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  • Title: Fireflies and Moon Pies
  • Author: Jewell Parker Rhodes
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  • The coming of age story of a young girl who, with help from a bit of Southern folk magic, tries to salvage her summer along the banks of the Mississippi in the immediate aftermath of the Gulf oil spill
    Jewell Parker Rhodes
    Jewell Parker Rhodes has always loved reading and writing stories Born and raised in Manchester, a largely African American neighborhood on the North Side of Pittsburgh, she was a voracious reader as a child She began college as a dance major, but when she discovered there were novels by African Americans, for African Americans, she knew she wanted to be an author She wrote six novels for adults, two writing guides, and a memoir, but writing for children remained her dream.Now Jewell has published four children s books Ninth Ward, Sugar, Bayou Magic, and Towers Falling Her fifth, Ghost Boys, will be released in spring of 2018 She s also published six adult novels, two writing guides, and a memoir When she s not writing, she s visiting schools to talk about her books with the kids who read them, or teaching writing at Arizona State University, where she is the Piper Endowed Chair and Founding Artistic Director of the Virginia G Piper Center for Creative Writing.Jewell has received numerous honors including the American Book Award, the National Endowment of the Arts Award in Fiction, the Black Caucus of the American Library Award for Literary Excellence, the PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award for Outstanding Writing, and two Arizona Book Awards Ninth Ward was named a Coretta Scott King Honor Book, a Notable Book for a Global Society, and a Today Show Al s Book Club for Kids Selection Her work has been published in China, Korea, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Turkey and the United Kingdom, and reproduced in audio for NPR s Selected Shorts.


    Beautiful magical realism full of rich family relationships, strong women and girls, and beautiful writing. It isn't fast-paced, but it is luscious! I looooved dipping into it a bit at a time, and I always came out of each reading session feeling better about the world.

    I have fallen in love with Jewell Parker Rhodes' MG books. Such a brilliant author, combining magic, family, mystery, nature, tragedy, and humor in her incredibly written books. Bayou Magic was just that: magic. I was caught in its spell from the moment I turned the first page.

    I read about this book in an issue of School Library Journal and immediately went to NetGalley to request it then to up my odds I also entered to win an eGalley of it. Yep, I wanted this book. :D I liked what the author, Rhodes, had to say in the article, and the mix of fantasy and folklore plus it featured a heroine who wasn't your basic white middle-class American seen so often in children's books and that includes the books that I review. And look at that cover, it's so joyful. Stacking the o [...]

    Maddy is the youngest of five sisters. Every Summer one sister is sent to spend time with their grandma in Bon Temps. This Summer, it's Maddy's turn. Having heard supposedly horror stories from her sisters, she is more than apprehensive. What she discovers however, once she gets there changes her life forever and for the best.This is a story of love, family, community and culture. Maddy's summer in Bon Temps is marked with good food, magic, but also a tragedy known as the Deep-water Horizon Oil [...]

    4.5/5 starsShort and Sweet:I loved this magical middle grade set in the bayou! I highly recommend for anyone who favors The Princess and the Frog Disney movie.To Elaborate…I stumbled onto BAYOU MAGIC when I was browsing in Barnes and Noble, and I have no idea how I’ve missed this author. I love middle grade books, and Jewell Parker Rhodes has not only written several, she’s also received awards for them. She even has a book releasing next month, TOWERS FALLING (set 15 years after 9/11), wh [...]

    Maddy is the youngest in her family and it's finally her turn to spend the summer with her Grandmere (her mother's mother) who lives in the Louisiana Bayou. Her sisters fill her head with all sorts of stories about Grandmere, all painting her as mysterious, cranky, and stubborn. She's lived in the Louisiana Bayou without modern conveniences her entire life and Maddy firmly identifies herself as a city girl (she lives in New Orleans) so, needless to say, she's a little nervous about visiting her [...]

    This book is wonderful. I never would have picked it up on my own. I had never heard of it or the author. My 4th grader found it at the library, and I decided to read it because the African-American girl on the cover piqued my interest. I am a big fan of multiculturalism in literature, though I admit, as an Asian-American, I tend to seek out books by and about Asian-Americans. I can't speak to the authenticity of the African-American experience in this book, but as a reader, I was drawn into the [...]

    Brandy Painter
    3.5 starsThis is a great book to hand to 3rd-5th graders who love stories of magic, friendship, and family. I enjoyed the relationship between Maddy and her grandmother most of all. This is a story rich in history and tradition. The bayou setting is beautiful, detailed, and feels exactly as I imagine the bayou to be. The books only real weakness is its pacing. There are parts that are a little too slow and others that feel rushed. This may have been intentional for the plot, but it made for a di [...]

    Maddy is about to spend her first summer with her grandmother, Grandmère, a prospect that makes her nervous since all of her older sisters say that she is weird and that the bayou is boring. Nevertheless, off Maddy goes to Bon Temps, LA. At first, she is unsure of what to think of Grandmère, and then she discovers that Grandmère tells wonderful stories about their family past: stories of Mami Watta and Membe. Then she introduces Maddy to Bear, a boy who lives nearby with his father who works [...]

    Lady Bill
    I really enjoyed this book. Solidly middle grade with an introverted african american main character and MERMAIDS. 10 year old me would have loved this story. The YA @ Heart Book Club talked all about it on our youtube channel:(PSA: CURSING and MANY SPOILERS in the video)youtube/watch?v=LLrgu

    Second time listening to a Jewel Parker Rhodes story, and again I felt disconnected from the emotional core of the book because it felt like a reductive, positive to the point of glib, take on hard tragedies. I liked the magical elements, up to the point they were an easy fix solution to a massive ecological disaster. Simply put, EXTREMELY UNSATISFYING. Also the child abuse and neglect of a character is completely dismissed, even explained away as okay. TBH I didn't completely finish, but I was [...]

    Rachel Gilbertson
    I really enjoyed this book. I love that you get to learn about life on the Bayou in Louisiana. Also learn about the Cajun Culture. So it is a really good book to teach multiple subjects, (English, Social Studies, Science, Art, etc.) Was an easy read as well, I really enjoyed the plot because of the family relationship was really strong. I also loved how I was able to learn more about life in Louisiana and compare to my own life experience and see the similarities and differences.

    JPR does it again. Beautifully interwoven elements of fantasy and realism, with themes of environmentalism/ conservation, self-discovery, family/ community, interconnectedness, history/ intergenerational trauma and healing. I'm using this as my anchor text for our fantasy text next year.

    Ellie M
    Bayou Magic was a good story that combined friendship, family, environmental awareness, and just a bit of magic. It provides a brief look into African folklore and also contains an important message about protecting the environment. A great read that I would recommend to others!

    Ashley Henning
    Bayou Magic is a great book about a young girl who really finds herself one summer she spends with her Grandmere at her house in the Bayou. This is a great book that shows Maddy: the main character finding what makes her special. Since at home Maddy is always compared to her seemingly perfect older sisters. I really enjoyed the book's depiction of the Bayou, the nature and wildlife that calls the Bayou home, as well as how certain things we need like oil and oil rigs can cause harm to wildlife.

    Shanshad Whelan
    Review originally posted at Views from the Tesseract: shanshad1.wordpress/2015/Ten-year-old Maddy knows how to make a good jambalaya. She knows how to cook with her heart, adding just the right amount of spices, rice, meat and vegetables. Like Maddy, I suspect Jewell Parker Rhodes has been “cooking” with her heart in creating this story of family, magic and the world of the bayou.Maddy is the youngest of four sisters and this summer it is her turn to go and spend time with Grandmere in the b [...]

    My kid picked this up-- I was skeptical. It looked like my old "Wait till Helen Comes" and I let her read the first fifty pages on her own. Then the due date drew nigh and she asked me to read it to her. And wow. The writing is terse and poetic, vernacular and otherworldly. The setting is specific -- a lite Bayou community called Bon Temps, with water boats and shrimpers and kids and absentee parents and frail, odd, but magical grandmother of Maddy, the main character. At first it seems like a p [...]

    Rachel Dumas
    Bayou Magic is an amazing book that I would definitely recommend to other people.This book is about a young girl named Maddy, that lives in the big city of New Orleans. Maddy has to spend her whole summer with her creepy and mysterious grandma deep in the bayou of Louisiana. She meets mysterious neighbors, and makes a cool friend along the way. On the other hand she takes an unexpected turn in her summer and sees something she has never seen before in the water. Later on she needs to carry on a [...]

    Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe)
    3.5 starsWhile this was a nice blend of reality and magic during the summer of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, it didn't work for me as well as Ninth Ward and Sugar. I loved the relationships in the book; Maddy's love for her grandmother and her growing friendship with Bear, but the mermaids and the final resolution of the oil spill on her grandmother's small bayou community wasn't convincing for me. Still a good read and recommended for MG readers.

    My online Youth Adult at Heart book club read this book for the month of August and hats off to my friend Crystal for choosing it. This book has family, friends, bravery, magic, imagination, and growth. (All the same things Harry Potter had, how about that)KED: There were mermaids. Need I say more. (If you didn't guess that big fin was a mermaid you're ridiculous). Maddy and Bear are squad goals. Enough said. The imagery in this book was on point. The author managed to describe Maddy and Bear's [...]

    Another great coming-of-age story from one of my favorite middle grade authors, Jewell Parker Rhodes. Similar to Ninth Ward: older, wiser, magical older grandmother; young, insightful protagonist struggling to find inner strength and guidance; loyal, friendly, accepting sidekick; magic and mysticism; stories from the past; set in Louisiana among impending disaster that leads to heroism. I loved Maddy's voice, her insecurity, and her resiliance.City-girl, Maddy, may just be the one her grandmothe [...]

    4.5 starsBayou Magic is such a great middle grade novel. On the surface, it has a straightforward plot: Just before her tenth birthday, Maddy leaves her home in New Orleans to spend the summer with her grandmother in the bayou. Maddy soon learns she and her grandmother have magical powers. It's the language, depth of the characters, richness of the setting, and use of history, folklore, spirits, and magic that are so amazing. Jewell Parker Rhodes makes connections to slavery and environmental ju [...]

    Vernon Area Public Library KIDS
    Bayou Magic takes you deep into the heart of Louisiana. Jewel Parker Rhodes expertly mixes a true historical event with the sights, sounds, and local customs of the Bayou while adding a bit of magic and some sauce to make this jambalaya of a story! The tone and flow of the story feels like you’re drifting along on a bayou river.After reading Bayou Magic, read about the BP Oil Spill, the most devastating oil spill in U.S. history, and its impact on nature and human inhabitants. Recommended for [...]

    Every word in this book is overflowing with magic. Maddy's summer in the bayou demonstrates how a knowledge of nature and family history can affect deep change in a young person. Rhodes speaks honestly to children about slavery but also provides uplift and hope in the form of the traditional water spirit, Mami Wata, who shows children that mermaids do not always have to look like Ariel. Themes of family, community, culture, and the environment prevail and children of all backgrounds are invited [...]

    I love this book. I think it's beautifully written and full of magic! The development of the relationship between Maddy and her grandmother is so sweet and her fast friendship and adventures with Bear kept the story moving when it could have lagged.This was a book club selection for our homeschool group, but as of this review Amelia & I have only read half the book aloud. I had to finish it so I read ahead!

    This book was based around real events in Louisiana and the human and environmental disasters caused by Hurricane Katrina, as well as the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and the 200 million gallons of oil that spilled into the ocean. It was good to get the perspective of that horrible event. The author then wove a fantasy tale into real events. It was a sweet book of the main character Maddy seeing her dream of being a real live hero, come to be a reality for her and her friends.

    235 pages. A girl named Maddy is on her way to visit her Grandmere' on the Bayou. Her sisters tease her about how bad it is going to be and say her Grandmere' is a witch. Kind of boring after reading two chapters/16 pages. Reading level says grade 4-6 but I say who cares because you should just skip it and save yourself the trouble. Not recommended.

    Amanda Coppedge
    A perfect example of a book in which a setting is its own character. Also a masterful use of imagery and metaphor. For very sensitive young readers, scenes of (view spoiler)[oil spill-related animal peril may be extremely sad, but as Maddy says herself "I don't want to think about it. I have to think about it." (hide spoiler)]. Also Bahni Turpin is a fantastic narrator.

    I enjoyed reading this book. It has strong female characters and strong family relationships and a sense of culture. I enjoyed following Maddy along her journey of self-discovery, and I enjoyed how the author mixed in fantasy with real life events in the story. I believe students would enjoy this book.

    This book was beautiful. The description of the bayou, characters, mystical creatures and stories passed down by generation. Beautiful story with a wonderful message about being mindful of how we treat the environment and others.

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