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  • Title: The Zero-Waste Lifestyle: Live Well by Throwing Away Less
  • Author: Amy Korst
  • ISBN: 9781607743491
  • Page: 220
  • Format: ebook

  • A practical guide to generating less waste, featuring meaningful and achievable strategies from the blogger behind The Green Garbage Project, a yearlong experiment in living garbage free.Trash is a big, dirty problem The average American tosses out nearly 2,000 pounds of garbage every year that piles up in landfills and threatens our air and water quality You do your parA practical guide to generating less waste, featuring meaningful and achievable strategies from the blogger behind The Green Garbage Project, a yearlong experiment in living garbage free.Trash is a big, dirty problem The average American tosses out nearly 2,000 pounds of garbage every year that piles up in landfills and threatens our air and water quality You do your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but is it enough In The Zero Waste Lifestyle, Amy Korst shows you how to lead a healthier, happier, and sustainable life by generating less garbage Drawing from lessons she learned during a yearlong experiment in zero waste living, Amy outlines hundreds of easy ideas from the simple to the radical for consuming and throwing away less, with low impact tips on the best ways to Buy eggs from a local farm instead of the grocery store Start a worm bin for composting Grow your own loofah sponges and mix up eco friendly cleaning solutions Purchase gently used items and donate them when you re finished Shop the bulk aisle and keep reusable bags in your purse or car Bring your own containers for take out or restaurant leftovers By eliminating unnecessary items in every aspect of your life, these meaningful and achievable strategies will help you save time and money, support local businesses, decrease litter, reduce your toxic exposure, eat well, become self sufficient, and preserve the planet for future generations.
    Amy Korst
    AMY KORST is a teacher and blogger who launched greengarbageproject along with her husband to chronicle their experiment in living a zero waste lifestyle She has been featured on CNN and in USA Today and the Guardian, among others Amy has a Master Recycler certificate and is a frequent speaker for local environmental organizations She lives in Pacific City, Oregon.


    Some useful tips? Check. A lot of things I already knew? Check. Makes use of checklists? Check.Author lives in a city with much more elaborate recycling capabilities? Check. Quite similar to Plastic Free. Mostly excited about Lush's shampoo bars (which is now located at Easton). Am working up the courage to take my own containers to the deli counter at Raisin Rack for sliced cheese.Good to know that the experts also have found no viable alternative to Q-tips and dental floss.

    Wendy Wagner
    An easy to read guide to a life with less garbage. It's pretty cheerful and low-key, so you don't feel like a giant wasteful jerk as you read through it. Also, it contains a great guide to where to recycle a lot of weird stuff!

    Christina Dudley
    (Oops! First time around I mixed this up with a different book. This is what I really read!)This quick read dovetailed nicely with other books I've been reading about running a more natural, non-harmful household. I admire Korst and her husband for their utter devotion to producing as little trash as possible and knew immediately I was never going to have a zero-waste home. Tooth powder instead of toothpaste? Handkerchiefs over Kleenex (she hasn't seen the amount of snot my family can produce!)? [...]

    Mindy Reads
    Super informative! Favorite part about the book is that it breaks down the things you'll need/could to do in order to minimize waste in easy, moderate and advanced categories. It makes the transition less intimidating. I also loved the A-Z Guide to Recycling at the end of the book. Great resources.

    Overall, the book is pretty good and would be a decent place to start for someone looking to reduce the waste they produce. The author gives plenty of tips for reducing waste in various areas of our homes and lives. She does rely a bit more heavily than I'd like on recycling versus avoiding packaging altogether however. Yes, we can recycle the plastic from the toilet paper, but she didn't even mention buying rolls wrapped in paper. Paper can be composted, or lacking that option, can be more easi [...]

    Very informative book, though longer than it needed to be. Several of the chapters near the end just re-iterated the same principles from the early chapters. My wife and I have been implementing many of the principals in our daily lives and we are down to maybe one bag of garbage a week (and thats without composting since we live in an apartment). We have gotten some annoyance from grocery workers when we bring our tupperware for meats, but most have been curious and impressed that we're trying [...]

    I liked this book overall. I am trying to be more responsible when it comes to taking care of our planet- I didn’t agree with everything she said (hence the 3 stars) but I was able to gather a few helpful tips to be more eco friendly. Not gonna lie though, I skipped over a few sections. Sorry, but I just can’t come to terms with reused floss 🤦🏼‍♀️

    I have mixed feelings about this book. I really like the idea of reducing the amount of garbage I produce and I had hoped this book would be more helpful. There are a couple of good tips I picked up, but most of the suggestions in this book fell in to two categories: 1) I already do that. 2) I don't have the time and/or desire to do that. I did appreciate that her suggestions were all coming from the perspective of someone who lived this lifestyle and worked out ways to avoid garbage. However, I [...]

    Expected this book to be a bit extreme but from the outset the reader was encouraged that any small change is good too. The book covered many areas in your life that you could reduce your waste and included a range of practical tips at the end of each chapter. Whilst I won't adopt an extreme zero waste lifestyle I am going to make some changes to reduce my waste.

    The informational parts of the book -- what happens to trash, what can and can’t be recycled, cleaning product recipes, the A-Z recycling guide – are really interesting and well worth reading if you’re looking to learn about trash and reduce waste in your life. I like that Korst breaks her waste reduction strategies down into categories of easy, moderate, and advanced, and I like the topical organization of the book. You can pretty much skim the bulk of the content if you just read the las [...]

    Rob Slaven
    As usual I received this book free in exchange for a review. This time it was via LibraryThing. Despite that considerable kindness I give my candid thoughts below.When I won this book I was thrilled because having a lower-footprint lifestyle has been a goal of my own for quite a while. After reading Korst's book I feel that I'm much better equipped to do that.Generally in a review I try to pull out positives and negatives about a book but in this case I don't really have any negatives. The book [...]

    The author of this book and her husband challenged themselves to spend a year creating as little trash as possible. They mostly succeeded since they had just a shoebox full of trash by the end of the year. They recycle religiously, compost most food scraps (they are vegetarians so don't need to worry about meat), and practice the 3 Rs (reuse, reduce, recycle). There are good tips for ways to avoid waste in many areas as well as alternative strategies for doing things and methods for recycling ju [...]

    This is a great book for those wanting to reduce their impact on the planet as it provides both motivation (ex. discussing the impacts of our trash-filled lifestyles and why recycling alone is not enough), as well as tips for making lifestyle changes (easy, moderate and advanced). It is a quick and easy read and I intend to share it with family and friends. While this book is a great starter, there will be inevitably some further research required of those interested in a zero-waste lifestyle gi [...]

    Some good tips from a woman who pledged to live garbage-free for a year. The only thing – a lot of this isn’t practical. (I am not going to cart home all of my recycling from vacation, and I don’t have room to do a lot of this stuff, like composting – as much as I want to.) Still, I think aspirational. Reviews so could be used as a textbook even!

    Andrea Marley
    This book rules . This is not recycling , this is no waste, period. Cheerful and realistic, the book offers a list of EASY, MODERATE, and ADVANCED options to make changes, depending on your lifestyle. Everyone could walk away with something new from this book .

    Read. This. Book. My *favorite* thing about this book is the way Amy Korst has made it accessible to people of varying commitment levels. She educates on the issue, and then suggests Easy, Moderate, and Advanced goals at the end of each chapter, making both the book and the idea of waste reduction available to everyone interested, because every effort is helpful (!). Love this. Reducing waste is a concept the back of my mind has been chewing on for years, and as it grew to be increasingly uncomf [...]

    Amy Freeman
    I like this book because it provides an abundance of opportunities in the average daily life to be as “green” as possible. I enjoy the fact that the different chapters correspond with different rooms in the house, and that Korst included zero waste recipes and an index of the best way to recycle things that one may find they have a hard time disposing. I am leaving this book feeling informed and ready to make changes in my own life. It has helped me to be a more mindful consumer.

    Rachel Summers
    The Zero-Waste Lifestyle offered a deeper look into our trash epidemic and gave great suggestions on going trash-free. It was inspiring and the suggestions/goals are very obtainable.I wish everyone would read this book.

    great book heaps of zero waste ideas

    This is a quality book to help you understand your waste better and learn strategies to reduce it. The first several chapters go over basics like Reduce, Reuse, Recycle while later chapters get into specific scenarios like waste at work, at holidays, or with kids. All of these have good information even if it sometimes feel like the writing is just filling space. Do you really need multiple paragraphs to explain using both sides of a piece of paper?Filler aside, my only real gripe is the same on [...]

    Good tips but mostly a lot of content I already knew.

    Well done! Now to implement some ideas. :)

    Despite having been immersed in waste-reduction for some time now I was pleasantly surprised to learn so much from this book. There were some great practical solutions: ideas for composting in apartments, information about take-back programs for hard to recycle items like #5 plastic, and plenty of disposable alternative ideas (similar to what I picked up from No Impact Man and Plastic Free).But what I liked best about the book was its tone: upbeat and excited. Korst constantly reinforces the key [...]

    As with Make Garbage Great: The Terracycle Family Guide to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle, I just didn't find what I needed here. Korst doesn't do a bad job providing an introduction to zero-waste principles, but she delivers her points in the most cheerful and peppy voice imaginable, complete with exclamation points and puns. She draws heavily, sometimes without sufficient citation (in my opinion, at least, as a former college instructor of English) from works like Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with [...]

    This is a great book for anyone who wants to learn what it means to live a zero-waste lifestyle and how to achieve one. The way that the book is split is as if you are leading an experiment - to get rid of all the garbage in your life. The book is split into three parts - 1. Informational background on why a zero-waste life is a necessity. This is where the experiment starts, writing a list of things that you throw into your garbage. 2. What to do in each part of your life to get rid of garbage. [...]

    this book's strong suits: a really thorough analysis of what is actually recyclable and what is not. i had been recycling prescription bottles at my job (i work in mental healthcare) in blithe ignorance. the horror! recycling plant employees are just throwing them away. now i will hoard them and drop them off at whole foods, which apparently accepts #5 plastics. the book is good for little tips like this--obviously, ms. korst has really done her researche thing that i don't like about this book [...]

    Probably one of the most thorough textbooks on reducing trash that I have ever read. Ms. Korst examines almost every facet of Americans' lifestyle with courage, impressive conviction, and even light wit trying to encourage more thoughtful use of our dear planet's resources.The book once again reminded me that as Americans, we suffer from a ridiculous sense of entitlement and an overabundance of "goods." While certainly we cannot all follow her all of guidelines and suggestions implicitly, so man [...]

    This book was kind of hit-or-miss for me. First I'll start with the good!I think this book is a good introduction to the zero-waste lifestyle. It is filled with a lot of tips and tricks which I like. It is also very informative in respect to "the evils of plastic." I also loved that the book itself is printed on 100% post-consumer fiber with vegetable based inks! But that being said there are other books, mainly Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson, that I feel might be better as the first book to rea [...]

    This book has inspired Nik and me to renew our efforts to decrease our trash even more drastically than we already have.The good news is that we're already doing just about everything in her "easy" and "moderate" categories.The bad news is that means we've plucked all the low-hanging fruit and are going to have to try harder! Currently, we put out one bag of trash a week - a 12-gallon bag that's usually about half-full. Compared to what we see around our neighborhood on trash day, that's a prett [...]

    Stephie Jane Rexroth
    I hesitated reading this book for fear of awareness -- having my eyes opened to the trail of trash that is my most memorable mark on this earth, becoming fanatical and experiencing piercing "green guilt" every day that I inevitably fail to mend my wasteful ways. Surprisingly, Amy Korst makes embracing a zero-waste lifestyle much more approachable and less intimidating than I imagined it could be. Throughout the book she reinforces the mantra of every little bit helps and provides strategies for [...]

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