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  • Title: Andromeda's Choice
  • Author: William C. Dietz
  • ISBN: 9780425256244
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Andromeda McKee rebuilt her life in the violent embrace of the Legion of the Damned in the days when cyborgs were first being introduced Now she must choose between her conscience and her desire for vengeanceIn a different world, Lady Catherine Cat Carletto would never have left her pampered life behind But when Princess Ophelia became Empress Ophelia in a coup thatAndromeda McKee rebuilt her life in the violent embrace of the Legion of the Damned in the days when cyborgs were first being introduced Now she must choose between her conscience and her desire for vengeanceIn a different world, Lady Catherine Cat Carletto would never have left her pampered life behind But when Princess Ophelia became Empress Ophelia in a coup that claimed the lives of the princess s brother and all who supported him, including the Carletto family, Cat had to hide or die.She became Legionnaire Andromeda McKee, and now she s a battle scarred veteran who knows how to kill.Summoned to Earth to receive the Imperial Order of Merit from the empress herself, Andromeda learns that she isn t the sole surviving Carletto her uncle Rex is not only still alive but also the leader of a resistance group determined to overthrow Ophelia.Caught up in a web of intrigue, Andromeda realizes that the moment is coming when her revenge will be at hand But will she be able to act, or will she be betrayed by those she has come to trust
    William C. Dietz
    William Corey Dietz grew up in the Seattle area, spent time with the Navy and Marine Corps as a corpsman, graduated from the University of Washington and worked as a surgical technician, college instructor, and news writer Later he worked for US West in a number of different marketing communications and public relations related positions, before leaving to accept a job as Director of Public Relations and Marketing for international telephone company edge2net Dietz has been a full time writer since 2002.Among the works from Dietz is also the novel adaptation of the highly rated computer and video game Halo the book was titled The Flood and released in 2003.Dietz and his wife Marjorie live near the city of Gig Harbor in Washington State.


    This was interesting. More of it was about the military operations than resisting the Empress. I will continue on in the series to see where it goes

    T.L. Evans
    It's not often that a sequel exceeds the first in a series, but Andromeda's Choice is such a book. William C. Dietz's new novel follows on from Andromeda's Fall and so serves as the second volume in the Legion of the Damned. Effectively, if you liked Andromeda's Fall (which I did), you will love Andromeda's Choice. Following on the story of 'Cat' Carletto (a.k.a. Andromeda McKee) this book not only ratchets up the tension, but builds upon the characters already introduced while adding new charac [...]

    c2014: FWFTB: cyborg, spy, rebellion, Algeron, Naa. Yes, well, I seemed to recall having read the first in the series and remembering that I quite enjoyed it but wasn't sure why I had not put out a reminder for the next in the series. After finishing this book, I think I remember why. Its not that the story or plot is bad nor is the style of writing. It is just the character of Andromeda McGee just does not ring true in any sense of the word. I think there are books out there with more convincin [...]

    Not too bad military sf. Lots of war. Not a lot of original sf. Basically a lot of fairly small scale combat and one scrappy Sergeant keeping ahead of the evil empire, along with her trusty bad-penny sidekick. At least it was a pretty quick read.

    Eric Mccann
    Another Dollar Store Find. This is part of a series. I don't have the first, or later, books, and perhaps because this is book 2 (though I'm not sure if it's "part 2 of a series part of a longer series," I haven't looked) it was fairly easy to jump into. It's military sci-fi with the main character having gone into hiding in the Legion. From what I gather, she happened to be away when the new Empress's forces found and killed her family (being a threat to the new regime.) She'd gotten a warning [...]

    First off, this review is going to cover the first two books in the new series by William C. Dietz. I read them one right after the other and I have pretty much the same thing to say about both of them, so separate reviews is just a waste of kilobytes. The first book of the series is Andromeda’s Fall and the second is Andromeda’s Choice.I have been a long-time fan of Dietz’ work and have a high opinion of him as a person and writer also. One reason is that he is also a former Navy Corpsman [...]

    originally [posted at: thebookplank/2014Earlier this year Titan Books published the first book in The Prequel Legion series by William C. Dietz: Andromeda's Fall. This series tell the events that lead up to the eventual nine book series Legion of William C. Dietz. I have head my eyes on this series for a while, read some very solid military Science Fiction: the Rogue Clone series by Steven L. Kent. Andromeda's Fall was a great start of the prequel series, William C. Dietz introduced a very cool [...]

    A good solid piece of space opera in a well-developed universe not overly burdened with real physics. This second in the trilogy develops Andromeda's career in the Legion. It introduces the Legion's new home on Algeron and the Naa people who feature significantly in the only one of the Legion series that I have read so far, By Blood Alone. Knowing that there is more to this planet and the Naa than is revealed in this book adds a certain richness to the reading experience. While the combat scenes [...]

    Fredrick Danysh
    Sgt. Andromeda McKee of the Legion of the Damned receives orders to Earth to receive a high military award. On the way her secret is challenged by a black mailer from her past. On Earth the assassination of a ranking government official who was to award her the medal again puts her at risk as government agents follow her to her new assignment on a hostile planet under an officer who she has crossed. Hard to put down so read it right through the night.

    Excellent sci-fi military book. My mistake was reading it before Andromeda's Fall. Many of the things at the beginning would have been much clearer. Read this book but only after Fall.

    The protagonist is a puppet or a robot in disguise : I've no interest in her and the story/world isn't original enough to hold my attention.

    I've read bad books before. This is the first bad book that legitimately tricked me into reading it."Andromeda's Choice" is the sequel to "Andromeda's Fall," a military sci-fi novel about an heiress, Cat Carletto, who survives a violent political coup by changing her identity to Andromeda McKee and joining the future version of the French Foreign Legion.This novel opens with McKee receiving a military commendation that sends her to Earth. The ceremony both threatens to reveal her identity and le [...]

    Ugh.A planet with 2 hour and 42 minute day cycle? How did the natives evolve to remain awake for more than 3 or 4 such cycles? And why does the Legion not possess combat vehicles with artificial gravity which seems to be in common use on Earth? So, after an entire book in which her facial scar, broken nose and loss of weight are used to explain how the Empire’s robots and facial scans were unable to match McKee with her former identity of Cat, it now turns out she is still sporting a distincti [...]

    Brit Hopper
    I really like this series and have enjoyed many of William Dietz's other military SCI-FI to include Legion of the Damned series. I also really enjoy those sci-fi adventures that have strong female lead characters. David Weber's Honor Harrington series, Elizabeth Moon's works as well. Dietz's Andromeda McKee the nom de guerre of Lady Catherine "Cat" Carlotta. She is tougher then nails, grizzled veteran, but retains those feminine qualities so there's no androgen here. "Andromeda's Choice" is book [...]

    Steven Allen
    This was a very good read. I like how Andromeda has gone from pretty society party girl to bad ass Legion infantry sergeant and now officer. Even though doing reprehensible things such as assassinating government agents sent to kill her, she maintains her generally good outlook on life. I like how Andromeda has morphed from someone just hiding in the Legion to someone that is at home in the Legion. It will be interesting to see how her relationship with John will change now that she is both an o [...]

    It is very rare that I pick up a second book min a series, when I wasn't impressed by the first one, well Andromeda's choice is an exemption. I didn't know what to read at B&N so i started to look into this book, and was very pleasantly surprised. The book is full of action, and has a compelling character struggling now not only with her hiding in the legion, but also building a career. The template for the Andromeda McKee stories might be Richard Sharpe (by Bernhard Cornwell), but there are [...]

    I liked this book a lot, not as much as the first one in this 2nd series of the Legion of the Damned, but I still liked it. For some reason this one didn't quite have the tension of the last, though I can see where Mr. Dietz was trying to inject it. Also, the first part of the book didn't seem to quite mesh with the last, but despite this it was still an enjoyable read that kept me turning the pages until the end. The military parts, once the author got back into them, were just as good as the l [...]

    The sequel to Andromeda' fall continues to follow Cat- a socialite forced to flee assassination- as she forges a new life in the Legion (a future version of the French foreign legion- humans and cyborgs fighting aliens as people explore other planets). She is still being pursued by assassins, though, in addition to risking her life in Legion battles. This is a particularly bloodthirsty episode, with characters we come to like falling like flies, along with thousands of unfortunate aliens. But it [...]

    Lee Belbin
    After reading this book, I figured the cover (that I never bother with, given ebooks) would have scanty clad woman. Very light escape holiday read. When the characters start saying "Sir, yes sir", my interest drops 99%. The heroine (which is ncie for a change) is invinceable - as all such are in situation where the stats are very much against survival, but this is science FICTION. The goodies are great, the baddies are evil. Not an intellectual challenge. More a kids romp. Not sure I will bother [...]

    Another kick ass military sci-fi novel from William C Dietz. The continuing adventures of Andromeda McKee (Cat Carletto) in the Legion of the Damned as she fights to stay alive in on-going missions with the legion while also trying to keep the Empress from finding out she is still alive. If you are into military sci-fi at all, this is one you are going to want to read. I am really looking forward to picking up the final book in this trilogy to get all the answers to open questions.5 stars for a [...]

    A bit of split personality making her way in the world. Started life as a über useless wealthy scion then joined the legion to hide, but cannot abide killing , except when it threatens her. Logic had nothing to do with it. The choice is fairly stupid as are her "resistance " actions , but read it yourself. The main character seems competent, yet plagued with self doubt when she murders to cover her back trail. Makes it hard to align 'Steel Britches ' with mixed up Cat.

    Vincent Stoessel
    I think I've taken a fatherly interest in our tough as nails socialite turned legionnaire. We see a slightly grayer side of Cat this time around as she continues to wrestle with her secrets. The military action has improved since the first book and I felt like I was fighting alongside the legion on an awesome landscape. I'll close out the trilogy but I'm still not sure if I'll read the main sequence novels of the larger series.

    I just love all the military aspects of this story, as well as how the main character becomes increasingly scarred. I love that she's not the beauty she used to be but has learned to take pride in what those scars stand for, even though she seems to struggle at times with what she's lost. The first two books have been a great military sci fi read with a lot of action and gritty combat scenes. I can't wait to read the third and am really hoping there will be more in the series!!

    Tamtu Bui
    I enjoyed seeing Andromeda McKee grow further as a legionnaire, but the mission in the book's finale felt rather predictable and development of other characters seemed rushed or stumped. It seemed a bit like a filler episode, uneventfully setting things up for third and final book. Good thing I brought it along as my backup book on this trip! Nonetheless, can't wait to reach the conclusion in Andromeda's War. Carefully optimistic :)

    Peter Germany
    I enjoyed this one a lot, I liked the characters progression and her inner battle with the two sides of herself that she has had to create, even if it's been an unintentional side effect of her going into hiding. The action was very good and was described in a way that it gave me a very good mental image of what was going on. I'm looking forward to the next one :)

    Andromeda is getting harder as she tries to stay alive with enemies on every side of her. I still like her character and her struggle to maintain her honor while so beset is interesting. I'm looking forward to the next one and mya very well reall all the Legion of the Damned novels and there are many.

    Not much to say here that would be different from the first book.It's still pretty damn entertaining; the writing it still pretty damn terrible.I'm starting to get annoyed by the suspiciously convenient ways that many of McKee's problems are resolved, butI'll take a break to read something a little less teeth-gnashing and then take a crack at the third book.

    Cristos Kalangis
    Picks up where the first left off, a great action saga. Lots of intrigue and likeable characters. Can't wait for the third part!

    Buried in the Legion, Andromeda survives and thrives while well aware of the target on her back.

    I enjoyed the series. I like strong female protagonists in military sci-fi settings.

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