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  • Title: Walking in the Shadows
  • Author: Cassandra Giovanni
  • ISBN: 9781478118190
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Seconds seem like a lifetime when the life you lived is slowly drained out of you by those who care not what you felt, hoped, or dreamed When the darkness comes it is all consuming there is no light and there is no pain It is the never ending loss of hope that now consumes me as I die in his arms.This is Abigail Martin s nightmare After her parents become the first vicSeconds seem like a lifetime when the life you lived is slowly drained out of you by those who care not what you felt, hoped, or dreamed When the darkness comes it is all consuming there is no light and there is no pain It is the never ending loss of hope that now consumes me as I die in his arms.This is Abigail Martin s nightmare After her parents become the first victims of a serial killer obsessed with the vampire saga, Crimson Reign, Abigail does the only thing that she thinks will save her from her parent s fate she becomes some one else As Vera MacIntrye, she falls in love with the very handsome Tad Knightley, and then walks into her first day at her new school to see him standing at the front of the classroom He s every teenage girls fantasy, but as he writes Mr Knightley AP British Literature across the white board Vera realizes the one person who filled the gaping hole in her heart will soon rip it wide open again Vera struggles to adjust to being a normal teenager with very adult responsibilities like paying the rent, buying groceries and making sure that lights stay on, while being drawn time and time again back to her off limits teacher What s worse is he is drawn to her too, and their worlds refuse to stay apart when Tad finds Vera screaming in terror in the parking lot after the winter formal The murderer has struck again and is getting closer to the next target Vera Tad will do whatever he can to save her, even if it means losing his dream job, but will it be enough when the murderer is closer than anyone ever thought GENRE Young AdultRomanceSuspense
    Cassandra Giovanni
    Cassandra doesn t remember a time when she wasn t writing In fact, the first time she was published was when she was seven years old and won a contest to be published in an American Girl Doll novel Since then Cassandra has written novels than she can count and put just as many in the circular bin Her personal goal with her writing is to show the reader the character s stories through their dialogue and actions instead of just telling the reader what is happening Besides being a writer, Cassandra is a professional photographer known for her automotive, nature and architectural shots She is happily married to the man of her dreams and they live in the rolling hills of New England with their daughter and two dogs.

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    Cassandra Giovanni
    I am currently editing this book for print. The release date is in October, specific date to be determined.

    Having read In Between Seasons by Cassandra Giovanni a while back, I was eager to see what more she had in store with Walking in the Shadows. Let me tell you, this was not as good as IBS. It was better. Giovanni has emerged again, this time with a (dare I say it) more compelling romance, an intriguing plotline, and a story that is overall much more well—rounded. Abigail Martin is a girl who now spends her life as Vera MacIntyre under the witness protection programme. With her parents murdered [...]

    Krystal Willingham
    I honestly want to kick myself for waiting so long to read this book because it was so good. I literally starting reading and did not put it down until I was finished, it really was that good.I have to first start off by saying this book reminded me of first a television show, Pretty Little Liars, and then parts of a movie, Scream. At first I was iffy on the whole thing because I didn't know what I had gotten myself into. Was this a sort of fan fiction type thing or, to my happy relief, somethin [...]

    Candace Knoebel
    Walking in the Shadows was a very good story! I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a timeless tale of love and loss. The book is full of words of wisdom. From the beginning you are thrust into a passionate relationship between Tad and Vera (Abigail). But there is one major problem that threatens to keep them apart. Tad is Vera's English teacher. Throughout the story, you watch them both struggle to keep their feelings locked up and secret. It's not easy for them to do because the love the [...]

    This review can also be found on Living for the BooksActual rating: 3.5I don't think I've ever read about book about a student teacher relationship so as far as that goes I don't have much experience reading about them. I actually really enjoyed reading about Vera and Tad's relationship even though I thought it was a little too much for me at times. I guess that was because you didn't get to see them fall in love, you just saw them already in love.So going into this book I had expected more myst [...]

    I had prepared myself for a paranormal book since the summary mentioned “vampire” but what I read was so much more. Vera is a senior and has moved to a new town after the murder of her parents. From the jump I noticed Vera is not your “damsel in distress” type; this girl is strong, independent and intelligent. Her love interest, Mr. Knightley (Tad) is her English Lit. teacher, yes sounds a little creepy, right? Wasn’t at all since Vera is 18 a senior and Tad is just a couple years olde [...]

    Ok, I was a bit apprehensive on whether I was going to like this book or not. During the first pages, I thought it was going SO well. I enjoyed how Vera and Tad was presented to us. How it started with this problematic relationship between them and we had no idea of why. Then, the story was explained, in a very good way in my opinion. Tad is a British Lit Teacher at the school Vera goes to. We find out he did not know she went there and she was a bit scared of having to see him as a teacher. The [...]

    This was a great book! This was a book about a girl living in fear and trying to overcome the murder of her parents. She meets a guy and falls in love, but the relationship gets a little doomed when she finds out he is her new teacher. Nothing can stop the feelings they have for one another so while they are struggling to hide their relationship, the killer is right under their noses causing all sorts of ruckous again. This story had a little of every type of emotion in it. You could feel everyt [...]

    Jessica Tornese
    What I think I like best about Giovanni's books, is that she gets the reader right into the story. From page one, you are immersed into the problem and the character's emotions as if you had been along for the ride the entire time. The song "Don't Stand so Close to Me" echoed throughout my mind as I read this book; this forbidden but believable love story.The plot moves the reader from feeling emotionally invloved in the book, to intense curiosity as to what exactly has happened between Vera, he [...]

    Wow, I have so many good things to say about this book!READ THIS BOOK IF:1. You like young adult romance2. You aren't in high school anymore (continue reading for my explanation of this one)3. You love a good mystery (honestly, it's more mystery than romance, but still a love story nonetheless)This book starts out a little differently than most - rather than telling you how two people meet and fall in love (and having the story be about their new romance), this book throws you in. Literally dump [...]

    Bonny Bon Bon
    Firstly I'd like to thank Cassandra Giovanni for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed reading this book however i would have like the epilogue to have shown a little more into the future and let me know a few unanswered questions (view spoiler)[ such as did everything get better with her hands? does she decide to be a englishnteacher? does jaz and brad stay together?(hide spoiler)] but this book is by far one of the better ones thatblet us know most of the end re [...]

    First and foremost, the summary for this story rocks. It completely captured me and lured me in, like a siren ensnaring her prey… Just listen:Seconds seem like a lifetime when the life you lived is slowly drained out of you by those who care not what you felt, hoped, or dreamed. When the darkness comes it is all-consuming; there is no light and there is no pain. It is the never-ending loss of hope that now consumes me as I die in his arms.This is Abigail Martin’s nightmare. After her parents [...]

    Originally on babblingofabookaholicHaving read Cassandra's debut novel In Between Seasons I must point out I feel like this book showed a different style of writing and she can definitely pull of both! In her debut novel she told the story of Kate and Hunter through dialogue. In Walking she tells the story in a completely different way and after reading her first novel I had felt she could only get better as an author and I was completely right! I absolutely loved Walking! This book is not only [...]

    L.j. Duett
    A few months back, Ms. Giovanni kindly allowed me to interview her with ten questions. Why do I mention this? Because during that interview I learned quite a few interesting facts about this particular author. One of those facts is that Ms. Giovanni likes to dabble in photography. Why mention this? Because you get three guesses as to where this lovely book cover came from. Let me warn you that the first two guesses don't count. As for the book itself. I'm not normally one that likes books that f [...]

    Elsa Carrion
    Title: Walking In The ShadowsAuthor: Cassandra GiovanniFormat: 490 epagesGenre: YA Contemporary Suspense RomanceCover: Don’t judge the book by the cover Series: No, Stand alone NovelMain Characters: Vera & TadLosing your parents and having to grow up fast is exactly what happened to Vera. Emancipated to be an adult at 16 with the help of her god parents, Vera starts her new life on her own one step at a time. At 17, she meets and falls in love with Tad or Mr. Knightley at her favorite book [...]

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. Wow! Talk about a crazy and amazing book. It definitely kept me guessing and the ending was truly not what I expected. Abigail is only a senior in high school but has found herself running from a nightmare. Her parents were murdered by a serial killer that is obsessed with a series of vampire books called Crimson Reign. Her parents were murdered when the Crimson Reign movie was released and in order to protect herself she changes her name t [...]

    I was half way through with this book in the morning, then I ate lunch, finished the book, went shopping for some school supplies, and now I’m here writing this review. Honestly I was not expecting to like this book, but it was amazing, and the characters almost felt real at times.Summary:Vera- also known as Abigail Martin- parents have died, with evidence it may have been vampires. But vampires aren’t real, so this could be a cult? She’s nervous that the killer is coming for her next, and [...]

    I couldn't help it, I am posting my review on GR earlier than on my blog.Don't let the cemetery angel freak you out of reading this great book as it almost did to me.Let me tell you how FANTASTIC this book was!I am beyond glad it won in my Group of the Month poll. There is suspense, there is mystery and most of all there is romance. The kind of romance that makes you sigh with a little of envy that it's not happening to you and a little bit of awe because you can't believe how strong their love [...]

    Tracey (Life and Literature)
    Following the horrific murder of both of her parents by a serial killer who has become obsessed with the vampire saga "Crimson Reign" Abigail Martin is placed in the witness protection program under the assumed name and identity Vera MacIntrye. Bearing the burden of not only the grief of her parents death but also the now very real adult responsibilities of holding down a job and supporting herself. It's then that she meets gorgeous Tad Knightly, who manages to fill the void in her heart. But Ve [...]

    Zakirrah BookBlogger
    *I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review* I didn't know what i would make of this book but wanted to give it a shot and I'm glad I did! 3.5 stars!! TadVera/AbigailThe book gets straight to it and we find out about Vera and Mr Knightley's relationship! Vera meets Tad when she moves to a new place trying to get away from her past.Little do they know that he will be her new English teacher and she will be his student!“They didn't understand, for we were Shake [...]

    Vera, previously known as Abbi leaves her home after her parents are murdered by a serial killer obsessed with a vampire saga. During the summer before her senior year of High school, Abbi meets Tad. Mr. Perfect for her ,and they fall in love. Tad is a college student who assumes she is also in college. Something she never clarifies. Since their relationship is rated pg, things seems acceptable until Abbies first day of school, at her new school under witness protection. English class becomes so [...]

    Francesca Dell
    Walking in the Shadows is a powerful book about a girl who has had her whole life turned upside down by the death or her parents. Unfortunately, her parents were murdered and now the murderer wants her. Abigail Martin has to move across the country and change her name to Vera MacIntyre. She then meets Tad Knightley and they fall in love, unfortunately for them it is revealed that Tad is Vera's teacher at her new school. This story opens in an interesting way showing Tad being very mad at Vera bu [...]

    Nagwa Kureshi
    First of all I'd like to commend the author on such a fresh take on the whole Vampire YA genre! I received the book from the author for an honest review. Here goes!Very very unique writing style. It's almost as if I was witnessing the conversations and understanding all that was going on!! This is only the second book where I found myself anticipating the conversations with the curiosity of a two year old. :)As the story unfolds at its constant, comfortable pace (Read: What's-gonna-happen-next?! [...]

    Walking in the Shadows is a powerful book. It is about many different things. At first you could think of it primarily as a type of forbidden love story. But on the other hand you can think of it primarily as an epic and unique murder mystery thriller. And finally you can think of it as a very moving and sad yet beautiful coming of age story. I enjoyed Walking in the Shadows a lot. Vera is such a lovely girl. I felt such pain for what she had to go through. Because of events in her past, she has [...]

    Walking in Shadows:I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review:Walking in Shadows is the story of a high school senior, Vera Macintyre who is hiding from a killer that took both of her parents due to the vampire novels “Crimson Reign” two years ago. Hiding on the other side of the state living in fear her past will come and find her. Vera is not a typical teenager; she has responsibilities like paying rent since she decided to have herself emancipated and her name cha [...]

    Kirsty Vizard
    'Walking in the Shadows' is ultimately a beautiful but difficult love story, which Cassandra Giovanni handles with sensitivity and tact. Underlying the love story is the fact that that Vera's parents have been killed under suspicious circumstances, with apparent 'bite' marks to the neck, and drained of blood. Cassandra Giovanni makes an interesting statement upon social media throughout her novel through the suggestion that the vampire murders are connected to the book series and film release of [...]

    Brenda Roberson
    WALKING IN THE SHADOWS is about many different things. It could be thought of as a forbidden love story or as an epic and unique murder mystery thriller. But yet you can also think of it as a very moving, sad and beautiful coming of age story. I thought of it as all of these venues.Vera MacIntyre, whose real name is Abigail Martin, is a lovely girl even though she went through some very painful things. The events in her past kept her walled off from everyone. But yet Vera is very stubborn. She r [...]

    March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    Review of Walking in the Shadows by Cassandra Giovanni5 starsReviewed via Young Adult Reads GroupI reviewed an e-book copy provided by the author, Cassandra Giovanni, via Group Young Adult Reads.“Walking in the Shadows” is a multilayered and intriguing YA-oriented novel which copes with some very serious issues. Death, love, social moral code, are just examples. Vera formerly was Abigail Martin, raised in a loving home—until her parents are simultaneously brutally murdered, in an event t [...]

    Note: I received this book directly from the author for an honest review.I found this book amazing. I started it fairly late at night just to get a feel for, planning to finish it the following day. I ended up staying up until two am. I only went to bed because I happened to have a final the next day.The characters were great. I was easily able to relate to Vera/Abbi. I found the teacher/student relationship kinda "Pretty Little Liars," but Giovannni did better with that scenario than Shephard-- [...]

    Selina Liaw
    Its another great book from Cassandra.Definitely a page turner.The fictional Crimson Reign in Cassandra's world is like the Twilight Series in out world.Its funny to see the majority of the female species in "Walking In The Shadows" are crazy for Crimson Reign, just like our crazy die-hard Twilight fans!The way she describes Tad Knightley makes me soft, as in *long sigh*I admire the way Vera/ Abigail carry on with her life even though it sucks like hell cause her parents were murdered by sick ps [...]

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