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  • Title: Schismatrix Plus (Complete Shapers-Mechanists Universe)
  • Author: Bruce Sterling
  • ISBN: 9780441003709
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback

  • Schismatrix Plus, is Bruce Sterling s new trade paperback For the first time in one volume every word Bruce Sterling has ever written on the Shapers Mechanists Universe In the last decade, Sterling has emerged a pioneer of crucial, cutting edge science fiction Now Ace Books is proud to offer Sterling s stunning world of the Schismatrix where Shaper revolutionaries strSchismatrix Plus, is Bruce Sterling s new trade paperback For the first time in one volume every word Bruce Sterling has ever written on the Shapers Mechanists Universe In the last decade, Sterling has emerged a pioneer of crucial, cutting edge science fiction Now Ace Books is proud to offer Sterling s stunning world of the Schismatrix where Shaper revolutionaries struggle against aristocratic Mechanists for ultimate control of man s destiny This volume includes the classic full length novel, Schismatrix, plus thousands of words of mind bending short fiction.
    Bruce Sterling
    Michael Bruce Sterling is an American science fiction author, best known for his novels and his seminal work on the Mirrorshades anthology, which helped define the cyberpunk genre.


    What a great read this was. I've never been much of a fan of cyberpunk and I'm not particularly a fan of the authors generally noted to be founders of the genre (William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, etc.), but I really loved this book and it has put Bruce Sterling near the top of my list for sci-fi writers. Sterling does an excellent job of melding his cyberpunk ethos with a space opera-ish background that is combined with the 'Grand Tour' of the solar system structure (cp. The Ophiuchi Hotline by J [...]

    The moment I read in Galactic North that Alastair Reynolds acknowledged Schismatrix as a huge influence in developing his Revelation Space series, I knew I had to eventually track it down. Four years later, eventually finally happened. So let me first of all clarify the difference between Schismatrix and Schismatrix Plus. The Plus edition has five short stories set in the Schismatrix universe along with the novel length title story. These short stories were enjoyable- especially Swarm which brou [...]

    Alastair Reynolds said, in one of his Revelation Space books, that Bruce Sterling’ Schismatrix had a huge influence on his works and recommends it as one of the best cyberpunk stories. Of course it piqued my interest and now, after I read it, I have to say he was right - at least about the influence part.It is obvious that Shaper/Mechanist universe stands at the base of Conjoiners/Demarchists one and that the somber atmosphere is the one encountered mostly in Chasm City. But the similarities b [...]

    A bizarre absurdist bourgeois epic set in the space kindgom of the posthuman con artists. Features hyperbole and sharp dark humor.As scientific and technological advances shatter the limitations which define modern thought and sustain the existence of a single human community, rugged individualists and pretentious youths boldy reach for transcendance.But as it turns out, it's bourgeois property relations which end up transcending the material conditions that sustained them. Commodity fetichism d [...]

    Another reviewer wrote: "It is creative, but one of the characteristics of this book is that the author writes as if the story is happening in our present world, so he does not define words and key elements just as an author writing in the present wouldn't define terms they assume are collective knowledge." They gave this book one star. One star!It's times like these I realize how crazy some people are. The above technique is one of the marks of good science fiction, as opposed to the forced an [...]

    I had written Bruce Sterling off as a relic of the cyberpunk era, big mistake. The wow factor is pretty big on this. Mind mutating, WTF, idea per sentence science fiction with shades at time of Bester, Triptree jr. Delaney, Barrington J. Bailey(who blurbs it) William S. Burroughs, and Ballard. Dense, filled with absurd humor and grotesque surreal visions, as human future and form breaks and cascades into increasing odd shapes. I feel a little buzzed after finishing this. This and a couple of sho [...]

    [somewhere at the bottom of a well] "Steve! Steve, wake up! Come on, Steve, we got work to do. Steve!" "Senhor, is that you shouting? It's two in the morning. I was sleeping. Who died, where is burning?" "Nonsense, Steve. It's two in the midnight. Come, we have work to do. We're back in business, I have a review to write and you're staring in it. I'll tell you the plan on the way, come, come." "Senhor, you're an asshole." "I know it, the Queen gave me a medal for it, that's why I'm a sir." [next [...]

    Humanity has moved out into the solar system and schismed, with different factions employing different philosophies to endure and thrive in the harsh environment. The Shapers rely on genetically engineering themselves. Mechanists rely on cybernetic enhancement. They aren't the only factions out there, just the biggest, in the ongoing quest to determine humanity's destiny. Abelard Lindsay is an assassin, a diplomat, a con artist, a political exile, an entrepeneur, and someone who finds himself in [...]

    Steven Shaviro
    SCHISMATRIX PLUS is one of Bruce Sterling's early novels, long unavailable, and now back in print as an ebook. (The "Plus" indicates that the book also includes a bunch of short stories set in the same future world as the novel itself). This novel has much more of a far-future setting than the bulk of Sterling's subsequent work. It follows the adventures of the main character, Abelard Lindsay (though at times he uses many other names) from being a 20-something rebel to being the 200 years old or [...]

    A. S.
    The huge issue with this book is the fact that the story is told as if the reader is present and infinitely familiar with the social, political, and technological developments in the Shapers/Mechanists universe. Sterling occasionally has a a moment where another character talks about what's going on on the various planets (like when Ryumin or Greta Beatty gives him a quick tour of their world), and those parts read smoother than the rest of the novel. In sci-fi and fantasy, world-building is inc [...]

    This was the science fiction odyssey that I've been longing to read all summer. I'm glad that I finally found one that captivated me from start to finish as I was starting to think I might be burnt out on the genre- a frightening thought.Sterling's book collects a number of stories all set within his Shaper-Mechanist universe, with his first novel Schismatrix forming the backbone of the story. Following humankind's ascent into the stars, Sterling creates two competing directions for our evolutio [...]

    I picked up this book based solely on Alastair Reynolds insane props:"I owe an equally obvious debt to Bruce Sterling, whose 'Shaper/Mechanist' sequence blew my mind on several levels. Sterling's future history, even though it consists of only a single novel and a handful of stories, still feels utterly plausible to me twenty years after I first encountered it. Part of me wishes Sterling would write more 'Shaper/Mechanist' stories; another part of me admires him precisely for not doing so. Read [...]

    The cyberpunk movement is one I will never be able to get into. It is creative, but one of the characteristics of this book is that the author writes as if the story is happening in our present world, so he does not define words and key elements just as an author writing in the present wouldn't define terms they assume are collective knowledge. It bored me.

    J'avais lu ce livre il y a déja quelques années, et en avait étéé positivement émerveillé. Car après la déferlante du cyberpunk, Sterling nous revenait avec une oeuvre aux dimensions épiques, embrasssant dans sa fresque futuriste de très nombreuses visions de l'humanité et une rencontre avec les extra-terrestres.J'ai cette fois-ci été un peu plus touché par le côté humain du personnage principal (auquel on ne peut décement pas donner le titre de héros, puisqu'il passe l'essent [...]

    This book includes not just Schismatrix, but also a handful of short stories set in the same universe. Schismatrix itself I'm going to review separately, because there's so much to talk about, so in this review I will focus on the short stories and what they add to the experience of reading Schismatrix. There are five stories: "Swarm," "Spider Rose," "Cicada Queen," "Sunken Gardens" and "Twenty Evocations."Swarm - a suspenseful tale in the classic tradition of "hunter becomes prey" stories; it f [...]

    Nihal Vrana
    This book slowly grew on me. Honestly, I didn't like the first 100 pages of so; it was too cyber-punky (and I have read enough of that). But then it got weirder and weirder and it started to grasp me very deeply. It is a mad difficult book to write (and due to that, it is quite obscure in places; but that's alright). The rivalry developed between Lindsay and Constantine over a very long time span in environments which are joy to imagine was wonderful. It is not a wonder why nobody ever touched i [...]

    Bryan Glosemeyer
    This book leaves me with a lot of conflicting reactions. There were several times where I was a hair's breadth from just giving it two stars and putting it down in favor of another read. But I really hate doing that with books, and the novel within the book was just a little over 200 pages, so I decided, again and again, that I would just deal and get through it. (This version of the book also includes about another hundred pages of short stories which take place in-universe. Full disclosure, at [...]

    This has got me scratching my head at the definition of cyberpunk. The picture everyone has is pretty much console cowboys navigating some virtual reality dreamscape from a gritty rough and tumble noirish realspace. If that's cyberpunk, then Sterling has taken the pretension way past its defined forms.Schismatrix is centrally about a political and violent conflict between two general factions of humanity, one of whom prefer genetic alterations over the cybernetic modifications of the other. Our [...]

    This is one of the best examples of a stitch-up job in science fiction (the other best one, off the top of my head, is the first volume in Asimov's Foundation series). A stitch up job is when a bunch of short stories are Frankensteined together into a single 300-page-ish volume. Most of the good 'Great SF books' at least started as stitch ups because that was the way to establish yourself in the market (sell short stories, turn those stories into your first book/series). In Schismatrix, Sterling [...]

    March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    Review: SCHISMATRIX PLUS by BRUCE STERLINGCollecting the original novel (SCHISMATRIX) plus 5 short stories and the author's Prologue, SCHISMATRIX PLUS constitutes the sum total of what author Bruce Sterling intended to write of the Shaper/Mechanist Universe. What I came away with (this being my first reading of Mr. Sterling, one of the founders of "Cyberpunk") is an impression of a universe where, like ours, hard heads and stubbornness prevail, and where two opposing ideologies butt heads like t [...]

    The novel itself is the bulk of this volume, a complex winding story that works somewhere between world-building bravado and humanist parable. Some moments are sloppy and confusing but the story is powerful and sweet and catches some truth I don't often expect to find in fiction. Wish I knew more about the what the author had in mind for the theater here, there's something beyond the obvious that I haven't quite grabbed.The attached stories would be weak on their own, but add interesting color t [...]

    Alexander Veee
    "Knowledge was power. And in seizing knowledge, humanity had gripped a power as bright and angry as a live wire. At stake were issues vaster than any before: the prospects were more dazzling, the potentials sharper, and the implications more staggering than anything ever faced by humanity or its successors. Yet the human mind still had its own resources. The gifts for survival were not found only in the sharp perceptions of the Shapers, with their arsenals of brain-stretching biochemicals, or th [...]

    Dee Maselle
    This was my third attempt at reading Schismatrix Plus over the past 15 years: I tried one more time because a respected writer-friend adores it. I made it through this time, and eventually it grew on me--especially the diverse, colorful, textured short stories following the strange decades-hopping Schismatrix novel. I can't get past the fact that some of the dialogue is oddly manifesto-like and unnatural, even between sexual/romantic partners, so three stars rather than four.

    Un livre exigeant, mais qui vous fait voir une humanité dépasse par son propre futur. Une inventivité rare, Bruce sterling réinvente le livre univers.

    It's funny, I've never been able to get into anything else Bruce Sterling has written, but this one remains one of my favorites.

    Quite remarkable. One of the best solar system colonization universes with a baroque and cyberpunk-inflected computer/biology split.

    Ian Casey
    Cyberpunk space opera? Why not? Bruce Sterling is among the most important figures in cyberpunk, what with his stewardship of the Mirrorshades anthology and his literary bromance with William Gibson. But whereas Gibson's Neuromancer looked inward to 'cyberspace', Sterling's Schismatrix looked outward to old-fashioned space but with his new-fangled post-human flavour.This is a book that manages to function as a fun, pulpy space adventure romp whilst still exploring some serious and cutting-edge s [...]

    The main story is good, though can be a bit hard to follow along, the other shorter ones aren't as good. In that main story, overall fun plot and good characters (and space-pirates! and everything), however sometimes it's a bit too uneventful while exploring the politics of the world. The interesting characters provide continuity where the plot can be a bit disorienting and the writing style rather disconnected (this writing style is probably the biggest problem with the shorter stories, which d [...]

    Schismatrix has more incredible, new ideas than almost any book I've ever read. Perdido Street Station is the only one off the top of my head I would put above it. It explores biology, technology, space travel, aliens, new political orders, and more. It's dizzying and fascinating.I originally picked it up since it's listed as a classic Cyberpunk novel, considered by many as "canon" up there with Neuromancer. The two are NOT anywhere near at the same level of quality, IMHO.I got halfway through S [...]

    Gonzalo Rodriguez Garcia
    I suppose it is because of Mirrorshades, but I strongly associate Bruce Sterling with cyberpunk. Seeing this book recommended in Transhuman Space (which is supposed to be post-cyberpunk science fiction) got me intrigued. Not enough to read it immediately though, since this book has waited in my shelves for seven years. Maybe, younger me was giving me a Christmas present.If I had to compare to something I had had read before, it would be the Elric of Melibone books by Michael Moorcock. As the lat [...]

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