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  • Title: The Society:Proof
  • Author: Aaron Crabill
  • ISBN: 9781478257622
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback

  • Keely Allison has spent years trying to prove that her home town of Pembleton Arizona is haunted She s let her grades slip, upset her mother by avoiding anything remotely close to the normal high school experience, and utterly ignored a love life She s the leader of two person paranormal society, along with her polar opposite Tad Buckley Tad s an honors student, the appKeely Allison has spent years trying to prove that her home town of Pembleton Arizona is haunted She s let her grades slip, upset her mother by avoiding anything remotely close to the normal high school experience, and utterly ignored a love life She s the leader of two person paranormal society, along with her polar opposite Tad Buckley Tad s an honors student, the apple of his folks eyes and totally in love with Keely he has been for years and he really, really, really thinks this will be the year he finally tells her just that When Sean Cage moves to town everyone s life gets thrown into a violent upheaval He joins the society, challenges their methods, becomes the first crush of Keely s life, and forces Tad into a put up or shut up position with his feelings for Keely As the three find their paranormal and romantic lives suddenly in fast forward, they too find the already well documented spookiness of Pembleton Arizona doing the same Sean finds sleep nearly impossible as he s taunted by a monstrous black mass at the foot of his bed Tad is forced to choose between sneaking out the back door like the rest of the honors kids or going out the front and potentially facing hazing at the hands of a demon possessed jock bully As for Keely she just may find the proof she s always wanted so badly to find, the question is will she believe it when it s standing right in front of her
    Aaron Crabill
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    A Mcquillan
    This was a GoodReads Giveaway that I received for free. The following is my review:I enjoyed the overall storyline of the book. It wasn't the standard ghost-hunting story, at least not one that I've read in the past. Definitely a decent read for a tween / younger young adult.Honestly, I almost put the book down after the first 50 pages or so, because there was quite a bit of character point-of-view jumping that made it a little difficult to read and a little too much character development. As a [...]

    I just finished “The Society: Proof” by Aaron Crabill and I really liked the story. I found this eBook at while looking for stories similar to Karina Halle’s ‘Experiment in Terror’ series. I have to admit the cover of “The Society: Proof” didn’t appeal to me, but it wasn’t expensive so I gave it a try. Now I’m glad I did. The story is about three teenagers in search of proof for the existence of the paranormal and what they find is a lot more than they bargained for…The ma [...]

    I also received this book via a Giveaway I have to be honest here, I marked this on my list as read, but it was actually my 13 year old daughter, Carly, who read it (truly the demographic the author was aiming for, I assume). When she finished, she asked me if this was part of a series and where were the others when I told her this was the first one, and she'd have to wait for the author to write the next one.e said she couldn't wait! I think her exact words were "that's not fair!! I can't wait [...]

    Sarah (blissbubbley)
    When three teenagers embark to find out if the paranormal exists they have no idea what they are in for. So many twists take you and them on a real journey and it's a very good thought out story.This book is clearly not written for me and is definitely more for the Young Adult audience which it would be absolutely ideal for but I did really like the story. It's nice to come back to a more easier read and this definitely fits that bill. The story flowed very well and I'd have no problem recommend [...]

    I love reading about the paranormal and this book was just what I needed to get a new taste of paranormal encounters. A thrilling ride with Keely, Tad and newcomer Sean kept me on the edge of my seat. Turning the pages just to find out what the three person society would face next. I disliked the uncle from the beginning, he just rubbed me the wrong way. As for Keely, Tad and Sean, I enjoyed every minute of the time I spent with them reading this book. I wanted so much for them to get the proof [...]

    Ghost-hunting is all the rage again right now and Aaron Crabill's book features a few smart, ghost hunting sleuths who get a little more than they bargained for! There were a few grammatical blips that knocked me out of Reader Zone, but those were minimal. The swapping POVs were a little bit offputting for me as well, but I really liked these characters. Keely and Tad and Sean are endearing and have wonderfully distinct personalities. No cookie cutter here! A few twists, a few turns, and a great [...]

    Aaron Crabill

    Aaron Crabill

    • [PDF] ↠ Free Download ↠ The Society:Proof : by Aaron Crabill ä
      294 Aaron Crabill
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