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  • Title: My Dad Thinks He's Funny
  • Author: Katrina Germein Tom Jellett
  • ISBN: 9780763665227
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The ideal gift book for anyone whose dad makes them laugh or roll their eyes.When his son says I m hungry, Dad says, Hello, Hungry Pleased to meet you Before slicing a cake for dessert, Dad announces, There s my piece What s everybody else having Tell Dad your foot hurts No problem You ve got another How is he feeling With my hands So when nothing s upThe ideal gift book for anyone whose dad makes them laugh or roll their eyes.When his son says I m hungry, Dad says, Hello, Hungry Pleased to meet you Before slicing a cake for dessert, Dad announces, There s my piece What s everybody else having Tell Dad your foot hurts No problem You ve got another How is he feeling With my hands So when nothing s up but the sky, or when jumping in the shower sounds dangerous, it may be a good time to share this book with someone who doesn t need sugar because, well, they re sweet enough already.
    Katrina Germein Tom Jellett
    Katrina has three children and works part time as an early childhood teacher When she s not writing, teaching or parenting Katrina enjoys reading fiction, napping in the sun and drinking hot cups of tea She also quite likes bushwalking, running and going to the beach Katrina has an energetic dog named Mango and one day she would really like to own a cat Summer is Katrina s favourite season.


    Holy cow. Katrina Germein must be my cousin, because this book is so the men in my family. All of them, from my Granddaddy and all my uncles to my own husband. Any member of my family could have written this. Our young narrator is blessed/cursed with a dad who is quick with a snappy retort. You know the kind. You say, "I'm hungry," and Dad says, "Hello, Hungry. Nice to meet you." You've been there. You know this dad. I grew up with this dad. Married him, too. I have a feeling that if I read this [...]

    Laura DeLuca
    My husband is hilarious, and this book has many of the same things that he's said and done! Our little boy laughed and laughed through this whole book making comments like, "Mom, Dad does this," or "Mom, Daddy says this all the time." A great gift for dad for Father's Day or birthday, or any time when you want to give Dad some recognition! I promise you can't go wrong with this book, as adults and children alike will love it! Laughter is the best medicine, and this book will have you rolling on [...]

    Had my 7 y.o. read this aloud to the family and everyone was laughing. i think most of us can relate to the silly things this father says.

    Author: Katrina GermeinIllustrator: Tom JellettFirst Published: 2010Sometimes it's really hard for a Dad to bond with his children. What do you talk about? Do you have anything in common? So often we find ourselves rushing from event to event, Dad finds himself Disciplinarian or Parent, and we lose sight of the friendship we need to have with our children, too.And from that need for a bond we get Dad Jokes.(view spoiler)[My hubby finds this book questionable because, while he knows they are call [...]

    Funny dads anyone? My Dad Thinks He's Funny, is told from the perspective of a little boy. Each page begins with the statement, “My dad thinks he’s funny.” Admittedly, most of these corny saying are ones we adults have heard over and over again, but if you think back to childhood, some of them were pretty darn funny and made for special memories with our dad. Examples of the funny dad's humor are: When young son tells dad "my finger hurts". Dad says, "Let's chop it off". When son says "my [...]

    When we first got this book for my son-it may have even been a shower gift, I can't really recall how we came to have it-the Baroness said she liked it a lot because the humor reminded her of her mom. My dad's sense of humor was a little different (and I'm not sure you could get away with publishing "my dad says I should always use a weapon in a fight because I might hurt my hand"), so when I first read it I didn't think much of it. Once MicroMort was on the scene, however, it quickly became one [...]

    Emma - Mybookcorner
    Dad jokes. Know them? The ones that make your eyes roll and force you to emit a loud sigh?! Ensure Dad reads this one at bedtime!!This book is full of great one-liners. Fun, light hearted entertainment. Love the changing size of the font which adds to the quirky nature of this book. Tom Jellet's illustrations really fit the nature of the book. With a hand drawn quality to them, he really captures the facial expressions personal favourite is 'the eye roll', outlined in 4 steps, a perfect reactio [...]

    There are some classic one-liners in here that I've heard both my Dad and my husband say before. This one might become a Father's Day gift next year.

    I think I will be able to relate ;-p

    Donna ( Momsbookcollection )
    My children love this book! and i love reading it to them, as we always say their daddy does the same or almost the same things like in the book. I would recommend this book to any one really it is hilarious, true, and loving in ways only father's know how to love.

    Amanda Work
    E GER (on order for WC, at other libs)Very fun read aloud about the seemingly universal jokes every dad makes to his kids at one time or another. But in the end, it is these familiar taunts that make our dad near and dear to our hearts. Great gift for Father's Day or for a father-themed storytime for preschoolers up to 2nd grade.

    It's frightening to think there's another man out there like *my* Dad. Except for a couple of pages, this book could honestly have been written about him - the corniest man I know.

    Great Dad jokes. My dad said many of these! Repetitive book but many are good that way.

    I think Katrina and I had the same Dad!

    Baby Bookworm
    This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Summer Reading Day 12: JJ and I decided to have a 3-day marathon of books about daddies leading up to her daddy’s first Father’s Day! Today’s selection was My Dad Thinks He’s Funny by Katrina Germein! If you’re a fan of dad jokes, this is the children’s book for you. Every page is a celebration of the terrible, corny puns that all dads love to tell.Be sure to check out The Baby Book [...]

    Hilarious and right up my alley. Just the book that will make my daughter laugh. And me. Every time I read it.

    My Dad Thinks He’s Funny is full of “dad humor”- the kind of jokes that leave you rolling your eyes, and there is actually a picture illustrating an eye roll. While most of the jokes will be familiar to many readers (while cutting cake, dad points to the cake and says "Well, there's my piece. What's everyone else having?"), some will be new. The text is redundant by the end (“My dad thinks he’s funny” is on almost every spread) and although some of the illustrations are hard to decip [...]

    Wow. This nails dads and their dad jokes. I smiled as I read the ones my dad would say to us kids all the time! Dads will probably laugh to see all their typical jokes put in a book. Kids will laugh to see the all the not-so-funny dad jokes they've been hearing all their lives. It is unfortunate that some of the pictures were not as clear to portray the humor and fun of having a dad. And the "My dad thinks he's funny" repetition started to get annoying. I also thought the ending was abrupt and I [...]

    Loved this book to share with kids AND parents. I would use it for an evening story time where you have older children present. The dad in this book is like one of those uncles we all have. You know, the one who always makes bad puns and says the same silly things all the time just to crack you up? All in all, a fun story to read to kids who already understand jokes (perhaps age 6+.)I think this would be fun to share with a classroom of older children (7-11) to use as a creative writing prompt.

    Emily Rider
    Not sure when I read this to my daughter, it was a while back, but I remember the giggles we both had over how funny it is. I've read it to her several times since then. We always end up laughing out loud, and I have to catch my breath to go on and finish. We feel like the dad in the story is my daughter's dad, my husband, and I think many other readers can relate to this. That's probably why it's so popular, in that it's a great story, wonderful writing, good art, and persons of all ages can re [...]

    This is a great book to read to help children understand the little idiosyncricies of language. It totally nails dads and the funny things they like to say. When I read it to my class we talked about each page: what he said, what he meant, what other meaning it could have, etc. Then we read it all over again and they really enjoyed it. The more you read this book the more kids would get it.I think it would be especially good for children where English isn't their first language.

    Elizabeth S
    You know those picture books that you are afraid to read to your kids because they might learn new ways to drive you crazy? Well, this is a book that kids may not want their parents to read. It has about all of our family's favorite parent-jokes, and more!!Biggest short-fall of the book is that there is no ending, no twist to tie it all together, no ultimate parent-joke.

    Great Books
    Get ready to smile !!! Filled with snappy repartee between father and son, . dad thinks he's funny(when I say) Dad, I don't want to(and he says) Okay, then Do you want three? Reminds readers of the simple joy that laughing together can bring. The relaxed illustrations fit the text comfortably.Reviewer 3.

    I'm sure readers know of a dad who thinks he's funny. In this book, the dad is the king of funny. This is basically a book of jokes that, as the jacket flap says, will either make you laugh or roll your eyes. There were a few jokes I've heard before and a few that I found pretty funny. I think this is a great book for those who love goofy humor.

    Soooo funny! This book of corny dad one-liners is such a fun read! A little boy plays the straight man to his father and gives numerous examples of his dad's replies. Mixed media illustrations are awesome! They play with texture and perspective. This would be a perfect Father's Day gift book!

    It's official; I'm an honorary dad. This fun book brought back from the depths of my memory all those sick jokes ('sick' in the old sense; not the new)my generation used to say as kids. But to the newest generation, they are sure to be fresh and giggle-worthy.

    Here is another fun tribute to fathers in all their silliness. Some dads might say some corny things once in a while, but are usually normal most of the time. But I think many of us know that one dade one that can't say anything serious. The clown dad if you will. This book is all about him.

    Jennifer Miera
    Perfectly appropriate. This "dad humor" must be universal. I'm taking this puppy home to read to the kids because we all agree that daddy's sense of humor is funny only to maybe preschool-aged kids. Now, we give him the "eye-roll" - see pg 2.

    Rather than a story, this is litany of puns and corny jokes that any dad worth his weight would make. This will make kids laugh and adults appreciate (and perhaps long to hear again) their own dad's brand of humor.

    Read to Trent 6/15/14 (Father's Day!)Reviewed at: teachmentortexts/2013/

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