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  • Title: The Artemis Effect
  • Author: Kasia James
  • ISBN: 9781480175778
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback

  • Three comfortable lives are shattered when a wave of inexplicable events exposes the fragility of human society With an unprecedented celestial phenomenon, devastating high tides, a breakdown in global communication networks, and the sudden appearance of violent ring gangs swarming through cities and towns, Kimberley, Scott and Bryn struggle to understand the vast eventsThree comfortable lives are shattered when a wave of inexplicable events exposes the fragility of human society With an unprecedented celestial phenomenon, devastating high tides, a breakdown in global communication networks, and the sudden appearance of violent ring gangs swarming through cities and towns, Kimberley, Scott and Bryn struggle to understand the vast events unfolding around them Will they survive the Artemis Effect Will they discover the truth behind the collapse of society before it s too late
    Kasia James
    Kasia James writes primarily science fiction, with forays into other slightly unreal realities, and is the author of the novel The Artemis Effect She reads widely and eclectically, in all genres from classics to mysteries to the occasional romance.She lives in Melbourne, Australia, with a hydrologist and a big black cat called George.


    I knew right away this would be a novel I’d enjoy. It starts out generally talking about Earth and all the creatures that inhabit it. Then it zooms in on three groups of people from Australia, Britain, and America. We get a brief look into their lives before the introduction states they have no idea that something is about to happen.The characters from Australia are members of a group called the Society for the Watching for Alien Presences (SWAP). The dialogue is realistic, to the point where [...]

    Pete Denton
    Don’t judge a book by its cover?This is another book that I decided to buy purely on the cover. I know. It’s a crazy way to decide to buy and read a book, but having followed Kasia’s blog for a while and seeing the book taking shape I just had to read it. And, I was not remotely disappointed.This book is sci-fi due to the subject matter and without giving anything away, there certainly are elements of that genre. What appealed to me the most was that this is a character driven story. How t [...]

    Have you ever had a crush on someone you admired from afar? Perhaps crush is too strong a word; it would be better to say that you were intrigued. This person isn’t popular, but there was something about him or her that was appealing. Perhaps it was the way he/she dressed that was alluring, or maybe the little bit of information you were given proved enough to pique your curiosity. So on a whim, you invest your time in this person. You take the chance that maybe, just maybe, this person will s [...]

    W.E. Linde
    Compelling and Thought Provoking Science Fiction: The Artemis Effect, by Kasia James This book is one of few this year that I waited intently for the release, and then purchased as soon as I saw it available. I follow Kasia James' blog, Writer's Block, and I had become familiar with her impressive poetry. So as I learned of the plot and impending release of The Artemis Effect, I promptly put it on my To Read list. I wasn't disappointed. Please note, as always, that this review does not contain s [...]

    I quite enjoyed The Artemis Effect. Without giving away too much, the story is about an event which affects the entire planet. However, the story is told from the perspectives of different groups of main characters on three different continents. Kasia James intertwines the three plot threads seamlessly. Her writing style is very descriptive, and the story has a very classic sci-fi feel to it, which I found quite refreshing.

    Austin Bishop
    This was a great debut novel by Kasia James. It features great characters and very vivid, and sometimes "fancy", language. I would recommend this book to several different kinds of people, especially those who don't think you can get a good book at a relatively low price. This book really makes me excited to see what the author will do in the future. And lastly, I must say, I love the cover. :D

    I loved how the book would subtly link the characters together. And how each story was concluded eventually. Usually I'm not a fan of novels telling three separate storylines, but I'll make this an exception; all the interesting links made me want to read on.The book was a little hard to understand though. Especially after the chaos started. Although the strange phenomenons were explained along the way, it felt underdeveloped. So were some of the characters' relationships. It felt too abrupt. It [...]

    Karen Cole
    3.5 starsSet in the present, this novel imagines a bizarre phenomenon affecting the moon causes 21st Century life to break down. The changes don't happen at once but before too long people are forced to live without the global communication network, electricity and eventually fuel. Food is in short supply and hospitals are closed down. It's a speculative look then of how quickly the fabric of society would break down if we lost the trappings of modern life.The author has chosen to set the action [...]

    Wesley Fox
    This book lost its way from an interesting premise and what at first appeared to be a compelling group of characters. The middle was simply too slow and dry for me to continue.The novel follows three groups of people, one in the US, another in Great Britain, and a third in Australia. A series of unexplained events occur including power outages, loss of communications, bizarre behavior, and more. They discover there is something very wrong with the moon. As time passes and civilization falls apar [...]

    In this rather different apocalypse type story we follow 3 groups of people - one in Australia, one in the USA and one in England as communication crawls to a standstill, many people go insane, modern conveniences stop and people must fend for themselves. The cause of this catastrophe appears to be the changing shape of the moon. Prayed to as a goddess by some, its' changing shape affects more than just the tides. Kimberly lives in the US and after things start falling apart, she goes to her mot [...]

    Amy Butcher
    This book really had me hooked in the beginning. I absolutely loved the prologue. I thought that it was poetic and that the author found fresh uses for vocabulary and employed serious-minded yet playful descriptions. The prologue showed a voice and great style. Then, unfortunately, rest of the book was a let-down as it just didn't live up to the promise of the prologue as a lyrical, descriptive portrayal of speculative problems plaguing the Earth. The rest of the writing in the book is pretty st [...]

    Katerina B
    First of all, i received a free copy of this book through First Giveaways.Apart from the fact that this book describe the possibility of a total lack of electricity,as a result the lack of technology whatsoever,delivers important lessons about the humanity.The survival without collaboration isn't achievable,a human forgets preaty easy who he is and the animal insticts conquer when it comes to life or death.This book shows all types of human reaction in that case and a very interesting point of [...]

    An enjoyable take on the nearly end of the world genre. Nice mix of characters although one of the loosely interconnected groups felt off. The building plot had some nice twists and turns on its route, I could have done with a little more graphic descriptions but the tone of the book was more light.Would recommend to anyone who wants a different take on the catastrophe genre.

    The storyline was excellent and it made one think about humanity and what could happen in a crisis. It was a very enjoyable read until the ending. It was as if the author had had enough of writing and just wanted to finish the book.

    • [PDF] Download Þ The Artemis Effect | by ☆ Kasia James
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