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  • Title: Atom Heart John Beloved
  • Author: Luke Hartwell
  • ISBN: 9780615722351
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback

  • Rainbow Award winner Atom Heart John Beloved chronicles the lives of two boys who become friends at age thirteen The story is told by eighteen year old John, who quietly whispers to his best friend one night in bed, Do me This novel is a breathtaking love story and an intense coming of age story that resembles no other book John s narrative voice is one of the most unRainbow Award winner Atom Heart John Beloved chronicles the lives of two boys who become friends at age thirteen The story is told by eighteen year old John, who quietly whispers to his best friend one night in bed, Do me This novel is a breathtaking love story and an intense coming of age story that resembles no other book John s narrative voice is one of the most unique in gay literature Atom Heart John Beloved is literate, intimate, erotic, and delightful, delivering unexpected moments of grace.
    Luke Hartwell
    Luke grew up in places much like the fictional town of Weston in his novel Atom Heart John Beloved He always enjoyed reading books with the gay boy attracted to straight boy dynamic, and several of his published works deal with just that Contact lhartwell rocketmail


    Nick Pageant
    I'd like to offer a cogent review of this book, but I can't do it. Maybe some other time. For now I'll just list a few random feelings I had while reading it.1. Anger - John does things that are inexcusable.2. Hatred - John is the least likable protagonist I've ever read. I truly despised him.3. Disgust - The things that happen to John and other characters just NO.4. Pity - Eventually, I saw through the game John was playing on himself. He's actually a rather pathetic boy.More than anything else [...]

    Emanuela ~plastic duck~
    What have I just read? My head is spinning and buzzing with thoughts. And wonder.I am going to repeat something all the other readers said: John, the narrator, is not nice, John is not likable. At the beginning he looks like a sort of unmovable monolith, a block of self-confidence and arrogance. Everything is superficial at the beginning, it’s about his looks and those of the people around him, it’s about casual sex and pleasure, it all seems selfish and useless. Through all the book though [...]

    I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK.But it is the most useless and the most helpless review you could find. So, skip it. I'm not going to talk about this book. Because I just don't want. It'll stay with me. I'm not going to share. I'm selfish. Besides, I'm not able to deliver well structured and reasonable reviews. They are too emotional and totally meaningless to be good.Just a few words: It is about Nathan. The best friend of John. And it is about John. A lot of about John. And about some other bad and good g [...]

    OhI am beyond pissed. I am in rant mode. There be cursing ahead and I am not sorry.What did I just read? A book with a misleading blurb is what I read. This was a fucking mess. A complete and disgusting fucking mess. John our narrator is a self-aware and egotistical arrogant ass. He is. He says it himself. What he does in this book in the beginning I could forgive him for. He was confused, or whatever. I get it. I can suspend reality for that. But the shit he pulls the last half of the book is u [...]

    John is a dick. He is a conceited, self-absorbed, selfish prick. He’s a lying, cheating fucked up 18 yr old boy. I don’t think I am god’s gift to mankind, but I do kind of feel like I was a pretty good gift for certain people who have enjoyed me. I do think of myself as a prize.That’s what John is-a boy. A boy who makes mistakes, lots of mistakes. A boy who has to deal with evil that no one should have to deal with, especially not a young boy. Evil that hides behind god and religion and [...]

    5++++ Stars!Finally! FINALLY!!!After months of not finding the one to add to my "All-Time-Fav" shelf, I have found it!*** I ask you to read it on your own risk! It's very contra-version ***I can't even put into words how much and why I loved this book so much! But I'll try!This book is not for everyone (Marco is not here, but if was, I would say: "Stay away Marco!")It was really difficult and frustrating to read at times, but in sort of a god way.In a good way, because John, our MC, is very comp [...]

    This was intense.But definitely not in a good way. More like just-kill-me-now intense.This book depressed me. And made me very sad. It reminded me how stupid some young horny teenagers are. How reckless and selfish. How inconsiderate they are to other people's feelings. It's so easy to break a young fragile heart. And the person doing the breaking, doesn't even think twice. In fact, he doesn't think at allI want to pinpoint that I didn't hate the book or John Beloved. We all made mistakes when w [...]

    Elisa Rolle
    2012 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

    So weird and disturbing, and I loved it!Hot hot hot (view spoiler)[all that cum play!! (hide spoiler)]I'm overwhelmed. It's an almost perfect portrayal of how male teenagers (or plenty of them) live their adolescence and deal with sex and feelings. One of the most truthful gay YA stories I ever read (together with East).I know I'm the minority here, but I really liked John. With all his flaws and malfunctions he's a very interesting character. The ending left me a bit disappointed (too forced), [...]

    Shitfuck. Such talent this author has!It is not often I feel like writing much on reviews. For one, I don't have the confidence that what I think is of much interest. Books are my life, but I don't write well enough to articulate my responses in a suitable manner. No everyone likes poems :)But occasionally, I come across stories that resonate, and this is one. This is a strong, brave, book. It made me think of Probation and also How to Rape a Straight Guy and something else I can't remember but [...]

    2.5 starsAs we grow up we realise that we just cannot spout out everything that comes to mind. We need to couch our words into more social friendly ones. If we see someone we do not like we learn not to frown at him and get into a fight but just simply to avoid him. With John we get the raw unfiltered stuff. We get it all. He comes across as opinionated, self-absorbed, always horny, very self-aware, very full of himself and his own attractions. I do not know if I quite believe John as described [...]

    Smith Barney
    Revised with moreJohn Beloved upon completion of Nathan's Story. It was this seductively beautiful cover of courseat sssucked me in. My short-attention span was held effortlessly as I read a storyentically rough-around-the-edges but humble in its endearment.After reading Nathan's Story I had even a firmer appreciation of John Beloved's sensually-heartfelt version of events and Luke Hartwell's writing. Although, there are many appreciative moments in getting to know Nathan's version of this sweet [...]

    I honestly don’t know how to rate this book. It left me utterly confused.AHJB is the story of the 18 years old John who is having trouble understanding and accepting his sexuality. His best friend Nathan is gay and in love with him. John is attracted to girls but also to Nathan (not any other boys, just Nathan, for the most part of the book anyway) and while he is in complete denial of his feelings in the beginning of the book, by the end it is clear that Nathan means everything for him. That [...]

    John, the narrator of this story is not likable. He is selfish and downright arrogant at times. But he is young, a bit lost and I fell in love with him in no time. His voice is unique and powerful with its engaging and straightforward, even humorous logic. John's story is twisted, interesting, very believable in the middle of complicated, tough circumstances. The author deals with the difficult themes ((view spoiler)[incest, rape, abuse, cheating and in the middle of it all the hypocrisy of chur [...]

    Riley Hart
    It's so hard for me to rate this book. It was addicting. I couldn't get enough. I went through SO many emotions. Anger, disgust, sadness, love It's not like any romance I've ever read. I will remember the story forever though.

    I was totally NOT expecting that ending. This was the craziest, most unique book I've ever read. Once I started it I just kept compulsively turning page after page until I got to the very last one.The story was so shockingly graphic. The main character so twisted. I literally had no idea what kind of story I was reading. Would it turn out to be romance, thriller, horror? No doubt it was highly erotic, dark in places, and mysterious in its ultimate purpose. I was never so glad to see an ending li [...]

    This is a book I couldn't put down.John is not an easy character, and just reading his thoughts and actions one is not prone to like him. But he is a lot more than he thinks himself to be, and he has an incredible heart.(view spoiler)[ The only thing that didn't work for me was him having unprotected sex with Brian. I can't see why he would put Nathan at risk. (hide spoiler)]

    Atom Heart John Beloved or The Super Kinky Secret Sex Lives of Small Town American Teenagers. Okay, I'm being glib. I actually don't know how I feel about this book. I'm giving it four stars, not because I think it's particularly good, but because it's given me some things to think about and I pretty much ate it up in one sitting. Impulsive me bought the book because I really liked the title and it was listed as GLBT (I had no idea what it was about otherwise), and I'm not sorry I did, but I fee [...]

    John has now officially become one of my most beloved characters. He is the height of insecurities. He is full of himself. He is totally in denial yet never can live a life away from his gay best friend. He has a mind for surprises (I loved both of them, especially the last one. This novel is innovative that way). He has heard and seen some terrible stuff. He has done even terrible stuff that he thinks he did not deserve but could not resist. He has the voice of reason till the end, even if that [...]

    What do I think about this book? I'm still kind of under it's spell. At first, I was thinking, well, nice story, let's see where it goesen I began to feel ill at ease because what John (Nathan's beloved) is telling us isn't a nice story, and he has such a way to describe what he feels, lives, how he relates to people, that I felt compelled to know what would happened in the end, hoping for nothing too bad eventhough it looked like, yes, a disaster was building there, evil was at work, and nothin [...]

    about 2.5 stars(view spoiler)[Okay, so John has a girlfriend he loves or at least likes very much and a best friend that he sleeps with. So he cheats on her girlfriend with a guy, but that's okay because he loves both of them and the best friend knows "his place".Then he stars to sleep with the guy who "raped" him. So, now he's cheating both on his girlfriend and best friend with someone who's a rapist. And in the end he chooses his best friend and marries him. John Beloved gets his HEAahaWell, [...]

    Dark themes, sometimes disturbing. An interesting protagonist whose actions will raise many dislikes from the readers, but without them and their realistic display wouldn't have been possible John's development as a friend, lover and human being.

    "Just call me Lazarus."My God, this book is not for the faint of heart. Our narrator, John, is a self-absorbed, 18-year-old, unfaithful little twit, but one person keeps him almost grounded -- Nathan, his closest friend, who has been in love with him for years. John, however, is straight. This fact notwithstanding, he decides to give Nathan a very important gift: himself. They start off slowly, with handjobs and kisses, but one night, they cross a threshold of intimacy when John whispers quietly [...]

    A dark and twisted tale which slinks in under an appealing surface sweetness. John, the first-person narrator, leads a life of comparative privilege. He is attractive, well-liked, and blessed with the devotion of Nathan, his best friend. John has a girlfriend and considers himself straight. Nathan is gay and in love with John. What motivates John to permit their friendship to become sexual, and where will it lead?This setup is familiar to M/M readers, but the story quickly darkens. The relations [...]

    Ugh! This is sick and disturbing! Seriously, this story is so f•cked up! Yes, it is so f•cked up that I can't figure out how this story still managed to be hot, funny, sweet and perfect. It's amazing, really, now that I think about it. I can't be more conflicted right now.I actually feel dirty for liking this story. Filthy. And hot (view spoiler)[I mean, there's incest, rimming, come-swapping, humiliation, cheating, multiple rape (and enjoying it!!!1!) things that would have made me not fini [...]

    Using a wildly unique narrative voice, Atom Heart John Beloved is brave and distinctive. It's the most impressive piece of literate gay fiction that I've recently read.The character of John Parker is beautifully drawn, arrogant and conceited but also exposed and broken. My understanding and sympathy toward him fluctuated throughout the work. Particularly impressive are the passages where John denies particular feelings and we can feel the lies, but understand a truth hiding behind clouded eyes. [...]

    The Novel Approach Reviews
    There is a reason Luke Hartwell is a Rainbow Award winning author: Atom Heart John Beloved and Nathan’s Story speak for themselves and are all the proof you need as to why. They are passionate and provocative books, written with the intent to explore beliefs, to challenge the status quo, to question what it means to love, to at times shock and to incite reaction from the reader.These are not books for the squeamish; they are books to be experienced as well as read. The parts and pieces of the [...]

    Well, five stars means I think it is amazing, and that is the truth. Let me give you five reasons why I love it, one for each star: 1. It deals with several topics that are depressing, but it's actually a fun read thanks to the narrator's humor and ridiculously unique narrative voice. 2. It combines a beautiful love story with erotic sex and also explains how the Bible came to be. Never seen that before. 3. John, the narrator, is sexy as all get-out. He's a stud and behaves like one. Reading his [...]

    This is a hard book to describe, as the plot is complex and the narrator not wholly likeable. It's about a supposedly "straight" teenager with a girlfriend who starts having sex with his gay friend, Nathan, too. As his relationship with his girlfriend drifts apart, he starts falling for Nathan. Although he kind of cheats on both of them as well. And they probably cheat on him. The whole thing gets really messed up. Yet it's really readable and John (the cheater who ought to be shot) overcomes hi [...]

    Maggie Simms
    I enjoyed the book but the entire time I kept thinking that Nathan deserved better than John. At the very least, John should have come clean about his dilly dallying with Brian. I know I wanted the fairy tale ending but there is also no plan stating what John is going to do with his future. Is he just going to get a job at McDonalds and hope for a management post?

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