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  • Title: Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate
  • Author: Diana Wallis Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780800721381
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback

  • Tugged this way and that by fate s indifferent hand, Claudia s life is adrift until she meets Lucius Pontius Pilate and becomes his wife When they move to the troublesome territory of Judea, she does what she has always done makes the best of it But unrest is brewing and Claudia will soon find herself and her beloved husband embroiled in controversy and rebellion MighTugged this way and that by fate s indifferent hand, Claudia s life is adrift until she meets Lucius Pontius Pilate and becomes his wife When they move to the troublesome territory of Judea, she does what she has always done makes the best of it But unrest is brewing and Claudia will soon find herself and her beloved husband embroiled in controversy and rebellion Might she find hope in the mysterious Jewish Rabbi everyone seems to be talking about Let this epic story whisk you through marbled palaces, dusty marketplaces, and idyllic Italian villas as you follow the unlikely path of a woman who warrants only a passing mention in one of the Gospel accounts, but whose story, as told by Diana Wallis Taylor, is one worthy of legend.
    Diana Wallis Taylor
    Diana Wallis Taylor is the author of the novels Journey to the Well and Martha and lives in California Find out at dianawallistaylor.


    Christian Fiction Addiction
    When I opened the cover of "Claudia", I was expecting to read a well-written book. I wasn't, however, expecting to read a book that held me so securely in its grasp from start to finish! Put quite simply, Diana Wallis Taylor has produced a riveting story imagining the details of the life of the wife of Pontius Pilate. To be honest, I've never given her life and her history a lot of thought. Yet, when I thought about why God chose to include her in the Bible, and the dream that he gave her that s [...]

    Find this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.I think I might have liked Diana Wallis Taylor's Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate if I favored Christian theme over historic detail, but at the end of the day I'm just not that kind of reader.When I picked up this piece, I wanted to be transported into this time and place, to explore the intense conflict of human emotions that might have characterized this chapter of this woman's life, to see this particular story from a nontraditional point of [...]

    Claudia's life didn't start easily. She's the illegitimate daughter of Julia, reviled and exiled daughter of Caesar Augustus, and she spends her childhood in a guarded villa with her mother and grandmother. When Tiberius, Julia's ex-husband who hates her, takes the throne, Claudia is ripped away from her family to be brought up in the palace in Rome. Her life is spent feeling adrift - until she meets Lucius Pontius Pilate and becomes his wife. Claudia's life finally has meaning. She finally has [...]

    Margaret Chind
    I enjoyed Diana's version of Mary Magdalene and I have not read a story for Claudia before, so I knew that I would find this one interesting! Whenever I have come across Claudia, the wife of Pontius Pilot it was always a glance. She was hardly ever the topic of conversation except maybe one day in a Sunday school or Bible study class when we discussed how she knew about Jesus and where her visions/dreams came from other than the obvious divine inspiration, what was the inspiration. She's always [...]

    Wonderful story! I am a huge fan of Biblical fiction regardless. If it's emotionally evocative and has scenes from the scriptures in it, I love it even more. This is probably Taylor's best book. I used to think it was Journey to the Well, but I think this book tops even that one. I love reading books about ancient Rome. Getting an up-close look at the Romans during that time is always fascinating to me. The emperors of the day were corrupt and self-serving. I can only imagine what being a woman [...]

    I didn't know much about the wife of Pontius Pilate and I realize this story is only a possibility, but she was portrayed as a woman who came to realize her need for a Savior and was willing to say so. She was a godly wife to Pontius Pilate even though he suffered greatly thinking he was responsible for Jesus' crucifixion. He didn't realize it was all part of the plan and it would have happened anyway. I think he knew who Jesus was and he got to see Jesus healing even on his own son. That should [...]

    4.8 StarsWow! Let me catch my breath before trying to explain to you how amazing this book was. It kept me captivated at every turn, plot twist, and and detail. I loved to read about Claudia, her relationship with her husband, who just happens to be the governor of Judah. Although most of it is fictional, a compelling read nonetheless. It was very cool to read Jesus's death through Lucius amd Claudia's eyes. Highly recommended to 15 and up for some sexual innuendos and mentionings of a husband a [...]

    In the same vein as "The Red Tent" where an obscure figure (nameless, in this case) in the Bible is given an entire story and background. Claudia is never mentioned by name in the Bible, only one account in the four gospels mentions her at all, and in passing. Pilate's wife sends a message to him as he is interrogating the Teacher after his arrest. The message reads to not have anything to do with the righteous man and her dreams of this man were disturbing to her. Intriguing in itself.The book [...]

    ClaudiaTitle: CLAUDIAAuthor: Diana Wallis TaylorPublisher: RevellPublish Date: 15 June 2013ASIN: B00B85M338Claudia is the story of the wife of Pontius Pilate. I loved the story! It is refreshing and interesting how the story begins where she as a young girl, not yet marriageable age, is mixed up, and influenced by the politics of Rome. Claudia’s life is not always easy or safe, because she is the granddaughter of Caesar Augustus, and jealousy and danger also plays a role. As a young woman she [...]

    Maureen Timerman
    What an excellent job Ms Taylor did in bringing this story to life. Although Claudia is mentioned in one paragraph in the Gospels, there is also a mention of a Claudia in 2 Timothy, which could be her. Claudia was portrayed and is believed to be the only daughter of Caesar Augustus. She lived a secluded life until the age of thirteen, as in she never leaves her home. She is then brought to live with the Emperor Tiberius, she will live with him until the right man is chosen for her to marry.To he [...]

    Rosemary Lauryn
    While this was a billion and five times better than Pilate's Wife - at least this one, you know, mentions that person Jesus, where the other made Him an afterthought - the writing was weak and distant and never fully absorbed me into the story. Also, Taylor made many of the very dramatic moments - like the first time Claudia witnesses a miraculous healing - rather bland. "The sick man walked up to Jesus who put His hands on him and he was healed." Then jumping straight to the next sentiment. Ver [...]

    Although Claudia is only mentioned in one paragraph in the Bible, the author did a wonderful job weaving a probable story around this figure and what the events leading to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection might have looked like from her point of view and that of her husband, governor of Judea, Pontius Pilate. An inspiring story full of intrigue, rebellion, betrayal and redemption. I loved it!

    Kim G
    A historical fiction story about Claudia the "suspected" wife of Pontius Pilate. I enjoyed it. I would be interested to learn how much of the history of Claudia is "authentic" versus authors imagination. The book is kind of cheesy in it's writing style, but it's a romance so I wasn't surprised. Lastly, it was a really good at creating imagery for Jesus' crucifixion, and resurrection. It really brought it to life for me.

    A Great EscapeThis is a plausible tale of the wife of Pontius Pilate and why she warned her husband to have nothing to do with Jesus's death. It goes even further to show how being a wealthy Roman or a believer was hard in the era of the rapid musical chairs of emperors in Rome in the years of Jesus's life and the first decade after his death.

    Well written, and the characters are fully developed.I wish we knew more about Claudia than we do.

    Kristen Hamilton
    Very interesting book. I enjoyed it

    Enjoyable read. Timely during this Easter season. Good, and what I think to be accurate accounts of the time. One unanswered question, but didn't take away from the story.

    Victor Gentile
    Diana Wallis Taylor in her new book, “Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate” published by Revell takes us back to Biblical times to give us a look into the life of a Claudia, the wife of Pontius Pilate, at the time of Jesus.From the Back Cover: In a time of turmoil, one woman will search for love and peace–and find it where she never expected.Claudia’s life did not start easily. The illegitimate daughter of Julia, reviled and exiled daughter of Caesar Augustus, Claudia spends her childhood in [...]

    Lisa Johnson
    Title: Claudia, Wife of Pontius PilateAuthor: Diana Wallis TaylorPages: 322Year: 2013Publisher: Revell In this story, readers have a fictional account of the wife of Pontius Pilate, Claudia. There is not a lot known about her historically or factually, so the author puts her imagination to good use, creating a possible scenario of who Claudia might have been and the life she might have led. The account begins with Claudia as a young girl, living with her mother and grandmother in exile in Reggio [...]

    How do you write a novel about a woman mentioned in just two verses in the New Testament? This is a task Diana Wallis Taylor sets about doing with a mixture of fact, conjecture and imagination. Pilate’s wife is not named in the Bible, and the name of Claudia Procula only appears in apocryphal texts written in later centuries. Roman historians, however, chronicled the relationship between the emperors Augustus and Tiberius, and Augustus’ daughter, Julia, and so Taylor has deftly grafted Claud [...]

    Biblical fiction is one of my favorite genre's. Diana did a great job bringing Claudia and Pilate to life.Claudia is mentioned once in the Bible, in Matthew 27:19, While he was sitting on the judgment seat, his wife sent him a message, saying, "Have nothing to do with that righteous Man; for last night I suffered greatly in a dream because of Him."In this novel, we see Claudia who is taken from her dying mother when she is young to the court of Tiberius, and raised in Rome. She is then wed to Lu [...]

    This book was read for my 2016 Reading ChallengeAround the World in 80 Books For me, the best kind of historical fiction is the kind that causes me to want to learn more about actual history. And that is exactly what Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate by Diana Wallis Taylor did for me. I picked up this book on a whim because of the title. I knew the infamous story of Pontius Pilate from the Bible as the Roman governor who condemned Jesus Christ to death, and I remembered one small verse in the Gosp [...]

    I never thought to see things from the eyes of Pilate's wife. Very interesting viewpoint. Well worth the read.

    I decided to opt-in to a review of this book because my family has been interested in biblical stories lately. While I know Pontius Pilate’s mention in the role of Jesus’s crucifixion is brief, everybody knows his name as the man that sent Jesus to death. I was eager to learn more about the life of Claudia and her husband, one of the most important men in the history of organized religion.I was engrossed in this book from the very beginning. Although I’m sure much of the story is for enter [...]

    Young and beautiful, naive and sheltered, Claudia is only sixteen when she is delivered to Pontius Pilate as his bride.Having been held prisoner in her villa with her outcast mother since she was a child, Claudia knows nothing of what (or who) waits for her in Israel.Once married, a dangerous voyage from Italy with her slave girl Hotep as her companion leaves her in a foreign world. This girl is dropped in the midst of a huge, interconnected web of politics and rulers vying for dominance, and sh [...]

    Shannon Christensen
    Obviously I love Biblical Fiction so this has been automatically on my to-read list for some time. But this particular book held a special interest for me. I'm so interested in learning about both Claudia and Ancient Rome. This book enlightened as well as entertained. I knew Romans were cruel, but I was still amazed at some of the things I read. Nevertheless, my intrigue never wavered throughout the entirety of the book. I truly enjoyed being immersed into that world. I love the in depth look at [...]

    Meagan Myhren-bennett
    Claudia: Wife of Pontius PilateBy Diana Wallis TaylorInto a life of exiled privilege Claudia, granddaughter of Caesar Augustus, is born. She is privileged in name only having been confined to the grounds of a small villa in Reggio because of the sins of her mother. Kept to these grounds by the goodwill of her grandfather, Claudia's life would soon change at the death of her grandfather and the ascension of Tiberius, her mother's former husband.When Tiberius brings Claudia to Rome, making her his [...]

    This is an interesting fictional account of Claudia, the wife of Pontius Pilate and believed to be the granddaughter of Caesar Augustus. She's mentioned in one of the gospels when she has a dream about Jesus before He was tried by her husband and tried to warn him to not have anything to do with Him. The story starts out with her as a child, banished with her mother and grandmother because of her mother's indiscretions. When she's a teenager she's brought to the new emperor Tiberius as his ward. [...]

    Several months ago, I reviewed Taylor's release Martha. I did not enjoy it as much as I expected to but I opted to give Taylor's latest, Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate, a fair shot.I applaud Taylor for taking on such a difficult subject. As she mentions in her Author's Note, Claudia is only mentioned once possibly twice. Taylor's historical research shines through and she stayed close to the Gospel's account in most places. However, some of the creative licenses she took turned me off to the st [...]

    Bethany Phillips
    This book was fun. I liked going back into history to Jesus' time and venturing around with the people of Israel. This one was fun because we got to see the happenings of Jesus' trial, crucifixion, death through the Romans perspective. It was about Claudia and how she grew up as an exiled granddaughter of the Roman emperor and then after some years, when she is 13 is brought to live with the new emperor when he succeeds over her grandfather passes away. Then he gets her to marry Pontius Pilate a [...]

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