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  • Title: Mana
  • Author: Asher Tensei
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Eurich is thrown into a seemingly ill fated destiny After learning of his legendary magic, he is convinced that he alone must stop an impending doom, but nothing is ever as it seems His best friends Jason and Raine try their best to help him save the world, but help isn t what he needs he needs a way across the barrier Despite this fate thrust upon him, Eurich knows whEurich is thrown into a seemingly ill fated destiny After learning of his legendary magic, he is convinced that he alone must stop an impending doom, but nothing is ever as it seems His best friends Jason and Raine try their best to help him save the world, but help isn t what he needs he needs a way across the barrier Despite this fate thrust upon him, Eurich knows what is coming The world is headed toward Chaos due to a weakening barrier between Earth and a world that has been hidden for millennia Our world is about to take a sharp turn for the worse Extra moons are rising in the sky, and panic is at an all time high Worst of all, there are no explanations.Saving the world begins with a choice but is humanity worth him risking his own life
    Asher Tensei
    Asher Tensei went to college for psychology, but later felt that writing was his speed He had an idea, and after the fruition of the Twilight Saga, he was sure that writing was a life long passion The ability to portray a world vividly in his writing meant that he could, in his mind, stand up to some of the big players in the young adult genre.Asher s emergence into the literary world introduces some new concepts in fantasy as well as unique values that make his novel hard to put down.


    Ashley Byland
    There is an interesting story to how I came upon this book. So, I run another site, Support Indie Authors, because I just love indie authors and want to get them as much exposure as possible. Anyway one night I was searching twitter for more authors to add to my website, and that’s when I met Asher Tensei. We got to chatting and he asked me to check out his first chapter of his book on his website and asked me if I would like to be the first one to read and review his book. I was very touched [...]

    Kirstin Pulioff
    Asher Tensei has created the beginning to an epic fantasy in his debut novel, Mana. Set in both the Earth world and an alternate world, Asher cleverly entwined the two in an understandable and cohesive way to create a wonderful read.Eurich, the protagonist is a relatable character, growing throughout the book as his powers are discovered and developed. You find yourself routing for him as he discovers more about himself, his family, and the prophesy he is set to fulfill. The side characters also [...]

    For a first time writer this book is outstanding! I am a very picky reader, who happened to come across this book and it's author, and him having asked me to read it. I won't lie, at first I was thinking "this is not going to be very good" we'll he proved me very wrong. This is a book you could never get bored of reading, one of those books that every time you read it you find something new that you hadn't read the first or first few times. Though like every book it may have a few flaws, but hon [...]

    Mana is the most amazing book and I really think everyone should be reading it! :)

    This book is great as a debut book. I like this book, very good detail that can make you imagine. Now about the book. Eurich is the guy with a good heart, who is also a foster kid. Atleast he has a good couple taking care of him. He is starting school today and is mainly excited to see his two best friends, Raine and Jason. Albert (foster parent) says Raine like Eurich may have some feelings for her. As he heads off to his day, he is stopped because he forgot his stone. Serra (Foster mum) had ma [...]

    Krystal Milton
    We live in a world where vampires are the most coveted fantasy; Werewolves are an exotic delicacy to be had, Fairies as well as pixies are the center of innocent imaginaries, where animals talk and magic is smoke like clouds floating over the horizon. Simply put, we live in a world where fantasy is sought and kept.Asher Tensei has sailed beyond all of that with his debut novel Mana. He creates a symbolic contrast between our world and the fantasy of others, where magic, myth and fantasies collid [...]

    Mika Lliscera
    *A copy was provided by Enchanted Book Promotions exchange for a honest review . The following review is my opinion and not a paid review.*My thought:Just looking the cover you can figure what is waiting for you inside the books, with this neon purple and the necklace.I've ended the book, and I can say that I really like it. It's so interest, and amazing how the author manages to introduce you into the magical world he has created in this novel. Tensei have made an impressive work in his debut n [...]

    Zrinka Jelic
    Eurich is a teenage boy on his last year of high school. He lives with his adoptive parents, Serra and Albert. From outside they appear like a normal, everyday family. Except there's a lot more beneath what eye can see. First is is a magic stone he wears all the time as a pendant. The strange things start to happen on his first day of senior year. Soon he discovers that his parents are two wizards from the world known as Samsera, the world existing parallel to Earth, yet the two can never see ea [...]

    Mary Grace
    Mana has proven to be a fantastic read from the very start. This is one of those books that will make you enjoy reading novels by indie authors. What really interested me was the story and how Tensei provided us with a detailed enough story to savour from page 1 to the end. MAna exceeded my expectation a lot. It was very descriptive, the characters were written very well and the pacing of the story was just right.Okay, maybe there was something that I didn't like. It's the characters internal mo [...]

    Cindy Smith
    Asher has written a wonderful beginning to a fantasy series! In this first part, he develops his characters and sets the tone for the rest of the series. We are introduced to Eurich, who lives with his foster parents, and his two friends Jason and Raine. The three have been friends for years and it starts with Eurich's discovery that they both have feelings for Raine. Eurich's parents have kept secrets about his heritage from him, which are now coming into play. He finds he is part dragon, from [...]

    Step Into Fiction
    For a debut novel, I have to say Asher hit it out of the park. I have read a lot of books where a lot of detail is missing. You can still imagine everything but it can be kind of vague. Not in this book. It is a gripping story from the get go and the details in this book make this an easy read and a very easy place to imagine in your head when you are reading. Review originally posted at Step Into FictionReview completed by:Ashley

    Elaine Katumu
    LOVED Mana, one of my favorite books. Gives a new twist to fiction books like I've never seen before. Recommend it to everyone!!!

    Eurich is fairly content with his life. Sure, he may fantasize about something really exciting happening one day, but overall, he has great parents, good friends, and a bright future. All of that changes when his teacher gives him a book filled with stories and creatures not of this world. Eurich doesn't really believe the book could be real at first, not until people around him start changing, until he finds himself in a strange world with an otherworldly guide. Soon, Eurich realizes fantasies [...]

    The Plot of the story is an interesting one, though I'm not sure I'd agree with the Author that it is "unique". My problem with the book is that it's all over the place, there are sections that make no sense, Chapters, that I understand the author feels the need to have in the story, they just scream about being out of place. Areas that seem just tossed in to add meat to the book, but no real substance. All of this along with the poor editing, and hard to understand areas made this a difficult r [...]

    Sky Rose Reviews
    Title: ManaAuthor: Asher TenseiRating: 3.5 out 5Review also featured in skyrosereviews - Also featuring interview with Asher TenseiMy friend once told me that he could never write a book because no matter how well he described it no one will ever see the things he saw when he wrote it and with some author’s I agree that’s the case. The story will be just a dialogue with no spatial awareness what so ever but with Mana I would have to disagree. This book is written beautiful with vivid descrip [...]

    Jane Geddis
    I found this another book that could have benefited greatly from an editor. The characters of Asher, Jason and Raine are all fully realized, and the element of teen narcissism refreshing to see a fantasy book where most heroes of the genre are selfless. Just because someone has magical powers doesn't mean he'll without question sacrifice himself to save the work, especially when life hasn't been that great anyway. That said some of the prose is awkward and hard to follow, not that its not worth [...]

    Mana was a very unique and interesting read for me I loved the characters and loved the fantasy world that Asher created but I do think the book needs some improvement in the story but I really enjoy reading Mana and I can't wait to continue to read the next book!

    Mariah Olave
    Best book I've ever read! It has an awesome story, scenery that pops off the page, and characters that are very natural and real! Everyone really should be reading this!!

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