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  • Title: Moons' Kiss
  • Author: Kimberly K. Comeau
  • ISBN: 9780615629988
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback

  • They found him in the South Ofrann Desert, where everything evil lived No one knew what he was Most called him a demon One leader thought this stranger without a past held the key to tribal peace and prosperity That leader s enemies saw an opportunity to gain control of the nation.
    Kimberly K. Comeau
    I was sixteen or seventeen when I began a story set in the Ofrann Desert of Axxord I never finished that story, but the setting and characters, Kayarra and Aya, stayed with me through graduation, marriage, the birth of a son, full time employment, and part time vocations Twenty years passed I completed the draft of a novel called Rainbow Gold Then, while searching through notes and partially completed manuscripts, I located a handwritten copy of that early, unnamed manuscript Many of the elements that had captured my imagination all those years ago captivated me again I began writing Not from where I d left off, but from a new page one In those intervening years, both the original story and I had matured And for the next fifteen years, I wrote first the draft, then a full rewrite And during that time, I met and befriended other writers I studied writing I wrote short pieces I was appointed director of an online writing workshop I taught what I d learned through experience and education I joined a critique group, PC Quill And finally, I finished Moons Kiss, and wept as I wrote the final sentence.


    Tarah Scott
    There are loads of different kinds of sci-fi to choose from--from hard sci-fi to far away alien cultures that stretch the imagination. But Moon's Kiss is one of those rare, mainstream science fiction novels that takes us into a reality not quite our own--but one that so easily could be ours.Manerra, the young man who would choose almost any fate except that which is his: to rule. His brother Aya, another son of the gods, who knows his people stand on the brink of a change that even he can barely [...]

    Kimberly K. ComeauI agreed to read & review Moons’ Kiss by Kimberly K. Comeau without really knowing much about it, aside from the fact that it was a fantasy story with an interesting premise. What I got in this 408 page novel more than made up for the time it took to read. Ms. Comeau’s tale slowly drew me in and by the end I found myself comparing it to another sci-fi book, Stranger In A Strange Land by a master of the genre, Robert Heinlein. (Coincidentally Heinlein was listed by the a [...]

    Misty Rios
    The use of the "Yatren" language and definitions in this book made it difficult for me to really get into it at first. I felt like it required too much effort to learn the terms in order to be able to enjoy the story. I forced myself through the beginning chapters and as I approached chapter 17 I had decided to give up. There were too many descriptive passages that many times only described everyday tasks, and although that does help the reader to get a clearer picture of what "everyday life" wa [...]

    Kimberly K. Comeau's Moon's Kiss is Science Fiction that doesn't feel like Science Fiction, which works for me because I'm not a big Sci-Fi fan. The story follows Manerra, a young man in line to rule his country even though he has misgivings about accepting the responsibility, and Kayarra, the man thought to be a demon by most of the country.While crossing the desert to return to his brother and ruler Aya's entourage, Manerra discovers a group of cannibals about to kill Kayarra. Bound by his dut [...]

    Tee loves Kyle Jacobson
    Moons' Kiss is one of those rare books that creates a world that is like no other. It has it's on language Yatren and a dictionary of what the words are in the front of the book. I love when authors create a world different from the mundane worlds we see regularly. My hat goes of to Kimberly for pulling it off.Moons' Kiss is about three brothers who have dreams of their own but when reality hits they each have to work through the path they want VS the path they will lead. One brother is easy goi [...]

    Stephanie Ward
    'Moon's Kiss' is a greatly intriguing science fiction adventure novel. It centers around a tribe who is trying to maintain peace with outsiders and the political standings within the tribe. Enter Kayarra, a "demon" and everything the tribe is working towards is put into jeopardy. Who exactly is this "demon" and what does he really want?I found this novel to be full of action and adventure with some really great science fiction aspects. The history and detailed lifestyle of the tribe and it's peo [...]

    Evelyn Twilley
    I have never been a Sci-Fi fan; however, upon reading Moon's Kiss I became totally absorbed in a world I didn't know existed. So engrossed was I, that I felt I was a part of the book. It wraps itself around you and draws you in. Perhaps some day I'll read another Sci-Fi - if it is penned by Kimberly K. Comeau. -Evelyn Twilley

    Kimberly Comeau

    • [PDF] Download Þ Moons' Kiss | by ✓ Kimberly K. Comeau
      154 Kimberly K. Comeau
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