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  • Title: Eighty Days White
  • Author: Vina Jackson
  • ISBN: 9781409129097
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback

  • A companion book in Vina Jackson s bestselling EIGHTY DAYS series that is a seductive, exhilarating romance novel that fans of Fifty Shades and Sylvia Day will love I always dreamed of one day falling in love, of knowing what it felt like to love someone so unconditionally For better or worse.Ever since her days as a student in Brighton, Lily always knew there was sometA companion book in Vina Jackson s bestselling EIGHTY DAYS series that is a seductive, exhilarating romance novel that fans of Fifty Shades and Sylvia Day will love.I always dreamed of one day falling in love, of knowing what it felt like to love someone so unconditionally For better or worse.Ever since her days as a student in Brighton, Lily always knew there was something missing in her life a path yet to be taken and deep desires waiting to be explored Though she finds release in her love of music, Lily longs to rebel against the staid direction her life is going in and to discover what it is she truly wants.When Lily moves to London her best friend the seductive, audacious Liana introduces her to an exciting new world of passion and adventure Soon Lily meets Leonard, a man she feels an instant connection with Dagur, the gorgeous drummer of a world renowned rock band celebrated photographer Grayson and his enigmatic partner, She.Despite living life to the full and embracing each new experience, Lily knows she is yet to find what it is she s been missing Will Lily finally be able to accept the woman she really is And has the thing she s been searching for been right in front of her all along A compelling, romantic adventure with a feisty new heroine, who fans of the series will remember from EIGHTY DAYS YELLOW and EIGHTY DAYS BLUE.
    Vina Jackson
    Vina Jackson is the pseudonym for two established writers working together for the first time One a successful author, the other a published writer who is also a city professional working in the Square Mile.


    I received my copy from Orion Books through Nudge and rated it 4.5 stars.This fifth book in the “Eighty Days” series is about Lily, the girl with the teardrop tattoo, who has been present in all of the four previous books, be it in very small roles most of the time. When Lily moves to London after finishing university in Brighton she is ready to embrace the world. She doesn’t know what she wants from life or how exactly she fits into her surroundings though. Observing her friend submitting [...]

    Kin Caid
    y a des séries comme ça où il faut parfois persévérer pour trouver (enfin) un excellent tome^^

    La série « 80 notes de » est la première série érotique que j'ai lu. L'engouement autour de ce genre littéraire était à son apogée, avec les débuts de « 50 nuances de Grey » qui était exposé de toute part dans chaque librairie. Cependant, je n'avais pas envie de commencer avec l'histoire de Grey et de Anastasia, à cause des avis négatifs que j'avais lus dessus. Du coup, j'avais sauté le pas avec « 80 nuances de jaune ». Ce premier tome ne m'avait pas vraiment convaincue et j' [...]

    Ricarda Scola
    Inhalt:Die Farbe der Sehnsucht erzählt die Lebensgeschichte von Lily. Diese zieht nach ihrem Studium nach London, wo sie sowohl in einem Musikgeschäft als auch in einem Fetischclub arbeitet. Dort macht sie die verschiedensten sexuellen Erfahrungen mit den verschiedensten Männern und Frauen. Sie ist ewig auf der Suche und übersieht dabei, was sie die ganze Zeit vor Augen hatEigene Meinung:80 Days - Die Farbe der Sehnsucht von Vina Jackson, ein weiterer, als Einzelband anzusehender, Nachfolger [...]

    Mit einem Tattoo fängt es an, danach verändert sich Lily's Leben von Grund auf. Schritt für Schritt wird Lily zu der, die sie wirklich ist. Ein Weg voller Höhen und Tiefen. Ein Weg, wie es das Leben selbst schreibt."80 Days - Die Farbe der Sehnsucht" unterscheidet sich in meinen Augen von seinen Vorgängern. In diesem Band übernimmt die weibliche Protagonistin den dominanten Part und ich muss ehrlich gestehen, dass dies mich nicht so ganz angesprochen hat.Lily ist ein sehr interessanter Cha [...]

    Read: 1 February 2013Why: Enjoyed the Eighty Days seriesBrief synopsis: Lily is introduced to a fetish club by best friend Liana and is surprised to learn that she is fascinated by the goings on in but not ready to participate. The more she sees, the more she is drawn to the fetish scene but at the same time, she's torn as she cannot give up the need to love and be loved. Can she find true love with someone able to fulfil her sexual desires?What I thought: Like Amber, this book runs parallel to [...]

    Lucy Felthouse
    Article first published as Book Review: Eighty Days White by Vina Jackson on Blogcritics.Eighty Days White is another companion novel to the original titles. It deals with another character we've briefly met - Lily, the girl with the teardrop tattoo. We follow her on her journey from her days as a student in Brighton to London and a life of sexual discovery.There are kinks abound in this book - voyeurism, exhibitionism, female domination, male domination, submission, spanking and much, much more [...]

    Kelvin Ng
    Finally I get to read this steamy, passionate and humorous in its own way novel. I read this in the ebook format and usually, I can't finish ebooks because I'm rather old fashioned when it comes to books, preferring to read it in physical form. But Eighty Days White is one of the only two ebooks I have in my ebook collection that I managed to finish and I'm proud of myself. Sounds kinda self-indulgent but yeah, you get the point!Anyway, this book ties up all the loose ends and closes the first h [...]

    A.R. Von
    This addition to the series continues the highly erotic appeal as all of the others in the Eighty Days series. This one can be read as a stand-alone if readers would like to come straight to it. I personally think you’d get a kick out of recognizing going ons in the background if you read the others first though. Just saying. A good read for any fans of the genre.Lily is…Lily. She’s like no other, nor does she want to be. Unsure of what she really wants in life or out of it. She explores, [...]

    This novel is another installment in the Eighty Days Series and the authors have delivered again. There seems to be no end of alternative life choices in this one; from voyeurism, exhibitionism, female domination, male domination, submission, spanking, to (and I know it's hard to believe) - more! The story is centered around Lily, she of the teardrop tattoo, and her journey to self acceptance. The book's pacing was a bit uneven as all the different experiences occur in detail, and Lily's charact [...]

    Just like the previous book, this one is compelling and has a fantastic story. I like Lily, the way she tries to find herself even if it means going against what other believe.At the beginning she was so innocent and pure, even through the story with Leonard. When she meets Dagur she is starting to see a different side of herself, especially since working at the club and meeting She and Grayson.Still she doesn't know if she is on the right path and than everything change when she moves.When Neil [...]

    This book finally tells the story of the girl with the teardrop tattoo who has briefly been written about in the all the previous Eighty Days books. We see from her side the times she's met or just seen from afar Dominik, Summer, Luba, Greyson, She and many others. From the other books I imagined Lily as a rough Goth but in this book we find out she's a rebellious rich girl who is trying to find out who she is.The end of the book brings all the characters together in one setting, not all of them [...]

    So, this book follows Lily, who we've met from previous books. We follow Lily through her days as a student and we watch her try new sexual things and figure out who she is. There is a lot of sexy times in this book in all different forms. Some made me squirm a little.This is a companion novel, although it can be standalone. I haven't read all the others from the series, but the book made perfect sense to me. It's not my favorite of the series, but it was good, nonetheless.This is a really good [...]

    E.M. Reders
    I preferred this book to the rest of the series, though i feel that there is an awful lot of description that tends to get boring after a while. i understand the need to set the scene, describe where the character is, what they see, but when this takes up numerous pages i kept getting the urge to skip that part of the book. Overall though the story of Lily was great and it was nice to see all the other characters again from the previous books make an appearance.

    Karline05 Un brin de lecture
    unbrindelecture/2014/1Un cinquième opus dans la même ambiance audacieuse et sulfureuse de Londres que les couleurs précédentes. J'ai eu plus de mal avec cette héroïne qui m'a mois touché que les personnages rencontrés dans les opus antérieurs. Cependant la plume pleine de finesse et de justesse de l'auteure nous embarque sans mal dans cet univers underground où l'érotisme et les expériences inédites pullulent.

    Margaret Sholders
    This is what I call a hardcore series. I might even say it probably crosses most readers lines of comfort. This is not for Under 18 readers. Lily is trying so hard to find out who she is. She endures through lots of breakups and hopefully finds where she needs to be. I liked this book. I hope there is another book on the horizon to see whether she does have her Happy Ever After.

    Tina Nguyen
    I honestly didn't know how to make sense of this book. I mean, some parts of it I just thought it was weird while other parts of the story made perfect sense. It was interesting in the sense that I have never read a book that was written in that way before, but I don't think I would be re-reading it ever.

    Annie Ribeiro
    felt as the the writer ran out of things to wrote about at the beginning but well worth plodding through the boring parts. altho I did feel like the writer also ran out of ideas for the sex parts. glad it's the last book in the series as I don't think it would have gotten better. I also found the book before this one a little slow.

    Although I didn't find it as erotic as the volumes with Summer and Dominik as main characters, I enjoyed Lily's self-discovery and growth. She felt real in a different way than Summer did. This would be a good place to start if you're not sure whether to read the whole series.I'm looking forward to read more from Vina Jackson now that I'm done reading the "80 days" pentalogy.

    Took me a while to get into it, think I was cause I was still hooked on my other book (reflected in you) I enjoyed most of it although some parts I didn't like the fisting herself ect Other than that - good book

    Sam McCarthy
    Loved it! I really enjoy knowing more about the characters from the first three booksbut I fear that the authors have started something now that could go on for ever. I really want to know all about Grayson, and it would be interesting to read from a mans point of view. ;)

    Bev Simon
    I took a while to get into this book, once I did I enjoyed it. Loved the ending bringing back all the other characters from previous books in the series.

    Tracey Cochrane
    Short,articulate, turned on, fascinating and fun to read

    Loved this book, had its own story and also capped off the other individuals from the first 4 books and tied it up nicely. Great Book.


    I just loved Lily just starting off in love and finding her way. This book had it all for a good read. Cant wait to read the others.

    Ruth Loizides
    An interesting read. Nice to he a hear of all the characters again. A bit boring though

    Loved it, I love the way the character's journeys all get intertwined! Really good series, hoping for more!

    another book of the same stuff lame story connecting juicy bits. quick read, but nothing special.

    Es hat mich extrem gut unterhalten. Was ich besonders lobenswert finde , sind die Charaktere. Alle - und ich meine wirklich ALLE - haben Charakter und hinterlassen einen bleibenden Eindruck. TOP !

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