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  • Title: By Night in Chile
  • Author: Roberto Bolaño Chris Andrews
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  • Page: 174
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  • During the course of a single night, Father Sebastian Urrutia Lacroix, a Chilean priest who is a member of Opus Dei, a literary critic and a mediocre poet, relives some of the crucial events of his life He believes he is dying, and in his feverish delirium various characters, both real and imaginary, appear to him as icy monsters, as if in sequences from a horror film AmDuring the course of a single night, Father Sebastian Urrutia Lacroix, a Chilean priest who is a member of Opus Dei, a literary critic and a mediocre poet, relives some of the crucial events of his life He believes he is dying, and in his feverish delirium various characters, both real and imaginary, appear to him as icy monsters, as if in sequences from a horror film Among them are the great poet Pablo Neruda, the German novelist Ernst Junger, and General Augusto Pinochet whom Father Lacroix instructs in Marxist doctrine as well as various members of the Chilean intelligentsia whose lives, during a period of political turbulence, have touched his own
    Roberto Bolaño Chris Andrews
    For most of his early adulthood, Bola o was a vagabond, living at one time or another in Chile, Mexico, El Salvador, France and Spain.Bola o moved to Europe in 1977, and finally made his way to Spain, where he married and settled on the Mediterranean coast near Barcelona, working as a dishwasher, a campground custodian, bellhop and garbage collector working during the day and writing at night He continued with poetry, before shifting to fiction in his early forties In an interview Bola o stated that he made this decision because he felt responsible for the future financial well being of his family, which he knew he could never secure from the earnings of a poet This was confirmed by Jorge Herralde, who explained that Bola o abandoned his parsimonious beatnik existence because the birth of his son in 1990 made him decide that he was responsible for his family s future and that it would be easier to earn a living by writing fiction However, he continued to think of himself primarily as a poet, and a collection of his verse, spanning 20 years, was published in 2000 under the title The Romantic Dogs.Regarding his native country Chile, which he visited just once after going into voluntary exile, Bola o had conflicted feelings He was notorious in Chile for his fierce attacks on Isabel Allende and other members of the literary establishment In 2003, after a long period of declining health, Bola o died It has been suggested that he was at one time a heroin addict and that the cause of his death was a liver illness resulting from Hepatitis C, with which he was infected as a result of sharing needles during his mainlining days However, the accuracy of this has been called into question It is true that he suffered from liver failure and was close to the top of a transplant list at the time of his death.Bola o was survived by his Spanish wife and their two children, whom he once called my only motherland Although deep down he always felt like a poet, his reputation ultimately rests on his novels, novellas and short story collections Although Bola o espoused the lifestyle of a bohemian poet and literary enfant terrible for all his adult life, he only began to produce substantial works of fiction in the 1990s He almost immediately became a highly regarded figure in Spanish and Latin American letters.In rapid succession, he published a series of critically acclaimed works, the most important of which are the novel Los detectives salvajes The Savage Detectives , the novella Nocturno de Chile By Night In Chile , and, posthumously, the novel 2666 His two collections of short stories Llamadas telef nicas and Putas asesinas were awarded literary prizes In 2009 a number of unpublished novels were discovered among the author s papers.


    Sordel, Sordello, which Sordello?‘Literature is like phosphorus,’ wrote Roland Barthes, ‘it shines with its maximum brilliance at the moment when it attempts to die.’ This view of literature existing at the precipice of the posthumous comes alive through Roberto Bolaño's Father Sebastian Urrutia and his deathbed confessions that make up the long night of By Night in Chile. Told in a single continuous paragraph—a style that hints with the flavor of Thomas Bernhard—Bolaño keeps the p [...]

    I am dying now, but I still have many things to say. I used to be at peace with myself. Quiet and at peace.But it all blew up unexpectedly. That wizened youth is to blame. I was at peace. The opening lines suggests this is a flashback sort of novel, a reinterpretation the past at the end of a long life and an appeal to the reader to hear the narrator's confession. His name is Sebastian Urrutia Lacroix, a Chilean of mixed Basque and French ancestry, a Jesuit priest, a poet, a literary critic, a t [...]

    Mike Puma
    Reread. Re-5-starred. Reviewed, if ever so slightly.But first, the obligatory digression.Out, damned Scot! Out!—Lady Shakesbeth, wherever it was she said such things.A fitful night’s recollections of a not quite literary life, a not quite political life, a not quite religious life—historically situated (Pinochet’s Chile), fantastically relived and recounted, sometimes at a meandering pace, other times at feverish pace, with belt-fondling, falconry, and pigeonshit. How postmodern can one [...]

    What I have come to appreciate reading Bolaño's book is the fact that he takes you on several small journeys getting you from plot-point to plot-point. You almost don't realize that he is doing it until you finish one of these tangents and get led carefully back to the main storyline. That Bolaño trusts his talents enough to introduce characters that are only there to make a single point, that they exist in the novel just to die or to cease to exist just so some small nuance of Chile, the Chur [...]

    Elem: Čile noću (a zašto su imali potrebu da tako prevedu naslov Čileanski nokturno - ne znam) je prva Bolanjova knjiga dovoljno pregledna da radnju mogu da sažmem u dve rečenice. Jer je zapravo novela. Ili da možda probam da je sažmem u jednu rečenicu: teško je i ponekad sramotno biti književni kritičar prosečne ljudske hrabrosti (male) za vreme Pinočeove diktature. A inače, ovo ima sve tipične odlike Bolanja: fenomenalno je napisano, tempom koji kida, besprekorno meša stvarno [...]

    MJ Nicholls
    Oh shut up, Roberto. SHUT. UP. What is this cobblers? Why do you want me to read the rambling deathbed memoir of a Chilean priest who can’t let a sentence end and couldn’t find a paragraph break in a tower of cassocks? Why don’t you establish this character as an actual character? Why did you write a list of scenes or incidents that might be used in future novels instead of, to quote The Guardian—“a beautifully written analysis of Chilean literary life?” It gives me no pleasure to pl [...]

    Vecchio e malato, padre Sebastian Urrutia Lacroix, critico letterario, scrittore, membro dell’Opus Dei, compromessosi ma non troppo con il regime di Pinochet, deve difendere la propria reputazione, ora che è tornata la democrazia, dagli attacchi di un misterioso giovane invecchiato. “Cerchiamo di essere persone civili.” Ricorda così in modo più o meno attendibile momenti della sua vita, pescando dai “pozzi neri della memoria”, con lo scopo forse di ottenere una assoluzione e anche u [...]

    With confidence & style, Bolano continues his attempt at crystallizing the exploits of the literati in Latin America—here more specifically, in Chile. In very little (this is a novel composed solely of TWO paragraphs!) the stream of consciousness vacillates between various moods and anecdotes—it is indeed very similar to the transcendental musings of Auxilio Lacouture atop her fortress of the UNAM in “Amulet”, a novel that is far superior, w-a-a-a-y more magical, than this one.At tim [...]

    In Bolaño's stream of consciousness narrative, he presents the deathbed confessions of Father Sebastián Urrutia Lacroix, a Jesuit in Chile who also wrote as a literary critic and a poet. Through a spellbinding combination of feverish memories and anecdotes, dreams and nightmares recalled, and desperate justifications of past actions and inaction, Father Sebastián leads the reader through an evocative and disturbing picture of life and art in Pinochet's Chile. I found the novel mesmerizing. In [...]

    There are a pair of immediate observations concerning By Night in Chile. The first involvees its lyrical quality; this is more a cycle of poems than mere standard novella. Episodes unfold and the focus clips along back to the Narrator, who isn't as unreliable as I first guessed. The second acute sense from the book is one of dread. There are a number of darkened hallways, closed doors, and isolated hilltops in the book. One gathers gradually that it isn't sage to look around too closely.Confinin [...]

    روبرتو بولانیو سال ۱۹۵۳ در سانتیاگوِ شیلی متولد شد و سال ۲۰۰۳ در پنجاه سالگی بر اثر نارسایی کبد در اسپانیا از دنیا رفت. پدرش راننده ی کامیون و مشت زن و مادرش معلم مدرسه بود. در نوجوانی مدرسه را ترک کرد، چون می خواست فقط کتاب بخواند، کتاب هایی که خیلی شان را از کتابفروشی ها می دزد [...]

    Joaquín Jiménez
    "Chile, Chile. ¿Cómo has podido cambiar tanto?, le decía a veces, asomado a mi ventana abierta, mirando el reverbero de Santiago en la lejanía. ¿Qué te han hecho? ¿Se han vuelto locos los chilenos? ¿Quién tiene la culpa? Y otras veces, mientras caminaba por los pasillos del colegio o por los pasillos del periódico le decía: ¿Hasta cuándo piensas seguir así, Chile? ¿Es que te vas a convertir en otra cosa? ¿En un monstruo que ya nadie reconocerá?"En tan solo dos párrafos (uno reg [...]

    Dhanaraj Rajan
    I found the book initially intimidating. It is a book that contains just two paragraphs and the second paragraph is just a line that appears at the last page of the book. Besides there were names, obviously from Chilean literati, of which I knew nothing. I had tried this book once earlier and abandoned it after 25 pages.The second effort at reading it was a huge success. At least, in matters relating to the act of reading it. For, I sat at a stretch and read it in a day. Although I loved the lan [...]

    Sarah ~
    "أنا ، الإنسان الذي صنعَ اسماً على نحوٍ ما ، بل اسمان ، أحدهما مشهور ، وبعضُ الأعداء والكثير من الأصدقاء "هذا أفضل تقديم لشخصية بطل الرواية وعلى لسانه أيضاً .القس سباستيان أوروتيا لاكروا ، الأديب والشاعر والناقد ، ذو النزعة التشكيكية ، والميال للإرتياب والمتصالح معَ نفسه إلى [...]

    Fatema Hassan , bahrain
    ^_^هنا حرق للأحداث لا يُنصح به لمن لم يقرأ الرواية بعد . " إخلع الشعر المستعار " تشيستيرتونالروح الوطنية الأصيلة تقابلها النزعة التشكيكية في فضح كل دخيل في عالم الأدب هكذا يباغتنا بولانيو الروائي التشيلي روبرتو بولانيو بعد قراءة روايته " التعويذة " للمرة الثانية يتسرب من بين ي [...]

    Teresa Proença
    "o abismo e a vertigem, a pequenez do ser e a sua ridícula vontade, gente que vê televisão, gente que assiste aos jogos de futebol, o aborrecimento como um porta-aviões gigantesco circum-navegando o imaginário chileno. E esta era a verdade. Aborrecíamo-nos. Líamos e aborrecíamo-nos. () Porque não se pode ler todo o dia e toda a noite.""Depois, a tempestade de merda abate-se."

    What a poet Bolaño was! A single-sitting read, so artfully paced, so musical, it leaves you breathless.

    Nora Barnacle
    Ova knjiga je sjajan izbor, makar za nekoga ko je, kao ja, o čileanskim prilikama znao zanemarljivo malo. Kako bilo, ova je knjiga na mene ostavila prilično jak utisak na razne teme.Čitala sam "Lagunino" izdanje u, rekla bih, veoma dobrom prevodu Igora Marojevića (toliko dobrom da sam uspela da zaboravim sasvim nesretno rešenu recenziju na koricama knjige - zbog čega za malo da je zaobiđem, jer me takvi sadržaji ne interesuju, nenavođenje jezika sa kog je Marojević prevodio - zbog čeg [...]

    Erial Noreste
    Difícil para los que no son chilenos saber que los personajes de esta novela se inspiran en dos instituciones fácticas de la literatura chilena del S.XX: Ibañes Langlois (Urrutia Lacroix), sacerdote del Opus Dei y crítico literario sin contrapeso durante la dictadura; y Alone (Farewell), Hernán Díaz Arrieta, otro crítico conservador "irrefutable", antecesor del primero.Asimismo lo narrado en la novela no es más que una ficción sobre hechos y personajes estrictamente reales. Hechos que c [...]

    Carolina Paiva
    Bolaño é mestre no uso das palavras. Comecei muito bem esta leitura, adorei as primeiras páginas. Depois, perdi-me, a mistura de histórias fez-me voltar atrás várias vezes. Voltei a gostar muito em algumas partes específicas mas não como no início. Os diálogos entre os personagens são do mais desconcertante possível. Se por vezes me faziam rir à gargalhada, outras ficava com a sensação que eram todos loucos.É um livro pequeno e recheado. Frenético, por vezes. Confuso. Acho que p [...]

    سختی خوندن کتاب‌های بولانو برمی‌گرده به دو چیز. یکی این‌که بولانو راوی شاعرها و نویسنده‌های شیلی هست. طبیعتا کسی که با این ادبیات آشنایی نداشته باشه نمی‌تونه ارجاعات مسلسل‌وار کتاب‌هاش رو درک کنه. از طرف دیگه نثر خود بولانو نثر مکلفی هست و هیچ‌وقت به ساده و بی‌پرده گفتن [...]

    I thought this very good. It's my first encounter with this writer, and although I have seen reviews suggesting his 'difficulty', I have no hesitation in recommending this to anybody. (I thank Mike Puma for suggesting it as probably the most suitable introduction to the author). It's very rich and dense, with startling images and cross-cutting motifs; many extratextual references too, but I hardly think they matter at this stage. Later, I will return to read the book again, as one will return to [...]

    I miei silenzi sono immacolati . Che sia chiaro.Sfido a non aver repentino desiderio di conoscere il cileno Sebastián Urrutia Lacroix ,dopo un incipit cosìOra muoio, ma ho ancora molte cose da dire. Ero in pace con me stesso. Muto e in pace. Ma all’improvviso le cose sono emerse. La colpa è di quel giovane invecchiato. Io ero in pace. Ora non sono più in pace. Bisogna chiarire certi punti. Quindi mi appoggerò su un gomito e solleverò la testa, la mia nobile testa tremante, e cercherò ne [...]

    Barry Pierce
    This can be seen as Bolaño's Death of Ivan Ilyich. A dying man recounts his earlier years spent with Neruda et al. This seems to be one of Bolaño's most popular works according to this website and I just cannot think why. The entire novel is one solid block of text, the narrator rambles a lot and it's basically a poor man's version of Amulet. While the prose is as excellent as ever I did find myself fading in and out of this narrative, nothing stuck. It's a pity really. Bolaño is better than [...]

    Jim Elkins
    A Different Model of How to Attach Politics to LiteratureandWhat it Means to Write a Novel After Novels Have EndedTwo thoughts about Bolano's "By Night in Chile." 1. A Different Model of How to Attach Politics to LiteratureLike others of Bolano's books, Night in Chile is a concerted fusion of two worlds: the society of writers and poets (their parties, their conversations, their lifestyles), and the society of political control (in this case Pinochet's generals and his repressive regime). The na [...]

    El Avestruz Liado
    Does the world needs another review of "By Night in Chile"? Of course not, so let me just give a few pieces of advice for the prospective reader:- Try to allow yourself some time to read it in a single sit. The book is structured as a single paragraph, so you better read it with as few interruptions as possible.- The first third is rather slow, the very beginning is nice but then it goes into mincing Chilean literature. I guess most of you will recognize some names like Neruda, Parra and Donoso [...]

    Pickle Farmer
    A very memorable, powerful book that asks the very difficult but important question: what is the relevance (if any) of literature to Real Life, especially when said Real Life involves political turmoil? (Specifically a military coup when people are being tortured and killed in basements while literary parties are taking place upstairs.) Is it brave and wise to read Thucycides and Plato when a democratically elected president is being overthrown, or just stupid and detached? With this novella, na [...]

    Este es el segundo libro que leo de Bolaño, el primero fue Detectives Salvajes, que es de mis libros favoritos. Este es completamente distinto en estilo, casi como si fuera escrito por otra persona, pero igual me encanto. Es el viaje en la memoria de un personaje que no sabes si te cae bien o mal, un sacerdote entusiasta de la literatura, la poesia. Es un viaje hacia todo tipo de recuerdos, pasan por ahi Neruda, Pinochet, analiza constantemente todo tipo de traumas chilenos, de caracter y de hi [...]


    Although I know of Bolaño, this is the first book that I've read by him.I found it a help that I knew something about Chile and its history. This enabled me to concentrate more on the essence of the book, which is to do with duty, responsibility, freedom, complicity etc etc.Although there were occasions when I found the writing style difficult, I am pleased that I read it. There were sections that were amusing as well as serious eg when the narrator was sent to Europe to research how various ch [...]

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