✓ Ik geloof dat ik geloof || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Gianni Vattimo Liliana Jansen-Bella

  • Title: Ik geloof dat ik geloof
  • Author: Gianni Vattimo Liliana Jansen-Bella
  • ISBN: 9789461054869
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback

  • In korte, kernachtige hoofdstukken belicht Vattimo op persoonlijke wijze het thema geloven Een breed spectrum aan onderwerpen komt daarbij aan de orde secularisering versus religiositeit, moraliteit en geloof, moderniteit en christendom, religie en filosofie.
    Gianni Vattimo Liliana Jansen-Bella
    Gianteresio Vattimo, also known as Gianni Vattimo born January 4, 1936 is an internationally recognized Italian author, philosopher, and politician Many of his works have been translated into English.His philosophy can be characterized as postmodern with his emphasis on pensiero debole weak thought This requires that the foundational certainties of modernity with its emphasis on objective truth founded in a rational unitary subject be relinquished for a multi faceted conception closer to that of the arts.


    Abdullah Başaran
    Okay, he says, in passim, he does not develop any detailed argument concerning why he hopes to believe a (post)modern return of religion (viz. Christianity; but I take it "Catholicocentricism"). But, in fact, he does provide no argument at all.

    4.5. Vattimo has a very interesting means of bringing Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Christian scriptures/tradition into dialogue-- a conversation which, although I find pretty satisfying, still seems to be based upon a certain sort of metaphysics-- just what the author is trying to get away from. Well worth the read.

    Christine van der Veer
    In dit persoonlijke essay verkent Vattimo de relatie tussen het 'zwakke denken' van Heidegger (en Nietzsche) en het christendom. Net zoals Heidegger af wilde van het denken over 'zijn' in metafysische terminologie heeft, volgens Vattimo, ook het christendom afgedaan met een absoluut Godsbeeld doordat hij tot de mensen is gekomen. Door deze christelijke beweging is geloven (en dus ook ervaren) belangrijker dan het absolute kennen, en dit sluit goed aan bij het nihilistische denken van de moderne [...]

    SecolarizzazioneNietzsche e Heidegger hanno descritto la fine della metafisica (che Vattimo chiama indebolimento degli enti forti o indebolimento dell'essere, o anche secolarizzazione). Vattimo sostiene che in qualche modo le sue radici cristiane lo hanno predisposto ad apprezzare l'idea di indebolimento dell'essere, in quanto il cristianesimo, e in particolare l'Incarnazione e la morte di Cristo sarebbero una metafora della fine della metafisica. Il Dio che muore, secondo Vattimo, è il Dio met [...]

    Belief, a slim volume by the Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo, was originally entitled "Credere di credere" ("believing that one believes"). As such, it departs from the disembodied abstractions of much philosophical discourse and instead assumes a compelling and personal first person voice. Indeed, Vattimo not only provides a concise introduction to his understanding of "weak thought" and its bearing on religion, he also details the nature of his own Catholic faith, one certainly at odds (but [...]

    grapples with kenosis and the nihilism of nietzsche and heidegger as the route in which "positive" secularization in fact leads right back to a historically morphing faithanslated from the italian. love the idea of "sin" as a homonym with "peccato," as in "che peccato!" -- simply "what a pity!"

    Buen libro de Vattimo, introducción al pensiero debole y a la reflexión postmoderna total de los sistemas religiosos. Creo que va demasiado lejos con su exegesis, pero tiene cosas muy buenas que sin duda vaticinan el retorno de lo religioso al mundo. Hermeneutica postmoderna.

    An argument for "religion without God" by a Nietzschean, gay, devout Catholic philosopher who also was an elected member of European Parliament under the Communist Party. (He gets to check mad boxes.) An argument that I rely on every time I discuss religion.

    • ✓ Ik geloof dat ik geloof || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Gianni Vattimo Liliana Jansen-Bella
      454 Gianni Vattimo Liliana Jansen-Bella
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