, lots of danger and explosions. In this book Tintin successfully lands a plane that was certain to crash, finds some treasure, locates the bad guys, has a few fights (wins some, loses some), gets in a situation where a bomb is gonna go off but he is trapped, he escapes of course and then nearly drowns before a finally boat chase.All that action is fun but it has been crammed into only 44 pages and it feels rushed at times. Shame really, might have been better if more care was ta [...]

    Maria Carmo
    Not as enticing as some of the other adventures - I am not sure if this was directly done for the movies, which might explain small differences from Hergé's original books Still, very funny and readable!Maria Carmo,Lisbon, 21 January 2015.


    لا بأس جيدة وكانت ملونة جميعها

    Peter Greenwell
    As with the remainder of the Tintin stories, I read them years ago but am now just adding them to . This one wasn't written by Hergé and is the book based on the film of the same name. It differs a little from the film, but in the main, this is a decent addition to the Tintin canon - at least I think so. The basic nature of the characters is still there, and it's not that much of a departure from what Hergé himself may have written. The underlying plot doesn't hold up to as much scrutiny howev [...]

    Eh. It just looks wrong, so you don't want to read it. Perhaps the only Tintin I can't describe the plot of.

    Md. Roohul Islam
    Clearly, we are missing Hergé a great lot here! In every page of the book, I missed him. And I dunno how Tintin came to be tied in the pipe, when he was walking with Rastapopulous, I really don't! Nonetheless, despite missing Hergé, this is a decent make.

    Tintin escaped thousands and I think a few tens of pirate sharks. (They weren't real sharks, just evil people.) The submarine that the sharks were in got stranded on a rock and Tintin and the Captain and Snowy all together caught them and made them prisoners. Kids helped them too, and guess what? First the sharks made Tintin and the kids prisoners, then they had them prisoners! Funny, huh? When the water had thrown the giant ball onto the little switch a bomb exploded and guess what? The sea mad [...]

    Núria Sancho Subirats
    En general, la historia es bastante sencilla, siguiendo la trama habitual de las historietas de Tintín: por casualidad (y por su natural e inagotable curiosidad) Tintín descubre un peligroso complot, lo investiga, se enfrenta a situaciones peligrosas en las que incluso arriesga la vida y, finalmente, logra desbaratar los planes del malvado con la ayuda del capitán, los torpes pero imprescindibles agentes Dupond y Dupont (lo siento, pero para mí nunca serán Hernández y Fernández), Milú y [...]

    Mateen Mahboubi
    Boy this this one weak. I haven't seen the movie, but if I had to guess, the dialogue was lifted directly from the film with no thought as to how it would translate to the page. Maybe that's why there is no author listed on the book. Also there is very clunky expository text at the top of most frames, most of which just describes what is being shown. While I am not the biggest fan of Hergé's storytelling and identify a lot of problematic elements in the stories, this book makes it very clear th [...]

    David Cain
    This is not an official Tintin book, but rather a recap of an animated film from 1972. Hergé was involved in the film as a "supervisor" but did not directly write or draw the movie or book. This is shorter than other Tintin works and some of the scenes don't flow together as well as they could (since all the artwork is just animation captures). It stays reasonably true to the Tintin universe and many favorite characters make an appearance. Although not something for a newer Tintin reader, this [...]

    Leila Anani
    This was made for the 1972 animated film and is not actually by Hergé himself which really shows. While the characters and dialogue are pretty much spot on this just doesn't feel quite right. The story is absolutely ludicrous and nonsensical and feels very rushed and it lacks the charm of the other TinTin classics.

    An enjoyable grab bag last lap for Tin Tin, which is marred because the story is penned as an adaptation of a film and isn't drawn by Herge. The exposition annoyed me and showed that the person creating this comic wasn't as experienced as Herge with the medium. Herge would have known how to show not tell many of the exposition boxes.

    I only gave four stars to this story because the illustrations were not actually by Herge. The story itself was very interesting and full of intrigue and adventure another titian book I can tick of my list,

    Dana Atallah
    ok this was the first comic book i ever red and it was okay i felt it was kinda lame and i didnt really like the name i thought they were so old and wierd and classic i dun know but the story is okay generally the book was good.

    Senthil Kumaran
    yet another fun book for tintin fans. introduction of nushka and niku is lovely part in this comic book. captain haddock's dialogues are funny as usual. I liked the part where he wonders why the thompsons were doing skateboarding when they were actually struck in the boat. :)

    Rami Samaha
    This is a ''Not Bad'' book but I didn't like it much because it's 41 or 42 pages,not like the others cause they have 63 or 62 pages and it did not feel like real Tintin books but no prob with this bøøk

    this tintin adventure was not special since it was actually developed from the cartoon series version, and not the other *traditionally* way around. and this time the villain was again tintin's nemesis (perhaps), the one and only evil-genius rastapopoulus (did i spell his name correctly?).

    it was funny

    pantesan kaya deja vu, ternyata liat film nya dulu baru baca komiknya. tetep bagiku, komik yang asli yang paling kereeennn >,< kenangannya ngga tergantikan apapun

    Denim Datta
    Awesome Comics, full with adventure-comedy. Really like this series.

    Fun to see another Tintin after so long but the illustrations were definitely not Hergé's, though they were replicated fairly well. Story was ok.

    Owen Connor
    its good

    Johara Almogbel
    The colors in this one are LOVELY. I loved it! Pops right out of the page. And the story was quite nice, too, very action filled.

    Nia Nymue
    Three stars because it was engrossing. Otherwise, it's probably just a 2.5 compared to other Tintin stories.

    Hay mejores historias de Tin Tin, pero como siempre, vale la pena ver cuánto amor le ponía Herge a sus dibujos.

    Enjoyable !!!

    Karthik Thrikkadeeri
    Very good.

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