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  • Title: Shymers
  • Author: Jen Naumann
  • ISBN: 9781479141494
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback

  • In a distant future, Olive Mensing is raised in the solitude of the forest by her parents, away from Society For a time she is happy and content, trusting in everything her parents tell her, and thinking she has the rest of her life ahead of her But not long after her father s mysterious death, Olive and her mother are torn from their home and thrown into the very placeIn a distant future, Olive Mensing is raised in the solitude of the forest by her parents, away from Society For a time she is happy and content, trusting in everything her parents tell her, and thinking she has the rest of her life ahead of her But not long after her father s mysterious death, Olive and her mother are torn from their home and thrown into the very place Olive was raised to fear There she will discover the brutal truths her parents had tried to keep from her a Society divided by two classes Shymers and Futures based on how many days people have to live, and a government that locks people away for rebellious behaviors Although everything seems backwards and hopeless in this new world, Olive makes a few new friends and develops her first crush on a handsome boy But even then, things aren t as easy as they should be She finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of hatred, sadness and lies that spins out of control, forcing her to choose between what her heart wants and what she knows is right.
    Jen Naumann
    Jen Naumann grew up in southern Minnesota as an addict of such flicks as Indiana Jones and The Goonies until she discovered John Hughes, and spent her high school days locked away writing love stories with a sci fi twist Married to a farmer in southern Minnesota, she tries to follow the madness of her four active children while balancing an imagination that never shuts down As the author of CHEATING DEATH, SHYMERS, AND PARANORMAL KEEPERS, she writes stories with strong female leads who have a good sense of humor and tend to fall in love despite their better judgment Also writing steamy adult romance under pen name Jennifer Ann authorjennif For on Jen visit her website JenNaumann.


    There are going to be spoilers, but this book was awful so who the hell cares.Ahh, insta-love. You know, I thought the thing I hated most in YA was the love triangle, but I think insta-love might be worse. Especially when it takes form of disgustingly gushy teenagers. Great, you've known each other for a month, but is that really enough time to declare your love for each other? Of course it is, when the main character is supposed to be flawed but has beautiful skin and hair and almost blends in [...]

    Maria Monteiro
    I love Harrison! I love Olive! I love Harrison and Olive together. I love this book! This book had me on the edge of my seat. It made me feel every emotion there is. I was sad, I was scared, I started to fall in love and finally I was crying. This book is an emotional thrilling story that will stay in your heart even days after you finish it.

    Laura Greenwood
    Review posted on May 29th on a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveBook 1 of the Shymer Series.Olive has grown up in hiding, in the free lands, since she was 6 years old. After her father's death she and her mother are captured and taken back to Society where Olive's mother is put into 'suspension' and Olive is sent to live in an orphanage. In the society it is mandatory for everyone to know their DOD, or Date of Death, and under 18s are then split into two groups and school, the Futures and the Shymers [...]

    Forever YA Fiction
    Amazing!!! Jen does it again, bringing us another story we could not put down from the minute we started to read it. It’s scary to think of living in a world that separates it’s people by the ones who know when they are going to die (the Shymers) and the ones that don’t (the Futures). Please, it’s scary to be a person that knows when there date of death (D.O.D) is. Harrison by far is our favorite character. Our hearts break for him. We just want to rip him right out of the book and safe [...]

    *MAD MAD MAD!UGH! What do I say, I started to read the book, and didn't get into it on the first try, I picked it up again three weeks later, thinking to myself I owe this to Jen to get through this book. FFWD 4 days later (yes! 4 days!!) I loved the book, but I didn't want it to end!! This story has SO many twists and turns. Wonderful vivid descriptions and action put me right into Society and into the forest. I have read all of Jen's books and by far this is the best one! They each keep gettin [...]

    Stephanie Mutone
    I won this book through giveaway and I am so grateful I won. Jen Naumann has a way of capturing the reader at the very beginning and holding throughout the book. The mystery behind Olive's life, family, and past is what kept me turning page after page. The dystopian storyline is not overwhelming. It's very believable. Descriptions of places and people really make you feel like you can see it. I would love to see this one turned into a movie script. It is worthy of it. I'm so happy Harrison gets [...]

    Jeffrey Balch
    I won this through a giveaway. I liked both of the main characters a lot, and I really enjoyed the story for the most part. I disliked the fact that in the end there were still so many questions left to be answered. Almost none of the questions that were brought up were given an answer by the end of the book, and I feel like they were all things that the reader deserved to have answered! Hopefully there will be a sequel so that all of these questions can be answered, especially since the ending [...]

    Maddison Hoy
    Really enjoyed reading this book. Loved the passion between Olive and Harrison. Can't wait for the next book. I hope it isn't too far away!!!!!!!!!!!

    Caroline Patti
    I truly enjoyed reading Shymers. Fascinating dystopian world with plot twists and plenty of adventure. I am looking forward to the sequel.

    Melanie D'angelo
    I really loved this book. It is a fresh take on dystopian YA. Olive makes you care about her. She is a very believable and likable character. I am looking forward to reading the next book!

    I got 65 pages in and I couldn't deal with another special snowflake.

    It's hard to find a unique dystopian read these days, but I glad to say that it's not entirely impossible. At first, I was wary of this book. It sounded pretty good, but the idea was a little overused. It's starts off that way too. Parents take girl away from horrible society and live in the forest. Dad dies. Soldiers come take over and girl gets taken back to horrible society. Girl meets hot guy. Sparks start flying.I fell for that story line so many times.Except, it's not like that this time. [...]

    William (aspiring author)
    NOTE: THE BOOK ITSELF IS GOOD, BUT IT HAS THREE STARS. I WILL EXPAND ON THAT NEAR THE END OF THE REVIEW. SHYMERS IS AVAILABLE ON THE KOBO STORE FOR FIVE DOLLARS IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A CHEAP READ.Olive Mensing is an ordinary sixteen year old, living in an extraordinary world. Society is divided into two classes in the world Olive is taken to after a series of unfortunate events. After her family, living in the forest, is torn apart, Olive is sent to live in an orphanage with other Shymers-people [...]

    My Review: *I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.* I have lots to say about this one, so to make this review coherent, I'm going to make some lists:What I loved about Shymers:1. The book cover! It's gorgeous!2. The world-building. I've read a lot of dystopian novels where the world-building didn't quite cut it. In those books, I had no idea what was going on half the time, because I didn't understand the world. I didn't have that problem with this book at [...]

    My Review is originally posted @ Bittersweet EnchantmentI was pleasantly surprised by how amazing this book truly was. To be totally honest, I was not sure what to expect from this book since it is a self-published novel. I found myself somewhat apprehensive to begin reading it. On a whim I decided to pick it up and give it a try. I figured I'd read a few pages and see if I liked it. Little did I know I would finish the entire book THAT day. YES, it was THAT good GREAT! The story-line was unlike [...]

    I really loved this book, but it ended with way to many open ended questions, nothing was really answered and just about every darn secret was not revealed. I am an avid reader and I understand authors leaving opened ended questions in series' to keep us coming back for the next book, but Mrs. Jen Naumann took that a little to far for my taste. Especially when the sequel isn't even thought of yet. Her blog stated that there will be a sequel but she has not started it as of now and there are a co [...]

    I won this book in a giveaway, which was awesome. I have to say that it sucked me in right from the very beginning. The characters were believable, and I could identify with their emotions. I also loved the suspense of the book and all the buildup to the resolution.What I did not like was that there was no resolution. Unless I ended up with a copy that was missing the final pages, this book left me with the same disappointed and searching feeling that I experienced when I discovered there was no [...]

    while the book was good an I enjoyed the plot, the narrative left something to be desired. the prose was clumsy and the separate narrations of Harrison and Olive were confusing and did not flow well with one another. I had a difficult time piecing together the dual timelines in a way that made the story fluid. the end of the book felt like intermission, not the end of a story. I realize that there is a sequel but the plot left off in a sort of "find out what happens after this commercial break" [...]

    Maggy Lander
    I'm not going to lie it took me a while to get into this book but only because I had things going on in my life. Ha I got you there. That's how this book got me. Every time you thought something was going to happen it took a turn or a twist leaving my heart beating fast. I love the relationship between Olive and Harrison. The only thing I did not like is the ending, but that's only because I'm an impatient person and already want to know what's going to happen. Please hurry up Jen Naumann and wr [...]

    I'm not going to rate this because I didn't finish it. This wasn't because of any fault with the book per se, but rather because I've read too many books like it lately and I've had enough. There is a great sci-fi concept here, but the world-building is very narrative/telling, almost rushed, with the main plotline seeming to centre on a teen romance, which really isn't my thing. I'd love to see one of these dystopian novels where teens behave like teens - no 16 year old thinks "Oh there's no poi [...]

    This book was interesting at first But eventually it got ridiculous with not wanting to explain ANYTHING. I mean, it's one thing to be suspenseful and another to be annoying about it - the main character kept discovering new things and the response was always "I'll explain later". And then the book just ends?? That's not how you do a cliffhanger. That's how you get me to not want to read any more of your books.

    Selena Yukino (The Lioness: hear me roar)
    I really enjoyed the concept of Shymers, but the romance just murdered everything I loved about this book. It was so cheesy and all that kind of annoying shit that gets on everyone's nerves so much you just want to file a damn restraining order against them.

    Abandoned about 50 pages in. Ugh, this book is terrible! I had a bad feeling when Olive, The main character, said all she wanted in the world was to fall in love. I kept going, hoping it would get better, but the plot and the world building are just ridiculous.

    i loved the dystopian future in this book! it was really good and very well written! the sequel, i havent heard about, but im dying yo read it. this series definitely goes on the top charts

    Shea Courtney
    Had a hard time getting into it.

    I thought it was a great book full of romance and life threatning situations. The only thing I didn't like was all the gramatical errors.

    Very different kind of book but in a good way. I am waiting for book two and hopefully get some answers.

    interesting. waiting for book 2

    Check out the book trailer! youtu/ssVB2GNK9PQ

    Great book but HATED the cliffhanger ending How can someone end a book MID-thought, seriously & can't find out if there is going to be a sequel or is Jen leaving us hanging!

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