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  • Title: In The Devil's Own Words
  • Author: Elizabeth Wixley E.M.G. Wixley
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  • Moving house has become a way of life for fifteen year old Isobel Miller Her father is an Army Major her mother,a middle aged, pregnant, chain smoking alcoholic But the move to the village of Langham could be the straw that broke the camel s back To the truculent teenager it might as well have been to Timbuktu Isobel is resentful of the baby, angry with her mother forMoving house has become a way of life for fifteen year old Isobel Miller Her father is an Army Major her mother,a middle aged, pregnant, chain smoking alcoholic But the move to the village of Langham could be the straw that broke the camel s back To the truculent teenager it might as well have been to Timbuktu Isobel is resentful of the baby, angry with her mother for dragging her away from civilization to live in a village which has no street lighting, let alone any decent shops.The only light in her miserable existence is her grandfather, story teller elite, her saviour And when one of his macabre tales is mentioned in the local paper, Isobel is drawn into the depths of evil and devil worship Her world, and that of everyone around her, turns upside down.The cause A mysterious book, an omen, which once opened and read starts a cataclysmic chain of events, and their lives are filled with tragedy and disaster Salvation comes in the guise of three other teenagers Peter, Oswald and Ariel and the four form a bond so strong nothing can tear apart nothing except maybe the devil himself
    Elizabeth Wixley E.M.G. Wixley
    E.M.G WixleyTarian Green

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    Group spamming and what looks like reviewing her own books/referring to her own book as 5* = no way And let's not even mention the dozens of five star reviews mainly from authors who mainly give five star reviews I may be barking up the wrong tree, but somehow I think not.I totally understand promotion, but posting as if you're a reader reviewing a book that actually you wrote? Listing it as 5* as though it's someone else's book? And doing this over and over again? Annoying.For an idea of what I [...]

    Lana Campbell
    A brilliant apocalyptic tale! There are so many dynamics to this story it is very hard to sum it up in just a few sentences. The primary character in the story is a girl named Isobel who moves to a new town and is having a hard time adjusting until she meets two other teens, Peter and Ozwald. They become good friends which as the story takes a more diabolical turn pits them together against an evil force threatening to destroy the world as we know it. If you've ever read the book of Revelations [...]

    Bill Hiatt
    Are you getting a little tired of apocalyptic novels? So was I--until I read Elizabeth Wixley's "In the Devil's Own Words." A combination of the author's fertile imagination and life experience revitalizes an old subgenre.I now realize I can't do justice to the originality of this novel without ruining the surprise from some of the plot twistsd there are many. Initially I felt Ms. Wixley might sometimes give too much away, as when Bishop's Francis's intent is revealed very rapidly. What I did no [...]

    Jesamine James
    Fantastic Fantasy Read.I love a well-written fantasy story that I can truly lose myself in, but so often I read fantasy adventure books, only to find myself confused by characters and place names all beginning with X or V along with hard to visualise descriptions of scenery and action. This book is not one of those and is why I'm recommending it so highly.The characters, their names, their relationships and their speech are genuine making this story a pleasure to read. What at first I thought wo [...]

    Bridgitte Lesley
    A fascinating read!I greatly enjoyed this book. It is crammed with new and imaginative ideas. The teenage characters are all struggling with their own inner demons. It was interesting to see how they changed and developed in response to the devastating events. I kept trying to predict various outcomes but was wrong. Eventually, I just went with the flow as it rushed me along.I read Blood Borne first, another book by this author. The two stories were obviously connected but may be read as separat [...]

    Martha Sockel
    Elizabeth creates an apocalyptic world which gets darker and picks up pace as the story progresses. This is a content rich book which can be read on many levels. The teenage characters each have underlying issues which effects the way they respond to their changing world. I thought the medieval element was well researched and Monk Richard speaking in a form of old English helped make the story convincing. My favourite character was Bishop Francis but I don’t want to say too much and spoil the [...]

    John Saunders
    I read this book in two days and absolutely loved it. The three central characters were really engaging,and the impending doom as the events twisted and turned really had me gripped. The pages kept on turning just to find out what was going to happen next. The typical things that teenagers get up to and talk about all the way to the breaking of the blood red clouds really takes you on a roller coaster of a journey. Such is the depth of content in this book, my review struggles to cover everythin [...]

    M.K. Turner
    Not my usual read at all, I rarely read fantasy adventure novels, but as Liz Wixley, is a Bristol author, I thought I’d make an exception, and I’m glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed this dark tale, and loved the premise of the book written by the devil, a sort of counter Arc of the Covenant. I immediately empathised with Isobel, and was drawn along with her on this adventure. I found the expected monsters, evil doers and hero’s, which I usually avoid, but this is written in a way that hooked [...]

    C.P. Mandara
    A fascinating journey.This book had a gothic, medieval feel to it. It’s mostly set in contemporary times but has a historical bent. The powerfully descriptive writing sucked me into the small village world and the catastrophic events which unfolded. I liked the way Wixley combined all the worlds, times and issues together to make a fantastical story. I shall be reading more books by this author.

    Plot twists and more!The main character Isobel Miller is a dissatisfied teen. She’s moved too many times and resents her parents. It’s a familiar theme in Young Adult fiction. But…her most recent move will be the start of events in her life that are far from boring! This thrilling, supernatural book is entertaining, disturbing, engrossing, and best of all well-written. Adults as well as YA readers will appreciate the depth of the story and the plot twists.

    Judith Lucci
    A thundering good ride.Wow! What a ride. This story by Elizabeth Wixley was completely unexpected as it was different to most apocalyptic books I've read. This is not just a book for young adults, all though they would be equally fascinated. I’m a mature adult and think this book would appeal to all ages. My favorite characters were the Cathedral and the dark gothic atmosphere which is a theme throughout the story. I cannot wait to read Blood Born.

    Suzanne Steele
    I enjoyed this book very much. It left me with many questions and sent my imagination running wild. I know it’s just a story but some of the ideas seemed possible. If you believe or are interested in ghosts, the supernatural, good and evil, then this book will get you thinking. I shall be reading more of this author.

    J.B. Murphy
    This book is a gem among the crowd of supernatural themed books. The characters are extremely well written and easy to relate to, facing real life hardships that are all too common among young adults. The writing is intelligent,smooth, and effective without being wordy. I highly encourage those looking for a Young Adult supernatural thriller to add this to their book shelf.

    K.A. Angliss
    The Devil's Own Words is a fascinating and gripping horror filled with demons, dragons, monsters and twists and turns. The characters are interesting and although I don't want to give away the end, it was refreshingly unexpected. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    This book was a great read!

    • ½ In The Devil's Own Words || ò PDF Download by ✓ Elizabeth Wixley E.M.G. Wixley
      495 Elizabeth Wixley E.M.G. Wixley
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