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  • Title: Katz und Maus
  • Author: Günter Grass
  • ISBN: 9783937793023
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Danzig im Zweiten Weltkrieg Pilenz plagen Gewissensbisse Es war nicht richtig, was er mit seinem Schulkameraden Joachim Mahlke gemacht hat Dem wuchs in der Pubert t ein riesiger Adamsapfel, ein wie eine Maus zuckender Knorpel Einer pl tzlichen Eingebung folgend, setzte Pilenz eine umherstreifende Katze auf diese Maus und gab Mahlke damit der L cherlichkeit preis PilDanzig im Zweiten Weltkrieg Pilenz plagen Gewissensbisse Es war nicht richtig, was er mit seinem Schulkameraden Joachim Mahlke gemacht hat Dem wuchs in der Pubert t ein riesiger Adamsapfel, ein wie eine Maus zuckender Knorpel Einer pl tzlichen Eingebung folgend, setzte Pilenz eine umherstreifende Katze auf diese Maus und gab Mahlke damit der L cherlichkeit preis Pilenz f hlt sich schuldig ud beginnt, quasi als Geste der Widergutmachng, die Lebensgeschichte des Au enseiters nachzuerz hlen Dabei berichtet er von Mahlkes geradezu grotesken Versuchen, seinen Makel zu verbergen In seiner Verzweiflung beh ngt dieser den Adamsapfel mit einem Schraubenzieher, mit einem Orden und anderen Dingen Auf seiner Suche nach Anerkennung vollf hrt er die schwierigsten Turn bungen und bricht Tauchrekorde Trotz allen Beifalls Er bleibt ein Einsamer Doch dann findet er in einem gestrandeten Minensuchboot ein pers nliches Refugium, einen intimen Ort des R ckzugs Katz und Maus ist der zweite Teil von G nter Grass Danziger Triologie, zu der die beiden Romane Die Blechtrommel und Hundejahre geh ren In ihr setzt sich Grass mit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg und seine Heimatstadt Danzig auf literasisch anspruchsvolle, aber auch beraus unterhaltsame Art auseinander.
    Günter Grass
    G nter Wilhelm Grass was a Nobel Prize winning German novelist, poet, playwright, illustrator, graphic artist, and sculptor.He was born in the Free City of Danzig now Gda sk, Poland Since 1945, he lived in West Germany, but in his fiction he frequently returned to the Danzig of his childhood He always identified himself as a Kashubian.He is best known for his first novel, The Tin Drum 1959 , a key text in European magic realism His own name for this style was broadened reality His other successes of the period were Cat and Mouse 1961 and Dog Years 1963 These novels, along with The Tin Drum, make up what Mr Grass called his Danzig Trilogy Grass was born in the Free City of Danzig on 16 October 1927, to Willy Grass 1899 1979 , a Protestant ethnic German, and Helene Grass n e Knoff, 1898 1954 , a Roman Catholic of Kashubian Polish origin Grass was raised a Catholic His parents had a grocery store with an attached apartment in Danzig Langfuhr now Gda sk Wrzeszcz He has one sister, who was born in 1930.Grass attended the Danzig Gymnasium Conradinum He volunteered for submarine service with the Kriegsmarine to get out of the confinement he felt as a teenager in his parents house which he considered in a very negative way civic Catholic lower middle class In 1943 he became a Luftwaffenhelfer, then he was drafted into the Reichsarbeitsdienst, and in November 1944, shortly after his seventeenth birthday, into the Waffen SS The seventeen year old Grass saw combat with the 10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg from February 1945 until he was wounded on 20 April 1945 and sent to an American POW camp.In 1946 and 1947 he worked in a mine and received a stonemason s education For many years he studied sculpture and graphics, first at the Kunstakademie D sseldorf, then at the Universit t der K nste Berlin He also worked as an author and traveled frequently He married in 1954 and since 1960 lived in Berlin as well as part time in Schleswig Holstein Divorced in 1978, he remarried in 1979 From 1983 to 1986 he held the presidency of the Berlin Akademie der K nste Berlin Academy of Arts.During the German unification process in 1989 he argued for separation of the two states, because he thought a unified Germany would resume its past aggression He moved to the northern German city of L beck in 1995.He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1999 In 2006, Grass caused controversy with his disclosure of his Waffen SS service during the final months of World War II, which he had kept a secret until publishing his memoir that year He died of complications of lung infection on 13th of April, 2015 at a L beck hospital He was 87.


    قط وفأر" جزء من ثلاثية دانزج للكاتب الألماني جونتر جراسودانزج هي المدينة التي نشأ فيها جراس وتدور فيها أحداث الرواية مشاهد في حياة اثنين أصدقاء فترة المراهقة والشباب في بدايات الحرب العالمية الثانيةيعرض جراس شكل الحياة والاهتمامات في ذلك الوقت وصورة الحرب وأثرها عليهم قبل [...]

    Ioannis Anastasiadis
    Το ‘Γάτα και ποντίκι’, ένα από τα διασημότερα μυθιστορήματα του Γερμανού νομπελίστα, αποτελεί το δεύτερο μέρος της ’τριλογίας του Ντάντσιχ’, η οποία καταπιάνεται με την άνοδο του Ναζισμού κατά το διάστημα του μεσοπολέμου και κατά την διάρκεια του Β’ Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου [...]

    Michael Finocchiaro
    The brutal account of these kids in Danzig/Gdansk during the Hitler youth and the war is both chilling and poignant. It is the second volume of Grass' Danzig trilogy after The Tin Drummer and a fast but furious read. The characters are both repulsive and compelling and ow that we know that Grass was in the Hitler youth when he was 16, it is obviously a pretty damn accurate portrayal (better than the kid in All the Light We Cannot See in any case! I have to believe that Doer read this book and de [...]

    প্রথম গুন্টার গ্রাস পড়ি নটরডেম কলেজে পড়তে, অথবা তারও কিছু আগে। ঐ, টিন ড্রামটাই। শেষ করছিলাম কি? মনে পড়ে না, তবে ভালোই লাগতেছিলো, মনে পড়ে।সেই ভালো লাগা আজকের ভালো লাগায় তফাত সম্ভবত অনেক। সেই বয় [...]

    Robert Beveridge
    I first read Cat and Mouse without the benefit of having read The Tin Drum beforehand, and I missed a lot. Cat and Mouse is the second book in Grass' Danzig Trilogy, three books that look at life in Danzig under the Nazi regime from three different points of view (the tales are told concurrently, and time can be fixed by seeing the same event from different points of view; for example, the picnic taken by the jazz trio and Schmuh in Book III of The Tin Drum shows up towards the end of Cat and Mo [...]

    And the cat and the mouse? Are there stories that can cease to be?The second of Grass’s three Danzig-based stories is a novella that echoes the first, The Tin Drum, deliciously; overtly, there are several cameos and crossovers, including Oskar’s appearances at various points and the life of the Catholic Church and the Dusters gang, but also in mood and theme, if somewhat more compressed and focussed. This time, we have a chiefly bodiless narrator, constantly trying his best to not be in the [...]

    من جديد هي رواية تم ترشيحها لي . أمسكت بها في معرض عام ٢٠١٣ قلبتها في يدي ثم وضعتها في مكانها، وها أنا قد حصلت عليها وقرأتها من خلال معرض عام ٢٠١٤ . وربما لو لم يتم ترشيحها لي ما كنت قرأتها أبدا مراجعات وتقييمات الرواية غاية في الإحباط وأخص بكلامي مراجعات القراء العرب ممن قرأوا [...]

    Ostensibly set in the same world as The Tin Drum, although the little boy with the drum and the piercing shrieks barely makes an appearance. Really, it is more the story of an adolescence in the shadow of the Nazi regime, and how the regime shapes what would be an otherwise unremarkable teenage boy's life of hanging out at the beach and exploring old shipwrecks. Beautifully told, grotesquely real, and closer to Mishima's The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea in tone than anything else.

    Ahmed Mahmoud Gamal
    تكملة قراءة هذا القىء هو بمثابة التكفير عن جميع الذنوب التى ارتكبتها فى الماضى والتى سوف أرتكبها فى المسقبل لعن الله الملل يا أخى .الروايه لمن يريد التكفير عن ذنوبه وبما انى لا انوى هذه الايام فلن اكملها (يعنى على دخله رمضان كده

    I was disappointed in this second book of the trilogy. It was short, which is what I loved. And sadly, it was the only thing I loved about it. As with the first, this book is about the coming of age tale of a boy. In this case, the story was told by his best friend. It wasn't a horrible tale at all. The concept was brilliant, I thought, however, the execution fell flat. I just didn't care about the characters as I did in the first book. And it didn't help that I found this book boring for most o [...]

    I honestly don't know how anyone could give this less than 5 stars. (Taste being subjective, I understand that we like what we like.) It's flawless, without an ounce of fat on it. After finishing The Tin Drum yesterday, I started Cat and Mouse this morning. Having had the chance to finish it this evening, I'm still sitting here, some hours later, floored by it. Achingly beautiful and haunting. If you're looking for The Tin Drum II, this isn't it. Better yet: it's an entirely different animal wit [...]

    Tanuj Solanki
    Overshadowed, in literary discourse, by The Tin Drum. Exceptional three and half hour indulgence. 'The Baltic the colour of thick-glass seltzer bottles,' he says. 'Rain is a binder,' he says. 'I, Pilenz - what has my first name got to do with it - formerly an altar boy dreaming of every imaginable future, now the parish hall secretary, just can't let magic alone,' he says.

    If you've only read The Tin Drum, and you're looking for more Gunter Grass to read, this is the book for you. It's short and straightforward and quietly devastating.Beautiful and heartbreaking, this is a story about two school friends, taking place in Germany during World War II. Pilenz is one of a crowd of teenaged boys who like to hang out together at the beach, occasionally swimming out together to a partially submerged Polish minesweeper. Mahlke is just a kid who wants to belong. But Mahlke [...]

    "چه کسی پایانی بجا برایم فراهم خواهد دید؟!"یواخیم مالکه پسرکی که "سیب انسانش" از حالت عادی بسیار بزرگتر است در کتاب موش و گربه مورد خطاب دوستش قرار میگیرد و داستان زندگیش را بازگو میکند. از آنجا شروع میکند ک روزی با یک شیطنت کودکانه گربه ای را بر روی گردنش می اندازند و داستان ب آن [...]

    Jo tālāk iekšā grāmatā, jo sarežģītāk kļuva saprast, kā teikumi cits ar citu sasaistās un kļūst par vienotu darbu. Rakstīšanas stils man ļoti negāja pie sirds.Sākums daudzsološs - puika ar pārāk lielu ādamābolu un ar cukurūdeni ieveidotiem matiem nirst dzelmē un no nogrimušiem kuģiem velk ārā visu iespējamo. Žēl, ka man tā pa īstam neizdevās ienirt šajā Grasa novelē, patiesi žēl

    Kopinjol Baishya
    It is a great book of course. Gunter Grass never fails to impress. Its the second book of his Danzig trilogy. The other two being "The tin Drum" and "Dog Years". The portrays a protagonist who is at odds with his time. It is the time of war and Joachim Mahlke like Oscar Matzerath fails to come into terms with it. He was born one of natures tragic clowns, with an adam's apple that was as large as a mouse, but he became a hero and his only aspiration all along had been the chance to give a lecture [...]

    If Germans were the ones known for magical realism, I think Cat and Mouse would kind of define the genre--dead pan, literal, and packed with tall tale-ish exageration more than pure and unbelievable magic. This is a story of two boys going about the very personal business of being boys, amidst the great geopolitical upheaval of their time. While their lives at times intersect with BIG history, it is the personal revolutions, ups and downs that define the narrative and motivate the characters. I [...]

    Octavio Villalpando
    Ésto es lo más cercano a "realismo mágico" que he leído en un autor alemán. Nos narra los acontecimientos en la vida de Mahlke, visto por los ojos de uno de sus condiscípulos. Grass logra crear un universo alterno, bastante realista, plagado de anecdotas. Se supone que es la segunda parte de una trilogía, no he tenido el gusto de leer los otros dos libros que la conforman, pero seguramente lo haré, me gusto mucho el estilo de escribir del autor, a quien no había leído

    Ahmad Sharabiani
    449. Cat And Mouse, Günter Grassموش و گربه - گونتر گراس (فرزان روزرمان «موش و گربه» را «نشر و پژوهش فرزان روز» فراهم نموده، «مالکه» شخصیت اصلی داستان است و راوی آن را نقل می­کند، راوی همه جا در کنار اوست، انگار همان «سانچو» که همراه «دن‌کیشوت» بود، رویدادها نیز چون نیک بنگریم، همان رویداده [...]

    A little bit of Dog Days which sprouted and grew a life of its own. A worthy successor to The Tin Drum. Thoughts on youth and war in Danzig.

    G.Grass'ın ilk romanlarımdan, yer ve kişi isimleri bazen başdöndürüyor, okuma akışımzaman zaman tıkanıyor, tanıtım uazısında belirtildiği gibi bir baş yapıt kesinliklle değil.

    Best Tawornwaranon
    เป็นอีกเล่มหนึ่งที่เรารู้สึกว่าเราสามารถพูดถึงความวิเศษของมันได้ไม่หมดไม่สิ้น เหมือนกันกับกลองสังกะสีที่มาก่อน ทั้งที่เล่มนี้มันน้อยเรื่องและน้อยฉากมากกว่า คือเกิน 70% ของเ [...]

    This is the kind of book that has a very specific flavor. I remember reading The Tin Drum years ago and, at the time, I liked it a lot, so I was very looking forward to reading this one. Unfortunately, although it has Gunter Grass written all over it and the storytelling is very attractive, I just couldn't relate to the book in any way.The story is about a young boy who gets very good at swimming, is very well respected by his friends, is rather ugly and, well, has really great sexual performanc [...]

    فهد الفهد
    القط والفأر الجزء الثاني من ما اصطلح على تسميته بثلاثية دانتسغ، والتي تضم إلى جانب هذه الرواية روايتي (الطبل الصفيح) و(سنوات الكلاب)، وتسمى ثلاثية دانتسغ نسبة إلى المدينة التي ولد فيها غونتر غراس، وكتب رواياته الثلاث هذه عنها، ودانتسغ كانت مدينة – دولة فيما بين 1920 م وحتى 1939 م [...]

    "Desde aquel viernes sé lo que es el silencio. El silencio se produce cuando las gaviotas dan la vuelta y se van. Nada es capaz de provocar mayor sensación de silencio que una draga trabajando, cuando el viento se lleva en sentido contrario su estrépito de hierro. Pero el mayor silencio lo produce Joaquín Mahlke, al no contestar a mi ruido.""El gato y el ratón" forma parte de la llamada "Trilogía de Danzig", junto con "El tambor de hojalata" y "Años de perro". Günter Grass desarrolla la [...]

    I read this book in German and I simply do not like it. I did not like the writing style: I was always re-reading sentences, trying to match the parts that belonged together. I have nothing against long sentences, but I do hate the 'Klammerkonstruktion', which is used a lot. And seriously, how much can you obsess over one man's adamsappel? I kept waiting for the story to lead to something, but sadly, it did not build to anything. There did not seem to be a point to the whole story.I know Günter [...]

    Even though I remember liking Grass at university, I hadn't touched any of his books since and was almost a little apprehensive. I need not have been! While the style took some getting used to this is and remains an excellent portrait of German adolescents. The fact that the story takes place during the war provides a rather sinister context, which only becomes apparent slowly during the course of the book, as you begin to realise that the narrator is hiding something, and something rather serio [...]

    Diaa Jubaili
    لا اعرف ان كان غونتر غراس قد عمد الى وضع تلك الجوزة في عنق مالكى ( تفاحة آدم ) ليذكرنا به كلما رأينا تفاحة مثلها في نحر احدهم على ارض الواقع. لكن بالنسبة لي، سواء كان بجوزة او بدونها سيبقى يواقيم مالكى احد شخصياتي المفضلة التي لا تنسى.

    تبدو الحكاية ثرية لكني اعتقد ان الترجمة اخلت بها كثيرا

    I picked up this book because I became fascinated by the city of Danzig (today known as Gdańsk, Poland)when looking through some old papers my mother sent me and learning my great-great grandmother met my great-great grandfather met there (both ethnic Germans). This led me through a vast array of articles, and the history of this place on the Baltic Coast is turbulent and fascinating. I have much to learn.Admittedly, I prefer novels that evoke a sense of place over nonfiction history books. Th [...]

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