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  • Title: Marious' Story
  • Author: M.A. Abraham
  • ISBN: 9781479350032
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback

  • Marious is an Elven diplomat and a favorite of the Light Elven King Daroth It was he who had been chosen to accompany his uncle Gabriel to gather their people to bring back home and now he has once been chosen to escort his uncle and new life mate Eden to rescue the Sentinels in the Dark Elven King s lands Not all has gone well though and he is now being dispatchedMarious is an Elven diplomat and a favorite of the Light Elven King Daroth It was he who had been chosen to accompany his uncle Gabriel to gather their people to bring back home and now he has once been chosen to escort his uncle and new life mate Eden to rescue the Sentinels in the Dark Elven King s lands Not all has gone well though and he is now being dispatched by the King to travel into the Wild Lands to bring back an Elven maiden that has been seen in visions helping the now very pregnant Eden in her task.Tamarak has lived in the wild lands almost her entire life, she has been left alone to face the dangers of land and inhabitants and she has done well just to be able to survive Where she goes her birds follows, her snow owl Elsa and those others that she calls to her aid in times of danger She is wily and the prettiest little Elf Marious has ever seen outside of his homeland She is also his soul mate, but she will need time, time to get used to the changes being brought out of her solitary life in the wild lands and in the midst of the Elven Empire Time to accept that she no longer has to be alone, and he finds she is willing and eager to learn, though not with just anyone.
    M.A. Abraham
    M.A. Abraham Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Marious' Story book, this is one of the most wanted M.A. Abraham author readers around the world.


    Very pleasantly surprised how the writer went not just one step better from her first book but much more. The story is flowing as it should, easy to read and get pulled into the world of elves. I can see more confidence in writing, forming the new characters, the world that was created. The end of the book makes me feel that I have to grab the next one to see what is going to happen. The writer did very good job with making this series addictive.

    This book continued right after Gabriel. It was absolutely funny. Very amusing book, the beginning of the book was totally fun, like how Tamarak was 'playing' with them and Sevil, annoying as hell but fun to watch. (Smiling) Many Elves met their Life Mates in Marious's Story too. Very happy for them but there was this couple, a very powerful couple (Serenity and Torrent) Tamarak's uncle (Tory). When he showed up first. I was awed by him. He seemed so powerful and then when he is with Serenity, s [...]

    Kay Reed
    Marious is my kind of Elf. He is funny, a bit of a prankster and keeps Gabriel on his toes.His companion Sevil tries his patience and tests his happy nature. Tamarak and her birds play havoc with Marious life until she realizes that Marious is her life mate and definitely preferable to Sevil.Marious is a great secondary character in Gabriel’s story but comes shinning through in his own story. I love characters who can play second fiddle and raise to a higher level to play the hero.Well done Ma [...]

    Fran Lucero
    The Eleven Chronicles just keep getting better. Can't wait for Torrent and Serenitys story. This had many surprises and many old friends from the first books . Love this continuation of the characters from the first books. Really recommend this book and the whole series.

    Barb Lie
    Marious’ Story by M.A. Abraham is the second book in her Elven Chronicles series. When we left off from Gabriel, the first book in the series, Marious had left to find the girl who talks to birds, as Eden needs her help to save the Sentinels in the land of the Dark Elves. We pick up in Marious’ Story, with him looking for the girl, Tamarak, with his travel companion Sevil, a dark elf. Both have had a hard time, being attacked by a bear, birds, snakes, and Mariouis suspsected that it was Tama [...]

    Shireen Nemnich
    It isn’t just Marious’ story in this book. There is so very much more going on. The eleven world that this story takes place in is unique and creative. So are those who inhabit it. I really liked the first book as it began to introduce these characters but I love that this one expanded on those we know and introduced even more. I also appreciated learning more about Gabriel and Eden and their children. It was also enjoyable to see Marious as easygoing and understanding compared to Gabriel. I [...]

    Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb"
    I liked this story a lot this is the 2nd book in the Elven Chronicles Marious and Tamarak's story. It's a fun and light hearted story. I also enjoyed the side story between Torrent and Serenity. We get to visit with the characters of the first book Gabriel to find out what they have been up to. The characters are just adorable and interesting. You will have fun exploring the wonderful world of Elves.

    All I adored from the previous installment was just not present on this one. The main characters from this book had nothing to do against the ones from book 1. The plot was far less interesting and everything was just too slow-paced. WHY changed something that worked so well?I still have faith for this series as the next couple remind me of the one I liked.

    I think that marious and tamarak are well suited each to the other and that serenity and Tory both have their hands full! Can't wait to hear more! Go girls!

    Marie Fran
    An Excellent book! I would recommend this book to anyone.Where she comes up with her ideas is beyond me but I am gland that she does.

    Patti Ashley
    Life-matesVarious, nephew to Gabriel, is also sent on a mission by his king. The sentinel trees are dying on the dark elves land, and Eden needs help. She needs a mysterious maiden who talks to animals, but especially birds, and no one is sure really exists. Marious gave Gabriel a lot of grief about Eden, but now it is his turn to find his life-mate. The relationship is the best part of this book. The mysterious visions, that cannot be spoken of I could live without but the romance is quite char [...]

    I won this in a contest and I have to say is WOW!! It blew me away. I did not want to put it down. It is not something I would have normally turned to read. But I am very pleased to say I will look for more of these types of book to read in the future. There are no spoilers in my book review.I found this story to be action packed, entertaining and full of twists that kept me guessing. I was pulled in to the book as if I was a elf and living beside those in the book. In the thick of it so to spea [...]

    Rosemary"Magic" Willis
    OMG i love this bookIt was AwesomeTamarak and Marious fit so well togetherI loved how he won her heart Slowly with patients, love and understanding despite her uncle trying to keep them apart. I Laughed so hard because of this book It was so funnyI love all the Elves in this were stronger then others and some were funnier then others but it was a wonderful book that i will read again and againCant wait to see what u come up with next

    I fell in love with Marious in the first book of the series, "Gabriel" and reading his book, I love him even more. He is a diplomat, he is a warrior and he has a great sense of humour. Tamarak is his Life Mate and she is a great character. I recommend the series The Elven Chronicles, it is like nothing out there.

    A great sequel but not as fun and full of passion as Eden and Gabriel. I liked how Marious slowly made his way to Tam's heart and how strong their connection turned out. Also, the action in escalating, as well as the scale of events.

    I love Marcus character,,,,,,,,,,i feel like he is the love mate for Tam and I strongly feel like Auntie Serenity powers are linked to the dragons.just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the second book in the Elven Chronicles and it's Marious' story. It picks up where the story left off in Gabriel's story.Marious & a Dark Elf, Sevil, have to find a woman who can talk and control all kinds of birds. She lives in the Wild Lands but no one is sure just where. The two men are attacked by a bear, snakes and birds, they realize they have finally found the woman. She is responsible for the attacks but they aren't to harm just to annoy the men so they leave. They manage to [...]

    Belinda Clemons
    I got this book from the author for an honest reviewMarious' Story is another epic adventure with M.A. Abrahams Elvesin this one Marious is sent on a quest with Dark Elf Sevil, to find the elven woman Tamarak who can talk to animals. Eden Gabriel's life mate needs her help because the sentinel trees are dying.It turns out that Marious and Tamarak are life mates and the twists that come will leave you wanting more elves to read about.

    K.G. White
    I could not bring myself to finish this. to be honest, i bought a bunch of M.A. Abraham books because they got good reviews (really high averages, usually above 4 stars) and I was craving reading material in this genre. After reading the first book, however, I recognized my mistake. These books are written for people who are borderline mentally handicapped. The plot and and the action are so dumb and ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I am all for crazy paranormal/sci-fi/supernatural anything crazy [...]

    The second book was better than the first. The writing and continuity are better and I prefer these characters. Still undecided on whether to continue reading the series.It's a bit like the dragon series but less insane characters.

    Renae D
    Gabriel is still my very favorite!! Marious was OK! Marious is my least favorite so far!!

    Wanda Yeoman
    as usual M.A nails it. keeps you riveted to your seat you will not want to sit the book down . in my case pick up the next one as I don't want it to end :D

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