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  • Title: You're Lion
  • Author: Celia Kyle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 193
  • Format: ebook

  • Newly turned lioness Maya Josephs is so not good at being the prima of the Ridgeville pride She doesn t give a damn about protocol or hierarchy, and the last thing she wants to do is play nice with the pretentious tigress shifter leader who s come to pay her respects Especially since the little bitch seems entirely too grabby with her mate, Alex, for Maya s taste.With neNewly turned lioness Maya Josephs is so not good at being the prima of the Ridgeville pride She doesn t give a damn about protocol or hierarchy, and the last thing she wants to do is play nice with the pretentious tigress shifter leader who s come to pay her respects Especially since the little bitch seems entirely too grabby with her mate, Alex, for Maya s taste.With new pregnancy hormones making her inner kitty extra bitchy, Maya s not sure who she s going to murder first her gyno for discovering the pregnancy, her guards for following her every move and annoying the living shit out of her , or the striped beyotch cooing over Alex Screw it She ll start with the tigress and work her way around to the other two.Lucky for everyone involved, it s a good thing Alex knows how to tame her inner she cat and make her purr.
    Celia Kyle
    Celia Kyle would like to rule the world and become a ninja As a fall back, she s working on her writing career and giving readers stories that touch their hearts and ahem other places Visit her online at celiakyle facebook celiakyle twitter celiakyle pinterest celiakyle


    Erica Ravenclaw
    ☆ No spoilers and colorful language abound!Weird. Stupid. Meh. At least it was short as hell.

    I love Maya and all her nutty sass!! I really wanted more of her story after the first book and was thrilled with this!! Yeah!! And there is more time with her bunny BFF Carly!!! Add on five new smexy lions to drool over! Sigh, I am not going to sleep this week because I will be reading this series instead!!!The beginning gives plenty of solid story to bring things up to date with Maya and Alex. Then hold onto your panties for the end!! Holy hot and smexy!! Yummy continuation of the first book a [...]

    Maya Joseph is adjusting to her life as a newly shifted mate to the Alpha of the Ridgeville pride. Finding out she is pregnant though has her going a bit nutty, first she has to tell her mate, then she needs to kill the tigress shifter from another pack if she doesn't get her hands off her man.Fun quickie with Maya in full force after learning she is pregnant.

    A really short but funny shifter romanceThis made for a steamy quick read. Maya, as always was hilarious. I've skipped around in the series, so it was fun to see Maya and Alex's reaction to her pregnancy. I'm glad it was offered as a kindleunlimited and I'll definitely continue this series.

    2.5 starsI think the "snarkiness" was a little over done in You're Lion, and the plot was under done, compared to other books in the series. That said, Ridgeville is an engaging steamy-shifter-romance series, and I will continue reading.

    Sarah (A Weebish Book Blog)
    This review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger You're Lion is an example of how a sequel/novella can crash and burn if the author isn't careful. I so loved Maya and Alex in book one, and I couldn't wait to see how they would respond to Maya's newly discovered pregnancy. Unfortunately, this addition was pretty much a disaster, and I DNF'ed 40% in. Here are a few unfortunate reasons You're Lion did not impress this curvy gal:The funny snark from book one took over this novella. It got to t [...]

    Erin Kyle
    Ehhhhhh. I really liked seeing more of Maya and Alex, but this was almost cruel in its brevity. We don't get to see much as I think we should. The information we get in this story could've been condensed into an epilogue. That's my main critique. The story was barely a teaser, and left me wanting so much more.I like the information we got, but I want so much more!!

    Alex and Maya are back in this shifter series and she is preggers. Love the storyline and where it is going. Can't wait for the next!

    it's no good. same feelings as book one and they're only getting worse.but I'll keep tryingbut I need a break already ☹☹

    A.R. Von
    A great addition to the Ridgeville series which takes place about 3 months after Maya and Alex meet and mate. Being that it continues off of book 1, it gives us a bit of a clearer picture of Maya and Alex’s relationship as well as the standing of their pride as a whole. Fun, funny, witty, sensual and exciting is what Celia Kyle brings forth in this short. Any paranormal fan looking for a quick fix will enjoy You’re Lion.Maya is handling her change to a lioness fairly well, considering. She [...]

    In book two of the Ridgeville Lion Series, we get to see what happens after Maya and Alex find each other and become each other's forever. Unfortunately, it is not going exactly how Maya has planned. Have no fears, Maya, is a fiesty one and decides to take everything head on. This book was, in my opinion, even better than the first. I read them back to back because once I got a taste of the Ridgeville pride, I needed to know more. It will be very interesting to see where this story goes. All I k [...]

    So, I Read This Book Today
    Book 1.5, You’re Lion, is a 44-page short best described by this paragraph from the description:“With new pregnancy hormones making her inner kitty extra bitchy, Maya’s not sure who she’s going to murder first: her gyno for discovering the pregnancy, her guards for following her every move (and annoying the living shit out of her), or the striped beyotch cooing over Alex. Screw it. She'll start with the tigress and work her way around to the other two.”GET that tiger beyotch, Maya! [...]

    Rachel V.
    This is a very short read only 32 pages long but it gives you a little something extra into Maya and Alex’s life after the last story. It finished off the last story as well as started you into the next book Ball of Furry. I give this one 3.5 stars also.The reader is introduced to some of the other members of the pride as well as other shifters. I especially want to know more about Maya’s best friend Carly who the next book is about. She is a rabbit shifter and is best friends with a lioness [...]

    This book picked up where Maya and Alex left off. Maya is still her tough and possessive self, still determined to lose her mandatory guard, and still running to her BFF for help when she needs it.After getting some shocking news at the doctor, she immediately ditches her guard, runs to Carly and ends up accepting her fate. Alex and Maya are adorable and HOT together, and this little short story helps fill in the gap between the first book (which I read in the Shifter Romance Box Set) and Book 2 [...]

    Aղցela W.
    This was a cute short story that continued Maya and Alex. I love how Maya has come into her own she is having a bad day she can't understand why Alex has five men guarding her. Maya takes a trip to the Gyno and has her wanting to kill Alex and everyone in her way so she flees her body guards and heads to her best friends house Carly who is a rabbit shifter. Maya just learned that she is pregnant and she is in a bitchy mood and the tigress with her hands on Alex pushing up on him gets it. I reall [...]

    Cute addition to the first book. Lots of humor packed in a short story.So this continues Maya's story and shows her going to her gyno with 5 burly guards, she escapes them, goes to visit her bestie bunny friend, (lead in to the next book with her and one of the lions), and then back to the den, where she finds that she has forgotten about a delegation of tigers coming to visit. The main tigress is rubbing up to her man and she has something to say about it.

    As you can tell from my review of the first book in this series I really enjoyed reading them. While each book brings in new characters, and new issues, the original storyline and the first books couple the Ridgeville Prime Alex and Prima Maya are peppered throughout each individual story. There is also lots of little gems of wisdom Prima Maya at the beginnings of each chapter. All in all this series was a joy to read, and I imagine I'll read them again and again.

    Dotti Elrick
    This is a very short story (I read it in about an hour). It continues the story of Maya and Alex from the first book, He Ain't Lion. Finally settling in as a new shifter, a new mate and the Prima of the Pride, Maya now has to deal with an unexpected pregnancy, and the roaming hands of a visiting tigress who only has eyes for her mate.It was a great story, fun, and sexy.

    Gotta say - This was a super awesome read. Well written, Well Plotted. I loved the characters and the development in this short story. I loved the overall style. The woman was snarky as hell, same as before but more emotional if that were possible. And the man was all alpha dominant RAWR with more thank love for his mate. What more could you want? Really?Definitely suggest this to others <3

    Ms. Kyle had me laughing again. I really liked this short story and got into it. I just think that Maya let Alex off the hook entirely too easily for allowing that Tiger to rub all up on him. I wish she would have built some more conflict in there. I mean she’s pregnant and is supposed to be extra emotional; surely she would’ve at least ranted at him. Instead he gripes at her. REALLY!

    I started reading this book before i read book #1. It totally had me cracking up especially with the way she broke the fridge. I had to go and grab the other ones. One to see how Alex and maya ended up together and two to see how the series continue. This author has definetely been added to my TBR Pile

    Annie ♥TrueLoveStoriesNeverEnd♥
    OkayI am in an insomniac jag. I find reading quick fluff helps calm the brain so I get some sleep. They are as addictive as crack and as tasty as (calorie free) Lint chocolate. What's not to love.

    Pyper Diangelo
    another fast paced quickie book I loved that Maya has finally come into her own and claimed her male. She doesn't take any & dishes it right out. The humor in it makes me laugh & keeps the book moving.

    As the Ridgeville Prima, Maya figures prominently throughout the shifter series. We get to follow her and Alex (and the pregnancy progress) while the Ridgeville residents find their mates and are treated to some hilarious advice Maya shares with one and all.

    Julie scott
    You're Lion (Ridgeville series)This was great and I Loved it can't wait to read the next one in this series.Wtg Celia KyleI just know the next one is going to be just as great.

    Kimberly Walter
    A short novella of Maya and Alex. Maya discovers she is pregnant and not particularly happy with her mate. But she can't be mad about becoming a mom. It was short, fun and sexy. I am looking forward to reading the rest in this series.

    Sherrin Alsop
    I loved this book! Laughed my way through itThis is a great quick read that sure can put you in a good mood. This series is just great! Off to read the next one. I hope people stop looking at me funny. Yes, I know I'm laughing out loud.

    This is a short story read.Maya is recently turned lioness and she just finds out that she is pregnant. Her hormones are of the chart making he real bitchy towards everyone. Theirs even a tiger trying to get closes to her mate and she doesn't like it.

    2.5 starsEverything seemed rushed except the sex scene.

    Again, really enjoyed this book! Love the short insight into how Alex and Maya are doing a little further down the line and I loved her reactions in the story too! Starting into the next book now!

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