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  • Title: Run, Clarissa, Run
  • Author: Rachel Eliason
  • ISBN: 9780988573017
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback

  • Life in a small town can be tough when you re a little different, but for a fifteen year old transgender kid it can truly be hell Clark is harassed daily at school for his effeminate behavior and appearance He has no friends and a brother that is as likely to be on the teasing as to prevent it When Clark is offered a job babysitting for the Pirella family, it seems likeLife in a small town can be tough when you re a little different, but for a fifteen year old transgender kid it can truly be hell Clark is harassed daily at school for his effeminate behavior and appearance He has no friends and a brother that is as likely to be on the teasing as to prevent it When Clark is offered a job babysitting for the Pirella family, it seems like a godsend The money is good He bonds with the girls almost instantly The father, Tony, works in computer security Tony and Clark strike up a friendship based on a mutual love of computers and hacking As Tony becomes aware of Clark s transsexuality and his growing feminine alter ego, Clarissa, things become incredibly complicated Will Tony be Clarissa s salvation, or her undoing
    Rachel Eliason
    Rachel Eliason is a transgender woman and writer Ms Eliason is both a writer and a fan of deeply immersive science fiction and fantasy novels She loves to share with her fans the worlds she is creating, and the ones she is discovering Her contemporary YA work is published as Rachel Eliason and her Science Fiction and Fantasy work is under R J Eliason.


    Run, Clarissa, Run is the story of the eponymous Clarissa, a young transgendered woman who is coming out to her family, and friends, and the rest of the world.Okay, so I really wanted to like this novel, and I really tried. In the end, however, there were just way too many problems for me to be able to overlook.Firstly, there's Clarissa herself. Or Clark, as she's been known from birth. I found it weird how the third person narrative switched between calling her Clarissa and Clark. I can see why [...]

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This did not change my opinion of the book or the contents of this review.I wanted to like Run, Clarrisa, Run, I really did. There aren’t nearly enough books in the YA market about transgendered characters, and the ones that do exist don’t tend to be successful. In particular, there are few books about transsexualism that deal with cisexism and bullying in the way this does. Both Luna and Parrotfish (the two books I’ve [...]

    Wart Hill
    0 starsis was so disappointing

    Jenni Frencham
    Clarissa is a transgender teen who has been raised as a boy named Clark. [For the sake of consistency and simplicity, I am choosing to refer to Clarissa by her chosen name and preferred gender, regardless of her gender presentation.] Clarissa is constantly teased at school, often violently so, and is misunderstood by her mother, her brother, even her therapist. After some unfortunate incidents involving the father of a family for whom Clarissa babysits, Clarissa decides to run away to Bangkok wh [...]

    Couldn't put it down. Read it in one sitting.

    Lucie Paris
    A few years ago, I was touched by the transgender issues while reading "Almost Perfect" by Brian Katcher. So after reading the synopsis of "Run, Clarissa, Run", I wanted to dive into the life of Clark / Clarissa. And what a life! I was not disappointed at all. The author takes you on a whirlwind of emotions.At the beginning, the reader follows Clark is the way he is challenged, constantly bullied by his comrades in high school. Called by awful names, including homosexual, his integration is diff [...]

    honestly it is my first book about transgender. I found the book very amusing. the title really fit the book. i felt like I've been running all away with Clarissa.i felt there is some kind of similarity with Catch Me If You Can running.i found the whole run is amusing. once i start reading i couldn't stop. the characters or the personas of Clark are well painted- actually great painted. i got to know her feelings. I really sympathized with Clark. I love the karma Idea only critic was the fact th [...]

    I received a copy free through First Reads.Wow what a fantastic book!! The story was perfectly paced and the characters were fabulous!! Clarissa was not only engaging but also heartwarming. This was my first read about a transgender character and it was amazing.I loved the whole concept and I think it depicts much of what these teens face today. the bullying was something that any teen could relate to and the author did a great job of making it real but not too real. This book does a great job [...]

    Michael Mardel
    Run, Clarissa, Run by Eliason is a feel-good story that would make a good movie. It's Eliason's story as a teenager and how she would have preferred to be like the main character. She has Clark exploring his gender and I waited with bated breath for her to try on a woman's clothes where she was babysitting. Clarissa is given the gift of mending computers which came from the male parent. She turns this on him and fulfils her dream of surgery. Her mother is shown as someone who won't talk about Cl [...]

    To see the full review check out mibookreviews.wordpress/20I was torn on this book, but the author was able to dissuade most of my worries about the book before I had given up. I am impressed by that skill in authors. The plot went from typical YA novel to ridiculous and unexpected. Give it a read when you want to read something new instead of a book written by a formula.

    It was okay. A little too far-fetched with the 'whizz-kid computer expert' stuff and SPaG needed better editing. I also got increasingly annoyed with the constant references to how rubbish Windows is. It might be, but at times the story read like something a rival company might post. It was enough to have me pulled out of the story.

    Jordan Long
    I absolutely.loved this book. It gave me a better understanding of what transgendered/transexuals go through. It made me laugh and cry. I rooted for Clarissa, and loved how strong and passionate she was.

    Wendell Hennan
    While being gay myself, I have struggled the past several years with trials, emotions and struggles faced by trans people. I was pleased to see their plight begin to receive greater understanding and acceptance but was still guilty of thinking to myself that there was just too much drama around their lives.I now better understand the constant inner battle/desire/knowledge that these people struggle with for years until they find a way to begin their transition. This story is one of the strongest [...]

    A very entertaining storyClark is transgender and has known since he was four that he wants to be a women. But the world does not go easy on people not following the “normal” path so he takes drastic steps to follow his dream of being Clarissa.I liked this book very much and it’s a book that I believe can give young people struggling with similar life challenges a hope and something to dream about. This is my personal opinion and I have no connections to the LGBT community, I have only my [...]

    Well paced with a likeable main character who suffers from a horrible amount of bullying and discrimination - it's always good to read a book that doesn't shy away from the reality of this. As a reader you root for Clarissa and wish for the people in her life to wake up and understand what she is going through to alleviate some of her isolation and sadness.I have to admit I struggled with the pronoun switches in the third person narrative however, in places it made sense but at other times it fe [...]

    Melanie Ann Ellery

    Dalal Naoum
    Could be betterGood story for the most part, but it clearly wasn't edited by a professional. There are a lot of grammar and spelling errors as well as odd jumps between scenes. Half of the book is characters explaining the plot to us, and they all have the same voice, which gets pretty old. I like the story, though, and would've given more stars I'd it was tighter and had less errors.

    Robin Leake
    Page Turner! The pace was great, the characters real, relatable. The action authentic. I was riveted from beginning to end. I wanted to know what was going to happen all the way.4/5 because, the typos annoyed me. But the story was fantastic

    Recommended readingLoved it! My only gripe is that the book doesn't seem incredibly well formatted on Kindle. But the story is very well written and interesting enough that it barely bothered me at all.

    Run, Clarissa, Run – Rachel Eliason (20 chapters)Reading transgender YA stories are typical very hard on me, the youth involved are usually bullied; adults don’t tend to understand the minds of transgenders; and the stories end up with no HEA. That's probably why I ended up not reading this for quite awhile after I downloaded this book. That's not to say that this book is bad. (Aside: There are typos and wrong word choices here, but I suggest readers read the disclaimer and foreword at the [...]

    Madison Parker
    Clark remembers wanting to be a woman as early as age four. Wanting isn't really the right word. He feels like he already is female on the inside. His teenage years have been a nightmare—no one understands him or takes him seriously when he tries to talk about being transgender. He doesn't think of himself as a he at all. He thinks of himself as Clarissa, a female.There was one passage in particular that really affected me and helped my understanding of transgender people in general. In that p [...]

    Gabriel Mar
    ai que nota horrorosa. e to bem triste por dar um grau dão baixo para um livro com temática trans. mas é a vida.a história é interessante, a premissa é bacana, até porque se não fosse eu não teria escolhido ele para lers o desenvolvimento é fraco, os personagens são um oceano de estereótipos que falam estereótipos e fazem estereótipos, com a exceção de um em especial que me confunde por talvez ser o maior clichê do mundo ou talvez ser uma criatura altamente complexa. de qualquer [...]

    You don't see a lot of main characters who are brilliant computer hackers, at least not without kicking a hornet's nest. This was refreshing. The fact that she's transgender does not make her any less female.This book has several strong subplots. It is a graphic description of how "different" kids are treated in High School - whether the difference is sexual orientation or something else. I hope that this particular school does a rather poorer job of handling it than others, but I bet it's prett [...]

    This is only the second novel I've read with a transgendered character, and I really enjoyed becoming invested in the heroine's story. It leaves me wanting more literature representing the fascinating (and too often struggling, if my friends' experiences are any indication) stories of our community who are too often overlooked or facing struggles few of us realize or immediately understand.The writing, plot and characters were basic and not overly enticing, and there werew a handful of minor err [...]

    Malynda McCarrick
    To me, this was a story about overcoming adversity and conquering the bullies in the world on your own termsbut that's only a small portion of the big picture. Ms. Eliason tackles this issue on a grand scale, taking the reader on an International voyage of revenge, self discovery, rebirth and ultimate happiness. Though a lot of the techno-speak was way over my head, I enjoyed the story and found myself cheering on the efforts of Clark/Clarissa and his/her small "army" of misunderstood and mistre [...]

    January MAxwell
    WELL I HAVE RECENTLY REALIZED THAT I AM A TRANSGENDER WOMEN I HAVE BEEN ON HORMONES FOR ABOUT SIX MONTHS NOW I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVE TO READ SO WHEN A FRIEND TOLD ME ABOUT THIS BOOK I THOUGHT ID GIVE IT A TRY AND WHEN I SAY I COULDN'T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN I MEAN THAT I FELT SO CLOSE TO THIS story NOT ONLY BECAUSE ME AND CLARISSA/Clark where the same but also becomes the author of the book is a trans woman like me The story line was amazing it had love hate theft heartbreak and the struggle of rea [...]

    I'll start by saying that overall I did quite like the book. I couldn't put it down. However, the story is rather far-fetched, to put it mildly. The formatting is also terrible, and the text is filled with grammatical errors. If I were still a closeted and scared 15 year old trans girl, I'd probably have loved it. Instead, as a 31-year-old-mostly-closeted-still-scared trans girl, I merely liked the book. i will say that my interest in computers and Linux has been partly rekindled. So there's a p [...]

    Elizabeth Kieta
    I really really liked this book. My only problem was THERE WERE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS!!! Ugh, it drove me BONKERS. And another thing I didn't care for was it jumped around from person to person. The story was completely written in third person, but it would jump from one person's mind and thoughts to another within three pages. It was almost like, I'd really get into the story, then it would switch characters and it'd be a different day completely. Kind of annoying. But highly recommended! It just [...]

    Great storyline, horrible grammarEliason presents a heartfelt story about a teen who has to suffer through not only the everyday trials of adolescence (as if that wasn't enough), but more soberly the physical and emotional abuse of being transgender and transitioning. The book is an easy and interesting read, but I found myself cringing at careless grammar mistakes on nearly every page! A good first draft, but the author would benefit to hire an editor!

    M.B. Mulhall
    A really interesting story of a transgender teen computer geek (hacker actually) who uses their smarts to escape bullying and a sexual predator. Definitely something different. It kept my interest and I finished it in a day and a half.It could use some more polishing (spotted a couple of types and parts are a little jumpypossibly fixable by using scene breaks so the reader knows to expect a change) but if you can look past that part, it's definitely worth a read.

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