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  • Title: Loved
  • Author: Kimberly Novosel
  • ISBN: 9780984845927
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback

  • Loved is an inspiring and poignant coming of age story as well as a moving portrait of the struggles that we all face as we grow up and find ourselves suddenly expected to have all the answers Kim Carlson is a quiet, optimistic dreamer when she trades in the golden fields of her youth for the busy big city streets of her future She leaves behind a life of Sunday mass, goLoved is an inspiring and poignant coming of age story as well as a moving portrait of the struggles that we all face as we grow up and find ourselves suddenly expected to have all the answers Kim Carlson is a quiet, optimistic dreamer when she trades in the golden fields of her youth for the busy big city streets of her future She leaves behind a life of Sunday mass, good friends and homework for a world where skipping class, drinking, and friends who leave her alone on her birthday are the norm On the road to building a career in the music industry and searching for true love, she instead finds loneliness, betrayal and heartache.Just as she falls in love with the kind of man who would never break her heart and things are falling delightfully into place, everything is torn apart like a shack in a hurricane Kim is faced with a choice quit believing in the possibility of love and happiness, or fight for the woman she wants to be and the love she wants to have Kim overcomes each setback with increasing grace and wisdom, proving that sometimes the wrong choices can lead us to the right places.
    Kimberly Novosel
    Kimberly Novosel grew up in a field near Pittsburgh where as a child she would lay on a big flat rock under a tree and read mystery books She traded fireflies for city lights, and now she reads books in coffee shops, perhaps the adult version of a rock and a juice box.Coming from an entertainment and business background, Kimberly now runs music business company Press Management Group She s also a co owner at Verticity Nashville, and indoor cycling studio, and a columnist at 12th Broad She lives in Nashville and New York Loved is her first novel.Visit kimberlynovosel for

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    Lola Oloko
    This was a good novel and quite easy read. One could easily relate to the characters and particularly the main character. It was easy to get lost in the book. Sounds weird, but I especially loved the font and the spacing of the words on the page! It was more inviting, compared to a book where the words are all congested on a page; no fun.

    Loved is a novel that will strike many familiar chords with any woman who has ever doubted herself, who has ever fallen in love with the wrong man at the wrong time, who has ever had her heart broken. Kim Carlson is easy to root for – she’s pretty, she’s smart and she’s talented, but never pretentious. Her journey from self-doubting teenager to strong, confident woman is relatable and touching. The story covers a lot of bases, from Kim’s first love in high school to her successful care [...]

    I very much enjoyed this glimpse into the life of a young lady and the journey of her struggle to discover who she truly is. So much of our life is surrounded by flashy, popular, successful, seemingly happy examples of what our life should look like, who our friends should be, and what should make us happy - it's not until each of us, individually, is able to break through that facade of blinding trickery that we're able to uncover how it is we really want to spend our time, learning who should [...]

    Loved is captivating, and inspiring. Kim Novosel is a wonderful new writer and you won't be sorry you read this book. The novel walks us through the life of Kimberly Carlson, from high school through adulthood as she falls in and out of love, has her heart broken, and discovers not only who she is but who she wants to be. Loved was so well written and real that I felt the joys, heartache and loss just like the heroine of the story, Kim. This book is not a romance novel, but has both beautiful an [...]

    Breanne Andrade
    Loved was a surprisingly refreshing read for me. The story is a coming of age journey and Kim's quest is honest. The character of Chase truly made my heartbreak. I found myself highlighting passages, Novosel is an amazing writer! Here are a few of my favorites:"It felt like someone had turned out the lights in my heart""He shaped me like he had written me in a song. I breathed life from his words and I danced to his melody""Eyes are windows and the rooms inside of me were different now" While Lo [...]

    You may remember back in the summer I interviewed Kimberly as a preview to her debut novel. And I was pleased to see the enchanting lady I spoke with translated onto the pages of her book. As a backer for her book, I received a copy from her in the mail to read. Finally as exams passed and the busy holidays were winding down, I settled into Loved, anxious to see what it was all about. From the prologue, I was hooked. Having been let down at my most recent birthday party (less than half of the pe [...]

    Does the word ADORE cover it?I have been one of the few very lucky people in this world to read Loved in it's very early stages and I couldn't be more excited for it's publication. This book, written over many years by my close friend Kimberly Novosel, was so incredibly truthful. I found I couldn't keep my greedy little hands off of it. It was truly one of those "I can't put it down and want to read all the time and when I'm not reading it I'm thinking about it" phenomena that I relish. I found [...]

    Katie Clauss
    Kimberly Novosel’s writing is heartfelt and genuine. Loved is reminiscent of a Taylor Swift song – so supremely real that every young woman in America will be left wondering how it is that Novosel was so accurately able to capture the events in her life. In Loved, Kimberly Carlson struggles to find herself and true love in a world that seems to be desperately trying to make her just like everyone else. She encounters amazing life-affirming experiences and devastating heart-breaking tragedies [...]

    • Unlimited [Business Book] ☆ Loved - by Kimberly Novosel ✓
      321 Kimberly Novosel
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