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  • Title: Murder in the Rue de Paradis
  • Author: Cara Black
  • ISBN: 9781569474747
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Parisian P.I Aim e Leduc is head over heels when a former boyfriend, an investigative journalist, reappears and proposes but his professional past has caught up with him, and now Aim e must figure out who would want him deadAim e Leduc seems to be having a streak of good luck First, she secures a lucrative computer security contract for her Paris detective agency Then hParisian P.I Aim e Leduc is head over heels when a former boyfriend, an investigative journalist, reappears and proposes but his professional past has caught up with him, and now Aim e must figure out who would want him deadAim e Leduc seems to be having a streak of good luck First, she secures a lucrative computer security contract for her Paris detective agency Then her ex boyfriend Yves, the gorgeous bad boy investigative journalist, reappears in her life He insists he s back in Paris indefinitely and wants to make the ultimate commitment He proposes to her that very night, and Aim e can t help but say yes.When she wakes up in the morning, though, Yves is gone without even leaving a note Aim e is irate until she learns the awful truth Yves was murdered early that morning Heartbroken and convinced the Brigade Criminelle are not following the right leads, Aim e pursues the mystery behind her fianc s murder Yves was killed trying to further a cause he believed in Even if it means putting her own life on the line, Aim e won t let him die in vain.
    Cara Black
    Cara Black frequents a Paris little known outside the beaten tourist track A Paris she discovers on research trips and interviews with French police, private detectives and caf owners She lives in San Francisco with her husband, a bookseller, and their teenage son She is a San Francisco Library Laureate and a member of the Paris Soci te Historique in the Marais Her nationally bestselling and award nominated Aim e Leduc Investigation series has been translated into French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, German and Hebrew She received the Medaille de la Ville de Paris for services to French culture She s included in the GREAT WOMEN MYSTERY WRITERS by Elizabeth Lindsay 2nd editon published in the UK Her first three novels in the series MURDER IN THE MARAIS, MURDER IN BELLEVILLE AN MURDER IN THE SENTIER nominated for an Anthony Award as Best Novel were published in the UK in 2008 and MURDER IN THE LATIN QUARTER comes out in the UK in 2010 Several of her books have been chosen as BookSense Picks and INDIE NEXT choice by the Amerian Association of Independent Bookstores The Washington Post listed MURDER IN THE RUE DE PARADIS in the Best Fiction Choices of 2008 MURDER IN THE LATIN QUARTER is a finalist for Best Novel Award from the NCIBA Northern California Independent Booksellers Association.She is currently working on the next book in the Aim e Leduc series.


    I picked up this book for $1 in the used book section of my library. I paid too much. The previous owner apparently didn't like it either--she left her bookmark in the book in the second chapter. Paris is romantic. French people smoke Gauloises, dwarfs have hip dysplasia, Arabs, Turks, and Kurds hate each other and are terrorists, dark men are romantic and sexy, and Aimee LeDuc wears great clothes. I hope I didn't leave out any of the other cliches.

    In her Murder in the Rue de Paradis, Cara Black crafts an interesting semi-noir, whodunit involving middle-eastern jihadists and with assassination on their minds. Written in 2008, this is scarily prescient of the political undercurrents that have run deep and often violently in Paris for many years. This is the 8th in the Aimiee LeDuc detective series. It's the only one of her novels I've read, so I can't compare it to her other books. But it was a fun, if somewhat predictable story (except the [...]

    This one leads you into a quarter of Paris little visited by tourists.

    Terri Lynn
    The 8th book in the Aimee Leduc series by Cara Black was so good I could not put it down. I read it in the car as my husband drove. I read it in the bathroom as our huge orange and white cat Jake and our big ragdoll/siamese kitty Thomas competed to see who would get to sit in my lap. I read it in bed, while eating, pretty much everywhere.For those who don't know, Aimee Leduc is a private detective in Paris. Her American born mother was married to a French flic (cop) and abandoned the family to b [...]

    Richard Brand
    It is a good thing these mysteries do not try to have a moral value. Aimee's lover shows up at the very beginning. They have one night of passion and he asks her to marry him. The next morning he is killed. So to avenge his murder Aimee has to protect a high profile female politician from an assassin and get about six other people killed. On the way there are the normal ups and downs of her relationship with Rene. The business always struggling to pay its bills. Her god-father help is a part of [...]

    The political intrigue, the tragic loss of her love, the final hug from old friend of her mother's all added to my enjoyment of this installment.

    I enjoyed this book immensely from the opening pages. It is sad the Yves Robert as Aimee’s bad boy paramour is no longer in her life, but thus “murder” in the series seemed to be channeling images of the current society although it takes place in 1995. Published in 2008, it was eerily familiar to the bombings happening today in Somalia and other African and middle eastern countries. That it was someone who Yves knew and worked with was sad and opportunistic. And the ending at the UNEDCO re [...]

    I always love Aimee. This one was so sad, though. It's a timely read to help understand some of the unrest today.

    All the things that happened within the first 12 hours seemed very contrived and unlikely, so it sort of made the whole plot less enjoyable for me.

    Another solid mix of history intertwined with mystery. Especially liked the voice the author gave to the multiple political perspectives of the characters.

    Charles Matthews
    Cara Black loves Paris when it sizzles.Of course, as the readers of her seven previous novels about quirky-chic private eye Aimée Leduc already know, Black just plain loves Paris.In her latest, “Murder in the Rue de Paradis,” it’s the sweltering August of 1995, the month in which every Parisian who can deserts the city, leaving it to the tourists and those who can’t flee. Aimée is one of those who can’t – she has work to do. And then her old boyfriend, investigative journalist Yves [...]

    Paul Myers
    Cara Black’s Murder in the Rue de Paradis is the eigth in a mystery series featuring Aimée Leduc, a computer security expert with a private investigator’s license working in Paris. Each novel in the series is set in a different arrondisement, or district, of Paris. Thus, each story is informed by the charm and mysteries of a particular neighborhood. If you like Paris, you will like traipsing through the neighborhoods with Aimée Leduc.Thirtysomething Aimée also wanders through the romances [...]

    This is my first book by this author and I found it boring. It could be because I didn't like the voice of the reader. I also had some difficulty keeping the names straight.

    Kate Eklund
    Don't get me wrong, I like the Aimee Leduc mystery series. This was a good novel with interesting ideas and the same solid, strong characters. However, I have to say that this was a disappointing book in the series. I felt that this was a half-developed story. Aimee's sudden thirst for revenge is a little jarring; yes, she has the tendency to go her own route and the police were not necessarily going to put the clues together fast enough to be effective, but this novel just makes the police seem [...]

    Soho Press
    In this Parisian mystery, Aimee Leduc, private investigator extraordinaire, has an especially personal case to crack. Cara Black (the author) has told me that this is one of the books in the series that is closest to her heart--I confess it's one of my favorites in the series, although probably for different reasons than Cara's. Aimée Leduc seems to be having a streak of good luck. First, she secures a lucrative computer security contract for her Paris detective agency. Then her ex-boyfriend Yv [...]

    Cara Black's Aimee Leduc is a Nancy Drew for grown-ups, but a very French one who lives in Paris.This is another fun read in the series. As usual,Aimee pulls together disparate threads while movingalong at rapid pace. (She seems to be a master oftime management.) This story focuses on Kurdish immigrants in Parisand on overlapping mysteries involving them.Once again, Aimee is tres casual about her personalsafety, to the dismay of Rene, her business partner.And, once again, Aimee's troubled romant [...]

    BEWARE of spoilers. I don't hide my reviews, but I don't promote them via feed, either. Exercise some self control! (I've been warned by two self-appointed police officers to toe the line).This was my first Cara Black novel. I loved it. Paris seems palpably present. Nice touch by author (or publisher) to include a street map of the novel's principal locale. Ditto for the photo on front jacket, shot by author herself.I thought I liked heroine Aimee Leduc, a private eye. This plot involves machin [...]

    Aimee's thrilled that her on-again/off-again boyfriend, Yves, is back from Egypt and this time he's asked her to marry him.Twenty-four hours later, he's dead, his throat slit, in the Rue de Paradis.As always, Aimee can't stay out of the investigation; this time, it's really personal. Her sleuthing leads her into the world of Kurdish and Turkish emigrés, and into political problems facing the region in the mid-1990s.For a change, I had a feeling about the "whodunnit" in the book and turned out [...]

    Another in the delightful Aimee Leduc Investigation series. Another visit to another section of Paris meeting the people, observing the area, learning of it's significance in times past and the effects on the recent past with more modern issues. Aimee herself is looking into her past and each episode offers a bit more about her parents, particularly her mother who disappeared when she was still a small child. This particular episode involves Muslim jihadists and other terrorist organizations ope [...]

    Not, as one might say, my cup of tea, or snifter of brandy -- whatever. Although the descriptions of parts of Paris are somewhat interesting, I just couldn't get in the swing of this book. Altogether, I found the "plot plodded." I really didn't care what cute little designer original the main character had found in some discount bin, over which she threw her trusty jean jacket, or why that could possibly have any importance to the plot. The various elements didn't seem to work together very well [...]

    This is one of a series of mysteries with a female private investigator in Paris. It is a good mystery, with many characters, some good, some bad. Aimee, who has inherited the investigating business from her family, is fairly naive and shallow when it comes to men. But she is a "never quit" investigator, full of tricks and willing to work through pain and fear. This mystery deals with the Turkey-Kurdish situation and who gets paid off to tell secrets. The author knows Paris very well and always [...]

    Here I am writing reviews on books that I finished half a year ago, without the benefit of recent memory to inspire more thoughtful consideration. And so the best I can offer for now are overall impressions.My overall impression of this installment of the Aimee Leduc series: not as riveting as some, but adequately enjoyable. Maybe I'm just a bit jaded, but I didn't really believe that Yves was love-of-her-life material so the motivation was lost on me. It also seemed like Aimee was more reckless [...]

    An enjoyable mystery of the lovely-and-spunky-private-eye genre, set in Paris with lots of descriptions of the city and its buildings and neighborhoods and many French words dropped in for effect (and, unless I'm much mistaken, occasionally misspelled). This is not the first of the series but it is the first that I've read. It seemed a bit dated because a large part of the plot is about Muslim jihadist terrorism but it's obviously before 9/11. I wouldn't turn down others in the series, but I don [...]

    Cara Black makes me long to be roaming the streets of Paris that she is describing in her novels. She knows much of the city - the history, the shifting trends, the neighborhoods.This book in the series takes place mostly in areas of the city that I have seen from the edges. Maybe on my next trip I will explore the whole of them a bit more. These are not areas that offer much in the way of tourist attractions, but they are areas of serious commerce and of immigrant influence. To know Paris is to [...]

    Interesting twists and turns in this mystery involving Turkish-Kurdish politics and the murder of Aimee's old boyfriend who had just proposed to her.  Started this #8 in the Aimee Leduc Investigation Series out of order, so put it on hold for awhile until I caught up.  Aimee's abilities make good reading but are beyond belief. Again the large cast of characters are difficult to keep track of but I made notes which worked well until the end when I lost the notes.

    A great, colorful novel featuring Black’s continuing P.I. Aimee Leduc. Set in Paris, Leduc’s fiancé is found murdered and his death leads her into the dark work of terrorism and religious zealotism. Black does a fabulous job of bringing Paris to life through the story – the setting is important to Aimee and to the plot. The plot drags a little near the end and gets kind of confusing with the Turks/Kurds conflict, but aside from that, this is a strong mystery with a strong leading characte [...]

    As usual, I enjoyed reading this next Aimee Leduc book. There are a few more left in the series for me to read. As usual a social/political issue was addressed--this time it had to do with Kurds, Turks and an Islamic terrorist group. More of her personal life is revealed, including an encounter with someone who knew her mother in the old days. I think this is a worthwhile series to read. If you want to try a book out, it is probably best to start with the first in the series and to read them in [...]

    That should actually be 0 star. Full of the worst cliches, cheap tourist guide info about Paris and it's history. But the worst is the writing. The author manages to at the same time make leaps and bounds which leave us clueless and repeating the same information over and over. The resulting impression is that of zapping on the TV while in each new channel seeing recurring scenes from what we've seen on previous channels. Not for me thank you.

    The Aimee Leduc series continues to be enjoyable and I feel that Black's writing is getting better and better. One challenge I have had with this series is that the books require very careful reading. Otherwise it's very easy to miss a major development of the plot or introduction of a key character. With Murder in the Rue De Paradise I feel Black is handling these points much better - there is better build up so the reader is better tuned in.

    Another fast paced mystery in Black's series that transports the reader to Paris's Little Istanbul. Amy must catch a killer by unraveling Turkish-Kurd political animosities, sleeper terrorist cells, and a complex web of bribery to silence the truth. Aimée also learns a little more about her mother, who disappeared years ago.This was fun to read as Black shows you the less romantic side of Paris, and weaves in modern conflicts.

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