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  • Title: Mathematicians Are People, Too: Stories from the Lives of Great Mathematicians, Volume 1
  • Author: Luetta Reimer Wilbert Reimer
  • ISBN: 9780866515092
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback

  • Volume One focuses on moments of mathematical discovery experienced by Thales, Pythagoras, Hypatia, Galileo, Pascal, and others Volume Two dramatizes the lives of Omar Khayyam, Albert Einstein, Ada Lovelace, and others.
    Luetta Reimer Wilbert Reimer
    Luetta Reimer Wilbert Reimer Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mathematicians Are People, Too: Stories from the Lives of Great Mathematicians, Volume 1 book, this is one of the most wanted Luetta Reimer Wilbert Reimer author readers around the world.


    Batgrl (Book Data Kept Elsewhere)
    Ah but we're missing the subtitle! The full title is: Mathematicians Are People, Too: Stories from the Lives of Great Mathematicians.My parents are in that group of retired folk that go into public schools and read stories to children - of course, it helps that mom was a teacher for something like 50 years, so this is old hat for her. Anyway this means that in the usual book closet with the paperbacks (which are not aesthetically pleasing enough to be seen on a bookshelf in the house - and there [...]

    interesting bios of great mathematicians. Some worked together or built off another's work. Several were killed or otherwise had hardship because of their genius. I liked seeing their challenges and contributions. would have enjoyed seeing more examples of their work, if possible. Short chapters made for a good read-aloud and kept my 8 year old interested.

    Annie Kate
    Every few years my homeschooled kids reread this book, and I each time I enjoy it, too. It's an anecdote-filled, gentle introduction to mathematicians and their work, suitable for young teens but informative for older persons as well. In our homeschool we encourage reading about math and science as well as actually studying it; this approach, encouraged by Charlotte Mason, has greatly increased my children's love of both subjects as well as their general knowledge.

    The reaction of my 12 year old to this book is what I wish from every book I bring home for her. She read it on her own (without my prompting). Told me about her favorite parts (without my prompting). AND THEN, "Mom, I see you don't have time to read this book, how about if I read it to you?" And while I cleaned the kitchen I heard all about several mathematicians.She is still pulling connections from this book to other subjects quite often.I would recommend this for a variety of ages or multipl [...]

    Formal education is not needed as most of these mathematicians in this book were actually hindered by it. We should follow our passion. My favorite mathematician was a Hypatia, who lived in Alexandria many years ago. Being a woman did not stop her from learning even though most had no education. Her father helped her to achieve success and never let the surrounding beliefs get in the way.

    Great book!!! Fascinating book!!!! A must read if you have children or like biographies. I wish I had read this book as a child, I might have persisted a bit more in math studies. I promise you will like this book even if you hate math or find it boring, this illustrates so well how people can be passionate about math!

    Emily Beeson
    We are loving this book. The other day, Bubs put a straw into Y's sippy, so he wouldn't have to tip it, then proceeded to say, "Mom, I'm being like Archimedes by being a good problem-solver."Fabulous homeschool book!

    This would be a great way to give the students a history behind math and help them understand the person behind the formula.

    12 year old Jillian says,"it's neat biographies about Isaac Newton and Archimedes and others. I'm learning many things I didn't know about these people and the history of math."

    Suzanne LaPierre
    This is not a must for all children, but if you have a mathematically talented child this book will open their eyes to many of the men and women throughout history who formed math theory as we know it today. Each chapter is a short biographical sketch.

    An interesting way to introduce a math concept is by telling the story of the person who did the discovering. This book includes the following chapters are mathematicians:Thales - Pyramids, Olives, and DonkeysPythagoras - The Teacher Who Paid His StudentArchimedes - The Man Who Concentrated Too Hard (one of my favorites!)Hypatia - A Woman of CourageJohn Napier - Magician or Mathematician?Galileo - Seeing Isn't BelievingPascal - Count on PascalIsaac Newton - The Short GiantLeonhard Euler - The Bl [...]

    3.5 stars. My son had this as an assignment for Math class, and I had to check it out when he was laughing at a math book! It features short stories about great mathematicians, their lives, and what they discovered in a short chapter format that is very accessible for middle grade readers. I learned a lot too! Here are some of the mathematicians:Thales - Pyramids, Olives, and DonkeysPythagoras - The Teacher Who Paid His StudentArchimedes - The Man Who Concentrated Too Hard (one of my favorites!) [...]

    Note: there are two volumes of this book. The following review is for volume one. I read this in one day. Couldn't put it down. Toward the end of the book, I stopped to go downstairs to talk to my husband (an electrical engineer) about different mathematicians and their contributions, specifically what a cycloid was and how the definition of one initially confused me. We talked about circles (not in circles), and it was exhilarating for me. What a fun and engaging look at mathematics. Finally.

    I would never have thought I would enjoy a book of stories about the lives of mathematicians because, well, math has never really been my thing. But this book was lots of fun to read. It has lots of little stories about mathematicians and things that they discovered and did. I think that if I had discovered it when I was taking boring math classes in junior high that it would have made it more interesting. After reading this, I still do have to say that math is not my thing, but this book did ma [...]

    Reading to kids, January+ 2012. Some technical mathematical terms still above my younger children, but they are interested. Some of the fictionalized "story" and most of the dialogue, pretty lame. But interesting lives for sure. There could be a lot of fun "aside" activities, such as using Thales' formula or finding some Napier's rods to print, if I weren't too lazy ;)The idea behind reading this book to my kids is to get them interested in the background & history of mathematics before we t [...]

    An extremely interesting look at several great mathematicians. Some funny, some sad, and all interesting. I only wish that there were more detail about their actual discoveries and contributions, all their mathematical contributions are mentioned mostly in abstract rather than any explaining detail. Personally I found some of the older Greek personalities the most interesting.Definitely worth reading.

    Misty Lynne
    Both this and the second book are wonderful! I loved reading these stories to my children. Each book contains stories about great scientists and mathematicians from history written on a child's level. Where science and especially math can seem so boring to some kids, this book brought those subjects to life. More than that, they have given us a fun and fascinating way to study history and geography as well as we read about the lives of the greats - Archimedes, Pascal, Newton, and others.

    I am not much of a science and math person, so the book wasn't terribly interesting to me, but it is a great teaching tool for my children. I intend to use it over time to inspire them about math & science. Also, it has many stories about living your full potential even when everyone seems to be against what you are doing.

    This is a book about some funny and sometimes life-threatening parts of the history of mathematics. It has funny, but true, and life-threatens for being a girl mathematician. It is really a good book. Each story has its own math problem. I usually just skip those to get to the next part! Some of them were super hard.

    This is a really good, really readable book at an upper elementary-middle school level. It does speak disparagingly of the limited opportunities available to women and speaks frankly about some of the political and social issues stirred up by women mathematicians. It is about men and women I never learned about in school (except maybe their names), so I can't judge its accuracy.

    I read this to my children. The 5 1/2 yr old is eating it up and the almost 4 yr old is a little bored. The 18 mo. is just listening to mom's voice and the language while he plays;)The stories give a feel for the mathematicians and a little bit of the times, but updated a bit for modern understanding. All told, it is a keeper.

    I've been reading this aloud to M and K before their individual tutorials in the morning. M was incensed that anyone would keep women from studying mathematics. K, his sister, wanted to know if the long stories were over so I could make her a snack? Oh well, she's just 5. Social justice will wait.

    I'm going to rate this book even though I haven't actually read it myself. I bought it for my granddaughter's 10th birthday 3 weeks ago. She tells me that she absolutely loves the book and has already read it at LEAST fifty times! I'm sure she is exaggerating, but her endorsement is good enough for me. :-) She gives it 5 stars!

    Elizabeth Gardner Johnson
    This book simply brings math to life to children and adults alike. Read this to your kids and get excited about learning about the lives of important men and women who, through the centuries, developed geometry, algebra, and beyond; mathematic concepts that we either take for granted or don't understand their applications.

    Becky B
    I bought this for my children in hopes of instilling a love of math in them. (A love which I, myself, do not have!) I loved this book! It's very entertaining and easy to read. But I found myself looking up several things to research! I still don't see a love of math in my future, but I feel more appreciative of it because of a simple book!

    Really great book for teaching kids (and adults) about the lives of famous mathematicians from history. It is told in story form, so kids really enjoy it. I learned tons from it. Anxious to get the second volume, too.

    This is a really fun, inspiring book. I actually wanted to learn/do math after reading the stories about mathematicians. Great for kids and the whole family. My husband and I had fun reading some of the stories together.

    Short,somewhat dramatized biographies of great mathematicians through the ages. These were fun to read and to find that, like the title says, mathematicians are people, too. This book takes the spook out of math and I wish I had had this book as a kid.

    7/10 - Apart from the dialogue feeling a little contrived, I thought this was an excellent introduction to some of history's greatest mathematicians and their contributions. Full review here: sunlitpages/2016/09/re

    This is great. Can't wait to read this one with Isabel. She loves math. We started a game called "n." Dad says n + 1 = 6, what is n and she totally gets it. I think this book will really inspire her to play with math.

    • Best Download [Luetta Reimer Wilbert Reimer] ✓ Mathematicians Are People, Too: Stories from the Lives of Great Mathematicians, Volume 1 || [Suspense Book] PDF ✓
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