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  • Title: I'll Be Here
  • Author: Autumn Doughton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • For the past two years, Willow James has been building the perfect life a life that centers around Dustin Rant, her dimpled, sports car driving, cologne wearing boyfriend Willow and Dustin have lots of plans Plans for college, prom, tonight actually So, when the unthinkable happens, and Dustin breaks up with Willow over a plate of cheese fries at a steak house, she isFor the past two years, Willow James has been building the perfect life a life that centers around Dustin Rant, her dimpled, sports car driving, cologne wearing boyfriend Willow and Dustin have lots of plans Plans for college, prom, tonight actually So, when the unthinkable happens, and Dustin breaks up with Willow over a plate of cheese fries at a steak house, she is left stunned and heartbroken With less than two months until graduation, Willow has to start a new life from scratch She ll have to revisit old wrongs along the way and make the most important decision of all who does she want to be She s going to have help from her wacky ex best friend, her bohemian mother, and an old flame that is suddenly and somewhat inconveniently back in her life.
    Autumn Doughton
    I write books Fun books Books for you, your best friend, your favorite barista and that girl you knew back in the tenth grade I like to write about the things I know Things like being confused Being afraid Falling in love.When I m not writing, I m usually chasing after my two daughters, two dogs, two chinchillas, three cats and one lovely husband You can find all of us in Florida, where it s salty, sunny and humid Bad for the hair Good for the soul.I love reading, eating pizza and meeting people who make everybody feel like a somebody I am allergic to monogrammed towels, pretentious wine snobs, haters and the widely accepted practice of growing up.


    Autumn Doughton
    It feels weird to rate your own book I was that kid in school elections that didn't vote for myself. What can I say other than that I've always been wary of self-promoters? And now, here I am shamelessly self-promoting!Please read, enjoy, laugh a bit, and let me know what you think. I'm so grateful to everyone who has given me a little slice of their time and in return I'm giving you a little slice of my heart. Thanks XOXO

    Jessica's Book Review
    Read more reviews on my blog | Like me on FacebookI'll Be Here is about 17 year-old Willow who was dumped royally by her boyfriend of two years, Dustin; the guy she thought she was in love with. Not only was she dumped but she found out her boyfriend was seeing another a girl, a girl Willow thought was her friend.Willow changed who she was for her boyfriend and over the course of the book she rediscovers who she really is while not trying to be the perfect girlfriend for the "perfect" boyfriend. [...]

    Of course It's a 5!Autumn Doughton - you have a knack for describing a heartbreak. Note: This isn't paranormal. I just like the pic :)Inside of me is all whirl and spin. A cockroach is doing pirouettes on my chest. A cockroach in a tutu. I would breathe but a giant has his grubby hands wrapped around my lungs and he’s squeezing. Tighter.And these are just the first paragraphs of the book - wait till you get a hold of the whole bookThank you Jas for recommending this book - I admit I already ha [...]

    SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    FREE today on US (7/22/2013)azon/Ill-Be-Here-ebo

    Komal Kant
    I wonder if I hold Autumn Doughton hostage, will she write her next books quicker?Seriously. Read this book. Read it.I love books where the two main characters had a past, drifted apart, and are then forced together. Willow was a great character. I found her easy to relate to and she was likable too.Let's get to the most crucial element in the story. Alex Faber. Holy shit, do I love Alex Faber! He made me swoon and melt and swoon some more!I really love the way Autumn writes her male characters. [...]

    Holy smokes teen angst! In my current spell of YA contemporary I've been reading a lot of this type of book (cheapo YA fiction on amazon) and some of them have been great and some of them have been not so great and some have been awful. I really liked this one. It took a few chapters for me to get into it, but once I did I was hooked.

    So, yesterday I was suddenly laid low by a mystery nasty and took to my bed in best -- well, it can hardly be Victorian style when I had my iPad in hand, I guess. I tried to continue reading Stray, but didn't quite have the brainpower (will write that one up very soon), so spent quite a while looking at books I'd marked to keep an eye on, and reading Kindle/iBooks samples, and came across this somewhere in that book search road trip.I don't have a lot to say about it, for once, but it was a cute [...]

    ♥ Sarah
    3.5 STARS“Because, Alex Faber wasn’t just a boy that I thought about from time to time. He wasn’t just a boy that I spent time with when our parents threw us together. Alex was a world. He was an entire galaxy. A universe of possibilities.”Alex Faber is the kind of guy that would climb up a trellis or balcony for Willow. He’s the real deal. And, Willow’s been in love with him since the sixth grade. Yeah, she got dumped by her BF of 2 years (and he straight up humiliated her), right b [...]

    Linda Sims
    A YA STORY WELL WORTH READINGWillow James has her life planned out, her boyfriend of two years Dustin Rant have planned it out together. Even down to how many footsteps it takes between the dorms from each other, where they plan to go to college. So when Dustin suddenly dumps Willow two months before graduation, she is shattered. To then find out that he had been cheating with her friend behind her back is an even bigger blow.As the days pass by Willow realises how much she had changed herself f [...]

    P.A. Warren
    First off.Can I just say Autumn Doughton You Rock.Seriously. I'll Be Here is a Story about finding yourself,losing your love and finding love.Willows boyfriend,Dustin,dumps her.d by the way he totally doesnt deserve her. Willow is heartbroken but she will find out who her friends are,find new ones and new love. I absolutely adored this book,If im not mistaken this is the Debut Novel by Autumn Doughton.I hope this will not be the last.She has made a fan of me.I was attached to the kindle all nigh [...]

    there are those kind of books who might have an extraordinary story, but if they dont have what i call "a grasping-writing skill", then there's no way i could ever even dream of finishing it. but this book, even though its compiled of a simple story, it had that "skill" and i was immediately hooked with it. i loved how the author voiced willow's thoughts so normally. its like her thoughts are like our own, and there are only few books which dont contain lame cliches that make you want to gag!! o [...]

    This looks like a good freebie. Must read now!Summary: Willow James is having a bad week. Her boyfriend of two years, Dustin, has recently broken up with her and Alex, her former crush, is now coming out of the woodwork. Willow goes through changes involving her life, her outlook, and even herself. Prosecution: I found Willow to be a little too wishy washy and Alex wasn't really explained as much as I would have liked. What made him tick, besides being jealous?Defense: I loved this book. Serious [...]

    Alli Wiles
    Loved! Willow was crazy at times but I loved her anyway and Alex=hot, hot, hot! I wish the author had written more scenes with Laney and Lance. They made me LOL!

    this was a really good story! I really enjoyed it!

    So I tried to write a review about 2 this morning, but it just didn't flow. Here's the deal with this book. It's more than what I anticipated it to be and by that I knew it was a romance and, since all I read are romances (recently but I do seem to be single-mindedly reading these days), I knew what to expect. What I didn't expect was the creation of such true-to-life characters. I felt like I knew Willow's mother and best friend and best frenemy and ex-boyfriend and love of her life within at l [...]

    Ok, so I picked this book up when I friended the author on and I have to say it was a surprisingly good read. Lots of YA angst and love! I was thrown back to my high school days and how life was then. Lots of us have experienced heartbreak in high school and this book really hits the nail on the head. I felt the heartache all over again and I almost put the book down due to thisbut I powered through. Then I got to the part that made me realize that my best friend is the best friend in the entir [...]

    This was a great novel and the author really dug deep down for the emotions on this one. I felt emotionally attached to the characters and bled right along with them, feeling their highs and lows. It was intense and honestly one of the best I've read of its kind in a while.

    This book was too cute. I really connected with the characters and the heartache that Willow experienced. And I developed a major crush on Alex :)

    3.5 clean easy ya stars

    I hate when I start a book and I am hooked right away and of course I have so much going on that I can`t read it as fast as I want to. Well that was the case with this book! I loved it! I was hooked right from the beginning. Having finished it, I want more!I love how the author has you hooked in from the very start. The characters were well written an the flow of the story was perfect! It was not rushed or not so drawn out like some books usually are. Willow is a really strong character. I think [...]

    "Willow, it's never too late. And there's always a way to begin again." ~ AlexOMG I loved this!! Willow is a wonderful, average girl. And we are plopped into her world as it's falling apart - her boyfriend of two years dumping her. I love that Willow is so easy to relate to. She isn't goodie-goodie, she isn't "the most popular girl in school" but she also doesn't suddenly throw raging fits or punch everyone in sight. She has reactions that are realistic and true. And Alex. What a wonderful treas [...]

    ★¸. • * ° * ༺*Blanka*༺*°°*•.¸. ♥★
    Willow, 17 gets dumped by her boyfriend of two years and also finds out her friend is not really her friends since she has been seeing her boyfriend behind her back! Then an old crush named Alex reappers and she focus all her attention on himWe all have been 17 once I know I didn't get over my boyfriend of 2 years over night the same way Willow did, so it's a bit tooooooo far fetched for me! She just whined and bitched about it ok now lets get to the crying part since I know you're hurt!!!I felt [...]

    Duda Rocha
    The story is just adorable, and it's impossible to put it down. Willow just got dumped by her boyfriend of two years, and she's just lost, not understanding how everything went from perfect to falling apart so fast. But the best part of the story, besides Alex, of course, is that Willow rediscovers herself,her emotions and old crushes, that are just swoon worthy!This book is really fast paced, and the characters are really well written, that they actually feel real, like a friend of mine, so I j [...]

    This book was so much more than I expected. I picked it up as a Kindle freebie and I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The story was well thought out and I absolutely loved Willow. Willow was funny, humble and she had a way of wording things that really kept me glued to the page. It's YA, so there's some making out and a few mentions of sex, but no actual sex scenes. It's definitely worth a read and I would recommend it to friends. Although it can be read as a standalone, I'm hoping [...]

    Rebecca Pierce
    I don't know anything about the author, but it read like she is an out of touch forty year old trying to sound young, using some cliches in dialogue that are out if touch with current young person lingo and otherwise just trying too hard to sound young. I did like the story well enough, but found the characterization a little off and the plot a little thin and predictable. I read it fast and was entertained enough to finish speed reading it.

    Susan Simmons
    This was a fun read that left me laughing at times and misty at others. It centers around high schooler, Willow James, and the aftermath of a break-up with her boyfriend. It definitely falls into the YA romance category, but there are lots of other little important life lessons along the way about friendship and family.I"ll be recommending it to my friends!

    Surpassed my expectations! Didn't anticipate this one to be so beautifulGreat usage of language ;) ,well-drawn,relatable(especially Willow) characters,and,the best part being the quotes in the beginning of every chapter!! :)Alex was damn adorableQuite a guy to have waited for Willow this long!

    April Hesler
    this book is clearly written for a younger crowd the plot wasn't surprising the writing style was simple at best, but I absolutely loved the wit and depth of the main character I loved all the uniquely poetic lines I will read every book by this author in hope to be victim of those beautiful poetic lines again

    I found this book as a freebie on amazon and I never really got around to reading it, until yesterday .Once I started I couldn't stop I got so caught up in the plot . I loved it , it kinda reminded me of Easy by Tammara Webber which was also amazing . I would suggest this to anyone who's into teen/Ya angst type novels

    i am giving this book a 4 star it was a close 5 star bt the only thing that stopped me was how long it took to gt into the book but i have to say once i was into it it was a great book. xxx the characters were good and the chemistry between willow and alex was great. i thought i liked dustin and taylor but i didnt like them in the end xxxx fantastic read though xx

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