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  • Title: Secret Prey
  • Author: John Sandford
  • ISBN: 9780399143823
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The company chairman lay on the cold ground of the woods, his eyes unseeing, his orange hunting jacket punctured by a rifle bullet fired at close range Near him stood the four executives with whom he had been hunting, each with his or her own complicated agenda, each with a reason not to be sorrowful about the man s death There were currents running through this group, hThe company chairman lay on the cold ground of the woods, his eyes unseeing, his orange hunting jacket punctured by a rifle bullet fired at close range Near him stood the four executives with whom he had been hunting, each with his or her own complicated agenda, each with a reason not to be sorrowful about the man s death There were currents running through this group, hints and whispers of something much greater than the murder of a single man Davenport had felt this way not long before, sensed the curling of an indefinable evil, and not only had it almost gotten him killed, it had lost him his fiancee, who d never been able to recover from the violence of the encounter Sometime soon, unless he could stop it, there would be another death, and then another, and Davenport couldn t help wondering if maybe this time, the final death might not be his own
    John Sandford
    See also John CampJohn Sandford was born John Camp on February 23, 1944, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa He attended the public schools in Cedar Rapids, graduating from Washington High School in 1962 He then spent four years at the University of Iowa, graduating with a bachelor s degree in American Studies in 1966 In 1966, he married Susan Lee Jones of Cedar Rapids, a fellow student at the University of Iowa He was in the U.S Army from 1966 68, worked as a reporter for the Cape Girardeau Southeast Missourian from 1968 1970, and went back to the University of Iowa from 1970 1971, where he received a master s degree in journalism He was a reporter for The Miami Herald from 1971 78, and then a reporter for the St Paul Pioneer Press from 1978 1990 in 1980, he was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize, and he won the Pulitzer in 1986 for a series of stories about a midwestern farm crisis From 1990 to the present he has written thriller novels He s also the author of two non fiction books, one on plastic surgery and one on art He is the principal financial backer of a major archeological project in the Jordan Valley of Israel, with a website at rehov In addition to archaeology, he is deeply interested in art painting and photography He both hunts and fishes He has two children, Roswell and Emily, and one grandson, Benjamin His wife, Susan, died of metastasized breast cancer in May, 2007, and is greatly missed.


    If a CEO gets killed in the forest and no one is around to hear him fall, does he make a sound?Five top executives from a bank have gone into the woods on a deer hunting trip, but only four come out alive after someone tried to make a murder look like an accidental shooting. The dead man was the president who was in the middle of putting together a merger that would have made him and the bank’s board members rich while pretty much screwing over everyone else so any one of the four are likely s [...]

    James Thane
    This is one of the best books in John Sandford's Prey series, featuring Minneapolis police detective Lucas Davenport, with a complex, intelligent plot and a clever, unique villain who pushes Davenport to the limit.As the book opens, a wealthy banker, who is about to become even wealthier due to the bank merger he has engineered, is shot out of a deer stand in the Minnesota woods. There are any number of people who might have wanted him dead, including the three colleagues who are hunting with hi [...]

    A quick start, followed by a bit of a lull, concludes with typically strong Sandford action, with even some humor! 8 of 10 stars

    Re-reading this novel, my star dropped from 4 to 3 stars. There's still Davenport, skirting a depression issue after his gal, Weather, has distanced herself from him in the last volume. He is pulled into what starts out as an interesting killing of a bank chairman on a hunting expedition.Along the way, Lucas is immersed in the cut-throat, back stabbing world of high finance, and the dangerous world of an imminent bank buyout/merger.As the bodies of financiers keep piling up along with the motive [...]

    Audrey MacDonald is the power-hungry wife of a loathsome bank executive who wants to become president and CEO of the Polaris Bank. The current president, who is in the midst of negotiating a merger that would drastically alter the future plans of the other bank executives, is shot while on a hunting trip with many of those same executives. Lucas Davenport is asked to assist with the investigation. Certain peculiarities emerge that point to links between the Kresge killing and the ostensibly acci [...]

    *****Possible Spoiler*********#9 of the Prey Series-I reread some of my comments I made on the earlier books of this series. One of the things that stands out is my earlier opinion of the main character, Lucas Davenport. He is definitely a ladies man. But his personality as a cop is what is the most interesting. He has power. He seems to be able to take control of situations, no matter how violent, and do as he wishes, whether it’s legal or not. He seems to get away with it. My thoughts on thi [...]

    E.R. Yatscoff
    I enjoyed this Sanford novel better than the others even though there were plenty more characters. Likeable, diligent cops-for the most part- a budding cop romance- and a clever killer. Davenport is a good character and there is good rapport between the cops and DAs. A Mexican hotel grab book. One day my own firfighter mystery/thrillers will garner as many reviews.

    Right before a large bank based in Minneapolis proceeds with a large merger, a group of executives go out on a hunting trip. This group of educated and connected professionals will be affected by this move way or another. The head honcho sits in a tree stand and contemplates his financial future while spotting deer. A turn of his head reveals a blaze orange coat with a rifle pointed at him. Do I know that faceM! The second his corpse lands on the ground, the future of the bank is up in the air. [...]

    aPriL does feral sometimes
    "There'd always been something in Lucas that was hard, brutal, and remote. She'd been sure she could reach it, smooth it out. He needed that as much as she did: he didn't know it, but his taste for the street, his taste for violence, was killing him, in ways that weren't obvious to him. But she'd been wrong about reaching him: the violence was essential to him, she now believed." As the novel opens, Lucas is feeling deeply depressed. Doctor Weather Karkinnen has moved out and left Lucas Davenpor [...]

    Kaustuv Neogi
    Secret Prey (5 Stars)It’s the beginning of hunting season. The Chairman of Polaris Bank, Daniel Kresge, goes on a hunting trip with four other executives of the bank. At the break of dawn, he is shot dead out of his perch on a tree. There are no clues and no witnesses. Local police are flummoxed. Davenport is entrusted the responsibility of cracking the case.As it turns out, Kresge was merging his bank with another behemoth - Midland Holding. Though he would be making a tidy sum on it, the mer [...]

    Lucas Davenport is again up against an impossible case in author John Sandford's ninth series book, "Secret Prey". Written in 1998 this Davenport adventure may be John Sandford's best yet. Exceptionally long at just over 500 pages this Davenport read for me mightily pushes the envelope in a couple areas a bit too far. I was a bit uncomfortable with a couple of side issues within this plot. The future Mrs. Weather Karkinnen-Davenport is still suffering seriously with PTSD from the LaChaise shooto [...]

    A corporate take over seems to be at the centerpiece of this murder mystery.

    A short take:It's been awhile since my last Davenport fix, and I had forgotten just how smooth Sandford's prose can be, as well as his talent for dialog that just rings true. The plot in this installment is convoluted, while Davenport continues togrow as a character. After the big reveal of the killer's identity, Sandford gives due time to the police work Davenport and company grind through to get the job done. I appreciate that kind of respect for the elbow grease that police work likely requir [...]

    Jake Parent
    Could be the best of the series so far. Great characters. Great suspense. And, as always, great writing from Sandford.

    Lily Malone
    When in doubt, read or re-read a Sandford Prey novelHe's my favourite author, and Lucas Davenport is about my favourite hero (along with Matt Damon's Bourne), so when hubby found about 4 John Sandford novels in a book exchange on our recent holiday, it was time for a Davenport binge.Secret Prey is a book I have read before, but I couldn't remember whodunnit, so the book wasn't spoiled by my previous read. All the key characters are there (Lucas, Rose-Marie, Sloan, Del, Elle, Weather), but this b [...]

    Really enjoying this series. This was one of my favorites.

    William Howle
    A real page turner. There is a person who is a killer and as you read you begin to have an inkling as to the identity. It was hard to put down this book. It deals with banking and various people attempting to get to the top, even if it means some one resorts to murder to achieve their goals.

    Travis Starnes
    Davenport books come in two flavors, adventure/thriller style and mystery. The adventure/thriller style books we already know who the villain is and even most of their motive. In those it is more about the chase between the crook and Davenport rather than a mystery. Then there are the books that are mystery, or at least semi-mystery, where the reader has to figure out who the criminal is along with Davenport. Secret Prey, as the name might imply, definitely falls in that second camp. Not only do [...]

    Carolyn (in SC) C234D
    This is a favorite series, so even though I read it a long time ago and don't remember details, since the titles are all so similar, I feel sure it rated four stars. The only comment I wrote down at the time is probably a spoiler, so I will stop now.

    Brent Soderstrum
    This book 9 of the Lucas Davenport series.The story kept me going turning the pages waiting for an ending that would shock me. I never got that ending. Don't get me wrong. It was another very good installment in the life and times of Lucas Davenport. Just not the little extra to push it to the incredible stage. The story begins when a banking executive takes his top four executives hunting in northern Minnesota. The executive is then murdered while in his tree stand. Kresge is not a well liked f [...]

    Eve Nolon
    After my hissy fit that you can read below, I've decided to not skip ahead but read this and the next four books or so as ebooks. I really like the series but the parts that grate really, really grate.-----The story is pretty good but I am quitting now before the rehash of Lucas's personal life in books 1-5 starts again. I may come back to books 9-13 but I don't know. I enjoy Sandford's writing and his stories are mostly 3-star territory but I am done with pussyhound Lucas. All of my silent suff [...]

    Secret Prey starts with an introduction by the author and reading that might have confused me even more. What I mean is that there are indeed, like the author explains, more plots and subplots in this book than in any other Prey book I've read so far. Admittedly at first I wasn't drawn to the financial world where the crimes take place. True enough, a bankers’ environment isn't one I find captivating. On the other hand, as the murders increase and the plot thickens the book gets more interesti [...]

    Joe Scholes
    It took me a little longer than usual to get through this one, but at no fault of the book. I was just busy with other things.The style and plot are standard John Sandford, and if you like him like I do, you won't be disappointed. It was nice that Davenport started working out of his slump, after the previous couple of books.Audrey, the protagonist, was just downright crazy. Sandford has had some evil characters before, but this one was just crazy! I loved it!There was a lot of humor in this boo [...]

    Score another perfect five for this Sanford novel featuring the mostly lovable Deputy Chief Lucas Davenport (I still don't love him quite as much as Sanford's other series character, Virgil Flowers, but after reading eight or nine in the series, I'm warming up fast). It also doesn't hurt that Mark Harmon was chosen to play Davenport in the USA network original movie "Certain Prey" either; although he's not quite what my mind envisions Davenport to look like, he's close enough for horseshoes and [...]

    I just finished Secret Prey by John Sandfordd I loved it! This book had a corrupt yet interesting corporate merger back story. Plus a hot shot detective who struggled to unravel the mystery deaths of a boatload of people. You gotta love his little side-kick Sherrill, right? Talk about a woman! She was cool, calm and collected. Plus she was a frisky woman who knew what she wanted. And she carried a gun. What a hottie. And last but not leaste psycho broad. I won't give away the story, but the craz [...]

    The edition I read of this book included a forward by the author wherein he declares this the most challenging Prey story he has written-- so many characters and so many layers of truth and misdirection apparently even the author had a hard time keeping track! It is a testament to Sandford's writing that it was still very much a compelling and gripping story, even with the intricacy of the plotting and the sprawling number of characters and motives. In addition, there is the continuing story of [...]

    I love these books by John Sandford. I thought I'd quickly lose interest when I first read one of his books in the summer, but it was so hard to put down. This book, like most of his rest- involves mystery- a genre I usually try to avoid. Chief Davenport is an interesting character who's always digging to the core of the problems. He never thinks a case should be too easily solved, but seems to hate long cases. I was riveted by all the characters and thought they were all so well developed. Ther [...]

    I really enjoy the Sanford Prey books. However, I wish had a differentiation between literary fiction and entertainment. (Yes, there is overlap; yes, the difference is subjective; move along.) I started The Prague Cemetery by Eco immediately after, so I'm reluctant to give this book four stars, although it was enjoyable and suspenseful and did everything it was supposed to do, and then some. The Prague Cemetery is a different kind of fiction, and evokes a completely different response, and it, [...]

    Excellent vacation read. It kept me oblivious during the airplane portion and transfers both ways as well. Lucas is progressing and learning prime methods to keep his depression at bay on top of the current inquiries that need as much brain as they do brawn. The plot is squirrely and absolutely had me constantly guessing. Guessing wrong mostly and curiously also easily believable. There are numerous under characters this time and part of it plays out in a smallish town of Oxford, MN- quite near [...]

    What I enjoy most about the Lucas Davenport books is the banter among the various cops. I suspect Sandford eavesdrops on people when out and about; he has an ear for dialogue that makes the relationships between the characters believable. The plots are all entertaining, and the villains very villainous. In this particular book the villain is diabolically clever and plans years in advance at times to achieve end goals. Enough said. Read the book if you want to find out who killed the unloveable b [...]

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