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  • Title: The Unwritten, Vol. 7: The Wound
  • Author: Mike Carey Peter Gross
  • ISBN: 9781401238063
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback

  • The War of Words is over, but the real world and fictional world are both in turmoil, and the damage seems to be spreading When a rash of mysterious disappearances catches the eye of young detective Didge Patterson, it becomes apparent that the cult known as The Church of Tommy is involved Can Tommy heal The Wound before the real and fictional worlds crumble CollectingThe War of Words is over, but the real world and fictional world are both in turmoil, and the damage seems to be spreading When a rash of mysterious disappearances catches the eye of young detective Didge Patterson, it becomes apparent that the cult known as The Church of Tommy is involved Can Tommy heal The Wound before the real and fictional worlds crumble Collecting The Unwritten 36 41
    Mike Carey Peter Gross
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Mike Carey was born in Liverpool in 1959 He worked as a teacher for fifteen years, before starting to write comics When he started to receive regular commissions from DC Comics, he gave up the day job.Since then, he has worked for both DC and Marvel Comics, writing storylines for some of the world s most iconic characters, including X MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR, LUCIFER and HELLBLAZER His original screenplay FROST FLOWERS is currently being filmed Mike has also adapted Neil Gaiman s acclaimed NEVERWHERE into comics.Somehow, Mike finds time amongst all of this to live with his wife and children in North London You can read his blog at mikecarey.


    As you're reading, everything feels like it's coming to a head in this volume, but the payoff seems to be somewhere down the road. I'm not saying I wasn't satisfied with The Wound, but don't expect it to be chock full of answers like the last volume. Still, there were enough great moments with both old (loved seeing the Tinkerer and Mr. Bun!) and new characters that I wasn't unhappy with this story arc. It skips ahead in time from when we last left Tom and Rick running from the devastation cause [...]

    Still pretty good, but rather thinner than previous volumes. In length, yes, but in premise, too. There just isn't as much going on. Maybe because this is winding down from major events in the previous book. Or possibly winding up for events yet to come. It's also strange to read a storyline that has no Lizzie and very little of Richie or Tom. Luckily, police detective Didge and former (and extremely minor) Cabal employee Danny are great characters to follow, especially Didge. I love her voice i [...]

    Sean Gibson
    3.5 StarsAfter the momentous events of volume 6, I figured this would be something of a fresh start, and it was indeed exactly that. As such, it was tough to sustain the momentum of the previous volume (which I thought was the strongest since the series started), with introducing new characters and filling in some gaps in the time that had passed since we last left our heroes. Still, a more entertaining volume than the lull around volumes 3 and 4, and I’m curious to see where things go from he [...]

    “It will be a very slow . . . apocalypse. Those who live by . . . imagination . . . will feel it first. But in the end . . . without story . . . without the ability to step sideways from fact . . . into hypothesis . . . human life is untenable.”You could be forgiven for thinking that after the max craziness of the last volume, where seemingly all the story-lines ended in a whiz bang of revelations and violence and all those kinds of shenanigans, that the main part of this story was over and [...]

    Scott (GrilledCheeseSamurai)
    Okay, so I didn't really know what the hell the rest of this story could possibly be about after the events of Volume 6. I kinda figured everything would waiver and I'd be stuck reading a bunch of bullshit. Then I cracked open volume 7.Mother of a goat! What a fan-freaking-tastic volume. I was so happy that we got to see The Tinker continue his rescue operation into the depths of hell - and fuck a duck - he's with Pauly Bruckner; the hitman turned foul-mouthed rabbit! I totally forgot about Paul [...]

    This volume seems like a setup pitcher in baseball, doing his work before the closer comes in. If that's the case, I understand why it wasn't as exciting as The Unwritten, Vol. 6: Tommy Taylor and the War of Words, which I read the day before. And which is why I likely found this one a letdown. The storylines are coming together, and I appreciate the way they are, but this volume is thinner, even in quantity as the end contains several pages of early layouts (for filler?) which were of no intere [...]

    Callie Rose Tyler
    Ultimately, this was somewhat disappointing, I get the feeling that the author is running out of ideas and is trying to spread out this story because the plot of this volume was a bit thin. The reader gets very little time with Tommy and the gang. Instead we are mostly stuck with an Australian cop who suspects a Tommy cult leader of being a serial killer. The climax between Tommy and the cult leader was pretty lame and, as is often the case with this series, nothing is resolved. The writer’s c [...]

    I found this to be the weakest of the instalments in an otherwise strong and thrilling series. As an Australian, it was nice to see the story's action head Down Under, but the writers have a pretty distorted and cliched view of my country and its people. It was like they just transplanted American culture amidst a whole bunch of hackneyed colloquialisms and hoped for the best. And using backwater city Brisbane as the setting for Tom Taylor's visit? Unlikely. Full marks for casting an indigenous [...]

    Won from a First Reads drawing.The Unwritten is an outstanding series created by Mike Carey and Peter Gross for DC Comics's Vertigo imprint. Its protagonist is Tom Taylor, a grown-up, real life Harry Potter, whose father wrote a series of blockbuster fantasy novels with Tom/Tommy as its hero. Now the fictional world is leaking into the real one. The nature of Tom's very existence is in question: is he a fiction brought to life, a wielder of real magic, or just a man damaged by a father obsessed [...]

    Electronic ARC provided via NetGalley. This series has finally become one of my favorites, after a rather slow start. I used to buy this in single issues, but finally gave up after realizing I didn't have a clue as to what was happening or where the story was going. A couple of years later, I came back to it via the collected volumes available through my local library and suddenly the impenetrable story became a must-read. This volume follows on the events surrounding the downfall of Pullman and [...]

    Megan Kirby
    I rated this a little lower than I normally would an Unwritten volume, because I found it a little bit hard to follow in spots. I had trouble remembering the whole Bodleian plot line, which might have really been the last volume's problem. I also think it comes from waiting too long in between volumes. BUT lovely art, great ideas about fiction and storytelling, and a really funny appearance by a unicorn. Also, Richie's plot line is turning out to be one of my favorite parts of this seriesSO I di [...]

    Jeff Raymond
    Another superlative arc in The Unwritten, where the weird is taking a little more of a backseat in favor of the actual plot, much to its benefit. The answers are coming much quicker now, and that means a lot of stuff is tightening up.My one concern, at this point, is how this is going to finish up. I'm not sure where the natural endpoint is, and I feel like we're probably getting close to it, but

    Ryan Mishap
    This series not only wasn't dragged down by its side tales, the whole fucking thing was fabulous and it explodes to a seeming finale that had me jaw-dropped, tears in my eyes.I'm dead serious when I say that everyone reading this should stop and go read The Unwritten instead.

    You're a cool bean, Didge. It's interesting seeing a lot of threads coming together so far into the series.

    Still fascinating. I just wish I owned them so I could look back and refresh my memory. Plus they would be well worth owning, the art is gorgeous and the story is complex and compelling.

    Sarah (treesofreverie) McMahon
    (Brisbane felt awfully American)

    Review of the Unwritten Vol.7-11Being quite used to these new, subversive, metatextual mishmashes, it seems difficult to write something new and fresh and not too clever. It sometimes feels that the actual story, the one you're supposed to be reading, not the thousands of others weaving in and out of the main narrative, and strong, believable characters, get lost in the literary cartwheeling. That is certainly true to an extend in The Unwritten and it certainly is a little too clever for its own [...]

    This one was a little more disjointed since it starts with the Tinker in the house of Hades, then we meet a police officer in Australia who is working with a guy that used to read for the grid, then we go on a wild goose chase with the church of Tommy and find Pullman's hand, and then lastly we finish up with what happened right after Vol 6. Did I lose you? Because surprisingly it made total sense when I was reading it and I really enjoyed the ride. While nothing big happens in this one (in term [...]

    Vittorio Rainone
    Una storia fantastica, con un intreccio curatissimo, ma un modo di raccontare talmente piano e scorrevole da fare capire tutto anche a chi non ricorda o non ha seguito finora questa fantastica saga. Si comincia con l'onda: che è l'impressionante nulla che uccide le storie. Il primo racconto, che la presenta, è drammatico e favolistico come il migliore Fables, ma con le caratteristiche peculiari di Unwritten, e ha un finale potentissimo. Quindi ritorniamo sulla terra: Tommy Taylor vuole curare [...]

    Wing Kee
    And interesting change of pace and location that is both welcome and kinda not. World: Art is what it is. The world building is interesting. The move away From Tommy and looking from afar is good. The church angle is interesting and really paints the world out. This is still the best part of the series. Story: The change of characters and locale was interesting in the world building sense. It gave us an interesting look at the general populous and their reaction to Tommy and it is an interesting [...]

    Junkyard Palace
    SHORT REVIEW:Setting is often as much of a character in a story as the people are. As an Australian from the area where the bulk of this story arc is set, I found a lot to be offended by in this volume. It must have been very poorly researched to deliver this woeful representation of Brisbane and Australians in general. Not sure why this story needed to be set in Australia let alone Brisbane, other than to show Tommy is a world-wide phenomenon.The main story itself isn't great either, missing al [...]

    This volume did a good job of not focusing on the main character. The only one whose destiny I'm interested in. The secondary characters and events get their chance in the spotlight, so reading it felt like swimming upstream. It added to the grand story all the details I couldn't care less about. It all feels like a waste of time.The fictional worlds are unraveling, an event brought on by a destructive wave of unknown origin. Their characters are trying to flee from it, but it may already be too [...]

    Collects The Unwritten issues #36-41I hope I'm wrong, but this volume had the distinct feeling of starting something new. It is as if the writer wrapped up the majority of his story with the last volume, and now this volume starts to take the story into a new direction. Yes, it is a continuation, and it builds on what came before it, but this volume had a very different vibe. It is comparable to what Season 2 of a TV show would feel like in that it is the same story with a fresh feel.This volume [...]

    Paula Lyle
    Everybody hates Tom, which is kind of confusing. If anyone seems to be a victim of circumstances it is Tom, so how can he be blamed by so many people? With Pullman dead the "enemy" seems to be lacking a face and a purpose. I understand that Tom wants to find Lexie (who isn't even in this vol.) but I'm not sure what else is even going on.

    After the very full volume 6 (literally it was quite a large volume and also just a lot of stuff happened, including things ending), it was perfect to start Volume 7 with the Tinker (from Volume 5, who I loved and didn't have enough time with) meeting up with Pauly Bruckner (can't even remember when we last same himVolume 3??). Then we're in Australia. Oh yeah, you remember from the ending of Volume 6, what's going on down under? Well the Church of Tommy is doing super sketchy stuff and a fierce [...]

    Glad to pick this up again, some parts felt unfamiliar, but for the most part I enjoyed it.

    See book one for my thoughts.

    JB Lynn
    Didn't know what to expect, but this was great! Has me excited to read more.

    Liz B
    Much thinner in concept and execution than every other volume. Structurally it was also not as strong--while I have enjoyed having plot points slowly revealed/ explained, there wasn't a good reason to have the final comic in the book be the last. If the point is that the story's goal wasn't actually what it looked like at first ((view spoiler)[ the destruction of Pullman and the cabal (hide spoiler)]), I can totally get behind that. There are plenty of things still to be wrapped up, and yes, it [...]

    Tom Taylor's war with the villainous Cabal is over. Pullman (or should we call him Cain?) is finally dead, after a life spanning (if he is to believed) most of human history, but the damage he did on his way out continues to resonate. Before he died, Pullman harpooned the Leviathan, the manifestation of humanity's collective storytelling unconscious. Now, around the world, creative types are finding themselves unable to create, and people everywhere are finding themselves unable to get lost in t [...]

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