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  • Title: The Extralife Chronicles: The Slayer & the Ruin-er
  • Author: Rolje Rsingimrum
  • ISBN: 9781477602614
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback

  • When Extris is over run by Humans, the Extralife rise up to take back their planet Maveth Dojanne learns that hatred can sometimes get him what he wants Avith Runer realizes that past grievances are sometimes better forgotten than remembered When Murl Graven sets out to make herself the Queen of Earth, the Extralife must intervene
    Rolje Rsingimrum
    A nursing student who dreams about cats, music and warm, dry Scottsdale, Arizona in her spare time.She is very passionate about mental health, psychology, human rights, animal rights, advocacy for personal freedoms, outreach both foreign and abroad and disaster relief.

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    Wayne Walker
    Mauveth Dojanne, age thirty, is a Reven engineer who lives in the city of Morvis, in the country of Reter, on the continent of Lynd, on the planet Extris, in the Tertius Galaxy. Humans have reached the Tertius Galaxy, have invaded Extris, and are trying to take it over from the native Extralife people. Mauveth is secretly working against the humans but is betrayed by his girlfriend Vera and exiled, so he escapes to Parva in the country of Deth where he joins forces with an old enemy, Avith Runer [...]
    As a fan of sci-fi I am eager to pick up any new member of the genre. I wasn’t disappointed. The visuals of the story are wonderful transporting you right into a new world very fast and the idea of putting humans as the ‘enemy’ was an intriguing notion and it works very well. Mauveth, is at the centre of the tale as a technical genius and suspect rebel who is betrayed horribly in the opening of the story and must seek revenge. This story also works because of the multiple perspectives in i [...]

    Cindy Smith
    The Extralife made the mistake of inviting Humans to their planet Extris. The humans decide that they should rule and begin to take over, leaving the Extralife no choice but to rise up and take back their planet. What the humans don't know, is there is one who wants to be Queen of the Earth. This book is full of conflict and intrigue. There are strange bedfellows, changing allegiances and a major twist at the conclusion. I don't read much sci-fi and I found myself a bit confused by all the group [...]

    Rolje Rsingimrum

    • Best Download [Rolje Rsingimrum] ↠ The Extralife Chronicles: The Slayer & the Ruin-er || [Nonfiction Book] PDF ☆
      287 Rolje Rsingimrum
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