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  • Title: Who Was Christopher Columbus?
  • Author: Bonnie Bader Nancy Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780448465883
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Learn all about Christopher Columbus early life at sea, which led him to seek fortune by sailing west in hopes of creating new trade routes with the Indies Kids will read about why he called himself the Great Admirald of the Seas and learn of his struggles to find financial support for his voyage.
    Bonnie Bader Nancy Harrison
    Bonnie Bader lives in Brooklyn, New York.


    Amanda Northrup
    The good news is that there is a decent amount of accuracy in this book. It's hard to find solid and accurate Columbus books. Columbus is a highly mythologized figure in the US. This book DOES emphasize how obsessed he was with gold and that this drove everything Columbus did. It also mentions that he took Taino people as slaves and there is a passing mention of charging the Taino people a tributeEVER - these truths are painted as side issues and are very glossed over. In reality, Columbus activ [...]

    The book Who Was Christopher Columbus? by Bonnie Bader is an informational, interesting biography about the story of Christopher Columbus and how he lived all of his life. This book contained a lot of detail and it got me interested in this book. This book told about how Christopher Columbus always loved the sea and always wanted to become a sailor. When he grew to be a man, he asked the king and queen if he could go sailing to the Indies to try to find many treasures. Of course, the king and qu [...]

    I thought this book was Interesting. These series of ''Who Was'' are really fun to read because you could learn Interesting facts on people you have heard of but don't know much on them. So when you read the series you can just learn some more information on these people and what there famous for. Like in this book Who Was Christopher Columbus? like that he thought he had sailed to the Indies but actually had sailed to America but never Knew it.

    Joey Oborne
    This book was great because this book had the timeline of his life in the book every chapter is going by his timeline this book was great because in SS we are learning about him so now I learned so much more and new stuff about Christopher Columbus.

    Kassie K
    It was a good book because I learned a lot of things that I didn't know about Christopher Columbus. Like one of the things I learned that he went to jail. And he traveled the sea but I all ready knew that. Also he had 2 children I thought he was a crazy person who had nothing but one dream of finding the new world. Also his real name isn't Christopher Columbus. I don't remember what it is but it's close to his real name. But over all I liked it but some parts were a little boring.

    Nicholas Papavero
    I liked it even know we learned about him in school. There was new information from this book then there was in our textbooks. One thing new I learned about Chris was that he went to jail and told his sons when he does that he wanted to be buried with the chains he was equipped with in jail for 6 weeks. Very interesting guy!

    Tevyn Bannerman
    Christopher Columbus was a boy who dreamed of sailing the Ocean and finding riches. He eventually went on to accomplishing his dream by convincing King Ferdinand and Queen Elizabeth to give him money to travel the ocean. Columbus discovered a new land named it and met new people along on hislong voyage. Christopher had a life of meeting native Americans and having to deal with many things like storms and wreckages. After Columbuses whole life of things that happened he is still famous today for [...]

    Jared Silva
    This book is terrible This book is terrible. No wonder nobody celebrated Columbus Day anymore. First of all he cared about was gold. And he was dumb he thought it was China and Asia but it was America. The queen probably died because she gave this dumb man so much money. SMH and he took Indians as slaves!!!!

    Erin Pierce
    Good short bio on Columbus.

    I like the book but I don't like Christopher Columbus. He was mean, he kidnaped Taino even though Taino gave him food and jewels. He was determined

    Michelle Christensen
    Great youth fiction about Columbus. It was well-rounded, discussing both the positive and negative aspects.

    Nathan Ibanez
    This book is about a famous man who found another way to get to the "Indies" but was really America. Christopher Columbus had a sad and hard life from everything that had happend to him. But this man found a new place. This book is for people who are interested about the past. This book was really good and does give a lot of facts and information about this person. This book is called Who Was Christopher Columbus.

    Basically Columbus sounds like an arrogant prick. I felt like the author was trying to be "fair," but I think she sided a bit too much on the side of honoring him. It came across as "Then Columbus took the natives captive and made them slaves. That silly Columbus." Reading between the white-washed lines, here's what I got: *Columbus wants to be famous and doesn't care who he walks over to get there. *He gets married to some poor girl who he only marries because she has ties to the king of Portug [...]

    Ayumi Ogawa
    1. Publisher: Penguin Level: 32. 11/21 = 30 minutes; 11/24 = 20 minutes; 11/25 = 40 minutes.3. Captain Sail West Portugal Wait Spain Gold4.a. Colombus defende himself before King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. He told them he had brought back some treasure. (This was true.) And he had explored seven hundred islands. (This was an exaggeration!) b. I liked these passages. He had promised the king and queen to bring back gold, but he failed. It was his second trip and so maybe he was aware something [...]

    Bridget Dettmann
    The Who Was and Who Is books are great resources for upper elementary grades social studies topics. This particular book on Chistopher Columbus seems to line up fairly accurately with historical events. While it does gloss over the darker side of Columbus' voyage to the Americas, it does mention them. Many children's books on Columbus don't mention his greed or that he took natives as slaves.This book walks readers through the life of Columbus from birth to death, it even includes a timeline of [...]

    Traci Bold
    How original that Christopher Columbus became a mapmaker alongside his brother Bartolomeo before sailing his own ships in that fateful year of 1492. But what else could you not know about Christopher Columbus? The answer is plenty. Mapmaking should be a boring job for a man who craved adventure on the high seas but in fact, the opposite was true and did feed into his need to eventually own his own ships and explore the high seas. You see, treasure was found in the Indies as travellers coming int [...]

    Yurika Tokoro
    Penguin/ Level ?May 2nd + 3rd = 120 minutesexplorer/ ocean/ Spain/ king and queen/ Indies/ gold/ new world/ "Some said he was too stubborn and had a bad temper."I really feel that most of the important historical figures are said to have been stubborn or had a bad temper! This attitude usually could make people's characters bad and difficult to handle with. However, they perhaps might accomplish or obtain what others had never ever done because of being like it. I guess being obsessive about wha [...]

    Lily Kaplan
    "Who Was Christopher Columbus" by Bonnie Bader I thought was a very good book. I say this because it was a pretty easy read but it was very informative. As it was very informative the author did not make it too boring by only putting facts in it. The author also put some fun facts in the book to make it not so boring. "Who Was Christopher Columbus" is about the life of Christopher Columbus. It is about all of his voyages to what he thought was the Indies, but what was really America. It was also [...]

    Melanie, Aaron, Annie, and Mary Project
    Who Was Christopher Columbus?By Bonnie BaderIllustrations By Nancy HarrisonGrade Levels: App. 3-6DRA/Lexile Measure/GLE: n/aReviewed By Aaron CarterWho Was Christopher Columbus? would be an excellent resource for young readers researching the discovery of the New World, Christopher Columbus (i.e. explorers) and the difficulties of early exploration. There are nicely executed line drawings to complement the storyline, as well as helpful timelines on Columbus' life and exploration. More so than sc [...]

    Travis Morgan
    I chose this book because Thanksgiving is approaching. Although teaching about Thanksgiving is fun, I would want to teach about the journey of Christopher Columbus as well. This book provides key information about the journey of Christopher sailing west to include, how he raised the money for the voyage, geographical information, and what even prompted him to think of sailing west. As mentioned above, I would include this book when talking about Thanksgiving and the discovery of America. It woul [...]

    This was a perfect book for young children first learning about Christopher Columbus. It was a simple chapter layout with elementary school vocabulary. I read this over a week with my daughter to supplement something we were doing in our homeschool co-op and she and I both learned a lot from it. It didn't exactly paint Columbus in a heroic light which lead to some good discussions about religion, greed, people's inherent human rights and other topics.I also really liked the illustrations. They w [...]

    I assigned this book to my 3rd graders for a project. We read it together in class and discussed Columbus' s life. I like how this book talks about his dealings with the native Americans and how he wasnt innocent like many say. Columbus did take Native Americans as slaves back to Spain and his men did kill some. Columbus also went to jail and on 4 voyages in his lifetime. I still don't consider him to have discovered "new" land because the Native Americans were already here. But Columbus was the [...]

    Kristin Jacobsen
    The book "who was Christopher Columbus" was a very good knowledgeable book. It is about all of Christopher Columbus's four journeys and what happened during them. It took him a long time to get enough money to go on these trips. Two of the people he asked said no and then finally, 5 years later, a queen said yes. In his opinion, it didn't take a long time to build all three of his ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. The Santa Maria was the largest ship so obviously, he was the capta [...]

    Rebecca Ashley Teague
    This biography explores the life of Christopher Columbus and his exploration. The biography also details some of the struggles Christopher Columbus faced along the way. I would use this book in my classroom to introduce Christopher Columbus in Social Studies. I could also use it as a way to develop student’s comprehension skills by asking questions directly related to the text. Overall, I believe this is a great biography on Christopher Columbus and the information is laid out in a way that is [...]

    This book includes a biography about Christopher Columbus' life and his voyages. Also, this book describes the obstacles that Christopher Columbus had to face in his journey. I would use this book for my social studies class , where students can learn and become familiar about historical personages such as Christopher Columbus. I would also use this book for learning adjectives. Students can describe the main character. This book might be useful when students have to retail a story in their own [...]

    Adam N
    This was an interesting book it said a lot about his life like he went to America 5 times and he wanted to look for gold. The first time he went he left about 20 people and he would come back later to see how much gold they found. He sailed with 3 ships the second time and he lost one of them at sea and the other one was separated from the group but made it back to shore safely. He was put in jail because he didn't bring back any gold. It was a good book to get my nonfiction in.

    Charlotte Osborn-bensaada
    I felt rather midling about this book. It just seemed like a lot of useful information was left out like more about the age of exploration, the consequences of the European discovery. Maybe more about the fact that Ferdinand and Isabella had just purged Spain of it their Muslim and Jewish population. I get that this is for 3rd & 4th grade but there was a lot of context I felt needed to be filled in as I read this with my son.

    Abdul Khasim
    This book tells about the life of Christopher Columbus. He was born 1451 in Genoa, Italy. He wanted to sail across the Pacific Ocean but he needed ships and men. He was then sponsored by King Ferdinand of Spain. The first time he sailed, he nearly died. He sailed 3 more times after that. He died May 20, 1506 in Valladolid, Spain.

    This children’s biography on Christopher Columbus was good but not done as well as the other books I have read in this series. The author skimmed over portions that could have used a bit more explanation and the comparative time-line in the afterward was not highlighting similar events in history as it they usually do.

    Esther May
    I feel like this book was very honest, while still being child friendly. Yes, Christopher Columbus did sail across the ocean blue in 1492, was brave, and persistant, but he also was all about wealth at the cost of many native lives. I enjoyed this book without all the fanfare that usually accompanies Christopher Columbus.

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