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  • Title: A Day with a Perfect Stranger
  • Author: David Gregory
  • ISBN: 9781400072422
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A Day with a Perfect Stranger
    David Gregory
    David Gregory s life has come full circle Despite a love for writing and liberal arts in high school and college, David opted for a practical business degree that launched him into a successful ten year career in compensation management with three consulting firms and Texas Instruments After a decade of spreadsheets, however, he was ready to look for a career offering personal meaning.David returned to graduate school, earning a master s degree from the University of North Texas with concentrations in communication and sociology During that time, he began creative writing in the form of two short screenplays, one dramatic and one science fiction He also started a periodic newsletter before joining a Christian ministry as staff writer and editor While there, he coauthored two nonfiction books, The Marvelous Exchange and The Rest of the Gospel When the Partial Gospel Has Worn You Out.While earning another master s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, David entertained a new craft writing fiction He decided that in a culture dominated by sound bites, reality TV, and the Internet, communicating through story could reach otherwise untapped audience Taking some material on worldviews that he had planned to put into nonfiction form, he began writing Dinner with a Perfect Stranger.David s current study focuses on the postmodern worldview and how it intersects with the Christian conception of God, meaning in life, and the process of knowing epistemology He is currently writing his second novel.David lives in Texas with his wife and two children, where he works for a nonprofit organization.


    Although just as readable as Dinner with a Perfect Stranger: An Invitation Worth Considering, Day with a Perfect Stranger didn’t sweep me along in quite the same way. I’m not sure if it’s sequel syndrome, my expectations or the book itself. The story has its strengths including: the opportunity for a literary fantasy with the Divine. What would it be like to have a totally unexpected day with Jesus? Also I like having the broader scope brought by the vantage of Mattie Cominisky, the wife o [...]

    Mattie is exasperated with her husband's "new obsessions with Jesus". And so she jumps at the chance of a business trip to escape him for a while.But we know we can never escape Him.I like David Gregory, and was introduced to his writing from the "first" book, Dinner With A Perfect Stranger. (I can't find my review of that here on , so I might have read it before 2012.) I really enjoyed that book, as well.And this book didn't differ, or even compare. Similar to the first book, it "introduces" Go [...]

    Hmm. What would it be like if Jesus came back to Earth to interact with people in this crazy modern time? How much different would His approach be from that of those who claim to be Christian's? Very well done!!!

    I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Dinner With a Perfect Stranger, which is about Nick's dinner encounter with the "perfect stranger", Jesus Christ, to Nick's wife's encounter with him. So, in A Day With a Perfect Stranger, Mattie encounters a strnager seated next to her while she's on a business trip to Tucson. Mattie is not so happy about the changes in her life and marriage due to Nick's encounter with Jesus Christ, so she's "loaded for bear" as the saying goes, when the conversa [...]

    I will admit until just this very minute, the Perfect Stranger part of the title escaped me!!! I don't know why I didn't put two and two together. Mattie is on her way to Texas for a business trip. She leaves home pretty sure that her husband Nick is losing his mind. He was, until just recently, an absent husband and father working way too many hours at work. Now he is spending more time with his family, but he has changed. He says he had dinner with Jesus Christ, and he is reading the bible. On [...]

    Mattie Cominsky gladly escapes on an out-of-town business trip after her husband Nick claims to have found God. Mattie has no interest in joining him in his new journey of faith and is contemplating divorce. She finds herself in a middle seat on the airplane. To her right, in the aisle seat, is a man who shares her disdain for religion and its tedious rules and rituals. Yet as she becomes engrossed in conversation with him, Mattie has the uncomfortable feeling that he does believe in God. Worse [...]

    A great follow up to 'Dinner With A Stranger.' This is the second time this year I have read this book and if I could give it better than a 5 out of 5, I would. Mattie's husband encountered Jesus in the first, but now it is she who has her own spiritual encounter while on a business trip. While on the plane, she meets a man named Jay who opened her up to God's existence. Like all us, Mattie has encountered some deep hurts and disappointments in life. This is a beautifully written and a wonderful [...]

    While I was not vastly impressed with this book, I think it did have a good message and was worth reading. It's an easy read (I read it in one evening) but does bring up some ideas about God that many people miss entirely, namely how so many people get caught up in the "rules and regulations" of religion that they not only alienate non-believers from truly understanding what God is all about but also often miss the point themselves,that most of all, God desires the a relationship with us just as [...]

    This was a great book. I enjoyed reading it. It is a story about a woman going on a business trip flight. This woman is having trouble with her husband and encounters Jesus on the trip. He explains what a relationship with God is like. I recommend you read Dinner with a Perfect Stranger first. It tells what seems to have brought on the disagreement between the husband and wife.

    This is the follow-up with Nick's wife Mattie. She is quite frustrated with her marriage and looking to God for answers was not on her list of ways to resolve it. It is not a big book but is a fast read and gives a person a few things to ponder.

    My mom gave me this book to read. I read it in a little over an hour. It’s about having an intimate relationship with God which we should.

    This is a quick read with a powerful message. It's the first of David Gregory's books that I've read, but it definitely won't be the last. Very enjoyable!

    Axsel Cintron
    Good read

    A good quick read that will help you understand the importance of having a relationship with God and how that relationship will strengthen your love for everyone, especially your husband/wife.

    I love how this author can take everyday people and give them a "stranger" to talk to and they finally realize how precious their relationship with the Lord truly is. It feels like the author has pulled some of the questions from my head and placed them in his character's head as well. This story was full-filling, thought-provoking, and a blessing.

    A Day With a Perfect StrangerThis book in the series is almost as the first. I like to think that we can have a conversation with the Savior as though we were talking to another person. I look forward to Part 3.

    David Ryan
    Enjoyed this quick read. I had read the first book - dinner with a perfect stranger a number of years ago, and found this one at my library. Its a little schmaltzy.but also has some nice moments and interactions.

    Insightful. I enjoyed it.

    While David Gregory's book Dinner with a Perfect Stranger was very good and eye-opening, this sequel spoke more to my heart. I really enjoyed both.

    Alexander Manzano
    still reading but is great

    I struggled with what I thought about David Gregory's first book, Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, so when I saw he had a sort of companion book, focused on a female character's interaction with Jesus, I thought I would check it out. Unfortunately, A Day with a Perfect Stranger didn't clarify my thoughts much.The story here is basically the flip side of the previous book. Dinner covered the husband and Day follows the wife. Dinner dealt with a workaholic who had drifted away from faith as his adu [...]

    A great, easy-to-read sequel to "Dinner With a Perfect Stranger." This book tells the story of a wife whose previously agnostic husband has gone completely all-out-for Jesus. As she talks to the Perfect Stranger, she begins to uncover the secret not only of saving her marriage, but of eternal life.

    A Day with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory is an interesting look into the possibility of having a personal relationship with god. Mattie, a mother of one with a husband who has just discovered religion, takes a business trip only to find that the strangers she sits next to will try to change her outlook on her current situation. The first person Mattie encounters is forward and a bit preachy when it comes to the idea that her husband has talked to Jesus. Mattie is already set in her ideas, [...]

    Cassie Heck
    Ok, so I was in a rush and grabbed a couple of things off of the "great gifts" table at Barnes and Noble. Had I known this was your typical born again Christian ridiculousness I would not have read it much less purchased it. After the fist few pages the story was completely transparent including the eventual message that "upon reading the bible and believing in Jesus Christ you will be saved and all others will be damned." The book personified God, as a man of course, as opposed to a woman, or s [...]

    Star Shining Forever
    Well, this book is the sequel to "Dinner With A Perfect Stranger" so it's along the same lines of that. Jesus comes to Earth as a regular human being and interacts with a specific person who has problems in his or her life, in order to show them the truth and change their mind about Him. And do they ever come away changed! When they see the truth of Who Jesus really is, they can't help but be changed. A 100 pages, this was a nice, quick read. The movies based on this series are a little differen [...]

    This book is really good. Thank God I read it! The experiences I had in my life probably took me to agree with this quote."Because how is your heart going to be filled by someone, or something, as finite and imperfect as you are? If people were created to have an intimate connection with their Creator, would you expect them to be satisfied apart from Him?"We need to know love before we give love. We need to know God, for He is Love. If the source of the Love we give out is from Someone who is In [...]

    Exactly the same plot setup as the prequel, Dinner with a Perfect Stranger. But for some reason, this one isn't as good. The character of Mattie doesn't seem skeptical so much as she seems bitchy and fed up. Finally, his revealing himself by telling her about her early pregnancy wasn't quite credible. She may have seemed pregnant, some women are obvious, even before they start to physically show. And early in the story, she had actually called a divorce lawyer for an appt. Would a woman in early [...]

    Jenni Barahona
    I've always been the type of girl who believes that marriage should be something that lasts forever. In some cases it does, in others it doesn't. I truly admire the way that the "perfect stranger" made her think about all of these things instead of just asking Nick for the divorce. Divorce just splits a family apart, especially when there is kids involved (in this case, the little two-year-old and the baby boy on the way). I truly recommend this book for anyone who is going through a though time [...]

    Jan Ackerson
    The sequel toDinner with a Perfect Strangerisn't quite as good a read, but still worthwhile for a quick afternoon's diversion.It's a similar format: skeptic (in this case, the wife of the fellow in the last book) finds herself in the presence of "Jesus". The book is their conversation--about life, religion, faithd by the time you're done reading, you've discovered answers to questions you didn't even realize you had.

    This book had a great message, which was hitting home at the perfect time. I don't usually read books in one day, even at only about 100 pages, but I did this one. The writing is not great, and the main character Mattie is annoyingI would've liked to slap her. My rating purely reflects the message in the book. I recieved this book as a gift and read it before it's companion Dinner With a Perfect Stranger, but I don't really think that hindered the read. In fact I kind of like that I was kept in [...]

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