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  • Title: The Other Guy
  • Author: Cary Attwell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Emory James is, by his own admission, not the type of person the adjective exciting would ever deign to touch with a ten foot pole Cautious, reserved and staid, however, all crowd around him like best friends Still, he gets by or at least he gets by up until his fianc e dumps him at the altar Out of spite, he takes a solo honeymoon to Thailand, where he can pretend tEmory James is, by his own admission, not the type of person the adjective exciting would ever deign to touch with a ten foot pole Cautious, reserved and staid, however, all crowd around him like best friends Still, he gets by or at least he gets by up until his fianc e dumps him at the altar Out of spite, he takes a solo honeymoon to Thailand, where he can pretend to be someone better than himself for a little while In meeting Nate, a fellow traveler, Emory slowly discovers how to stop pretending.Word Count 58,561 approx.
    Cary Attwell
    I am a first time author living in Seattle, Washington, where it rains and rains like the dickens, except when it doesn t Fretting occurs on a daily basis, and small acts of idiocy are perpetrated with stunning proficiency much often.If, every so often, you hear the trace of a little whisper scream on the evening breeze as it swirls past you, that s probably just me still not having gotten over the fact that I managed to write a novel Sorry about that it s a condition I m trying to get it looked at.


    Julio Genao
    This thing starts off so intensely funny it's like a shock-and-awe campaign: Operation Rolling Chucklethunder.But once you get into the meat of the story, you find a certain number of troubling things to consider:1. A delusional MC too chickenshit to do anything but wait for his life to deteriorate around him.2. A kind of oddly anachronistic, condescendingly fustian attitude towards sex that produces a situation where two grown men circle round one another sniffing one another's balls—but heav [...]

    Dear book, you made me HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, with warm and fuzzy feeling. I wanted to squeeze you and hug you and kiss you all over. Thank you for putting a huge smile to my face because I rarely get that these days from this genre. You are like a ray of sunshine after a huge amount of rainy days. MWAH MWAH MWAH!!!-------------This was the story about The Other Guy. The guy that the heroine left at the altar to be with the True Love. The guy whose only fault was being boring or less-handsome or [...]

    4.5 stars!!!!My love letter to this book…Dear Emory “Archibald” James:Hello! How are you? What a pleasure to get to know you in “The Other Guy”. Will you be my best friend forever? As I see it, we are kindred spirits and are MEANT to know each other. I love that you are witty, self-deprecating, silly, cracked in places, yet so kind. You’re totally unaware of how awesome you are…which just makes you…MORE AWESOME.Your man, Nate, is quite possibly one of the swoon-worthiest men arou [...]

    Serves me right, next time I will listen to the warning bells that kept going off in my head, this is why I stayed away from Mechanical Heart. I should have known it wouldn't work its magic on me. Sorry, "runs and hides" tiny lone voice of didn't love it here. Likable and cute in parts and frustratingly difficult to get through in other parts. Its not a bad book, I can see the appeal and all my friends so far have loved it, I only wish I could have felt that connection to the story too. No ratin [...]

    4.75The best thing that happened to Emory was being left at the altar. He goes on his honeymoon in Thailand and meets a photographer who is also on holiday. They become friends, chums, pals, companions for the remainder of their time there and just maybe more than that but with the holiday over and real life back in swing there's no chance for them to ever cross paths againor is there. I loved being in Emory's head. He is so clever and snarky and fun. This is a wonderful read. Nate, the photogra [...]

    Mandy*reads obsessively*
    4.5*I have to thank Ami for bringing this book to my attention. Smooches Ami! :)Emory is great, his humor is exactly my kind of humor, very dry and self-depricating.After being left at the alter ( literally ) he is understandably sad and mourning, but I loved that he didn't make Michelle ( the now ex) into an evil caricature, he never talked about her or put her down, yes he was mad and upset, but we didn't hear about all the things he had to put up with while being with her, no she was actually [...]

    4.5 stars. This book has one of the most irresistible first chapters I've read in a while. It's impossible not to relate to good-guy Emory and his bad luck with love. After being jilted at the altar he goes to Thailand alone and meets Nate who re-ignites his passion for life. But Emory is still too wounded emotionally to let someone in, so they part, not thinking they will ever meet again. Several months later Nate turns up and a beautiful friendship starts.This is just a lovely gentle story. Em [...]

    I'm stuck between 3 and 4 stars for this one. I enjoyed the basic elements of the story and the settings in Thailand and Chicago were described well enough to make you think the author actually has a working knowledge of both places. Both of the main characters were likeable and believeable, not pedestal-worthy idealized super heroes. But I definitely agree that the book could have used some more editing, tightening up the story and descriptions and cutting out some of the lengthier sections of [...]

    4.5 stars You know those stories in sitcom or romantic comedy where the girl is about to marry the other guy until the love of her life suddenly appears in the church, declaring his undying love, and then they run away? Great for the girl and the her lover. Suck for the other guy. This is the story of that other guy. The one who was left at the altar. Emory. Since everything was already paid for, Emory went alone to Thailand (where they were supposedly to have honeymoon) and had vacation by hims [...]

    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    This book was sweet and funny and passed the time perfectly on a 4 hour plane ride. I really enjoyed the story but it missing that extra umph that makes up a 5 star read. A very nice clean romance!

    Hugs adorable ebook in my Kindle tightly to my chest!OK, so this had the dreaded last 1/3 of the book a character does something that makes you go, "noooooooooooesss!" It bothered me, obviously. But, I thought on it, and as much as it hurt, I realized it felt natural for that character. I may have not liked it, but I could at least understand it.The rest of the book though was pure joy. I had a perma-grin on my face from the first page, and literally laughed out loud throughout my reading. It wa [...]

    Edina Rose
    I liked this as much as I liked How to Repair a Mechanical Heart. I am freaking in love with this author's style, humor, characters. The plot is very simple and it seems like just another gay-for-you story when you read the blurb, but it's not. It's not even gay-for-you (if there is such thing as gay-for-you. Gay is gay, isn't it?). I liked that there was no explicit sex. I am deeply bored by unnecessary sex in romance, especially when it's not hot, when it's just the average MM romance sex with [...]

    Likes:I enjoyed this author's vocabulary. Her word choices were great overall, though there were points at which she made some errors, seemingly having chosen the wrong synonym from the thesaurus. Those few occurrences gave the impression of trying a tad bit too hard. I feel the same way about the witticisms and quippy banter. I had a general appreciation for it, thought there were a few places where it could have been reeled in a bit so as to avoid coming across deliberately cutesy-clever.The t [...]

    The Other Guy has been hanging out on my kindle for ages. I’m so happy I finally clicked it open! It’s lovely. From the beach to the wide open starry sky to the chemistry between the main characters. It all felt so natural and lovely to me.Emory and Nate meet in Thailand. First off—I love Thailand as a romantic setting. There’s just something special about the warmth and mystery and faraway-ness of Thailand. It’s a magical place to meet someone in my opinion. These guys have such a “ [...]

    Kaje Harper
    This story could have been an angst-fest, beginning as it does with the narrator, Emory, jilted at the altar by his fiancee. But the self-deprecating, determined tone of Emory's first-person narration keeps that from happening. Instead this is a light, funny, sometimes sweet, sometimes frustrating book. Although Emory and Nate come together in very early in the story, in Thailand, as Emory determinedly takes his planned honeymoon alone, this is a slow-build relationship. Emory's somewhat hands-o [...]

    Like How to Repair a Mechanical Heart I've been wondering how to review this book without it falling into babbling joy. I really liked the main character. His personality, sense of humor, and way of looking at the world were very relatable to me. I may or may not have some very similar theories on life, and love. The love story was well developed, and the ending made me very happy. One of my new favorites.

    Average of 4 stars -The writing and hilarious narration: 4/4.5 starsThe story: 3.5 starsThe MC/narrator, Emory: 3.5 starsThe love interest, Nate: 4.5 starsI very much enjoyed most of this book. Emory's commentary was absolutely hilarious, and I thought the beginning of the book was a clever spin on a more "traditional" GFY plot. And who wouldn't fall in lust on a Thai beach, right?! That is the stuff fantasies are made of, right there.There were some things that bugged me about the Thailand port [...]

    I love holiday romances - not for myself, of course, I'd never have the guts! - but I love them for other people. There's something about the quality of the light when you're traveling that lends itself to romance, so I adored the first third of this book like nobody's business. It's about how Emory gets jilted and tries to escape himself by going to Thailand (and would that we all could run away to Thailand when the going gets tough - it's amazingly restorative). There he meets Nate, a charming [...]

    2.5 starsThis is a good book but there are a few things that bugged me. It starts out with Emory (a speech therapist) being left at the altar by his (female) fiance, Michelle, when her ex crashes the wedding and sweeps her off feet. The way this is told is quite humorous and I found myself giggling a little bit over Emory's descriptions. He decides at the last minute to go on the planned honeymoon to Thailand alone. He has a week before he has to start facing those who are no doubt whispering ab [...]

    Tiya Rosa
    4.25 starsI've always thought self deprecation is a pretty hard thing to successfully pull off. I mean, if done with too little sincerity, the character comes off as an arrogant rat bastard. If the character is too sincere, however, they're just being pathetic and don't really deserve to headline a book. There has to be this balance of brutally honest self reflection, hope, and humor if someone wants to actually sound charming while hurting their own feelings. I'm happy to report that Emory Jame [...]

    3.5 stars rounded down because the last 40% or so of the book dragged a bit and it was predictable and a bit unoriginal too. (view spoiler)[I'm talking about the ex-fiance reappearing and the two MCs reconnecting because of someone's death (hide spoiler)]. Also, seriously, where was the sex?

    I loved Emory's voice, I found his narration so very adorable and funny . I did not laugh out loud much, but I giggled many times and I am unlikely to forget his voice any time soon. His meeting with Ned was entertaining, but what I was so very impressed with was their chemistry and the writer managed it without explicit sex scenes too. All sex fades to black in this book and yes, romance without explicit sex is still a romance :)I have read romances which have great characterization, plot and h [...]

    This book was surprisingly great and I'm only saying that because it's a new author and the authors first book. Normally when you've read more than one book of an author you know their style so when you try a new author you never know :-) I loved Emory's humor we only got his view of everything but I still felt like I knew Nate. I thought they were perfect for each other from the day they met. They were just easy with each other and I loved their banter back and forth. When Emory's ex fiancée c [...]

    Nichole (DirrtyH)
    this book was adorable perfection. i don't really have much else to say. great characters and just a lot of awesome.

    I can't tell you how happy I am I picked up this book. I've been in a book funk this past week, a slump. I'd picked up 4 books that I never got past page 40 on. I'd almost given up hope, but then a friend of mine recommended this one (Thank you, Susan!) and presto, book funk gone. This was exactly what I needed.The CharactersEmory - The story is told from his POV, which I thought was brilliant, even though I'm not usually one for a first-person narrative. I loved his sarcasm and dry humor and se [...]

    4.5 stars - This was surprisingly great. It was funny, cute, and also a little bit angsty in places (particularly the last third or so of the book). I really enjoyed the first half for its comedy value (some parts were friggin' hilarious) whereas I enjoyed the second half for its more serious side. What caused my rating to lose half a star was Em's stubborn nature. At some point, Em started to annoy me a little. I just wanted him to be honest, and his constant refusal to pull himself out of his [...]

    3.5 StarsThis book was hard to rate. The writing was wonderful and I found myself laughing out loud throughout. Having said that, first person narration is tough. I was stuck with Emory's mental meanderings and he often wandered, which proved frustrating at times. I LOVED Nate but I felt that he got short-changed by the predictable plot twists near the end (view spoiler)[Michelle mysteriously reappearing AND Em not kicking her sorry ass to the curb on sight. And then, sadly, the overdone death- [...]

    Absolute perfection.I have no objections or complaints other than superficial ones of the "NOOOO! CAN'T YOU SEE YOU'RE DRIVING THIS INTO DISASTER?" sort.It was witty, it was soulful, it was profound, ALL OF THE CHARACTERS WERE QUITE FLESHED OUT, EVEN THAT MARYBETH LADY WHOSE NAME UNFORTUNATELY KEPT REMINDING ME OF LADY MACBETH AND WAS ONLY IN 1 SCENE. This calls for this meme:

    3.5 stars. Liked it, got a bit irritated in the end with Emorys tendency to not face his problems.

    4.5The Other Guy is a story about, well, the other guy. The guy that stands left at the altar after the female lead chooses the good-looking ex-boyfriend who thinks that crashing the wedding is just the romantic thing to do. And while they run off into the sunset in their supposed-to-be HEA, the other guy is the one that has to deal not only with being rejected in front of everyone they know but also with the gifts, the money deposits, and the pity. Emory James is that other guy (has been in the [...]

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