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  • Title: The Bass Wore Scales
  • Author: Mark Schweizer
  • ISBN: 9780972121187
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Bass Wore Scales No 5 in the series Where does a 500 lb born again gorilla sleep Anywhere he wants For Detective Hayden Konig, things are going well He enjoys his two jobs, he s independently wealthy, his girlfriend has agreed not to marry him, and no one has been killed in St Germaine since Palm Sunday In spite of all this success, Hayden has one dreamThe Bass Wore Scales No 5 in the series Where does a 500 lb born again gorilla sleep Anywhere he wants For Detective Hayden Konig, things are going well He enjoys his two jobs, he s independently wealthy, his girlfriend has agreed not to marry him, and no one has been killed in St Germaine since Palm Sunday In spite of all this success, Hayden has one dream to realize he longs to be a writer As the organist and choir director of St Barnabas Episcopal Church, he takes every opportunity to inflict his attempts at hard boiled, musical detective stories on the choir, and, to boost his credibility, he s even purchased Raymond Chandler s actual typewriter It doesn t help Summers in North Carolina are usually peaceful, but when Kokomo, the world famous signing gorilla, comes to town, suddenly there s a dead body in the church and all the evidence points to the great ape Can Hayden figure out the mystery in time to save Kokomo Wellof course he can
    Mark Schweizer
    In 1974, Mark Schweizer, a brand new high school graduate decided to eschew the family architectural business and become an opera singer Against all prevailing wisdom and despite jokes from his peers such as What does the music major say after his first job interview answer You want fries with that , he enrolled in the Music School at Stetson University To his father, the rationale was obvious No math requirement.Everything happens for a reason, however, and he now lives and works as a musician, composer, author and publisher in Tryon, North Carolina with his lovely wife, Donis If anyone finds out what he s up to, he ll have to go back to work at Mr Steak He actually has a bunch of degrees, including a Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Arizona I know What were they thinking In the field of bad writing, Mark had the distinction of receiving a Dishonorable Mention in the 2006 Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest, an annual contest in which the entrants compete for the dubious honor of having composed the worst opening sentence to an imaginary novel In 2007, his sentence now found on page 17 of The Mezzo Wore Mink was runner up in the Detective Category This, and two other of his entries, were featured in It Was A Dark and Stormy Night A Collection of the Worst Fiction Ever Written, edited by Scott Rice and published by The Friday Project.In varying stages of his career, Mark has waited tables, written articles for Collgehumor, won opera competitions, sung oratorios, taught in college music departments, raised pot bellied pigs and hedgehogs, directed church choirs, sung the bass solo to Beethoven s 9th with the Atlanta Symphony, hosted a classical music radio show, taught in a seminary, sung recitals, started a regional opera company, published choral music, built a log cabin, written opera librettos, directed stage productions, helped his wife to raise their two children and managed to remain married for thirty two years He also owns several chainsaws Well, Donis says, it s never boring.In the fall of 2001, I began what I hoped would be a funny little book about an Episcopal choir director detective that had a flair for bad writing Now, nine years later, that book, The Alto Wore Tweed, has had its ninth printing and the rest of the books bad writing aside are winning awards and working hard to catch up Thanks to you, the Hayden Konig adventures continue to make their way into the hands of mystery lovers and across church choirs, one reader and singer at a time.


    Another good entry in this series

    Another fun read!! This one has a funeral, race car, and a gorilla in it.Enjoyed it thoroughly!!

    There are numerous theological and ecclesiological issues to ponder in the fifth entry in The Liturgical Mysteries series. Can species other than humans be saved? Do they need to be? Are communion crackers flavoured with Cajun spice or barbecue sacrilegious or a really good idea? Does a Baptist minister really require a private baptistery in his office with gold faucets and a Jacuzzi motor? Does holy water added to the radiator of a NASCAR racecar make it go faster? Catchier than an entry in the [...]

    Ruth Feathers
    Another mystery for St. Germaine.

    This is the fifth in the hilarious liturgical mystery series. It started off a little slow and I was wondering where in the world the author was taking us with a minister killed in his study with the door locked from the inside using a key that was forged and impossible to duplicate. He was ostensibly killed by a guerilla he had brought in there to be baptised. “Now, if Brother Kilroy’s a Presbyterian or a Methodist, a Lutheran or an Episcopalian, there’s no problem. If Kokomo needs to get [...]

    In “The Bass Wore Scales” we return to St Barnabas Episcopal Church in the small Appalachian town of St Germaine. Both church and town attract eccentric, often bizarre, characters, and crime, and both fall under the province of Hayden Konig, organist and choir director, as well as chief detective of the town’s tiny police force. Konig is also a would-be writer, owns Raymond Chandler’s old typewriter, and writes such purple prose as would make Bulwer-Lytton do a face-palm. In-between the [...]

    Catherine Leggitt
    Another fun romp through Mark Schweizer's crazy St. Germaine world of discord and disharmony. This cozy caper involves a talking gorilla, a blessed race car, murder in the pastor's office, and the hunt for a twenty-something pound fish that kept getting away--among several other subplots--deftly woven to a fine end and cleverly interspersed with comic genius. The "eminent Hayden Konig--police chief and word-slinger" has become a dear friend, trusted to supply irreverent chuckles whenever I take [...]

    Another winner by Mark Schweizer. I judge my rating by how many passages I highlight; there were a lot in this book!! For example: "So Fishy Jim had gills. The answer hit me like Vanna White thrown from the roof of a bowling alley. It was so simple. Why hadn't I seen it before? The extra large mouth; the olive-green hue that we'd attributed to too much time in the practice room; the unblinking orange eyes; the white, mottled belly and the two dorsal fins. I'd been in a couple of choirs with Fish [...]

    Kilian Metcalf
    If you are looking for laughs with a liturgical bent, these books are for you. Chief of police/church organist Hayden Konig is an aspiring writer, but even owning Raymond Chandler's hat and typewrite can't elevate his writing above the pedestrian. Oh, well, his choir members enjoy reading his efforts to produce hard-boiled fiction, while his fellow residents of St Germaine, North Carolina, conspire to keep his life interesting. This is my third trip through the series, and they just get funnier [...]

    These books just keep getting better, and funnier! I don't find the humor in the side stories written in the Raymond Chandler form but in the interactions of the people with their church. Who wouldn't find it funny when someone is killed in a racecar, and then buried it it??? Not to mention what else happens at that funeral. . . no spoilers here. Get started on this series from the beginning and you'll need to keep reading until the newest entry, I know I have!

    To be honest, I skip the "bad writing" sections, because after a while, I find them tedious. I, too, am an opera singer, church musician, former Starbucks barista, private teacher and accompanist, so reading about the church shenanigans and the funny characters keeps me coming back for more!I do enjoy the fun atmosphere, and the characters feel very real. I lived in North Carolina for three years, and reading these books makes me homesick for that beautiful state.Enjoy!

    Each of these books tells the main story of the mystery Chief Konig is trying to solve.But each also contains the hard-boiled detective story that Hayden is trying to write (which is always reflected in the title). At first they were amusing. But after a while I started skipping over them and it was at this point in the story that I began ignoring them altogether. The main story holds together quite nicely and the detective story began to take away from the other parts of the book.

    This book was hilarious, in a totally over the top sort of way. Would make a great movie in the right hands. I imagine people either love these books or think they are stupid. If a mystery with a church sponsored NASCAR driver, a 500 lb gorilla, and a "blessing of the racecar" event complete with holy water in the radiator doesn't make you laugh, then this story's not for you.

    A 500 lb gorilla who can communicate with humans, especially Moosey. Pepperick Farms Communion Fish (Barabbas-que flavor). The Blessing of the St. Barnabas Racecar. The new St. Barnabas priest. Fishy Jim. Old Spiney. A murder. What more can you ask of a Mark Schweitzer Liturgical Mystery?? I loved this installment.

    I love this seriesybe because I live in a small city of 22,000. Or maybe because I like the musical storyline. Or maybe because the horrid story he writes within each book is so bad it's funny. Whatever the reasons, I get a kick out of these.

    Nancy Haddock
    Not every book in this series may make me laugh until I'm snorting, coughing, and crying, but this one did. (And others have, too!) I couldn't put this down once I'd started, finished in the wee hours of the morning, and I was laughing again when I got up today.Just amazing fun!

    I just love these witty, silly "liturgical mysteries"! For folks with a musical background, there are lots of in-crowd jokes -- but even if you're not suave in this arena, don't be scared off. There's still lots to amuse, especially his spoofs on film noire style detective stories!

    Josh Hamacher
    It seems like as the series progresses these mysteries are focusing less on the actual crime and more on the hilarious goings-on in St. Germaine. As usual I laughed out loud more than a few times and thoroughly enjoyed this book.

    Bcoghill Coghill
    Another very funny book. I did not care for the story within the story as much as in the previous books but liked the central story every bit as much.Will read more in this series.

    Another fun read in this series. Highly recommended.

    All of the books in this series are a crack-up. Love 'em.

    Another fun light murder mystery.

    David R.
    Funny, but not nearly as strong as the first four books in the series. The mystery didn't even start until page 100!

    Silly, like all of these, but I enjoyed it. The relationship between Moosey and Kokomo is pretty wonderful.

    Another good laugh! I love when a book makes you laugh at loud!

    I loved this one! These are definitely not cookie-cutter mysteries.

    While half the county is out hunting for a talking gorilla named Kokomo, Hayden and Moosey go fishing for the bass that wore scales.

    Julia Walker
    hee hee

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