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  • Title: The Measures Between Us
  • Author: Ethan Hauser
  • ISBN: 9781620401156
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover

  • An unprecedented storm is threatening the East Coast, swelling the rivers and muddying the roads, and in a small suburb of Boston, a group of intimates and strangers struggles to confront a rapidly changing world Vincent, a high school shop teacher, grapples with whether to hospitalize his only daughter Jack, a research intern at a local college, tries to make sense of tAn unprecedented storm is threatening the East Coast, swelling the rivers and muddying the roads, and in a small suburb of Boston, a group of intimates and strangers struggles to confront a rapidly changing world Vincent, a high school shop teacher, grapples with whether to hospitalize his only daughter Jack, a research intern at a local college, tries to make sense of the world through the climate data he helps to gather Henry, a young psychology professor, tests the bounds of his marriage, while Lucinda, his pregnant wife, harbors her own secret And at the heart of this soaring story, at the center of all of these characters, is Cynthia, a young woman uncertain of everything but her sadness.The Measures Between Us delicately and powerfully traces the spider web of connections that bind us together and the void of mystery that lies beyond.It is an accounting and an affirmation of lives in consideration of their end beautifully crafted and deeply moving.
    Ethan Hauser
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    Well while reading, The Measures Between Us by an American author, Ethan Hauser, who works as an editor in the NY Times, I had to keep my mind open. Looking at the reviews on Good reads, my mind easily drew the conclusion that the book is going to be pathetic. But while down to 140-150 pages, my mind started to open up and I cursed myself so much for not opening up my mind more broadly from the beginning. I'd like to describe the book in just one word- it's insanely terrific, bloody raw, and to [...]

    Couldn't really get into the story but kept reading hoping it would improve. It didn't.

    Meh was a good story but I couldn't find any meaning in any of it. It was like listening to an older relative relate a story and all you can think is "d the point is". I found it interesting that all these characters were connected but no one connected the dots until the end. Maybe that was the lesson? Or maybe we don't talk to each other anymore? I don't know. All I do know is that I had to will myself to finish.

    Disappointing, and did not live up to the promise of the book jacket.

    Only got 1/3 of the way done, too much shifting between characters (who I didn't really like) and not enough action (and the action was tawdry).

    Phyllis Wright
    Sorry there, but I only got to page 106 and that's as far as I could go with this book. Maybe later.

    Julie DiCaro
    It was just okay. It just kind of . . ended. And I wasn't emotionally invested in any of the characters. Come to think of it, maybe it wasn't that good.

    So so boring.

    Larry H
    I'd rate this 3.5 stars, maybe 3.75.The theme song from the hit television show Cheers said, "Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got." Sometimes that is absolutely true. Although life is often filled with the ordinary, punctuated by moments of drama or stress (or both), simply making it through the every day struggles we face can be difficult and require more strength and fortitude than we can imagine.Ethan Hauser's novel The Measures Between Us is a beautifully written b [...]

    Liz Goodrich
    Meh. Strong start but lost momentum in the final stretch. Good storytelling and interesting characters.

    A beautifully written book, but one that never really justifies or makes compelling use of its overwhelming sadness.

    Sarah Lang
    I'm really trying to read this book, but sometimes it's like the author skipped words or just grabbed a thesaurus and picked the worst word for the sentence. The characters are not memorable and the book jumps between them so much. I'm glad I only spent $1 for preowned.

    Shannon Kovarik
    This book had potential. I thought it had a lot of potential, with that being said the characters were not relatable. I didn't connect with anybody in the story. I felt like it jumped around from person to person and there was t really a storyline. It felt disconnected throughout the book. I almost didn't finish it but I did hoping it would get better. I was disappointed.

    Dalton Funkhouser
    This book is exactly what the title entails: a novel about separation. It brings that separation to light through interactions, though, choosing to focus on a small group of people who all have interwoven lives. Set in Massachusetts, outside of Boston, this book was exciting for me to read. But more than the locale, the subject matter is important to think about. How are my interactions affecting those around me? There is a character who is asked to give advice. What are the implications of givi [...]

    The Measures Between Us has one of the best ending lines that I've read in awhile. Although hope is sparse in this book, there is beauty in the tragedy. I enjoyed the way the story wove the lives of the friends and neighbors together, and how the small choices any of the characters made could have wide-ranging repercussions. The characters in this story felt very real to me, and I admired the way their relationships were depicted. Every character seemed to notice a distance in his or her relatio [...]

    I flew through this book. I really enjoyed the writing, the way new characters were introduced chapter by chapter, and watching their relationships evolve and change. This is not a happy story, but I felt that I was meeting "real" people who I cared about,and I wanted to know how their lives would turn out. Each person was living their story, while touching those around them more than they realized. It makes you think more about how what you say and do may make more of a difference than you imag [...]

    The stories in this book are sad, which made me feel sad, and the ending just isn't what I hoped. But, despite needing/wanting/preferring happy endings, I fell in love with this book thanks to the delicious, gradual intertwining of narratives. I couldn't put it down once I started reading, and would even find myself wanting to skim pages just to fast forward to how problems would get resolved, happiness would be recovered. But then I'd have to make myself slow down and enjoy digesting every word [...]

    I am choosing to review this book at chapter sixteen, because I am not sure if I will return to it. With each new chapter I wait for something meaningful to happen, nothing does. That's not to say it isn't well written. I have fallen in love with several of Hauser's elegant sentences. Yet, I am not attached to any of his characters, they are void of personality. The narrative voice is dull and lifeless. As I browse through reviews, I am beginning to wonder if this is how the book is supposed to [...]

    I found this book to be rather gloomy, overall. One character was placed in a mental health facility, but it seemed as if everyone could have used some professional help. It was set in Boston, so I half-expected a tie-in with the marathon bombing, but that (thankfully) did not materialize. I liked how the author showed a lot of what the characters thought about each other, which was not at all what the characters thought about themselves. I found that aspect to be very true to life. I also liked [...]

    I get why people might like this book-good writing, realistic characters, an interesting way of storytelling-it just didn't wow me like it has critics. It may have more to do with the fact that I've read what seems like a number of depressing books and this one just added to the list. If you're feeling too happy and want to be brought down by other people's fictional problems, then this is definitely the book for you.

    Set in a suburb of Boston The Measures Between Us examines the relationships between a number of people many of them who seem to be only tangentially related but have a big impact on each others' lives. The story also builds around an impending flood as chapters are interspersed with a report of climate data and the aftermath of said flood. It was an ok book. I really liked how all the threads of the characters came together, but overall I didn't find it to be anything that special.

    Patrick Egan
    This book is beautifully written. While the pace sometimes slows, the characters are all grappling with this question that I think is really a big question, and that kept pulling me to the end. And with writing that is so transparent and yet evocative--I think of Richard Yates--I couldn't help but plow through the book.

    Tiffin-Seneca Public Library
    This is an enjoyable read about the connections we have with people whom we don't even know. The story centers around Cynthia, a young woman who is spends some time in a mental facility at the behest of her parents. She is the focal point of the novel and the person who unknowingly affects the lives of others around her. Very well written with a very appropriate, and powerful, ending.

    Matthew Williams
    So many beautiful moments in this book - and a lot of sadness. But it is a wonderful read, with compelling, vivid characters and lovely prose. I was undone by the relationship between Mary and her daughter Cynthia. The scene where they meet on the banks of a flooding river will not be leaving me anytime soon.

    Amanda Woodward
    I kept reading because I kept expecting something more to come out of the river and the flood research - something to tie it all together. Given the space this study and interview transcripts were given, it seemed like the river should almost have been a character in the book, but it was never clear why it was there. Otherwise, it all seemed kind of flat and gray.

    Beautiful novel about intersecting lives in a suburban town outside of Boston that increasingly is hit by "the 50-year flood." It's mainly about love - lost, withheld, forbidden and true. I cared about all of the characters, flawed and virtuous. As another storm gathers so does the emotional storms for these characters.

    3.5 stars. This book could have benefitted from better characterization and the ending left me feeling confused and a bit cheated. But overall, the writing was good and the characters were believable.

    Read 1/4 of the book but just couldn't get into it. I didn't care about any of the characters and had no idea where the author was going with the plot (there wasn't one). Maybe the story comes together later on but I for one was bored.

    A beautifully written novel but almost unbearably sad. Gorgeous prose with intense characterization about the empty spaces in our relationships and the inability to bridge the chasm. The author definitely doesn't believe that love conquers all.

    3.5 stars; despite the number of characters, it was hard to like any of them. Each one deals with his or her own problem through flashbacks and random, yet drawn out, thoughts from their imagination. Well written with poor characters.

    • ¶ The Measures Between Us || ↠ PDF Download by Å Ethan Hauser
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