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  • Title: Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope
  • Author: Jenna Bush Mia Baxter
  • ISBN: 9780061379086
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Ana s Story A Journey of Hope is a work of narrative nonfiction based on Jenna Bush s experiences while interning for UNICEF and documenting lives of children and teens she encountered through her work The book focuses on Ana, a teenage single mother who is bravely living with, rather than dying from, HIV Ana s determination has allowed her to overcome abuse and abandonAna s Story A Journey of Hope is a work of narrative nonfiction based on Jenna Bush s experiences while interning for UNICEF and documenting lives of children and teens she encountered through her work The book focuses on Ana, a teenage single mother who is bravely living with, rather than dying from, HIV Ana s determination has allowed her to overcome abuse and abandonment and fight for an education and a better future for her child Inspired by the framework of one girl s life, it is also the story of many children around the world who are marginalized and excluded from basic care, support, and education Jenna Bush sends a message of hope, inclusion and survival, and calls for youth involvement in helping other young people triumph over adversitybr The book includes approximately 45 full color photographs taken by Mia Baxter, Jenna s friend and fellow UNICEF intern.
    Jenna Bush Mia Baxter
    Jenna Welch Hager, n e Bush, the daughter of U.S President George W Bush and First Lady Laura Bush and the fraternal twin of Barbara Pierce Bush, is an author and school teacher She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2004 with a degree in English Jenna taught elementary school in Washington, D.C for a year and half before embarking on an internship for UNICEF s Educational Policy department at its regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean in Fall 2006 During her internship, Jenna recorded the life stories of children and adolescents she met through her travels She taught at a shelter in Latin America several days a week while writing this book.


    Michelle. D.
    This book was very inspiring. It was written like a child would write. Simple and to the point. The author clearly grasped Ana's life and wrote it clearly and lovingly. I really loved it.The abuse in this book is horrid. Bruises, cuts, scrapes. Touching, feeling, betrayals. The abuse in this book was both ugly and fierce. It's hard to believe these things happen in families and even in life. Though most of the time "stepfathers" or "stepgrampas", in this case, are not the same person as the pers [...]

    This book took me awhile to read only because I read it during class. So far this is my favorite book that I have read all year. Ana's Story is a true story and taught me a lot of things. The main thing that I learned was to be happy with everything that I have. Some people aren't as lucky as I am to have the things that I have. Ana really proved that your life can be great no matter what is happening in it. Also I think it would be a great book to read if you are a teen that is pregnant. Ana go [...]

    Wow, would have thought Jenna Bush such a gifted author. This story is about many individuals who live in poverty but Jenna focuses on a young girl, gaining her trust gradually to tell her story. She is a teen aged pregnant girl with HIV/AIDS, and wise beyond her years. Through Ana's story you can hear the stories of at least thousands of people in terrible poverty and terrible circumstances. And yet, Jenna DOES make it a story of hope. She was working for the UN as an intern during this time an [...]

    Say what you will about President Bush and his administration, I prefer not to judge a potential author by her familial ties with a politician who I completely disagree with. A lot of people came in asking for this book the week it came out, so I decided to give it a try. First off, it’s aimed at the "young adult" audience, so it was a very short read. I suspect that much of the content was "sanitized" to ensure a sort of PG-13 rating for the core audience of readers. Despite these facts, I fe [...]

    What I love about reading is that it does not only entertain but it educates as well. There are many things I have learned through reading which I may not learn anywhere else. I must say though that most of the books that I really like are those that make me emotional – those that leave me breathless with suspense or make me cry buckets of tears. Indeed, I rate a book highly if it has affected me emotionally such as when I get too attached to the characters or when I am totally caught by surpr [...]

    Dara S.
    Great book for teens.

    The story of a young girl who winds up getting AIDs and having a baby. It's pretty cursory and I think written towards teenagers.

    Azeila Rose
    If I had to chose one word to describe "Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope", it would be bland.It had the potential to be a magnificent book. Ana's actual story (not the book) is one of tragedy and triumph, of growing and strength. But Bush somehow manages to deliver it with as much emotion as a history text book. Simply telling the reader "Ana was sad" does not make me feel sad. The story had no depth whatsoever! The young girl experienced so many things in her life that most people could never dre [...]

    Elby Wang
    • Elby Wang• Bush, J & Baxter, M. (2007). Ana's story: A journey of hope. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers. • Genre: Non-fiction• Format: audiobook • Review: Ana understood that she was different from the other kids since she was seven. She barely has any memory about her mom because she died when she was little. Because of their struggles, her father leaves her and her sister to live with their grandma. Her happiest moments are the times when Daddy visited her. But the tragi [...]

    Ana is a teenage girl. Her mother died when she was young and she has to live with having HIV. She was infected, abused, abandoned, and alone. Her strength, bravery, and determination is what got her through it all. She puts up a good fight for her child to have a well deserved life and a better future. Ana's story is inspiring for adults and children around the world. This story was very inspiring. I loved how Jenna Bush shared Ana's story. This story could give hope and strength to all those t [...]

    Eva Leger
    The thing I liked best about this book, as crazy as it sounds, is the simple way it was written. I had no idea this book was geared more for teens until the first page. But it's a GREAT book to give to any teen. I'm 30 years old and I ended up caring a great deal about what happens to Ana. Jenna did a terrific job of pulling the reader in and making all the situations come alive and making them real to those who have never dealt with them. I'd love to have my daughter read this when she's older. [...]

    I first heard about this book while watching a 20/20 episode while Jenna was promoting the book. I was so very impressed with Jenna Bush as a person. She was so incredibly mature, full of compassion and perspective, and so disarming in the face of the media. It was actually quite moving. Needless to say, after that interview, this book has been on my list of books to read for a while. This book does a great job of putting womens issues in a narrative form. It purposefully very easy to read and s [...]

    I read Ana's story and was stunned by it. It's about a girl who was born HIV positive from her mother. As I read the book I couldn't put it down; I was scared for Ana. I didn't know what was going to happen next. Whenever something good would happen to Ana something bad was around the corner. I feel bad because I take life for granted sometimes and I could be in a worse predicament. If something bad happens to Ana she is always optimistic and gets through it. It makes me feel grateful for the st [...]

    Crystal Lopez
    CONTAINS SPOILER: In the book "Ana's Story", by Jenna Bush, is about a girl named Ana who has HIV/AIDS and she had gotten it from her mother. Ana also goes through a really tough time because her mother died so she started living with her grandma. Ana's grandma used to be mean to her and also the grandmas boyfriend used to molested Ana and her sister. Ana lived a terrible life when she was in her grandmas house, she also lived a terrible life when she was in one of her aunt's house. I would reco [...]

    Ana's Story is based on a true story of a girl living with HIV in a country where HIV is a trivial topic. Ana was led to believe that talking about her disease was wrong and would destroy her reputation; she felt alone and burdened with the secret she was forced to keep.Jenna Bush writes a compelling story about a girl she met while working with UNICEF in Latin America. The book is aimed for a young adult audience so it's a short and easy read. Despite this, I felt the story was still very good [...]

    Binibining `E (of The Ugly Writers)
    This is an inspiring read. Ana's story is very sad, but she never gives up and she's fighting for her life and also for her baby. All we need to know about HIV/AIDS, not all are infected by it through what we have always known, some are through childbirth. Awareness and knowledge about them are being widely taught. There are some organizations that helps people and children with these kind of sickness.

    I saw an article in the paper one day about Jenna Bush talking about why she wrote this book and her experiences through writing it and it interested me. So the next time I went to the library I decided to check it out. I admit, it wasn't the kind of book I can't put down until I fnish it, but I did enjoy it and was glad that Jenna Bush wrote it to spread the awareness of AIDs. :]

    Denise M.
    This was a quick but interesting read. It is the journey of a young girl infected with the Aids virus. Jennna Bush seems very sincere in her hopes to help people around the world through Aids awareness. I will quote her" Simple signs of friendship and acceptance can often change the lives of those on the outskirts of society" We can make a difference if we all work together.

    Quick read - only took me a couple hours. Almost half the pages are pictures. The font is large and some chapters are only a paragraph long.Somewhat interesting, but by no means inspiring. This girl seems to have stumbled into assistance after assistance. She never actually does anything to help herself beyond sometimes accepting assistance.

    This book was very insightful into Ana's story. It's good to know that people can be strengthened and better even though they have experienced challenges. I feel compassion for Ana.

    this book is inspiring despite this young girls upbringing and life sentence of being born with HIV! Jenna did a good job telling her story!

    I would recommend this book to anyone who just wants to cry it is such a sad but excellent story

    This is a very good book it's about love ,strength ,and survival ,it's also proves that no matter what's going on in your life nothing can stop your happiness.

    Courtney Smith
    This is a really good book for the exploration of AIDS with kids. It has an added guide in the back to use while reading. The writing is simple and clear making it easy to understand the story. Definitely a good book to start kids on this kind of topic.

    Alicia Fonseca
    The book Ana's story is about a young girl who faced many challenges in her life a girl who was born with HIV/AIDS which she got through her mother anna was faced with a young sister who she never met died for AIDS in the hospita as a baby ana mother was devastated and was getting very sick and soon to pass away ana and her little sister isabel was focred to live with their grandma their dad was hardly their but knew he loved his daughters vey much and they loved him too but ana and isable hated [...]

    Gail Roshong
    Name: Gail RoshongCitation: Bush, J. (2007). Ana’s story: A journey of hope. New York: Harper Collins Publishing.Genre: BiographyAwards: Jenna Bush was an Audie Award Nominee of the Audio Publishers Association for her reading of Ana's Story as an audiobook.Format: printSelection process: This book was selected because it spoke to adolescents about relevant topics that face them in their complicated and often confusing lives. It was moderately well reviewed by Jillian Engberg in Booklist. Engb [...]

    Ana’s StoryAuthor: Harper CollinsLast year I read this amazing and sad story. When I read this story I was like WOW! I didn’t really know about the health and abuse problems around the world. Well I did but my mom’s homeland (El Salvador) and Austin. When I read this book I thought it was fiction but it was based on a true story. What I learned was if you post a picture of a person who is infected with HIV or has any other dangerous diseases, a person who is clean, doesn’t want to get in [...]

    Marie F
    I was not as bothered by the simple writing as one of the people who recommended it to me (and apparently many reviewers) as I think that was intended to broaden accessibility to the story (which makes much sense to me considering the 'support UNICEF' drive I felt, since English may not be every reader's first language and even when it is you don't want to make people 'think' or provide challenging vocabulary so much as 'feel' since that is usually the go to tactic for shmoozing people into don [...]

    I read Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope. I believe the purpose of the author in writing this book was to show that when life gets you down you have to get back up and fight to get to happiness. In the book there are a lot of things that happen that most people wouldn't have the will to go on after, but Ana did. This shows Ana's strong character and her will to fight. As she's overcoming the unthinkable we see that we should do the same. Move forward and keep going because there is always better th [...]

    Melanie Fuentes
    The novel, Ana’s Story, was written by Jenna Bush, who told the extraordinary journey of a young girl who fought through abuse and dealing with a disease that she would have to live with her whole life. The genre of this story is a biography and I chose this book because I found Ana’s story very inspiring since she had HIV, but continued to live life to the fullest and take care of her younger sister, Isabel. With both of her parents practically absent throughout her whole life, Ana had to [...]

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